Top 10 Keyboards of 2022

Keyboard – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

As with the monitor, the keyboard is another element that we must choose carefully when equipping our office. And it is that a bad keyboard can be a problem of comfort when working, without forgetting that noise or inadequate sensations when typing are not exactly pleasant. Therefore, it is convenient to spend some time looking for a keyboard that suits both our preferences and our specific needs. Among the outstanding models on the market today, the Logitech K120 Business is one of the most recognized. A high-quality PC keyboard, with USB connectivity and a robust construction that is efficient at working for long sessions. If you don’t want cables, you have the VicTsing GEPC230AB model at your fingertips, a wireless keyboard and mouse set that work with a single very compact USB connector.

Top 10 Keyboards – Opinions 2022

The best computer in the world can be left lame if the keyboard is not up to the task. A bad keyboard can be a comfort problem when working for long hours. That is why it is worth spending some time deciding which is the best keyboard that we can find according to what we need. The best of all is that it is not necessary to spend more, since there are cheap models that perform remarkably well, although if we want a mechanical model, the cost will surely rise a little more. Anyway, with our selection of the best keyboards of 2022 below, we cover almost all models, so it will be easier for you to make an informed decision.

Computer keyboard

1. Logitech K120 Wired Keyboard

Designed to offer you the comfort you need when working, the Logitech K120 Business computer keyboard is a model with USB connectivity and a traditional design that makes it easier to write everything you need without problems.

A computer keyboard specially designed for business environments, which has all the resistance typical of the products of this brand, in a design resistant to use and splashes. It also has robust and resistant adjustable legs, so that they adequately support use in an elevated position.

Inside, we have 110 keys in a QWERTY layout in conventional Spanish and with a numeric keypad. The design of this model is finished off with rounded sides, which make it more pleasant to use and avoid bumps with the corners. A host of elements that bring this model closer to being the best keyboard of the moment, as many users comment.

Let’s get to know some more details about this keyboard, manufactured by what many consider to be the best keyboard brand today.


Resistance: The product has a design resistant to splashes and to all the risks of use, so that it will be with you for a long time.

Keyboard layout: The keyboard offers you a total of 110 keys, with a QWERTY layout in Spanish with a numeric keypad and adequate space to make work more comfortable.

Cable: The USB cable saves you problems when connecting the keyboard to your computer, with a good cable size to make the job even easier.


Noise : For some users, the product has a higher noise level than normal, although not so deafening as to affect your work.

Touch: If you are used to mechanical models, you may need some time to get used to the touch of the keyboard.

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Wireless keyboard

2. VicTsing GEPC230AB Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo

It is a kit with a keyboard and mouse, which work wirelessly through a small USB connector. Regarding the power mode, the keyboard requires 1 AAA battery, while the mouse requires 2 batteries of the same type. 

The keyboard is chicle type, since it has small, rectangular and flat keys. In this sense, writing is comfortable, receptive and fluid, so it is indicated for the home or office. Also, it has a full 105-key layout, where the numbers are arranged on the right.

For its part, the mouse has 3 levels of DPI; 800, 1200 and 1600, for this reason you can vary the sensitivity to find the most comfortable point. Both devices have 2.4 Ghz wireless technology, for a total range of approximately 10 meters.

If you want to take the step towards wireless peripheral input devices, then this keyboard and mouse set may interest you. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the product.


Efficiency: As a power saving system, devices automatically go into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Mouse: The package includes a mouse with three DPI levels that allows you to adapt the sensitivity to your liking.

Keys: It has 105 keys, with a special area on the right for numbers, making it a comfortable and complete keyboard.


Batteries: The 3 AAA batteries required are not included in the package, so you must purchase them separately, which implies an additional expense.

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mechanical keyboard

3. Logitech G413 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Whether you’re a gamer or you want it for work, the Logitech G413 mechanical keyboard is an interesting option. This model of traditional design and QWERTY layout offers you ample space to move your hands, as well as the usual response in a quality mechanical keyboard. Something that can be seen in details such as the touch of the keys or their location, raised in front of the keyboard chassis.

This mechanical keyboard also has a quality impression, as well as a lighting system that allows you to see each key more clearly. A clarity that is also obtained in use, thanks to its USB cable with pass-through connection that gives you greater precision. And regarding control, the function keys allow you to adjust the volume and music playback, as well as other interesting options from the keyboard itself.

So that you are clear if this keyboard is what you need, we leave you some more details about its characteristics.


Connectors: Romer G mechanical switches give a professional performance to the product.

Chassis : The aerospace aluminum chassis makes the keyboard lighter and more elegant.

Pass-through connection: The USB pass-through connection increases performance when working.


Lock Led: The model only has LEDs for caps lock but not numeric or scroll.

Cable : The thickness of the cable is considerable, which can make it difficult to install.

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gaming keyboard

4. TedGem TedGem USB Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Although gaming keyboards are designed for gamers, they are also a good option when it comes to work. We have the proof in models like the TedGem keyboard. 

A product with a very pleasant touch and a high-level response, with which you do not have to worry about subjecting the keyboard to all kinds of work and efforts. A keyboard that better withstands wear, liquid spills and the rest of the risks that these products face in any environment. 

To all this is added the adjustable RGB lighting, which you can configure as it suits you to increase the visibility of the product. A device that is finished off with a traditional letter distribution and a design of said keys of usual size, so that you do not need any adaptation to make this model.

Enjoy extra comfort and resistance when working with everything that this modern keyboard puts at your fingertips.


Resistance : The high resistance of this gaming product makes the device very useful when it comes to supporting the most intensive uses.

Layout : The Spanish layout and traditional layout eliminates the need to adapt to a new keyboard.

Response : The response is very pleasant, reducing fatigue and worries when working for long hours.


LED lighting : It is possible that the product’s LED lighting can be annoying if you are not used to it, although it is adjustable to what you need.

Noise : Sometimes the space bar can make some noise during use, although it is something that reduces as it expires.

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QWERTY keyboard

5. Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600

Although the manufacturer surprises us, the truth is that this Microsoft model is a very interesting product. The Microsoft ANB-00012 QWERTY keyboard has a wide quality, so that it offers you an adequate response in each keystroke without the need to make great efforts during its use.

This QWERTY keyboard includes other interesting details, such as a complete and extended Spanish layout with additional keys such as function keys, similar to those found on a laptop, or some specific keys for quick access to the calculator or volume control, among other.

A different and quality model that will accompany you for many hours of work, since it also maintains a high level of resistance, both in its materials and in the protection it offers us against splashes.

If you don’t know which keyboard to buy, this Microsoft model is a very interesting proposal at a reasonable price.


Touch and sensations: The sensations offered by the keyboard are quite pleasant, requiring a soft touch that does not overload the fingers when working.

Function keys: This model incorporates the function keys that we can see on laptop keyboards, adding new functions to the device.

Additional Keys: The keyboard includes additional keys for direct access to the calculator, sound control, or the Windows key.


Assembly and disassembly of the keys: In case you need to disassemble the keys to clean the keyboard, you must be careful so that later they do not give you problems when reassembling them.

Key Colour : The keys have a rather dark finish within their shade of white, so they don’t look as good as they do on other keyboards.

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bluetooth keyboard

6. Rii Ultra Multi-Touchpad Bluetooth 

The Bluetooth keyboard is an interesting novelty to control all kinds of devices easily and without the need for cables. Products such as the Rii ES-MWBT11 keyboard, which not only has the keyboard area, but also the trackpad area, which makes it easier to control the cursor in any application and device compatible with this system.

A keyboard that, due to its design, is reminiscent of a conventional laptop keyboard, with the same comfort as this one. A model with QWERTY distribution in Spanish, so the Ñ key is not missing in its design. And so that you don’t worry about its portability either, the model has a compact size and also has an adjusted battery consumption.

A battery that is also recharged via USB, so it will not be a problem to charge the keyboard if you run out of power. Enough to be the best value for money keyboard of our selection within its category.

Let’s see some more details of this model and everything it can do to help you use any device comfortably.


Portable type format: Its format is reminiscent of a laptop, giving you greater comfort of use.

Distribution: The distribution is so complete that it also includes the Ñ key.

Trackpad: The trackpad area makes it easy to control the cursor on the connected device.


Manual: The product is not accompanied by an instruction manual for its configuration.

Keyboard configuration: It is necessary to properly configure the keyboard in Android for it to work correctly.

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mac keyboard

7.Apple Magic Keyboard

The Apple Magic keyboard is a classic model from this manufacturer with which to have a quality device with all the quality and resistance necessary to work without complications.

This Mac keyboard, also compatible with Windows, offers a quality structure, which has protection against water spills, and a pleasant touch during use. Something that gives you greater comfort when working, as befits a product of good quality and efficient design. It also has numeric keypads, for greater productivity when working with numbers.

And to make it all easier, this model has Bluetooth transmission and a high-performance battery. So you won’t have to worry about charging the device every few uses. Although when necessary, you can continue to use the product without problems.

Although it is not among the cheapest options on the market, this Apple keyboard gives you a large number of functions, which we analyze below.


Touch: The touch of the keyboard is very pleasant in the hands, so the sensations will not be a problem when you have to work intensively.

Numerical keyboard: The model includes the numerical keyboard, giving you greater comfort when working.

Wireless: The keyboard works without cables, for extra comfort during use.


Connection: It is necessary to connect the product via USB from time to time to proceed with its charging.

Profile: The keyboard’s profile is so low as to be nearly flat, though you can always raise it up a bit with the included brackets if you need to.

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Wireless keyboard and mouse

8. VicTsing Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

When it comes to removing cables from your desk, all you have to do is turn to a wireless keyboard and mouse set to work with greater comfort. Models like this complete VicTsing set, which includes both elements under the same connector, so that it is easy to control your PC.  

This set includes a conventional QWERTY keyboard with function and multimedia keys, so it will be easier for you to control everything you need from that keyboard. Regarding the mouse, it includes three different and easily adjustable resolutions, depending on what you want to do with it and your specific needs. A set that is finished off with details such as its low power consumption or an area on the keyboard to support the wrists, which gives you extra comfort during long work sessions.

If you are still not clear about what this model offers you, we will give you some more details about its characteristics.


Keyboard: The keyboard offers remarkable performance and includes hotkeys and multimedia keys.

Resolution: The mouse has three different levels of resolution that are easily adjustable.

Streaming : Streaming is efficient and requires nothing more than an adapter for both devices.


Lock light: Does not include pound lock or scroll lights, only the caps lock light.

Mouse noise: The noise of the mouse is somewhat higher than would be desirable during use.

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logitech keyboard

9. Logitech Craft Multi-Device

The Logitech Craft Keyboard is an interesting alternative to conventional models, featuring enhancements like the creative thumbwheel and a really different layout. Something that can be seen in details such as the format of its keys, circular compared to square ones, which fit better to the finger and give you greater comfort.

As for the thumbwheel, it changes the way you move by giving you instant access to the tool or setting you want, in a more efficient way than the mouse.

It also includes smart lighting, so you don’t have to worry about seeing the keys correctly when you press them. A model specially designed for the graphic designer, although any profession can benefit from its characteristics. It is finished with quality materials, such as ionized aluminum among others.

Ready to take you to a new world of convenience, let’s see more details about this keyboard.


Thumbwheel: The thumbwheel increases your productivity and comfort of use.

Accuracy: The keyboard design allows you to be more precise when typing and writing.

Materials : The product incorporates quality materials such as aluminum, among others.


Learning: Like any new model, it is necessary to spend a certain period of learning.

Price : The price is well above what the current market has been.

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Other products

10. Trust Classicline Anti-Spill Keyboard

Although its name already indicates it, the Trust Classicline keyboard is a classic model from this manufacturer with which to have a quality device located among the cheap models, almost as much as to be the best keyboard for value for money of those analyzed.

A qualification that has to do with the quality of its structure, which has protection against water spills or a pleasant touch during use. Something that gives you greater comfort when working, as befits a product of good quality and efficient design.

It also has a 1.8 meter cable and USB connectivity, which requires no drivers to start working. A battle keyboard with a good response and complete layout for those who do not want to spend more on this device.

If you want a simple model with which to type without many complications, learn more about this Trust model and everything it offers you.


Touch: The touch of the keyboard is very pleasant in the hands, so the sensations will not be a problem when you have to work intensively.

Value for money: It is one of the cheapest options when it comes to equipping yourself, without having to give up the necessary quality in this type of product.

Splash resistance: Despite its adjusted price, the model has adequate protection against accidental splashes.


Noise : The noise level of the keyboard is not as tight as the manufacturer says, being a little louder than expected.

Additional Keys: Since it is an entry-level model, the keyboard does not include any additional keys or other elements beyond those of a QWERTY layout.

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keyboard accessories

keyboard pad

ELZO Wrist Rest for Keyboard

The Elzo 56KP-MF-4BE keyboard pad is an interesting complement to work with greater comfort and ergonomics. This pad is placed next to your keyboard and, thanks to its material, offers you a pleasant support when working.

Something that helps avoid common problems during prolonged use of the keyboard such as wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome, among others.

A pad made of latex and foam with memory effect and that fits practically any keyboard on the market without complications. It is finished off with high-strength edges to prevent deterioration.

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Shopping guide

The keyboard is, along with the mouse, one of the most important elements to communicate with our computer. It is the peripheral with which we create texts, write internet addresses or chat with our friends. That is why it is key that when choosing a keyboard we dedicate some time to the process, leaving aside how much it costs and looking for quality products adapted to our needs. Something to comfortably achieve just by following our guide to buying the best keyboard.

keyboard type

The first question you need to answer is what do you need the keyboard for? The current offer is so large as to offer models of all kinds and suitable for any use, so it should be clear to make the right purchase.

One of the elements to assess is if we want a wireless or wired keyboard. The wired keyboard is cheaper, although it has the drawback of not being able to be used on all computers, but mainly on a PC or laptop perhaps. On the contrary, the wireless keyboard can be used on any device, not only PC but laptop, mobile or even Smart TV. These cables can be connected via Bluetooth or radio frequency, the latter being the most recommended system if the device to be controlled does not have that Bluetooth connectivity.

It is also worth looking at the size of the keyboard. Something that depends, again, on the use that we are going to give the product. If the keyboard is necessary to write texts in large quantities, we will be interested in having a good-sized product, to work comfortably. If it is to write short phrases, searches or URLs, as happens on a Smart TV, we may be interested in having a smaller and more manageable keyboard.

mechanical or membrane

Focusing now on office keyboards, the conventional size ones, another common question is what type of connectors the product uses. These connectors are usually either membrane or mechanical, each having its own advantages and disadvantages, as we will see below.

Membrane models are the most frequent keyboards, as we can see in any comparison of keyboards that falls into our hands. They work by means of a small plastic activator located on each key that, when pressed, comes into contact with a wired or circuited membrane that generates the pulsation. They are cheap and simple, but they tend to fail over time, when the membrane breaks. And sometimes they can cause ghost beats, if you type fast or there are crossovers between the pickups on the membrane.

These problems disappear with mechanical models. In this case, the keyboards have a sensor on each key that activates a mechanical system, eliminating that ghost effect and membrane deterioration. In addition, they usually offer greater resistance and durability. In return, they have a different touch and it is not always easy to get used to them. Not to mention its price, much higher than a traditional membrane keyboard.

Keyboard distribution

We continue to review the keyboard and now look at its layout. An aspect in which almost all keyboards currently on sale follow the QWERTY standard, as it is the most comfortable in terms of use. But if you prefer an AZERTY model, you can also find it. Although not for long, since some countries like France have already declared war on it, for making writing in this language more than annoying.

Focusing on the traditional QWERTY system, it is time to see what we find on each keyboard. In this distribution we have about 110 keys, among which the numeric keyboard is usually included, at least in conventional size keyboards.

Also, many of these keyboards include special function keys to control sound or your music player or to access specific tools. Some even have programmable keys, to replace repeated keystrokes and be more productive.

However, as the keyboard gets smaller, so does the layout. Thus, a good part of wireless portable keyboards eliminate the numeric keypad, although at least they replace it with a trackpad area, similar to that of a laptop. Something that helps control the cursor comfortably.

And in other models, the general keyboard is simply kept, properly compressed, to make the final product more compact. A design that sometimes includes the FN function keys that we can find on any laptop. Again, the decision to make depends on your specific preferences and needs.

quality and feel

We close these tips by taking a look at the quality and touch of the keyboard, which will give us certain sensations or others when working. Something especially important in the most intensively used keyboards, as they will become our work companion for many hours.

The quality of the keyboard can be seen in details such as the finishes or the printing. The finish must be resistant, it being convenient that it has a metal base and that it is capable of withstanding wetting and spills… just in case. It should also stand firm and have an impression on the keys that is visible, without losing after a few uses.

Regarding the touch, this must be pleasant to the fingers, both for the keys and their construction and for their response to each press. The keyboard should not be too hard or too soft, although it is something that also depends on the preference of each one. And it is evident that the response to the already indicated keystroke must be fast, especially if we use the keyboard to play or write long texts. An aspect in which the mechanical models are one step ahead.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to put the ñ on the keyboard?

Apart from the obvious system, which is by pressing the Ñ key on the keyboard, if the keyboard lacks this key, you can do the same by pressing the key where it would be. That is, the key located to the right of the L, although for this it is necessary that the software is configured with a distribution in Spanish. As an alternative, if you press ALT and type 0241 you will also get that Ñ.

Q2: Why is the keyboard not in alphabetical order?

Basically for a practical matter. The layout of the computer keyboard comes from typewriters, which were once designed to make the location of the keys more comfortable for typing.

Therefore, their location is intended to make both hands work more or less the same and move at the same time when writing. Think, for example, that if it were an alphabetic keyboard, both E and A would be almost attached and on the same line, which would be quite annoying.

Q3: What to do when the keyboard is misconfigured?

Although it is not frequent, the keyboard can lose its configuration and start typing strange things, or not respond properly to the keystrokes we make. This can be fixed in the language settings of the device.

If the problem has to do with the programmable keys or function keys that the keyboard includes, then it will be necessary to access the specific configuration program of the device and correct what is necessary to solve the problem.

Q4: How to fix a keyboard?

Some of the keyboard failures can be resolved with a good keyboard cleaning. Especially those related to pulsation problems or strange sensations when using the product. The keyboard isn’t a repairable device like other peripherals, though, so when the keyboard starts to fail, it’s usually time to swap it out for a new keyboard.

Q5: What is the numeric keypad?

The numeric keyboard is the one that is generally located to the right of the conventional keyboard and that is made up of numbers. In fact, the keyboard reminds us of a calculator, with numbers and keys for basic operations such as adding or dividing.

It’s a somewhat forgotten keyboard, though it can be very useful for accounting, math, and other high-demand numeric data entry. By the way, if your keyboard doesn’t have this extra block, you can buy a separate number pad if you need one.

Q6: How to clean a keyboard?

The keyboard cleaning process can be done in several ways. One of these procedures involves vacuuming the keyboard to remove any possible traces of dirt that are lodged inside. In this process, it is convenient to move the keyboard so that the remains move and can be vacuumed.

The other option, much more complex, is to disassemble the keyboard piece

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