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TV wall bracket – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

When it comes to placing a flat TV at home, wall mounts are the simplest and safest solution. A product that saves us space and inconvenience, while allowing us to adjust the position of the television, if we opt for a rotating model. When determining which is the best TV wall mount that we can find, it is convenient to consider the measurements of the television, those of the wall and what we need, without neglecting the necessary VESA compatibility or resistant materials. Elements present in models such as the Invision HDTV-E support, which could well be the best TV wall mount we’ve reviewed. Among other things, because it allows you to place televisions up to 55 inches, even curved, with a wide range of adjustment options. Another interesting option for larger models is the Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B bracket, capable of safely supporting equipment up to 65 inches, despite being among the cheapest brackets on the market.



Opinions on the best TV wall mounts on the market

So that you can mount your TV on any wall and save space in your home or anywhere, there is nothing like a good TV wall bracket. A product that gives you greater comfort when it comes to placing the television where you want and without spending much on its purchase. So that you know these comfortable aids in detail, we leave you with our list of the best TV wall mounts of 2022, with models designed for all types of televisions, sizes and uses.

Invision HDTV-E

The Invision HDTV-E bracket is one of the most versatile models we have found, since it allows you to mount televisions from 24 to 55 inches safely. For this, it has the corresponding VESA compatibility, as well as a safe and resistant clamping area.

However, this model also allows you to orient the TV as you see fit, as it has tilt, swivel and wall separation adjustments, as befits a model considered by some users to be the best TV wall mount of the moment. And you don’t have to worry about resistance either, since the product has been made of high-resistance steel with a design that makes it easy to mount the equipment on the wall, as well as securely fixing the TV on the support. It is accompanied by a free HDMI cable.

If you don’t know which TV wall bracket to buy, find out some more details about this model and everything it offers you.


Support versatility : Thanks to its VESA compatibility, this model supports televisions from 24 to 55 inches diagonally.

Warranty : For added peace of mind, the device comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Resistance : The support can safely carry up to 36 kilos of weight on its surface.

Adjustable : Thanks to its design, you can place the TV properly adjusted in tilt, rotation and separation from the wall.

For curved TVs : The model can even safely hold modern curved TVs, within the indicated compatibility.


Plug measurements: The included plugs measure 10 millimeters long, so it must be taken into account if the wall is narrow.

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Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B

If you think that cheap mounts are not good enough to support your TV properly, the Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B model will show you that these products can be as good as the more expensive ones. And the fact is that this model, which comes from what many consider to be the best brand of wall-mounted TV brackets, offers you a resistant construction on which to mount televisions from 20 to 80 inches.

A safe and suitable mounting with the VESA standard, so that you do not have problems when leaving your television properly mounted. In addition, although it does not have as many adjustment options, you can choose the inclination you need, to leave your television well mounted. A complete and resistant model, which is close to being the best value for money TV wall mount that we have analyzed.

Located among the cheap models on the market, this model offers you a safe and quality support for even large televisions.


Load capacity: With this support you will be able to mount televisions from 20 to 80 inches, offering one of the largest spaces on the market.

Resistance : So that you do not worry about the weight, the equipment supports up to 80 kilos on its surface.

Accessories : It is accompanied by an HDMI cable, as well as a level of three bubbles so that the assembly is completely straight.

Warranty : So that you forget about support, the manufacturer offers you a lifetime warranty, as a sign of the quality of its manufacture.


Screws : The included screws to support the TV may not fit properly, although they can be easily found at a hardware store.

Adjustment: This model does not offer you as many adjustment options as those included in other supports that we have analyzed.

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Duronic TVB420

Among the supports that we have evaluated, the Duronic TVB420 model is one of those that allow you to mount small-sized televisions. And it is that this equipment has a compatibility and a design where to mount televisions from 17 to 56 inches, corresponding to the VESA compatibility that goes from 75 to 400 millimeters away.

A support that, due to its configuration, also allows you to tilt the television from 9 to 15 degrees, and can also raise and lower the arm 90 degrees above the horizontal. It is finished off with a wide arm that allows you to properly orient the TV with respect to the wall as you like. A compact and simple model whose assembly is easy, as it includes all the necessary elements for it, as well as a free-rotating arm that you can also disassemble and assemble to make everything even simpler.

If your television is small in size, this support will surely interest you, as you will see in its characteristics that we analyze below.


For small televisions: This support is compatible with the smallest equipment, starting its manufacturing space from 17 inches to 56 as a larger reference.

Adjust : The mount allows you to adjust the tilt, swivel, and swivel of the TV depending on your needs.

Compact size: Thanks to its compact size, the mount is well concealed, even when mounted with small TVs.


Space to wall: Once folded, this model leaves a minimum distance of 5 centimeters, apart from the thickness of the television.

Arm adjustment: It is advisable not to tighten the arm excessively, since if you do, you will surely have problems moving the television later.

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SIMB SM-98182

Another interesting option for those who want to mount televisions of a certain size is the SIMBR SM-98182 bracket. This product is compatible with televisions ranging from 32 to 70 inches, counting for this with a double support with two bars mounted on an arm, which adds extra security when mounting and keeping the television in your site.

A model that also has the necessary resistance, being able to support up to 60 kilos of weight on its surface. The model is finished off with the possibility of moving the arms as you like, so that you can choose the position you need for the television, compared to other models that do not allow this type of adjustment. A high-capacity product that is accompanied by a level with which to carry out a quality and perfectly flat installation.

Designed for larger TVs, let’s see some more details about what this mount can do for your TV.


Resistance : This model has a design capable of supporting up to 60 kilos of weight, so that your television is safe without problems.

Materials: The equipment has been made of cold-rolled steel, which shows very elegant finishes and considerable resistance.

Adjustable: This equipment can be adjusted to your liking, both in inclination and in distance from the wall, for greater comfort.


Bulky : The support is quite bulky, so it is somewhat complex to hide it on the wall due to its dimensions.

Large TVs: Since the mount has room for TVs from 32 inches, it is not suitable for smaller equipment.

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PureMounts BASIC2-37W

Within the TV wall mounts that we have analyzed, there is also room for difference. And it is that compared to the black models that we have seen so far, the product PureMounts BASIC2-37W is a practical white wall TV bracket, which gives a different image to any room.

A product designed for small spaces, since it has the capacity to mount televisions from 23 to 42 inches, in a high-strength mount capable of supporting up to 30 kilos of weight without problems. A model that also helps to position the television as you like, with adjustment capacity in both orientation and inclination. And so that you do not have to buy anything else, this product includes all the screws and other elements necessary for its assembly.

Designed for those who do not want a large support or are looking for an alternative to black, discover some more details of this model and everything it offers you.


Color : Compared to the dominance of black in almost all TV wall mounts, this product has a beautiful design in white.

Adjustable : The bracket has both tilt and wall adjustment, so you can position the TV to your liking.

Supported weight : Despite its small size, this model is capable of supporting up to 30 kilos of weight, thanks to its high-quality steel construction.


Amplitude of the assembly: The assembly has a rather tight level, since it only supports televisions from 23 to 42 inches.

Instructions: The instructions are only presented in English and German, which can make it somewhat difficult to understand the assembly process.

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