Top 20 Minecraft Cheats and Commands

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that has millions of players all over the world, which is why it is considered one of the most popular titles of the last decade. The cheats for the various game modes are useful, increasing the level of entertainment and challenge.

minecraft: a generation

Minecraft is not a game that is foreign to the masses in the middle of 2022, especially considering that they have millions of copies sold worldwide.

It is an open-world style construction video game, where users can make a character, have the freedom to create whatever they want and choose different game modes.

It is available for various platforms including PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox consoles, as well as computers, mobile phones and tablets; and is a favorite in various internet communities.

game modes

Another attractive aspect of the game is that it has several modes to choose from: Adventure, Survival, Extreme, Creative, Spectator and Custom, so you can enjoy the experience with your own rules and at your own pace.

The Adventure, Survival and Extreme modes focus on exploration, crafting and survival of the character, while achieving the achievements of the video game.

On the other hand, the Minecraft creative mode will allow you to enjoy the freedom of the open world and construction. Within Creative mode, players can remove blocks with Minecraft server commands, thus speeding up the construction of whatever building, vehicle or object they are creating.

Game modes can be changed via the /gamemode command. Creative, adventure, survival, extreme and viewer, are the referential names in English and will help you choose how to enjoy what the video game offers you, whether you want to face a challenge or simply kill time on the Minecraft crafting map.

minecraft commands

Game commands are codes that can be entered into the executable’s system and server to make developer changes that provide more control over the game.

How to TP in Minecraft or how to disable damage are some of the most requested tricks on forums. In this case, the Minecraft command block offers a wide selection of alternatives with which you can control crucial parameters such as game mode, character experience, construction speed, movement and much more.

The origin of these codes can be traced back to Minecraft 1.14 commands, as the root of each is usually accompanied by a combination of phrases that were already reactive in that version.

Please note that before you can enter the commands in Minecraft, you must have activated the game console at the start of the game, in order to have the option available and you will not be able to get trophies during this session.

List of Minecraft cheats

Whether you need to remove rain in Minecraft or get rid of a player, here are 20 Minecraft tricks divided into categories with which you can customize your game to another level:

1) Change game mode: /gamemode + 0, 1, 2 or 3 depending on the desired mode.

2) Kill player: /kill + player name.

3) Increase experience: /experience add:

4) Change difficulty: /difficulty

5) Make it day: /time set day

6) Make it night: /time set night

7) Stop time passing: /gamerule doDaylightCycle false

8) Activate the passage of time: /time query gametime

9) Protect inventory on death: /gamerule keepInventory true

10) Drop items and store them in a chest: /dropstore

11) Disable item damage: /itemdamage

12) Clear the sky: /weather clear

13) Make it rain: /weather rain

14) Teleport: /teleport + character name + XYZ coordinates.

15) Freeze characters: /freeze

16) Plant growth: /instantplant

17) Fall damage: /falldamage”

18) Water damage: /waterdamage.

19) Fire damage: /firedamage”

20) Information about the command: /help + command name.

Frequently asked questions

If you are new to the Minecraft world, we invite you to review the following information, since it contains some of the most repeated doubts among video game users:

1. How to eat in Minecraft?

When playing Survival mode, you will need to feed your character constantly and you can get food from various sources such as animals, vegetable gardens or fruit crops.

To eat, you must select the food item and drag it to the character’s quick menu, so that he holds it with his hands and click on the screen, so that he eats it.

Note that the character will only eat if their life bar has decreased.

2. How to see the chunks in Minecraft?

Chunks are pieces of the Minecraft world made up of areas of 16 x 16 x 256 virtual blocks. If you want to see them on your screen, you can press the key combination F3+G, to show the borders of the blocks.

3. How to see the coordinates in Minecraft?

One way to see the Minecraft coordinates is by entering the key combination Alt + Fn + F3, which should show on the screen a series of numbers and letters with all the GPS information of your person in the game.

4. How to teleport in Minecraft?

A quick and easy shortcut to be able to transport yourself within the world of Minecraft is with the command /tp + player name + XYZ, where the last 3 letters correspond to the desired spawn coordinates.

You must be careful when using the Minecraft TP, because if you stand on the ground high up, the fall can hurt you and even kill your character.

5. How to make a portal to the end?

The Minecraft portals to the End, as the name suggests, will take you to the dimension where the final boss of the game is located.

To craft them, you will need 12 Eyes of Ender and a 3 x 3 block rig that has an End Portal frame built into it. Place 3 eyes on each side of the rig and this should activate it, to create 9 extra blocks within the frame and allow you to access to the End.

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