Top 10 DVD Players of 2022

DVD Player – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

Although Blu-Ray already has a certain gap in the market, there are still many users who are looking for a DVD player. Among other things, because this device continues to offer good image quality and because the discs usually have a lower cost than Blu-Ray. In addition, after a little searching, it is easy to find a model with more options than the simple DVD player, to load all your digital content without complications. If you are looking for a portable player, the Apeman 14060041 model is one of the best known, both for offering you a 10.5-inch screen and good quality to play content and for including a USB port and SD card reader to load even more videos. If you prefer a conventional and economical model, you can bet on the playerSonyDVPSR370B. This model plays all kinds of content both through its reader and its USB port, with good results in terms of quality and format compatibility.

Top 10 DVD Players – Opinions 2022

Despite being a product that has been surpassed in quality by Blu Ray, we still have a good number of products available when it comes to seeing which is the best DVD player that we can find. Models with good image and sound quality, which you can also enjoy from different sources, according to what current models offer. Some products that we have collected in our selection of the best DVD players of 2022, in which to find interesting models for practically any use.

portable dvd player

1. Apeman 10.5” Portable DVD Player

The Apeman 14060041 model is an efficient portable DVD player that you can place wherever you want to enjoy your favorite content. A DVD player for the car or for any occasion, equipped with a 10.5-inch screen on which to see everything clearly, thanks to its easy orientation.

The model also has a high connection capacity, which in addition to the disk reader includes a USB port, as well as an SD card port. Therefore, loading your content is much easier than with other models that are not as versatile.

As for its autonomy, the device includes a 2,500 mAh battery, enough for about two hours of playback. However, the model also has conventional and car chargers, so you can keep it as long as you have a plug nearby or take it in the car.

Let’s see some more details of this comfortable portable DVD player, with which to have entertainment almost anywhere.


Screen: The 10.5-inch diagonal screen allows you to see the content you want anywhere with good quality. In addition, you can orient it as you like.

Connectivity : In addition to the DVD reader, the device also includes a USB port and an SD card reader.

Portable: Since it has an autonomy of approximately two hours, as well as a compact size, you can take the player wherever you want.

Dual mode: In case you have two players, you can play the same content on both at the same time, which is very useful for trips with several passengers


Formats: Some users comment on certain inconveniences with the accepted video formats, so you should take this into account when uploading your files.

SD card: The SD card does not stay completely inside the device but slightly protrudes, so you must be careful not to accidentally hit it.

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cheap dvd player

2. Sony DVPSR370B USB DVD Player

As with all of our selections, we’ve also got room for cheap DVD players like the Sony DVPSR370B. This device also comes from one of the main manufacturers in the sector, so the quality of the device is more than guaranteed.

Specifically, this cheap DVD player can play all kinds of content from its CD player but also through its USB port, which makes it easy to play photos, MP3 music or any other content comfortably. Something that the remote control helps, which you can even use to control the channels or the volume of the TV.

A simple and compact model that won’t take up too much space when mounting it, with a host of functions that bring it closer to being the best value-for-money DVD player in our analysis.

Para que sepas más sobre este dispositivo, situado entre los más baratos de nuestra selección, te damos algunos detalles adicionales sobre lo que te ofrece.


Puerto USB: El puerto USB añade un extra de polivalencia a la hora de conectar y reproducir todo tipo de dispositivos al lector.

Mando polivalente: El mando a distancia puede servirte también para ajustar el volumen o cambiar de canal directamente desde el mando del DVD.

Función memoria: La función memoria almacena el punto donde dejas la reproducción en hasta 6 DVD diferentes.


HDMI: El dispositivo no dispone de puerto HDMI, así que quizá tengas que usar un conversor para conectarlo a los televisores más modernos.

Functionality: In general, the included functions are somewhat basic, so if you need more advanced options, this model may fall short.

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car dvd player

3. Pumpkin 10.1″ Portable DVD Player With 2 Screens

For some parents, entertaining the kids on a car trip can be a challenge, but maybe you can make things easier by setting up a couple of screens to play movies on the road.

And that is what the Pumpkin brand offers you with its ESA051023 set that is made up of 2 10.1″ TFT HD screens that you can install in the headrests of your car. You will not have to modify anything, thanks to the fact that they are secured with a strap at the height of your preference.

Each screen has a resolution of 720 x 480p and supports various video formats, such as AVI, VOB, MPEG1, MPEG2 and Divx. Added to this is compatibility with CD, DVD and derivative physical format discs. Plus, the main monitor has a USB port and storage card slots in case you want to play remote content.

Next, you will know some striking details about this option in DVD players, in case you are interested in acquiring it:


Set: It is noteworthy that the set has two 10.1 ” screens in full color and capable of reproducing in high definition.

Power: The main monitor has a built-in 2,700 mAh lithium-ion battery, which can be shared with the second for approximately 3 hours of autonomy.

Connection: You will have a USB port and an SD card slot available to play movies and music.

Installation: It is installed very easily as it has safety straps that should only be secured around the headrest.



Volume: The volume is a bit low for the taste of some buyers, so it is advisable to use an external speaker.

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DVD recorder player

4. Nevir NVR-2356 DVD-T2HDU DVD Player

The Nevir NVR-2356 DVD recorder player is an interesting proposition for those who not only want to watch their favorite programs, but also want to store them, while having a traditional DVD player. To do this, this model offers you high compatibility with all kinds of formats, so loading content is really easy.

Almost as much as its recording functions, which run on any device that you connect via the USB port included for this purpose, being able to reproduce the contents comfortably. Something that is also helped by the design of its remote control, with which it effectively maintains control of all its functions. So whether you want to watch DTT or a DVD or any other multimedia content, you won’t have to resort to more than this single device.

If you don’t want to buy several computers at home, get to know this Nevir model in detail, which we analyze below.


Recorder : The recording function allows you to store your programs and access them whenever you want.

Compatibility : The reader has compatibility with a wide range of formats and physical supports.

Full HD: The DTT tuner is compatible with broadcasts in Full HD format.


Front button panel: The included front button panel is somewhat small, making it difficult to control the equipment.

Control quality: The resistance of the remote control can be improved, according to some comments.

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VHS and DVD player

5. Toshiba D-VRI9DT DVD & VHS Recorder Recorder

Although it is one of those products that has less and less presence at home, if you need a VHS and DVD player, you can resort to models such as the Toshiba D-VRI9DT. 

This device features a dual stream, so you can still watch both your old VHS tapes and your DVDs. In this last aspect, you have compatibility with all kinds of discs, such as CDs, DVDs, in their recordable and rewritable versions. 

In all these broadcasts, the product offers you adequate image quality, with improvements such as the Dolby Digital or DTS system. In addition, it also has HDMI output, to achieve that better quality in the process. 

To top it off, it also allows you to transfer your old VHS to DVD, in a comfortable and simple process that will help you save those old memories in a format compatible with current times.

Keep your old VHS alive along with your DVDs thanks to this interesting combo.


Recordings: With this model you can transfer your old VHS tapes to the modern DVD format comfortably.

Disc compatibility: The device can read all types of CDs and DVDs, both recordable and rewritable.

Screen: The small screen included makes it easy to better control the operation of the equipment.


Multimedia player: The product does not include the codecs with which to play multimedia content, beyond DTS.

Scart: Does not include scart for image output, using an HDMI port.

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6. LG DP542H Full HD DVD Player

Designed for you to play all kinds of content comfortably, the LG DP542H model is an efficient HDMI DVD player with which you can easily watch your favorite movies. A model that has both the reader and a USB port, through which you can also load whatever you want, without many complications. Something that helps its compatibility with DivX, to have a high compatibility with all kinds of file formats.

This model is also easy to use, with a front panel with just the right buttons for its control, as well as a complete remote control, in which it is easy to access all its functions. And for its installation, since it is a model with an HDMI connection, it is as easy as connecting the cable to any HDMI port on your television.

Simplicity and efficiency are the keys to this LG DVD player, which we analyze below.


Versatile: You can play both from the USB port and from the DVD reader.

DviX compatibility : DivX compatibility makes it easy to play all types of content regardless of its format.

HDMI : The HDMI connection simplifies the device installation process.


Instructions: The model is not accompanied by instructions, although its intuitive use allows it to be dispensed with.

Finishes: As a simple product, the finishes of the model can be improved.

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Blu Ray DVD Player

7. Sony BDPS6700 Blu-Ray Disc Player

The hottest combo when it comes to video playback is the Blu-Ray DVD player combo. A segment in which we find models such as the Sony BDPS6700 player. A product compatible with both formats and that, due to its quality, even allows you to play video in 4K format.

A content that you can also enjoy through the network, since the dual-band Wi-Fi system makes it easy to access all kinds of content, both local and on the network, through streaming. A task in which you also have its wide file compatibility, so you won’t have to worry too much about tripping over non-compatible files.

The player is finished off with functions such as SongPal Link, to share audio wirelessly, or Bluetooth connectivity with which it is possible to squeeze all its functions even further.

Get to know some more details about this efficient Blu-Ray player and everything it can do for your digital entertainment.


Combo: With a single player you will be able to play as many discs in Blu-Ray format as DVDs.

USB port: It also has a USB port, to play any content you want.

Connectivity : The model has dual-band WiFi connectivity, as well as Bluetooth.


Firmwar e: It is highly recommended to update the equipment once you receive it.

File upload: Uploading files of a certain size is somewhat slower than it should be.

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Other products

8. LG BP250 FullHD Blu-Ray Player

For those who want to read everything with the best DVD player, the LG BP250 model is just what they need. This device generates signals in a high quality format, so that you will see your Blu-Ray in Full HD format, including a quality output for your DVD as well, without distortions or compression problems in the video or audio.

This quality is also accessible through its charging alternatives, among which we have the USB port from which you can load content from a pen drive or an external hard drive, among other options. However, it is also possible to load the contents through different types of disc, including rewritable ones.

A complete product with the usual quality of LG, which has been considered by many users as the best brand of DVD players at the moment.

So that you are clear about what this model offers you, close to being the best DVD player of the moment, we give you some more information about its characteristics.


Blu Ray : With this player you can play both DVD and Blu-Ray discs with high quality.

Resolution : With this model you can access content in Full HD resolution, with which you can enjoy your movies and any other program even more.

Connectivity : The equipment has a USB port to which you can connect from a pen drive to an external hard drive, to easily play any external content.

Formats : According to users, this device is capable of reading a large part of the current video and audio formats.

Compact : This equipment has a compact design, however, there is no lack of space to include the basic operating buttons of the device.


Remote control: The remote control is somewhat improvable, according to users, although it is not something especially problematic either.

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9. Sony DVP-SR760H DVD Player

Taking a step forward in Sony’s range of DVD players, the DVPSR760HB is a mid-range product that includes some improvements over simpler models.

Specifically, this product offers you DVD playback capability with HDMI output, being compatible with 1080P video broadcasts and Full HD resolution. Something very practical to improve the quality of your DVDs, as well as to enjoy a better image when playing content from the USB port.

An HDMI connectivity that also simplifies installation and reduces the amount of cables behind the TV. This facilitates assembly, as does its compact size, with measurements of 27 centimeters wide by 20.8 deep and 3.9 high, so it will not take up too much space in your home.

If you are still not sure if this model responds to what you need, we summarize below some of its main functions.


HDMI Connectivity: HDMI connectivity results in better picture quality while simplifying the player setup process.

USB port: The USB port gives you an extra when it comes to playing content from other sources.

Versatile : This product expands the range of supported video and audio formats compared to previous models.


Power light: The power light is rather small in size, which makes it difficult to tell if the product is on or not.

Interface : The interface is somewhat slow when it comes to moving through the different options, although it’s not too frustrating either.

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10. Lonpoo LP-099 DVD Player

The manufacturer Lonpoo presents one of the models that usually stands out in all the lists of the best DVD players, because it is versatile and, regardless of the country where it is located, it will have adequate reading and operation, through its optical reader. This alternative has a compact black design and includes a screen to track playback. 

Similarly, the DVD has a couple of access buttons to control the device from the structure, while including a remote control to make all the menu adjustments. 

For greater connectivity and content versatility, it includes a USB port, compatible with different files and formats, with the exception of MP4. However, the equipment is compatible with JPEG, MPEG 4, DVD + R, DVD + RW, DVD-R, MP3, CD-RW, CD, DVD, among others. Includes instruction manual, HDMI cable, RCA cable and remote control.

Lonpoo LP-099 is a device that is intuitive to use and has adequate performance. Learn more about this model below.


Design: It has a compact design that is available in black and includes a screen.

Use: The user will be able to access the settings and options through a simple interface and through the buttons of the structure.

Accessories: It is equipped with an HDMI cable, RCA cable and a remote control that facilitates its use.

Compatibility: It is compatible with different media files and formats, so playback is versatile.


MP4: MP4 files are not supported by the USB of this DVD player.

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Shopping guide

Despite the rise of Blu-Ray, DVD is still a quality alternative when it comes to enjoying your favorite movies, without having to spend as much as with this new format. But for this, it is necessary to have a quality player that meets what we need. A search in which the advice of our guide to buy the best DVD player is all you will need to find the perfect product.

player type

We start our tips talking about the type of player. And it is that the existing variety and that is manifested in any comparison of DVD players is high. A considerable advantage when it comes to finding a cheap and quality DVD player.

Starting with the desktop models, we have the conventional players, to view all kinds of content in disc format. Some players that are enriched with little extras, such as the USB port with which to load content or the models with various connectivity options via WiFi or Bluetooth, for extra performance and fun.

Without forgetting the products with a recorder function, which not only play content, but also serve to save our favorite programs on any device that we can connect via USB.

Otro grupo importante son los reproductores portátiles. En este caso, hablamos de productos diseñados para llevarlos a cualquier parte, siendo muy útiles para amenizar los viajes en coche. En este caso, es necesario revisar algunos aspectos más a los habituales, tales como el tamaño de la pantalla del producto, la autonomía que nos ofrece la batería o bien la capacidad de instalación del producto y de orientación de la pantalla.

Solo DVD o algo más

Además de la función de DVD, algunos modelos incluyen la capacidad de leer discos Blu-Ray. Así que si no quieres tener que limitarte a uno solo de estos formatos, dispondrás de un producto dos en uno, que te dará una mayor polivalencia a la hora de disfrutar de todo tipo de películas.

Por cierto, este cambio no tiene demasiada influencia en cuanto cuesta el reproductor, así que si tu presupuesto lo permite, no es mala idea dar un paso más en el equipamiento de tu hogar. Sí es influyente en el precio de los viejos combos de DVD y VHS, que hoy día son casi un recuerdo del pasado. No obstante, aún puede encontrarse alguno en el mercado.

Conectividad del reproductor

Otro aspecto importante a la hora de comprar uno de estos reproductores es la conectividad que nos ofrece el equipo. Ya hemos comentado antes la conectividad WiFi, así que no vamos a insistir más al respecto. Pero de lo que sí podemos hablar es de la conectividad Bluetooth, ideal para conectar altavoces sin cable o reproducir contenidos desde tu móvil.

Sin embargo, la conexión más importante es la del producto con nuestro televisor. Entre estas opciones de conexión tenemos el puerto HDMI o la conexión de RCA, por citar las más habituales. Sea cual sea la elegida, no te olvides de comprobar que la conectividad sea la adecuada. Algo que también debemos tener en cuenta en caso de querer conectar el reproductor a una barra de sonido o bien a un Home Cinema. De nuevo tendremos que verificar que las conexiones de uno y otro elemento sean compatibles.

Zona o multizona

Although it is becoming less common, there are still many DVDs that have zone limitations. These limitations mean that the product cannot be played on all types of players but only on those that are from the same area or region. In principle, unless you like to get ahead of new releases, a normal player would suffice. But if this is not the case, you can always resort to a multi-zone or free model, which dispenses with this type of limitation and is not much more expensive either.

Remote control

We close these tips by taking a look at the remote control, as the main element of device control. Something fundamental, especially if we talk about complex equipment such as those that include a recorder.

This remote control must have all the possible functions, so that you do not have to get up from the sofa to manage them. However, in cheaper models, the remote may not be used to control more than video playback and little else.

By the way, since we are talking about control, it is also worth seeing if the product includes a button panel on the front to move between these options directly from the device. And if the model has a screen included, you can directly see the functions of the product or the playback status of your discs. It is not something that is essential, but it is another interesting extra to equip yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which DVD player reads all formats?

If we are referring to all physical disc formats, such as DVD and Blu-Ray, it will be necessary to opt for a model that is compatible with both formats. If what you want is to play all kinds of multimedia content, then you should look for current models or, at least, that you can update and that can read the maximum number of files possible. Anyway, if the player can be updated, it would not be a bad option either.

Q2: How to play region 1 DVD?

A region 1 DVD is one that has been released for use in the United States, Canada, and a few other nearby countries. To play it properly, it will be necessary to have a player that is compatible with this region or a multi-region model, in which these types of limitations no longer exist. However, if you have a region 2 player, which is common in Europe, you can also search if there is any way to release that player from the corresponding region.

Q3: Is it good to buy a TV with built-in DVD player?

As long as the quality of both devices is adequate, there is no problem in doing so. And it is that for a long time we have found products that did not have adequate quality when playing DVDs, but that is already part of the past. Today, the models that we find on the market offer enough quality so that you do not have problems when it comes to playing your discs, without the need to resort to another independent equipment.

Q4: What is a hard drive DVD player for?

The DVD with disc was, at the time, an efficient tool with which it was not only possible to enjoy content in this format, but also to store all kinds of programs in digital format, to watch them whenever you feel like it. At the time, they were quite expensive products, although nowadays they are hardly available, since they have been replaced by players with USB connectivity, so it is not necessary to spend so much to have this function.

Q5: What is a multi-zone DVD player?

A multi-zone DVD player is a product that has been configured to bypass the zone limitation that has traditionally been imposed on DVD discs. A limitation created by the big movie studios to manage the deadlines in which the different films were released on the market depending on the region. These types of readers bypass that limitation, so they can play movies purchased anywhere in the world without complications.

Q6: What is a WiFi DVD player for?

The WiFi DVD player is an interesting tool to expand our digital entertainment offer. And it is that to the content that we can reproduce in a conventional way we are also going to add the functions of Smart TV, so that we can access our favorite streaming platform. This function also makes it easier to play content that we have stored on our local network, without the need to resort to cables or move DVDs with that content.

Q7: How to play DVD on PC?

To play a DVD on our PC or laptop, it is necessary to have a player compatible with this type of disc. An obvious thing that, sometimes, we forget. Once the hardware side is resolved, it’s time to look for the software. Traditionally, in older versions of Windows, it was necessary to use external applications to play those discs.

But currently Windows Media Player does include this feature. So we will only have to insert the DVD into the player and wait for it to play on its own or choose the option to open the DVD to access its menu. In any case, you can also resort to an external player if the functions of Windows Media do not convince you.

Q8: What is the difference between DVD and Blu-Ray player?

The main difference between a DVD player and a Blu-Ray player has to do with the type of discs that each device is capable of reading. It is something similar to what happened with Beta and VHS video players, so that each one of them required a specific player to play its content.

However, in the case of the Blu-Ray player, it does have the compatibility of

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