The best Minecraft seeds

By creating a new game in Minecraft, we are creating a completely new world unlike any we have ever played. However, there is a way to create a game in an existing world or join another player’s world, for this you have to use the seeds or Minecraft seeds. In this article we explain what they are and which are the best.

Minecraft is a world in continuous expansion, each new update brings great changes and novelties, such as new blocks, new biomes or, as in the case of Minecraft 1.14 seeds, it brought the inclusion of new game features such as Minecraft villagers and looters.. Other previous updates brought other improvements such as the case of the heart of the Minecraft sea, which implemented great improvements in the underwater world of the game, with new monsters, underwater constructions and materials.

Seeds are the foundations that are used to create a game world. Each Minecraft Seed is made up of a series of numbers and letters that tell the game which algorithms or lines of code to execute to shape the game’s virtual environment. Every time we create a new game, Minecraft creates a completely random environment, however, when doing it with a seed, the game follows a certain pattern.

This game system allows players to create different types of games, such as Skyblock 1.12.2, in which the player appears on a floating island and must overcome various challenges with the resources available to him. Likewise, there are Minecraft seeds for PS4, Microsoft and also for the versions of the game for Nintendo consoles (in this link you can find various products to analyze).

To choose a seed, simply enter the code on the world creation screen, which means you must have the code before creating it. Although it is very difficult to choose between the best Minecraft seeds, since there are many and each player will have their favorite, below we have selected some of the best with options for Minecraft 1.13, Minecraft 1.15 and Minecraft 1.12.2 seeds.

The best Minecraft seeds


In this seed, the player will spawn at coordinates -50,-200, inside a desert island containing a temple, a shipwreck, an ocean monument, and a few mines. In the temple, as usual, you can find four chests protected by blocks of dynamite that will explode and, at the same time, make you fall. The ocean monument also hides a large block of gold at coordinates 168, -312.


This is a seed with medieval Minecraft houses and various types of Minecraft villagers that the player will be able to trade with. We appear at coordinates 150,-150 and we can find two new towns at coordinates 800,200 and 1100,100. In the desert, at coordinates 900.250 and 1050.200, we will find two temples, with their chests and their traps. Finally, at coordinates 1000,250 it is also possible to find a looter post.


If you like ice in Minecraft, in this seed you will appear on a small island, at coordinates -200,150, completely surrounded by icebergs. To be able to leave the island you must work hard and use all the reserves on the island and, if you want to find a town, you must reach coordinates 50,650, on the plain where you will find Minecraft villagers to trade with.


In Minecraft 1.14 the main news was the implementation of more types of villagers and raiders. If you want to play Minecraft 1.14.4 seeds, you’re sure to enjoy this one, with an overgrown forest-focused Biome. You will appear at coordinates 250,250, where there is a large four-story mansion to the north, but be careful, because it is next to a raider post.


In this seed the player will spawn in an ice plains biome, at coordinates -170,100 containing two new formations, an igloo and a snow town with 1.14 villagers. Both structures are together and the igloo contains a secret underground chamber, with a chest in which the player will find one of the coveted golden apples.


For those players who want to play Minecraft 1.12.2 seeds or who want to enjoy them on Nintendo consoles, this seed offers the player a large island, full of strange biomes, like floating islands like those in Skyblock 1.12.2. At coordinates 400-700 it is possible to find one of those floating islands, with a descending waterfall, between two mountains.


In Minecraft 1.12, among other novelties, the appearance of parrots in the jungle was introduced. If you like these biomes so full of vegetation and life, in this seed it is possible to find a pyramid in the middle of the dense jungle. The building is full of treasures, such as three diamonds and golden horse armor, but on the other hand, the pyramid is also full of dangers, so you will have to be careful.


For the most nostalgic, this seed places us in a biome of extreme plains and hills. In it, the player appears at coordinates -250,250, inside a small town with villagers and a blacksmith. The town contains a chest with items to start our journey with, and if we head up into the hills, we’ll soon run into another town.


If you like island biomes, in this seed you will find two large islands, one located at coordinates 250,700 and another at -250,-2200. Both are very large and contain two large villages, made up of more than a dozen buildings, however in neither of them will you find a blacksmith.

With all these, you already have many seeds to choose from and with which you can enjoy many new adventures in all types of possible biomes within the game.

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