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Remote Control – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Despite the rise of voice-controlled televisions, the remote control is still an essential element to control all the functions of your television. A product that has evolved with the times, so that today it is no longer enough for it to include only the basic functions, but it must also be capable of covering the Smart TV functions and the rest of the necessary controls to keep your equipment fully controlled.. Among the outstanding options we have proposals such as the LG AN-CR400 remote. A product that, despite being among the cheapest, has a range of functions that even improve those of the original remote. IF what you need is a remote control for Samsung, the model REMO UCT-043is a good proposal. This remote is compatible with a good part of the models in the Samsung range, offering a design that replicates the original remote, which saves you the time of learning the product.



Opinions on the best remote controls on the market

Looking for a remote control to replace the one that originally came with our television is somewhat expensive if you opt for the original of the brand, although, luckily, the wide range of universal remote controls reduces the cost of equipping your television. The other good news is that, when deciding which is the best remote control that we can find, there are so many options that it is difficult to decide on one. A task in which our selection of the best remote controls of 2022 will surely be of great help to you.


With features that even improve those of the remote control that many of the brand’s televisions come standard with, the LG AN-CR400 remote control is an original, complete and effective model when it comes to maintaining control of your television. A model that is compatible with all LG televisions, without the need to use configuration codes or other elements. Just take it out of the box, put the batteries in and start using it.

Regarding its design, this remote control for TV improves the functions of conventional controls, with specific keys for Apps, the Smart TV function or the rest of the available options. It also has a selector knob that makes navigation easier, with a compact and pleasant design. A very interesting product that is finished off with number keys, program and volume controls and playback controls to use on YouTube or any other similar App.

If you want to know more about what many consider to be the best remote control of the moment for LG televisions, keep reading the main features of this product.


Original product : This remote control comes from LG itself, which saves you the trouble of installation. So you can use it as soon as you take it out of the box.

Design: The design of the control is almost better than the original, offering a greater variety of keys with which to access almost any function.

Direct keys : With the direct keys you can access some of the main functions, such as Apps, Smart TV or 3D broadcasting, among others.


Compatibility: Some comments mention certain compatibility problems, although, generally, on old models and in a timely manner.

Materials: Some users perceive somewhat less quality in the touch of the controller, although functionally it does not usually have defects.

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The REMO UCT-043 remote control is another of the so-called replica controls, specially designed for users of Samsung televisions. A very complete model with which to replace any original control, having a high similarity with it, which simplifies the learning process when using the product. A model in which advanced options are not lacking, such as direct access to Netflix or Amazon, among others. OR

n efficient design that makes it easy to regain control of your TV without code issues or other inconveniences. A model that is also among the cheapest options on the market, so it would be close to being the best value for money remote control that we have analyzed. So you don’t have to spend more money on the account to regain control of your TV.

So that you have everything clear when it comes to knowing which is the best remote control you can find, let’s learn some more details about this model and its characteristics.


Controller design: The controller has an almost identical design to the original product, so you will not have to learn the configuration or go looking for where the keys are.

Direct access buttons: The remote has direct access keys to some functions of interest, such as Amazon, Netflix or access to the Smart TV function.

Keys : The keys have a practical white design on a black background with high visibility, which makes it easy to see them clearly when using them.


Response time: The response time of the model is somewhat longer when the television executes the different instructions that we give it.

Qualities: Following the line of other models, there are several users who comment that the materials do not have the quality of the original controls that included their televisions.

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One For All URC7140 Essence 4

Although the main function of a universal remote control is to replace a broken control, the truth is that the One For All URC7140 Essence 4 model takes a step forward. And it is that with this remote control you will be able to control up to 4 devices at the same time, saving you the deployment of controls that we usually find in many tables.

To do this, this product offers you high compatibility, so that you can control your television, your DTT or satellite tuner, a Blu-Ray player and even audio devices with this single remote. A process in which the model incorporates different improvements, such as the learning system with which the equipment loads the different functions from the original controller. And it also has a combi mode, which controls the decoder or the television at the same time.

Let’s see some more details about this remote control, from the best remote control brand of the moment, according to many users.


Four in one: This device allows you to control up to four devices from a single remote, keeping all the functions of the original models.

Learning function: The learning function is responsible for “transferring” the functions directly from the original remote control to the universal one.

Combi function: The combi function allows you to control both your television and decoder at the same time, for greater efficiency in this control.


System of codes: The system of codes included can complicate the installation process, in case they do not appear in the list.

Slowness: With some models it is possible that the process of using the device is somewhat slower than it would be previously, although it is something that affects a few computers.

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Logitech Harmony 650

Although it is not very well known, the Logitech gear offers a wide range of multi-device controls, such as the Logitech Harmony 650 model. This model is capable of replacing eight controls, thus controlling almost all the devices that you have at home. A control in which you have the help of interesting functions such as macros, with which to configure multiple functions on various devices.

A control system for which the command has a large keypad and a digital screen, where it is easy to control the entire process. To make control easy, you also have an intelligent ordering of the buttons, which are grouped by families or functions that avoid you having to go looking for them wherever necessary. A product with the highest compatibility on the market, so it will never be outdated. In fact, the model is updated at the time the manufacturers launch a new device on the market.

Let’s see some more features of this model, in case you are still not sure if this multiple universal remote is what you need.


Macro function: The macro function, or one-click button, allows you to configure a sequence of buttons on different devices to make everyday tasks easier.

Grouped buttons: The buttons are grouped intuitively, so you don’t have to search for them throughout the controller.

Broad Compatibility: Product compatibility covers over 6,000 brands, with thousands of products expanding as manufacturers release new models.


Button size: The button size is a bit tight, so care should be taken to avoid double-clicking and other inconveniences.

Configuration on PC: To proceed with the configuration of the device, it is necessary to use a PC and register on the Logitech page, which is where the different codes are downloaded.

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Philips SRP2018/10

The Philips SRP2018/10 remote control is another of those candidates to consider when knowing which remote control to buy. A controller that is compatible with both brand models and devices from up to 800 different manufacturers, using the usual code system for these products.

The advantage is that the remote has URC support, which makes it easier to find the correct remote over the network. A control that is compatible with televisions, DVDs, Blu-Ray, decoders and all kinds of electronic devices, so the equipment is suitable for the correct replacement of any faulty control without losing functions.

Let’s see some more features of this model, so you can decide on it if you find it interesting.


Compatibility: The remote is compatible with up to 800 manufacturers of all kinds of electronic devices, so almost nothing escapes your control.

Codes : Although it uses the usual code system for its configuration, it has online support to access any code you need.

Multi-device: The remote can be used to control TVs, Blu-Ray players, set-top boxes and many other devices.


Size of the keys: The size of the keys can be somewhat small for those users who have certain vision problems.

Partial compatibility: Since the product may have some partial compatibility, it is necessary to verify that everything works as it should before finishing the installation process.

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How to choose the best remote controls?

The remote control has become the essential tool to use our television without having to move from the sofa. And although it is true that some manufacturers already offer apps that replace it, we will still have to have it on hand to control our equipment. But when it breaks or you have to change it, nothing better than having our guide to buy the best remote control at hand, in which to know the most important aspects that define an economical and quality remote control.

Shopping guide

control type

Although at first glance all the products included in any comparison of remote controls seem the same, the truth is that reality changes. And it is that with a slight glance we can perceive different types of product according to their usefulness.

The first group would be the original controls, which replace those of the television or device that we are evaluating. They have the same functionality as the one that came with the product and, luckily, they are getting cheaper and cheaper. This reduces the need to resort to replicas, which are remote controls that mimic the design of the original remote although they are usually considerably cheaper than the originals.

In third place we would have the universal remote controls, which are used for hundreds of devices although they have a somewhat cumbersome installation process, as we will see later. And to finish this list, we would have the integral controls, which help to control all kinds of devices with a single remote. An advanced solution that makes a difference both in its usefulness and in how much the product costs.

choice of command

Once we know the different types of remote controls, we will surely consider which one is best for us. If our television is from a well-known manufacturer such as LG, Samsung or Sony, it would be reasonable to assess whether or not it is worth buying an original remote. Some manufacturers have reduced the price of their original controls so they can be a good option.

If this is not the case, it will surely be easy for us to find a remote control compatible with this device. A process in which it is convenient to search first among the replica controls, since it hardly loses properties with respect to the original and the location of the keys hardly changes. This makes it easier for us to save ourselves from learning a new command and all its functions, as well as having to search for each key when using it.

If we are not so lucky, we will finally have to resort to universal or compatible remote controls. These remote controls have the drawback of having a somewhat complex installation process, which in many cases depends on how lucky we are with the codes included in the product. These codes must be entered into the television and tested that everything works well, since not always each included code covers all the control functions. So it will be a matter of verifying its operation once we have installed it.

Additional functions

If you remember the list of universal remote control products or models that we mentioned above, you will surely miss a group. And these are the integral remote controls. We have preferred to leave them aside because they are some of those that have really interesting additional functions to solve that repertoire of controls that we often have on the table.

And it is that this type of controls, as the integral name suggests, have the advantage that with a single product we will be able to control all kinds of devices. This allows us to dispense with a good part of the controls that we have on our table and control our television, DVD, Blu-Ray, tuner, micro system or any other device that the product can support with a single control.

This type of model also has the advantage of having so-called macro functions. Some functions with which we can execute a whole sequence of keystrokes just by pressing a key. Something quite useful, for example, when putting a movie on our BluRay player and configuring the different modes of the television or sound system as we see fit. This option is also present in some universal models, so if you are interested, all you have to do is look for a product that includes it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to open a remote control?

Remote controls are usually mounted with a double system, which combines tabs that fit together with a screw that completely closes the assembly. In some models it is possible that this screw does not exist, so it would be enough to separate the tabs to access the interior. If the knob has a screw, or screws, it would be necessary to remove them first, before loosening the tabs. To reassemble the controller, we must carry out the reverse process, taking care not to force the tabs, which are normally quite weak.

Q2: Why does the remote control not work?

The reasons why a remote control are diverse. The main one has to do with the lack of batteries, which prevents the remote from generating an adequate signal and is solved by changing them. It can also be caused by a key getting stuck, which blocks the signal and makes it impossible to control the device. In this case, it is enough to release the “step” key for the command to work. And if it is a universal remote or with codes, sometimes the configuration can be lost. Something that we can solve by properly pairing the product as if we were brand new.

Q3: What is the advantage of a universal remote control without codes?

One of the biggest drawbacks with universal code remotes is the process of finding the correct code to set up the product. A complex process that requires somewhat complex systems to enter the code, without forgetting how difficult it is often to find the correct code. All these problems are solved with universal remote controls without codes, which are directly compatible with an entire brand of televisions or configure themselves. Something that saves trouble and inconvenience during the process.

Q4: How to unlock a locked remote control?

To release a blocked remote control or one that we have configured incorrectly, it will be necessary to remove the batteries from the product. With this simple gesture it will be enough to return the remote to its factory state and be able to configure it again. In some cases, it is possible that the remote includes a reset button in this area of ​​the batteries, so pressing it will be enough to return it to its original factory state.

Q5: How to clean a remote control?

The exterior cleaning of the remote control must be done with a soft cloth slightly moistened with a non-aggressive cleaner, so that this exterior plastic is not damaged. It is important to thoroughly clean the area of ​​the emitting diode, since any stain can impair the use of the product. If you need a more thorough cleaning, for example because some liquid has been spilled on the control, it will be necessary to disassemble it, clean it and dry it well according to the disassembly process that we have previously commented on.

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