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Labeler – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Labelers are versatile products that save you time in your office. They can be used to label files, quickly print labels to prepare mail or for any other similar task. Without forgetting the models designed to label objects or those intended to directly label products such as price labelers. A complete range of products with which it is easy to choose what is best for you at all times and save time and hassle in your daily work. Among these models we find the DYMO LetraTag LT-100H labeller, with which to print on a screen of up to 13 characters, with different sizes and fonts and that prints on a material suitable for all types of objects. If you prefer a labeler for documents or mail, the modelBrother QL700 is a good proposition. A thermal printing model with automatic cutting and very suitable for printing from conventional labels to barcodes.

The best labelers on the market

Labeling objects, documents or letters is quite useful in our office. And if you can find the best labeler for that specific use, all the better. An interesting investment with which to save time and trouble when preparing files, mail remittances or any other similar task. The best thing is that, as you will see in our selection of the best labelers of 2022, there are models for all kinds of uses. So you will have no problem finding the perfect model according to what you need to do.

DYMO LetraTag LT-100H

Talking about labelers requires talking about Dymo products. A brand already common in the market that is represented with the DYMO LetraTag LT-100H model. A complete product with which to make all kinds of prints both on paper and other materials. When making your labels.

Some labels that you can prepare comfortably thanks to the included and complete keyboard as well as the 13-character screen, in which you can see the design with great clarity. A complete model with an adequate printing speed and that you can take wherever you want, thanks to its battery operation, although it also accepts its use with a power adapter.

Let’s see more information about this product, manufactured by what a large part of the market considers to be the best brand of labeling machines currently on sale.


Comfort : Thanks to the full keyboard and the wide screen of the product, it is even more comfortable to make your labels.

Material : The printing material can be used on all types of surfaces, including textiles.

Display : The 13-character display makes it easy to preview the final print result.

Automatic power off: The automatic power off function is responsible for saving energy when you do not use the product.

Varied : With this model you can print in two lines, with 5 font sizes and 8 different box styles.


Adapter : Although the model can be used with a current adapter to dispense with batteries, this is not included and must be purchased separately.

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Brother QL700

The Brother QL700 labeller is a versatile model with which you can create all kinds of self-adhesive labels comfortably. To do this, the printer uses a thermal system with automatic tape cutting, depending on the print size that we have configured. It can be connected to any computer through its USB port, so you won’t have any problems getting the most out of its functions.

A model capable of printing both conventional labels and barcodes, with a maximum resolution of 300 x 600 dpi, more than enough for these uses. High functionality typical of what could be the best labeller of the moment within its segment.

If you don’t know which labeller to buy, this model is one of the most versatile that we have analyzed.


Resolution : Its 300 x 600 dpi resolution produces sharp, high-quality labels.

USB connectivity: USB connectivity allows you to connect to any device and print with ease.

Speed : This equipment prints up to 93 labels per minute, thanks to its efficient thermal technology.

Editing tool : The product includes an editing tool, with which it is easier to create your own labels.


Installation : According to some user comments, it is key to install the software and the equipment in administrator mode, to avoid problems with it.

Instructions : The instructions included are not in Spanish, so it is somewhat more difficult to understand the process of installing and using the device.

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Epson Labelworks Lw-300

The Epson Labelworks Lw-300 model is an interesting surprise for those who are not sure which is the best labeller they can find. An interesting model that integrates a full and large keyboard, as well as a screen where you can see what you are typing or writing.

A model compatible with the use of 6.9 and 12 millimeter labels, also including a minimum margin system that makes better use of the tape and reduces operating costs. And so you don’t have a problem getting creative, you have five character sizes, 457 symbols, 87 margins, and 10 different styles.

Although it is not among the cheapest options on the market, this product allows you to create all kinds of labels comfortably.


Narrow Margins: The Narrow Margins feature helps you get more out of your ribbon, with less material waste.

Wide selection : You will be able to adjust both the size of the tape and the symbols and other elements of the print, with a wide variety.

QWERTY keyboard : The full QWERTY keyboard included in the label maker makes the process of making your labels easy.


Screen : The screen measurements are somewhat tight, although not so much as to be a serious problem when creating your labels.

Printing material: Some user comments that it can be difficult to find the consumables for this product.

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APLI 102365

As soon as you see the APLI 102365 labeller, you probably won’t have to keep reading to understand what we’re talking about. And it is that this model follows the design of the traditional price labeller, being suitable for shops but also for labeling other objects without too many complications.

A model compatible with 26 x 16 millimeter labels and that allows you to change the digits easily by simply turning the side wheel. Label application is also easy, requiring no more than a click on the base to have the label maker ready.

Simple to use and versatile in its functions. This is what this Apli model offers you that we see in detail below.


Easy selection: The process of changing the price is simple, so you do not have problems to modify it as your work requires it.

Consumables: The labels it uses are the usual size, so you will have no problem finding them in the market.

Simple application : Thanks to its wide activation zone, you will not have any problem printing the labels properly and proceeding with their printing.


Finish: The plastic finish is rather rough, although given the type of uses that await the product, it is somewhat better than it breaking after a couple of uses.

Closure of the numerator: It is important to correctly close the area where the numbers are chosen, to prevent it from being well adjusted.

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If we are looking for cheap labelers, the CASIO KL-60 model is a really interesting alternative. A simple and compact product with which to make labels with a maximum of 2 printing lines in sizes of 6.9 and 12 millimeters.

A model that also includes the QWERTY keyboard with which it is easy to find the letters without problems and be more efficient. The model has a weight of about 300 grams and works with AA batteries, so you can take it with you wherever you want. An interesting proposal that could well be the best price-quality labeller of the moment.

If you still do not know this model in depth, we will give you some more details about its characteristics and functions.


Speed : The model has a speed of 11.6 millimeters per second when  printing.

Fonts : This labeller has 207 special characters and can print in six different sizes.

Portable : The product has an approximate weight of 300 grams and a compact size that makes it easy to take it wherever you want.


Screen : The screen is only four characters long, being somewhat small in consideration of the print size it can handle.

Consumable price: As with other models, the print ribbon has a somewhat high price, although at least it is easy to find.

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