Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Opinions

Main advantage:

This PC wheel has a built-in cooling system in the motor, so it can maintain dynamic gaming for long sessions. This system prevents the engine from overheating.

Main disadvantage:

Based on feedback from some users, the PC steering wheel software may experience problems with updates. These problems lead to detection failures, which are often fixed by reinstalling the driver.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The internal brushless motor, along with the cooling system, make it one of the best performing PC wheels. In addition, the materials used are top quality, with very realistic finishes.

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Main Features Explained


The internal engine of the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer PC wheels offers excellent performance. This is because they are built using a brushless system, that is, without brushes, which reduces the friction of the parts. These second-generation, industrial-grade motors deliver more torque than older models and 50% more dynamic forces, with up to four times more lockup.

On the other hand, it has an integrated cooling system, which maintains the internal dynamics of operation and prevents it from overheating. No matter how long your gaming sessions are, thanks to the single-phase cooling heat dissipation system it will never get hot and therefore not so noisy.

Finally, the motor design integrates a Dynamic Torque, something that other similarly priced wheels lack. This extra 40W motor offers unique responsiveness, while providing the punch needed to deliver dynamic and powerful effects. In this sense, it offers a very powerful 40W FBB and an incredible dynamic torque speed, so it is possible to draw long blocking curves thanks to the STALL mode or perform the most complex and fluid zig zags, with its DYNAMIC mode.


The design is made to imitate the professional Formula 1 steering wheels. In this sense, the opinions of the users indicate that the quality of the materials and the appearance are one of its strong points.

The steering wheel features a 270 to 1080 degree turn, with an external Turbo Power supply, which mimics the turbo outputs of professional racing cars, making it very eye-catching.

On the other hand, the steering wheel is made of suede leather, which offers a very soft and realistic touch, as well as a comfortable gaming experience. This fabric has antiperspirant properties, so it doesn’t get uncomfortable during long gaming sessions.

Finally, we mention that the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer PC steering wheel integrates perfectly into the brand’s ecosystem, being compatible with the rest of the wheels and accessories, so it is possible to integrate other devices such as pedals. It also has special adapters to be able to connect any USB pedal or gear change system, even if they are not of the brand.


This could be the best steering wheel for PC thanks to a very precise control system, due to its new field-oriented control algorithm. With this new system, it is much easier to improve your performance in races and skill tests of all kinds. In this sense, it is created to improve stability and driving, offering an experience that is as close to reality as possible.

As for the keypad, on the front it has 6 navigation buttons, with which you can easily access the control and management menus, as well as access the progressive settings. At the same time, it has 1 rotary selector with 3 positions and a push button to improve the player’s responsiveness during races.

On the other hand, the steering wheel also has HEART technology (HallEffect AccuRate Technology). It is a field oriented control, with a resolution of 16 bits with more than 65,536 values. In this way, the steering wheel responds better and faster to each movement, improving the internal torque, compensating for torque losses and offering a much more effective and realistic driving.

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