The ideal companion for the iPad Pro is the HyperDrive USB-C Hub

The importance of a USB Hub on an iPad Pro comes from Apple implementing the innovative change of its Lightning port to USB-C and, although it has its advantages, it also has some drawbacks. Therefore, in this article we will talk about why the HyperDrive USB Hub is the ideal complement for the iPad Pro.

What is a USB Hub?

It is an electronic device that allows you to expand the port capacity available on a computer, but with technological advances, today it is possible for these devices to be compatible with different Smartphones and Tablets, as is the case with the iPad Pro.

HyperDrive, the flagship brand of Sanho Corporation

Founded in 2006 in California, United States. Sanho Corporation is a manufacturer specialized in complementing Apple brand devices. In addition, among the brands of this company is: HyperJuice, dedicated to accessories, storage and energy for portable equipment.

HyperShield designs and manufactures covers, cases and electronic pens. HyperThin specializes in making the thinnest HDMI cables on the market with good quality standard and last but not least is HyperDrive. The pillar of Sanho Corp. which is based on designing, manufacturing digital cameras, memory cards and connection and storage devices.

Apple and the connection ports of the iPads Pro

Apple, Inc. is an American company that makes electronic communication products and software. In addition, it is one of the leaders in terms of sales of Smartphones and computers worldwide. It was founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak and is headquartered in Apple Park in Cupertino, California, United States.

In the year 2010, after the success with the Macintosh, the iPhone, the Apple TV, iMac, iPod, among others. The company launches the iPad, a device with the functions of an iPhone and a computer, but in a size similar to that of a tablet and is operated using a touch screen. 

In the following years, new models of the iPad were launched, but it was not until 2015 that Apple released the Pro version of it, bringing with it a slightly larger screen and with more speed and performance. Likewise, successively more models were released in 2017, 2018 and 2022, the latter date being the fourth generation of the iPad Pro that brings with it large storage capacity, iOS 12 system, more RAM, good graphics and retina screen, impressive performance thanks to the A12 chip and the M12 coprocessor and a USB-C port, which is compatible with the new versions of the MacBook.

Some advantages that you can enjoy with the HyperDrive USB Hub for iPad Pro 2018

Among some of the benefits you would have we mention the following:

  • You will be able to connect the iPad to a screen that has a resolution of 4K, 5K, HDR and HDR10, which will allow you to visualize the multimedia content with sharpness and good graphic details.
  • You can connect keyboards, mice and other peripheral devices as long as they are compatible.
  • Use it as a charging source to power iPhones and any other electronic devices, as long as they’re not big like laptops.
  • Connect it via Ethernet so that you have direct access to the internet without differences in connection speed.
  • Also, if you have another iPad Pro you can connect them with a type-C cable from both ends to exchange files, documents or transfer power from one to the other easily.
  • Manage storage of SD/TF and MicroSD memory cards very easily.

Take advantage of your iPad Pro with a USB Hub

With the arrival of the new Apple iPad, HyperDrive has not been left behind and has developed a device so that you can take full advantage of the functions of your iPad Pro. With the USB Hub, you will be able to charge your Smartphones and exchange multimedia content from a Micro SD card to the iPad and vice versa, but for this you need to install a third-party application for file management from the AppStore, since the device’s own will not allow you to do so.

Additionally, with the iPad Pro and a USB Hub you can also use headphones with a 3.5-millimeter jack connector, insert HDMI cables to view 4K content on screens and televisions, use the USB-A and C ports to connect devices and manage your storage, files and documents, such as external hard drives, pen drives and Smartphones. For this reason, this product presented by HyperDrive is possibly one of the best USB Hubs of 2022. 

Recommendations to take care of your USB Hub

iPads are portable devices that you can take with you anywhere due to their dimensions, but USB hubs have a disadvantage and that is that, by disconnecting the devices too often, their connectors can become loose, which causes the ports to reach to fail and, in extreme cases, peel off. Therefore, we recommend that you be careful when peeling it off and avoid doing it frequently to avoid any damage to the device.

In addition, another present disadvantage, although it sounds a bit contradictory, is that if the USB Hub remains connected and it is hit from the sides and the connector bends, it causes damage to both the Hub and the iPad, since the connector could remain in the USB port of the iPad and it will not allow you to charge it or connect other devices, so you will have to go to Apple technical support so that they can solve that problem. For this reason, we recommend that you keep the iPad in a fixed place and do not use it with the USB Hub connected if you are walking to avoid this type of accident.

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