Top 10 Wii Games of 2022

Wii Game – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The Nintendo Wii video game console was launched in November 2006 and it is a console that the company launched on the market seeking to unite two generations of gamers: parents and their children. Like all Nintendo consoles, it is focused on family entertainment with games for the whole family, who are looking for fun and dynamic experiences. With the Wii you will be able to enjoy games like Mario Kart, the revision of the classic racing game with Mario Bros. characters as protagonists or Wii Fit Plus, a game that will allow you to stay in shape, doing exercises without leaving home.

Top 10 Wii Games – Opinions 2022

Nintendo Wii offers games for the whole family and, at the same time, introduced the Wii Remote, a new control concept that detects movement and allows dynamic play, reacting to our movements. This controller, together with the excellent games on the platform, allows the whole family to enjoy. Below, you will find some of the best games on the platform.

Mario Kart Wii game

1.Nintendo WII-MKS Mario Kart

The Mario Kart Wii game completely transforms the racing experience of the classic game, thanks to its original controller. The Wii Remote can be paired with the Wii Wheel accessory to make racing even more fun.

If you’re wondering which is the best Wii game for the most nostalgic, Mario Kart has all the elements of the classic versions, with the speed and tricks of always.

It is the first Mario Kart game that includes the possibility of racing with motorcycles. The player will have 32 circuits, 16 of them completely new, and several cups and trophies that he can compete for alone or against other players locally.

The game has 12 basic characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Wario and another 14 characters that can be unlocked as you play.


Variety of Championships : The game offers a wide variety of tournaments, cups and championships. Each one of them has the design of one of the characters from the Mario Bros.

Challenges : There are a series of cups called challenges that pose a greater challenge for the player and that extend the game’s solo life time a bit.

Graphics: The 3D graphics are very attractive and very eye-catching. This, together with the variety of designs and the number of different settings, characters and vehicles, make it very attractive.


Repetitive: Mario Kart +, like most racing games of this style, ends up being somewhat repetitive, since the player learns the circuits and it is very easy to win.

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Wii fit game

2.Wii Fit Plus

The Wii Fit Game was one of the first to integrate the concept of gaming for health.

It can be played with the Wii Remote, although for a full gaming experience, the Balance Board is required, an add-on that allows you to improve balance during exercises, as well as measure the player’s weight, center of gravity or mass index (BMI), it is also designed to perform yoga exercises, toning, aerobics and other balance games.

If you’re looking for the best Wii game to control your weight and force yourself to exercise, Wii Fit has everything you need: calorie counter, timed and goal-adjustable exercises, tools to track player progress, create a personalized fitness plan, exercises and also a series of relaxation exercises.


Training: Wii Fit allows you to create a personalized exercise routine, adapting a personal plan and allowing you to track your training progress.

Relaxation and toning: The game includes a series of recommendations to relax, as well as a whole series of toning exercises for the whole body and Yoga exercises to relax.


Incomplete: The game has a series of exercises that, despite being quite extensive, end up being repetitive, which can make some parts of the body work a lot, while others are left aside.

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Wii Game The Voice

3. The Voice 3

The third Wii game La Voz offers a list of 30 new songs for the player to enjoy and become the next Spanish musical phenomenon. The game requires you to have the Wii’s microphones in order to play, as it relies on player voice recognition to compete.

Among the songs you will find are Cool Kids by Echosmith, I bet my life by Imagine Dragons, Don’t Worry by Madcon, Heroes by Mans Zelmerlöw.

And other great songs in Spanish such as Today will be by Antonio Orozco, Humans to Mars by Chayanne, Welcome to love by DaSoul, Grandes by the Gemeliers, Get rid of me by Malú, We are by Xuso Jones or When I feel good by Hall Effect. In addition, you will be able to live the intensity of the program, with the blind auditions or the battles.

La Voz 3 may be the best game of the moment if you are looking for a complement to your karaoke or simply like to sing.


Songs: The game has a list of 30 songs, which includes songs in English and, above all, in Spanish.

Modes : The game allows you to play in competitive mode, making it a great addition to a dinner with friends or a party.


Antiquity: The game is already a few years old, so the themes it includes are not very current.

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Wii dance game

4. Just Dance 2022

If you are looking for a Wii dance game, Just Dance is your best option, with 40 new songs in the latest trend that you can enjoy dancing all day.

The game celebrates 10 years of its franchise with this title, betting on the musical variety and a series of improvements in its gameplay.

Just Dance 2022 could be one of the best Wii games of 2022 for dance lovers. It maintains the brilliant look together with the quality of the reproduced sound, which borders on the excellent.

In this new title, the progression system has been reinforced, with more rewards for overcoming dances, which will unlock new increasingly demanding choreographies.

In addition, the player has the candy machine, in which he can unlock new avatars, stickers, more titles and even new backgrounds for the game, with the points he earns by dancing.


All Stars: Just Dance 2022 has a game option called All Stars, which allows the player to enjoy the classic themes of the entire saga, which will arouse nostalgia and bring a bit of freshness.

Song List: It has 40 titles from genres such as pop, R&B and rock, with artists such as Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and classics such as the Backstreet Boys.


Family filter: The game has the family filter activated and it cannot be deactivated. This causes some songs with adult lyrics to be censored, which can be annoying.

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Wii Party Game

5. Mario Party 9

If what you are looking for is a Wii party game to enjoy with the whole family, Mario Party 9 will delight you. It is a game that emulates the classic board games and is designed to have a good time with family or friends.

Basically it is that, the players advance through a board using the dice and, depending on the square in which they land, they will obtain a benefit or a debuff that will help or hinder their progress.

All this, seasoned with the worlds and characters of Mario, which could be the best saga of Wii games.

On this occasion, the group moves in a single vehicle around the board, changing the position of the pilot, who is in charge of rolling the dice and deciding the path to follow. This improves the dynamism of each match, as decisions affect all players.

In summary, a very fun, entertaining and simple game, ideal to enjoy with other people.


Strategy: This new version of the classic offers more dynamic content, focused above all on strategy, since each roll not only influences the player, but the entire team.

Very varied minigames: The sauce of this type of game is usually the minigames and the tests. In this case, we have a great variety such as Goomba football.


Online: Although you can play with other people, it must be done locally, since the game still does not have an online mode.

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zumba wii game

6. Zumba Fitness Wii

If you are looking for a zumba Wii game to keep fit, Zumba Fitness is your best option. This game brings all the intensity of the Zumba experience to your living room, allowing you to work out without having to go to the gym.

You will be able to enjoy and learn nine different types of dance: reggaeton, merengue, salsa, cumbia, hip hop, mambo, flamenco, calypso and rumba.

The game supports up to 4 players simultaneously locally, to compete or to play as a team, seeking to improve our group scores. For the purest competition, Zumba Fitness has the Zumba Attack! Mode, which allows you to do dance battles with other players.

If you like Zumba and are thinking about which Wii game to buy, this Wii game contains more than 30 unique Zumba workout routines to help you get fit.


Workout Routines: The game contains 30 unique workout routines that you won’t find in any other Zumba game or video.

Dance modes : In Zumba Fitness we can practice up to 9 different dance styles, which offers some variety.


Repetitive : As is often the case in this type of game, despite the variety of themes and routines it provides, they end up being repetitive over time.

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Skylanders Wii game

7. Skylanders SuperCharger Racing Starter Pack

The Skylanders Wii Supercharger Racing Starter Pack game serves as a starter pack for Nintendo’s Skylanders games.

This new installment of the game comes loaded with new characters, powerful vehicles and an entertaining racing mode that can be enjoyed alone, in local company and also in online multiplayer.

The new Skylanders are part of the Swap Force, allowing the player to trade some of their parts with the Skylanders Trap Team, the saga’s team of villains. In addition, it introduces the fully implemented vehicles in the game and with great firepower and the SuperChargers, in total 40 new figures.

This might be the best value for money Wii game, but it offers many hours of fun, as well as the possibility of collecting new Skylanders with which to expand your adventures and be able to access all the areas of the game, since many require a vehicle. concrete.


Variety: With 20 different characters and 20 different vehicles, Skylanders SuperCharger Racing offers a wide range of gameplay possibilities. Each vehicle is linked to a character and has its own characteristics.

Career Mode: The introduction of the career mode, which can be enjoyed solo or in multiplayer, adds to the entertainment.


Figures: Although the Starter Pack offers some figures, to complete the game it will be necessary to buy others, which is an extra cost.

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zelda wii game

8. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

This Wii Zelda game has all the classic flavor of The Legend of Zelda, which will lead the player to feel the nostalgia of the SNES Zelda. However, after the first steps, you will discover that you are facing something totally new; a world divided into two different planes, the Light and the Twilight.

Twilight Princess brings several novelties, the first is the aesthetic that contrasts sharply with previous titles, presenting an adult-looking Link and a much darker and more sinister world.

It is one of the Zelda games with a more serious and disturbing story. In addition, it presents one of the greatest innovations of the saga, which is the possibility of turning Link into a wolf, which places it as a very interesting option, above other cheaper ones.

The control is intuitive, since it allows the player to wield the controller as if it were Link’s sword, and it can also be completed with the Skyward Sword accessory, to improve movement control.


Wolf : The ability to transform the protagonist into a wolf during certain phases of the game offers several new possibilities, such as the ability to dig for treasure.

Graphics: Twilight Princess offers a very interesting graphic improvement, presenting a character far from the cartoon style, much more serious and adult.


Reissue : The game has been around for a while now and it is still a reissue of the game that was released on the Gamecube, so you can see the years in the gameplay and the options.

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Just Dance Wii game

9. Ubisoft Just Dance 2019 Basic Nintendo Wii

The Wii game Just Dance takes its name from the famous song by Lady Gaga and, for 10 years, has offered the player one of the best dance experiences on consoles and one of the cheapest gyms, since this version is very much geared towards in fitness.

The game follows in the footsteps of previous editions and presents a series of dance challenges, which allow the user to move and perform a good amount of effort and physical exercise, while offering a balance, which avoids punishing less skilled dancers excessively.

Each song in the game carries a difficulty and there is a good selection, with a variety of rhythms and styles. It is also possible to create thematic playlists and it has a recommendation option, topics that are selected based on our priorities.

The progression system is complete, with daily challenges and cumulative experience, it is possible to level up and accumulate Mojo, to improve our profile by unlocking improvements.


Kids Mode : The game includes a list of 12 special songs for children, this mode is designed so that the smallest of the house can also enjoy the Just Dance experience.

Sweat Mode: Just Dance 2019 attaches great importance to sport and movement, Sweat Mode can be activated at any time and times the time spent dancing, calories burned, while offering a list of extreme choreographies, very demanding.


Scarce catalog: Although it has 42 songs and 12 for children, the song catalog is scarce, forcing the user to pay for the Just Dance Unlimited service to access more songs.

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Harry Potter Wii game

10. Lego Harry Potter Episodes 1-4

This Harry Potter Wii game offers a compilation of the first LEGO Harry Potter adventures.

Here you can enjoy Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Between all of them you will have many hours of play, touring Hogwarts with your favorite wizard.

Like all LEGO adventures, the game is brimming with sympathy and humor. Play with more than 150 characters from the world of Harry Potter, such as Harry himself, Dumbledore, Snape, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid or Draco Malfoy among others.

Investigate and advance to unlock all these characters, fulfilling missions, collecting LEGO pieces and facing your enemies.

The games represent the events of the first movies very faithfully and offer hundreds of hours of gameplay, collecting bricks, shields and game pieces.


Duration: First of all, it’s four games in one, which already offers many hours of fun. But to this feature we must add the large number of collectibles that are hidden in each scenario.

Cooperative : The game includes a cooperative mode that allows you to share the experience with a friend, offering a few more hours of entertainment.


Remastering: In the end, nothing new has been added to the original games, so if you played them you might find them boring or repetitive.

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Shopping guide

We continue with this comparison of Wii games, explaining the main factors that you should look at when choosing. These points can make the difference between choosing a game that you love and keep you hooked for many hours or choosing a game that bores you and that you leave after a couple of days.


Perhaps this is, along with money, the most important factor that you should look at when choosing a video game, which is why we have placed it first in this guide to buy the best Wii game.

There is a wide variety of genres on the market that will delight a specific type of player. First of all, you will find sports games, these are classic sports games and are ideal to play against other players, either locally or in competitive mode online. There are sports games of everything you can imagine, football, basketball, rugby Although on Nintendo Wii thanks to its controls you can enjoy games of bowling, tennis and even volleyball.

You will also find action and adventure games. Action games are usually called FPS (First Person Shooters), first-person shooter games that, on the Nintendo Wii, once again have a special component thanks to their controls. In this case, Wii offers an accessory for the control in the form of a pistol or machine gun, ideal for playing this type of game.

It is also possible to enjoy role-playing or RPG games. These are the favorites of lovers of classic games. They allow us to explore, complete missions and create a group of heroes, who will fight and improve as they go, gaining new abilities and finding or buying new equipment that will allow them to defeat increasingly stronger enemies. These games usually offer a lot of hours of gameplay, as they have very large worlds to explore.

Racing and driving games are those that put us in the shoes of drivers of all kinds. There are car, motorcycle, kart or Formula 1 racing games. On Nintendo Wii there is also the possibility of playing racing games with characters from the Mario franchise. These games are very fun, fast paced, perfect for playing with other people at home. Again, the Wii remote allows you to apply the Wii Wheel, to handle these games with greater ease.

Competition games are the specialty of Nintendo Wii. These types of games offer fun for the whole family. They are usually similar to the traditional board games of a lifetime, but in which the controller is used to pass the different tests. Another type of Nintendo Wii competition game is singing, these games will need a microphone and allow you to compete singing or simply have fun in a karaoke session with friends.


Knowing how much a video game costs can be a reason to reject your purchase. Although it has little to do with enjoyment, genre or platform, budget is important in making the decision whether or not to buy a game.

In this case, many of these games may be out of print, as they are old platform games. Although it is still easy to find Wii games, the truth is that you should look at the offers and the best purchase options that you can find on the Internet. Whenever you can, choose an inexpensive game that fits your budget.


Duration is also a differentiating factor when buying. In this case, the duration does not usually influence the price and, to a certain extent, they also have nothing to do with the genre of the game in question.

The duration depends on many factors. Some games, especially RPG or Open World types, are long because they have really extensive scenarios, with many locations to visit, explore and many secrets to discover.

Other games, such as racing, competitive or singing games, offer many hours of play thanks to their replayability, which allows you to play over and over again without getting tired. These latest games also offer the possibility of playing with other players, online or locally, which greatly increases the time you will enjoy the game.

The duration can also be increased if the game contains a lot of secrets and unlockables.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a Wii game?

The first thing you should do is read the instruction manual for the game console, since it explains step by step everything you need to know to use the Nintendo Wii and its games. Second, you will need to assemble the console, inserting all the cables into their ports. Check that everything is ok. Power on and pair your controllers and check that they work properly.

Next, you need to turn on the console and put the game disc into the slot. Wait for it to load and when the game appears on the screen, select play and enjoy the unique experience offered by the games on this console.

Q2: How to play the Wii game Just Dance?

To dance and navigate the Just Dance menus on the Nintendo Wii, you will need your Wii Remote. Adjust the strap well so that it does not fall or fly away with the movements and check that you have a full battery.

Make sure you have enough space to move freely. To dance, follow the movements of the dancer on the screen, holding the controller in your hand. You have to copy the movements as closely as possible, as if it were a mirror. Symbols will appear on the screen to help you anticipate step changes.

Q3: How to save a Wii game to the console?

During the game, you can press the RESET button at any time. This will create a temporary suspend point on the HOME Menu. This point will not be a save point, as it will be cleared if a new game is started or the console is powered off.

Once the suspension point is created, use the Down arrow key to move the point to an available save slot and, once located, press the A button to save it.

Up to four Suspend Points can be saved per game and can be locked to prevent removal or replacement. To lock it, choose the appropriate suspension point and press Down to lock it.

Q4: How to play The Voice Wii game?

To play the Wii game of The Voice you will need to have one of the Wii compatible microphones. The game has Blind Auditions, Battles and the Final Assault, where up to 8 players can compete.

Q5: What is the best Wii karaoke game?

According to the popularity charts of expert video game portals, the best Wii karaoke game is The Voice 2, which offers 6 varieties of games and a repertoire of 50 songs.

Next up is We Sing Rock, a fun karaoke game, with 41 rock songs from all time like Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life, Survivor’s Eye of the tiger or Elvis Presley’s classic Suspicious Minds.

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