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HiFi Audio Amplifier – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

HiFi audio amplifiers are still a necessary complement for those users who want to enjoy better sound in their home. A plug-in that has been updated with the times and currently offers new possibilities in terms of connectivity and output quality. So you can make this device the center of your digital entertainment more easily, and can even play content from your mobile or tablet. This is what we can do with the Pioneer VSX-832 model, equipped with an output power of 130 watts per channel, compatibility with 5.1 systems and a wide range of connectors, to get the most out of it. If you prefer something more classic, the Yamaha A-S201 modelis one of the most common among users, offering its Pure Direct sound enhancement system, with an output of up to 100 watts for each of its two channels and a remote control where all its functions can be remotely controlled.


Opinions on the best HiFi audio amplifiers on the market

When the sound of any piece of equipment falls short, an audio amplifier can give you a serious boost. And if it is also a HiFi amplifier, it will be possible to access a richer and higher quality sound. Let’s see what our options are in case you have to resort to one of our products.

Pioneer VSX-832

When it comes to looking for the best HiFi amplifier, models like the Pioneer VSX-832 are already a classic. We are talking about a device with an output power of 130 watts per channel and a 5.1 output system, even capable of emitting sound in 4K format thanks to its Dolby True HD compatibility. 

It also offers a wide range of connection options, ranging from the 4 included HDMI ports to compatibility with audio streaming platforms or HiRes connections, to create multiroom systems and turn your entire home into a complete sound studio. 

All this in an easy-to-use product, both through the included remote control and in the app that the brand makes available to you. Two elements that also help to personalize the experience, through the complete equalizer that is included in the equipment.

Enjoying quality sound is easy thanks to models like this one, which we analyze below.


Power: It offers a power of up to 130 watts per channel, more than considerable.

Output : The 5.1 output system gives extra quality to everything you listen to.

Connectivity : It has a wide range of connections, both wired and wireless.

Quality : It supports sound playback in 4K format.

Self -adjusting : Includes a microphone that makes it much easier to balance the sound according to the conditions of the room.


Instructions: The product does not have instructions in Spanish, although they are easy to find online.

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Yamaha A-S201

When it comes to quality sound, Yamaha products are a must. We have the proof in models such as the Yamaha A-S201 amplifier, which offers us a total output system of 100 watts with which to considerably enhance any equipment we have at home.

A process in which we can rely on the Pure Direct output system, which automatically generates more pleasant and balanced sounds almost without the need for user intervention. However, you can also regulate the audio in a conventional way, if you prefer to take control. Something that helps the included remote control and the digital screen of the device that make it easy to choose the different options and maintain control of the device.

If you still have doubts about which is the best HiFi audio amplifier you can find, we analyze this model in detail, coming from what for many is the best brand of HiFi audio amplifiers at the moment.


Audio output: This amplifier is capable of generating an output of up to 100 watts for each of its two channels, making it suitable for giving extra power to any device that requires it.

Pure Direct Sound: The brand’s own Pure Direct output system generates more than considerable sound quality, offering greater purity no matter what audio source you’re using.

Remote control : The remote control makes it much easier to control all the options of the device efficiently and without having to leave the sofa.


Connections: The connection options are somewhat scarce as far as current options are concerned, since it does not include a USB port, nor does it include wireless connection options.

Loudness functions: Does not include the Loudness function, with which it is possible to improve the sound quality at low volume levels and which is common in many devices on the market.

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Docooler AV669D

The Docooler AV669D HiFi amplifier is a versatile solution to give your home digital audio a boost and gain connectivity. For the first task, we have a nominal power of 600 watts, which makes the equipment suitable even for good-sized rooms. 

On the connectivity side, we find a very complete device, which includes a radio function, a card reader, a USB port and even Bluetooth connectivity, with characteristics more typical of a complete mini system than of a simple amplifier. The result is a compact and simple product with which you can do almost anything. 

Some functions that are also easy to control, for which a complete front panel and an LED screen are included, as well as being able to adjust both the volume and the tone of the bass and treble.

If you need a complete amplifier loaded with functions, you will find it in this Docooler model.


Functional: In addition to serving as an amplifier, it also includes a radio, Bluetooth, a card reader or a USB port.

Versatile: The product can be used both at home and in your car, due to its 12-volt connection.

Control panel: Its control panel makes it easy to adjust the audio output and move between the different audio sources.


Distortion: As with many of these amps, some distortion appears at high volume levels.

Headphones: Although it is a very complete piece of equipment, it does not include a headphone jack.

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The SMSL AD18 amplifier is one of the new class D amplifiers, combining adequate power output with a compact and quality design. Specifically, this model is capable of generating a power of 80 watts in each of the two included channels, offering considerable audio richness. It can even reach 24 bits if the device is connected to a computer through the USB port.

A complete model that also incorporates current innovations, such as the Bluetooth connectivity system with which to play audio from your mobile, Tablet or any other device. The model is finished off with a digital screen where it is easy to see what is happening at all times, as well as a remote control, simple in design but that will at least save you the occasional trip to the device.

So that you have all the necessary information when deciding which HiFi audio amplifier to buy, we offer you the results of our analysis of the functions of this model.


Output power: Even being a compact size model, the device is capable of generating 80 watts of power in each of the two included channels.

Bluetooth connectivity: Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to play audio from any mobile device without the need for a cable.

Screen: The included screen has a considerable size, which makes it easier to see what the team is doing at all times.


Remote control: The remote control is excessively simple, which partially penalizes access to the different functions of the product.

Unidirectional Bluetooth: The included Bluetooth connection only works in input mode, so it cannot be used to send audio through it.

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Nobsound Mini TPA3116

When we think of a HiFi audio amplifier, we think of a huge, button-laden device that we never use. However, thanks to products such as the Nobsound Mini TPA3116 amplifier, we can access all the functions of these equipment in a model that is compact in size and easy to use. 

Despite this small size, we are facing an amplifier with 100 watts of power in each of its two channels, so it is suitable for many uses. It also has traditional RCA connectivity, to which is added the Bluetooth option, ideal for connecting your mobile or any other compatible device with ease.

Regarding the front, we find a simple control panel with circular selectors for both volume and bass and treble. Ideal for those who don’t want to rack their brains learning how to use their new amp.

Thanks to this product we have an amplifier with a compact size and a simple approach.


Power: This amplifier offers an output of 100 W x 2 ways, enough for almost any home user.

Compact: This product has compact measurements that fit almost anywhere.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect any compatible device without the need for cables.


Connectors: The equipment only includes an RCA connector, so if you need to connect more than one device by cable, you will have to look for another model.

Control: If you are one of those who prefer many options to control the audio output, this equipment may fall short.

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How to choose the best HiFi audio amplifiers?

Enjoying superior sound quality is easy these days, as long as we choose quality products that deliver the purity and power of sound we need. And since the amplifier is one of the key elements in any sound system, with our guide to buying the best HiFi audio amplifier you will have the keys to find the most interesting product for you, according to your preferences.

Shopping guide


The main purpose of any HiFi audio amplifier is to increase the power of the audio signal generated by any device. Therefore, power is the first aspect that we must assess when choosing one of these products. In any case, it should be remembered that a higher power does not mean a higher quality of audio output, as there are other factors that influence this sound.

The first question that we must determine to choose an amplifier is the power that we need. A power that must go hand in hand with the speakers that we have at home or with what we plan to buy. It is always recommended that the power of the amplifier be less than that of the speakers, since if we do it the other way around, those speakers will surely end up being damaged by the excess power and sound generated by the amplifier.

As a reference, the optimal power level would be one that allows us to use only approximately 80% of the power. So if we want to buy some 100-watt speakers, it would be enough to have an amplifier of about 125 watts. And although we are not going to go into the size of the speakers and their power, for reference, these 100 watts would be enough to cover a room of about 30 square meters of surface.

Easy to use

We continue talking now about the ease of use that the product offers us. Something that depends directly on the options that it gives us, since a simple and cheap amplifier with few options is not the same as a high-end model loaded with features. But in both cases, it is necessary that the use be as simple and comfortable as possible.

A use that generally begins with the front panel area. In this panel we should find the volume and tone control, being the basic elements that should not be missing in any equipment. If the model has more options, we will also find the possibility of switching between sound sources, depending on what we want to hear at any given time.

As the model includes more functions, this panel expands its features, so if we already have a lot to choose from, it is worth opting for a model with a screen. This helps to better control the equipment, especially when we have several audio sources or use MP3 playback functions and the like. And to top off the comfort, nothing better than a remote control, which prevents us from having to get up from the sofa when controlling the equipment.


The last aspect that we are going to look at has to do with the connectivity of the product. An aspect in which modern technologies have changed these products a lot, as we can see in any comparison of HiFi audio amplifiers that we see.

As with other devices, this connectivity is split between wired and wireless options. Starting with the wired ones, the connections for the speakers are the first that jump out at you. Connections that have the form of a tab where to place the copper cable of a lifetime, typical of models with an economic price, to more advanced connections in the form of a screw or similar. In this section we also frame the optical output, which is common in higher level models, or the USB ports to charge what you need.

On the wireless side, it is already possible to find amplifiers with Bluetooth connectivity, so that we can use them to reproduce all kinds of content from our mobile or tablet without problems. For this, the same technique is used as the one used by the USB player port. And if you need something else, halfway between receivers and amplifiers, you will have products with the capacity to even move around the network and load radio stations on the Internet. Something that gives greater functionality to the equipment, although obviously it also influences how much the amplifier costs.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean a HiFi audio amplifier?

The cleaning process of a HiFi audio amplifier is not something that requires more care than we should have with the cleaning of any electronic device. This implies not using aggressive products and being careful so that the liquid does not penetrate inside. For this interior cleaning, if necessary, the use of a brush and a vacuum cleaner or compressed air blower is the most recommended. Although always carefully so as not to damage any component. A process in which it is key to eliminate the greatest amount of residue so that the product has the appropriate sound quality and lasts longer.

Q2: How to build a HiFi audio amplifier?

When building a HiFi amplifier there are many aspects that we must decide. One of them is the type of system we want, given that we can resort to models with valves or solid state, among other options, since all of this influences this manufacturing system. Once you have it clear, you will have to prepare the corresponding schemes, taking into account the need to have sufficient power support for the audio quality you want to obtain.

A process in which, on the net, there are all kinds of plans that will give you more information about it. In any case, we are talking about a complex process and not suitable for newcomers, so in these cases the purchase of a conventional HiFi amplifier may be the best solution. Although you also have kit designs, already prepared, that you can assemble by yourself.

Q3: What connections does a HiFi audio amplifier need?

Leaving aside the essential electrical connection, the HiFi amplifier requires a double output to connect the two speakers that this system generally uses. These loudspeakers are usually connected directly by copper cable, using either the clip system or the more modern and secure screw system. Some models also include line inputs and outputs, depending on the product’s features, although these are present in more advanced models.

Q4: Why does my HiFi audio amplifier blow fuses?

When a HiFi audio amplifier blows fuses it is because there is an electrical problem. It may be due to a punctual power surge, although if the problem repeats, everything will point to a fault in the internal circuitry of the device. In fact, the idea of ​​the fuse is to avoid damage to the product, the fuse absorbing that excess voltage. So if the problem persists, you should take the amplifier to a technical service or check the internal circuitry, if you have the necessary knowledge to do so.

Q5: What difference does a class D HiFi audio amplifier have?

Class D amplifiers have advanced technology that allows cuts and resumes to be executed in the process, thus allowing greater efficiency in the amplifier operating process. Models based on this technology generate greater audio performance with less power, also having more compact sizes than models based on other systems.

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Auna Amp-2

La marca Auna es otra de las habituales a la hora de hablar de amplificadores de audio. Un puesto merecido gracias a modelos como el amplificador Auna Amp-2. Este equipo genera una potencia máxima de hasta 100 vatios, ofreciendo una amplia variedad de conexiones para sacarle el mayor partido. Entre ellas, cuenta con un lector de tarjetas SD, así como un puerto USB, que permiten convertir el dispositivo en un reproductor MP3 de calidad.

También cuenta con diferentes conexiones de audio, pensadas tanto para conectar tu videoconsola como para utilizar el equipo como base para karaoke, contando para ello con dos tomas específicas para micrófonos. Un modelo que se completa con una buena gama de opciones de control en su panel frontal, que suplen de forma adecuada la falta de mando a distancia del modelo.

Para que sepas con más precisión si este modelo puede serte interesante, te ofrecemos algunos detalles más sobre las características de este amplificador.


Función karaoke: La función karaoke incluye dos puertos específicos en los que conectar los micrófonos, para que todo el proceso de montaje sea aún más sencillo.

Reproductor MP3: El reproductor MP3 integrado te permite escuchar directamente la música almacenada en cualquier dispositivo USB o incluso en una tarjeta de memoria.

Panel de control: El panel de control incluye opciones para establecer tanto el nivel de volumen como para regular con mayor efectividad las diferentes opciones de salida del mismo.


Manual: Según indica el fabricante, el manual de usuario se envía en alemán e inglés, lo que puede hacer algo más difícil sacarle el máximo partido al dispositivo.

Sensibilidad de control: El mando que se utiliza para regular el sonido es tan sensible que resulta algo difícil establecer un nivel de salida intermedio.

Steljes Audio ML-30HD

A la hora de buscar el mejor amplificador de audio HiFi, el modelo Steljes Audio ML-30HD es uno de los posibles candidatos. Un producto particular, dado que recupera el tradicional sistema de válvulas, con más de 100 años de existencia, con la tecnología moderna que genera una buena calidad de audio. Un producto pensado para combinarlo con todo tipo de dispositivos, ofreciendo opciones de conectividad cableadas y también mediante Bluetooth, lo que facilita escuchar audio desde tu móvil o Tablet, por ejemplo.

Un modelo muy interesante capaz de manejar resoluciones de sonido de hasta 24 bits, moviendo hasta 30 vatios por canal. Suficiente pues para obtener un sonido agradable y de calidad sin importar la fuente de sonido que uses. Se remata con un elegante chasis de metal cepillado donde encontramos el panel de control, en el que elegir y controlar las diferentes opciones de salida del producto.

Considerado por muchos usuarios como el mejor amplificador de audio HiFi del momento, conozcamos algo más sobre las características de este modelo.


Amplia conectividad: Este dispositivo puede conectarse con casi todo tipo de fuentes, tanto mediante conexiones cableadas como con conexiones inalámbricas.

Riqueza de sonido: Al trabajar con resoluciones de hasta 24 bits, el amplificador genera un sonido muy completo y con una agradable riqueza, sin importar la fuente que usemos.


Panel de control: Aunque elegante, el panel de control es algo más corto de lo que debería, pues solo incluye control de volumen y selector de fuente de audio.

Diseño: El diseño con válvula vista es algo más voluminoso que el de otros modelos, pudiendo no ser del todo atractivo visualmente hablando.

ChiliTec CTA-100

Si no quieres gastar demasiado dinero en tu amplificador HiFi y prefieres algo sencillo, el modelo ChiliTec CTA-100 es todo lo que necesitas. Hablamos de un producto con una potencia de salida de 100 vatios y un tamaño compacto, que facilita colocarlo en cualquier parte. 

Algo que no impide que el producto cuente con entrada RCA estéreo, entrada para MP3, dos entradas externas y ajuste tanto para los bajos como para los agudos, además del necesario control de volumen. Algo que cubre adecuadamente tus necesidades básicas a la hora de amplificar sonido desde cualquier origen. 

Para completar el conjunto, el producto puede alimentarse mediante corriente de 220 voltios, doméstica, pero también a 12 voltios, lo que abre la puerta a su instalación en nuestro vehículo, si lo necesitamos. Algo a lo que ayudará, sin duda, su tamaño compacto y su peso ligero.

Resuelve tus necesidades básicas de amplificado de sonido con este dispositivo bueno y económico.


Potencia: La potencia de salida es de 100 vatios, suficiente para todo tipo de usos sencillos.

Tamaño: Cuenta con un tamaño compacto y un peso ligero, que hace fácil colocarlo en cualquier parte.

Control: Incluye ajuste de graves y agudos, además de control de volumen, para personalizar mejor la salida de audio.


Ruido: Algún usuario comenta que la fuente de alimentación puede meter algo de ruido a volúmenes elevados.

Graves: Parece que a los graves que genera el producto les falta garra, siendo preciso subir su intensidad.


Cuando hablamos de amplificadores HiFi, generalmente pensamos en productos de gran tamaño y coste elevado. Sin embargo, también existen opciones más baratas y de tamaño compacto, como el modelo LEPY LP-808. Este producto nos ofrece un tamaño pensado para pequeños espacios, siendo capaz de lograr una potencia adicional de 20 vatios y una buena compatibilidad con todo tipo de fuentes.

Un modelo diseñado tanto para su uso en el coche como en nuestro hogar, según lo que necesitemos. Pese a su precio ajustado, el modelo también cuenta con diferentes detalles de clase como su cuerpo de aluminio con acabados de calidad, o bien un panel de control de alto nivel, propio de modelos no precisamente baratos.

Un panel de control donde regular incluso los bajos o agudos de salida, dando un extra adicional para controlar el sonido. Con tanta función y con este precio ajustado, no es de extrañar que podamos estar hablando del mejor amplificador de audio HiFi de relación calidad precio de los que hemos analizado.

Veamos algunas características más de este producto, situado entre los mejores amplificadores de audio HiFi del 2022, pese a su precio ajustado.


Amplio control: Este equipo incorpora un completo panel de control donde regular el volumen, así como los niveles de bajos y agudos, según lo que necesites en cada momento.

Acabados: Pese a hablar de un modelo de precio ajustado, este producto cuenta con unos acabados de calidad, así como unos materiales más que destacables.

Carácter dual: Este modelo puede utilizarse tanto en tu coche como en tu hogar, en función de lo que necesites.


Distorsión: Cuando el amplificador se acerca a los niveles más elevados de volumen, es posible que se empiecen a producir distorsiones en el audio.

Conexión digital: El dispositivo tiene una buena conectividad, aunque no incluye toma de audio digital, así que tendrás que usar alguna de las alternativas que te ofrece.

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