The Sky TV Box arrives

In a particular decision, similar to that of companies like Amazon or Google, Sky has launched its own device to turn older televisions into smart ones. A compact product with interesting functions.

Those of us who have had pay TV at home are used to having a decoder or other similar device with which to access said content. This is what happened to us with satellite or cable television decoders, to name a few. However, the arrival of direct streaming platforms had seemed to put an end to this system.

The problem arises when we have a flat TV that is somewhat old and that, in its day, we did not add those Smart functions to it, for whatever reason. Since the useful life of these televisions is considerable, the truth is that adding these Smart functions through an external device is not a bad idea.

This is exactly what the Sky company has thought. This television company has made the leap to the Streaming market, like other companies such as Netflix or HBO, to name a few. However, its degree of recognition is not as high as that of those we have mentioned, despite the fact that Sky’s catalog has a good compendium of series and programs. For this reason, the company has decided to opt for an alternative route, offering its own Smart TV Box to those users who do not have these functions on their television, so that everything is much easier.

Getting to know the Sky TV Box

The invention we are talking about has been called the Sky TV Box and due to its characteristics it could be an Apple TV that is somewhat smaller on the outside and a vitaminized Chromecast on the inside. The device is based on a Roku 3 Smart TV Box, which is already an old acquaintance on the market. This product has been modified in its software to introduce a layer dominated by the Sky system, in the way that each manufacturer does with the Android system, thus offering its own applications and features.

This device has a basic configuration with which we can enjoy content in Full HD resolution but not 4K, at least for now. Something that is perceived in the configuration of the Smart TV Box: it only has 512 MB of RAM, of which 256 are occupied by the applications and the software layer that we have previously commented on. Therefore, it is not one of the most powerful devices that we are going to find on the market.

In detail

Once its basic aspects are known, it is time to go into some details in depth. One of them is its connectivity, which combines ports to store files or give storage a little boost, as well as Ethernet and WiFi connections, essential to enjoy the content that Sky makes available to us through its streaming platform. The device also has audio output via HDMI, with settings for 5.1 and 7.1 output, although no separate headphone output or other sound output.

As for the control, this is done by means of a conventional remote control, which does not make the process of accessing the different functions of the device difficult. It is true that this can be cumbersome in some circumstances, since the movements are made using a crosshead, which can be useful for moving between the different elements, but perhaps not so much for typing names or the like. In any case, the system is similar to the one used by other models, both in streaming mode and conventional cable television, such as Movistar Fusión.

Sky’s offer

Leaving aside the device itself, it’s time to take a look at the functions that this television platform offers us. In this regard, Sky has a wide range of content, although perhaps not as extensive as that of its competitors. In it we find our own series, movies and also access to different television channels, which is a novel aspect compared to what other streaming platforms offer the user. Among these channels we have the channels Fox Life, TNT, AXN, Calle 13 or Canal Historia, which are common on other payment platforms.

Added to these channels are the 39 channels that Roku includes on its devices, in which we find Euronews, Tune In, Vimeo or YouTube, along with other different and easily accessible applications. We will also find children’s channels, such as Nick Jr or its version for adults, Cartoon Network or Baby TV. It is finished off with the matches of the 123 league, the Spanish second division league.

This offer is available at a double price. On the one hand, it is necessary to purchase the Sky TV Box device, whose current cost is 25 euros. Additionally, it is essential that we contract the Sky service, whose cost is 6.99 euros in normal conditions, although there may be a discount for certain users, depending on the current campaign. All this without permanence, so that the device remains the property of the user. Basically because you are paying for it at the initial purchase.

Our opinion

Having commented on everything that matters about this model, the truth is that our assessment cannot be entirely positive regarding the Sky Box TV. In the first place, because the basic configuration of the device is far from overshadowing the best Smart TV Box that we can find for a price similar to that for which it is sold. And furthermore, the limitations established by its design make it a false Smart TV Box, with very few of the functions that an open model offers us.

Thus, it could only be interesting for those who want to have cable television on a television without Smart TV and are satisfied with Sky’s content offer. Outside this segment of the market, it is not something entirely interesting. At least, in our opinion.

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