Top 5 3D Blu-Ray Players of 2022

3D Blu-ray Players – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To enjoy the best entertainment in the comfort of our home, it is necessary to have state-of-the-art devices that allow us to live an incomparable experience of image and sound, as if we were in a movie theater. Something that we can achieve with a good 3D Blu-ray player, which allows us to fully enjoy the experience of the third dimension. So look for a computer that has high-definition resolution, Dolby Digital surround sound, and compatibility with your storage devices, among other features. The Sony BDPS6700 model is a good option because it has 4K resolution and remarkable sound quality, also offering network and Bluetooth connectivity functions, so you don’t miss a thing. Another option is the modelLG BP450, a 3D Blu-ray that has noise reduction and a classic and compact black design, so it can be placed in any space and blend in with the decor.



Buying Guide – What is the best 3D Blu-ray player on the market?

Enjoying movies in high definition, audio quality and with surround sound like in a theater is possible, if you have a Blu-Ray 3D player. With these devices, visual entertainment is improved in different formats, but it is necessary to make an efficient choice in terms of design and other attributes that denote quality and ensure optimized performance. To make the purchase of the device easier, we have prepared a guide to buy the best Blu-Ray 3D player, a section with everything you need to know about these devices.


If you are thinking of purchasing one, it is important that it is an inexpensive 3D Blu-Ray, but also that it has a design that fits the space where it will be installed. In this sense, the general recommendation is that it be a device with a compact size and light weight. These two attributes will allow its portability to take it from one place to another and thus be able to connect it efficiently to any television. 

In addition, being compact models, there is a greater possibility that they can be placed strategically without taking up a large space. Generally, most alternatives available or at least the latest ones are ultra slim and available in colors like black and silver. Therefore, they match the rest of the decoration and the colors of the television. Another significant property in the design is the screen, since some models include a small screen to keep track of the time and the function being enjoyed.


Compatibility is an attribute that cannot be left aside when making a comparison of 3D Blu-Ray players since, according to this characteristic, the equipment can be used with a greater number of latest generation devices, because it will be recognized without drawbacks. 

In addition, it will be this property that will allow a certain Blu-ray 3D model to work efficiently with different video and audio formats, providing greater versatility for its use. Therefore, it is convenient to get a device that is compatible with most video and audio formats, including the most popular ones. In this way, there will be no problems when playing.  


Along with compatibility, connectivity appears as another feature that cannot be missing in these devices for the playback of multimedia content. So if you are wondering how much a 3D Blu-Ray costs, it would be appropriate for you to do an analysis of the ports and features that the manufacturer has equipped the model with. 

According to this, it will be possible to have an estimate of its cost and its functionality. This is because on the market you can get from simple equipment that only has a USB port, to other devices that are equipped with state-of-the-art technological features, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, more than one USB port, HDMI input, Ethernet port., audio output to connect headphones or speakers, as well as USB 3.0 fast transfer ports, among other means. 

Interface and accessibility 

When making a choice, it is prudent that it be smart, based on functionality, but also on the ease of use of the device. For this reason, many manufacturers provide their models with an intuitive user interface that guarantees correct use of the playback equipment. 

In this sense, the alternative to select must be practical and have adequate accessibility to control the device and its functions. That is why there are many Blu-Rays that have an area in their structure with some buttons to control the basic functions. 

At the same time, they must incorporate a remote control that allows the user to control the advanced functions and enjoy all the content without having to go to the computer, but rather offers the possibility of doing it remotely, from the comfort of the sofa or the bed.

playback and sound

Blu-Ray 3D players go a step further than other playback devices like DVDs. In this sense, it is necessary that they are capable of reproducing content in high definition and with color quality. Some alternatives have even been equipped with the possibility to improve the resolution of the images of some content. 

Similarly, it is essential that the equipment is enabled to reproduce sounds in the latest formats, such as Dolby 7.1 or DTS-HD, for an immersive and realistic audio experience, similar to that of theaters.

Top 5 Blu-Ray 3D Players – Opinions 2022

Blu-ray 3D players allow us to give more reality to the series, programs or movies that we watch. Providing quality and image and sound will make us feel as if we were in a movie theater. The choice is sometimes complex due to the diversity of devices that we find on the market, however this comparative list that we have prepared will help you choose the best 3D Blu-ray players of 2022.

1. Sony BDPS6700 Blu-Ray Disc Player

Main advantage:

The product has improved 4K resolution, so that in addition to playing your Blu Ray videos, it also offers better quality in all types of files regardless of the source or their origin.

Main disadvantage:

Users comment that the performance of videos in older formats is slow, or may even fail to recognize them, although the latter is not very common and only happens with very old formats.

Verdict: 9.8/10

The Sony BDPS6700 player is a complete model, with improved video quality, extensive connectivity and a careful design that places it at the top of any Blu Ray 3D player comparison.

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playback quality

In accordance with the Blu Ray 3D players that we can find on the market, this model is capable of playing all kinds of content with the quality of the format itself. An improved quality thanks to the Triluminos system, which generates clearer and higher quality colors when viewing any image, regardless of its origin.

However, not only do Blu Ray videos look better, but so do all the others, thanks to its 4K upscaling, which increases the quality of any video regardless of its quality. Something that is also helped by the noise reduction system, thus improving images that have a worse resolution on the screen.

Sound quality

Continuing with the product approach, the sound quality has also been improved, so you don’t have to worry about hearing your videos properly. To do this, you have a quality system based on Dolby True HD technology, which offers remarkable sound quality, so that it is heard as it was composed.

A remarkable quality that, following the approach of the 4K enhancement format, also allows to recover the sound losses present in some videos or songs, thus obtaining better listening results. A system in which Sony technology is already more than recognized.


To finish our outstanding features, it is necessary to talk about the connectivity of the model. This connectivity stands out in both wired and wireless formats. Starting with the first, we have USB or HDMI ports, with which to connect the player to any computer or play videos, music and any other digital content directly on the player.

Something that we can also do thanks to wireless connectivity, which is also very wide. Among them we have dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, which takes advantage of the most modern network performance to accelerate the speed of your data transfer. But you can also connect your mobile via bluetooth, taking advantage of the quality of the LDAC system, to make everything easier.

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2. LG BP450 Blu-ray Player

This model presented by the manufacturer LG has been cataloged by many users as one of the best Blu-ray players that can be found on the current market, because it has attributes of power and design that favor the use of its functions. 

In this sense, this alternative has an electrical power of 12 watts and, due to its technical specifications, it is compatible with 3D formats, which it will reproduce with a high degree of quality, resolution and a good level of detail. 

In addition, the proposal has a noise reduction function to eliminate distortions and increase definition and fidelity in both audio and images. It has an automatic shutdown system and is equipped with a USB port that provides the possibility of accessing alternative content without disks. It includes a remote control and has a classic black design that, in addition to being attractive, is functional because it can be placed in small spaces. 

This model has adequate performance and playback quality. These specifications can be corroborated through the pros and cons that we present below. 


Port: This device has a USB port, so that, in addition to playing discs, it can also take the content of the USB memory connected to the device. 

Resolution: It is capable of playing content in 3D format, as well as in HD, with quality sound and images. 

Power: It has an electrical power of 12 volts, so it works properly in relation to performance and energy consumption.

Design: The model has been developed by its manufacturer with a modern and attractive design in black, with compact dimensions, so it fits into different spaces.


Remote: If you want the remote to work properly, the keys must be pressed right in front of the device.

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3. Archgon Style UHD 4K-Ultra HD BD Player External Player 

With a compact size and light weight of only 360 grams, this model from the manufacturer Archgon is convenient to place next to the computer in a small space, because its design adjusts to different decorative styles, since it is available in black, with finishes in polished aluminum to give it more styling. 

In addition, it works efficiently in audiovisual playback and is compatible with the most popular operating systems on the market, Mac and Windows. Likewise, its installation on computers is simple, without drivers, just Plug&Play. 

This portable drive is equipped with a USB 3.0 technology port and cable, so it’s fast and supports the use of both USB 2.0 and 1.0. As it works with a USB input, it does not require a power adapter, making it portable.

It has a silent use function, which controls the playback speed automatically so that the sound is low. 

To learn more about the characteristics of this model, we recommend you take a look at its main favorable aspects, as well as negative ones, to determine if it fits your requirements. 


Accessories: For greater protection of the unit, this model has a protective case that is used to carry it without damaging it.

Design: Its design is compact and lightweight, only 360 grams, available in black, with a polished aluminum casing.

Compatibility: This unit can be used with computers running Windows or Mac operating systems, in different versions. 

USB: To diversify its use and improve speed, it has a USB 3.0 technology port, so it transfers quickly and does not require a power adapter.


Software: Despite its good performance as a DVD, burner or Blu-ray, this model comes from the factory without software, so it must be purchased separately.

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4. Panasonic DMP-BDT167 3D Player Black DVD Players

Enjoying your Blu-Rays with all their quality is an easy task if you bet on a player like the Panasonic DMP-BDT167. This product is compatible with all types of current discs, including this new format, but also any CD or DVD that you want to use. 

The output resolution of the equipment reaches 4K, and it is also compatible with the latest sound technologies, such as DTS-HD or Dolby Digital Plus. Something that prevents the sound from lagging behind the quality of the image. And if you want to play even more things, you also have a USB port, where you can load your multimedia content and watch it with the same quality that we have been commenting on. 

A model that is finished off with certain intelligent functions, which allow access to YouTube or Netflix, among other apps.

Getting the most out of Blu-Ray content is easy if you use quality players like this one.


Image quality: The device is capable of playing content in 4K format, with high sound quality.

Compatibility: The player reads all types of CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs reliably.

Additional functions: The equipment is completed with a multimedia USB port and Smart functions.


Noise: The noise level of the device is somewhat higher than expected, according to some comments.

Jump to minute: It is not possible to jump to a specific minute of the broadcast, but you must go forward or backward from where you are to the desired point.

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5.Panasonic DMP-BDT185EG

The Panasonic DMP-BDT185EG model is another of the alternatives that this manufacturer makes available to us both to play Blu-Ray discs and in 3D format. Both options are covered by the capabilities of this product, which also includes a large number of compatible formats, so you can play almost anything without problems.

These files can be loaded in the traditional way, through a physical disk or a pen drive, or through the network, through the included Ethernet connection. This connection also makes it easy to access Smart TV functions, so you can access the most common streaming platforms from this reader.

As for its control, the equipment includes both the command and a large button panel at the top, so that this control process is even easier.

We summarize below some of the main functions of this product when viewing your favorite content comfortably.


Compatibility: The model has a wide range of compatible formats, so it plays practically everything without complications.

Button panel: In addition to the remote control, you have a comfortable button panel on the front, where you can control the main functions of the equipment.

Smart functions: The product has Smart TV functions, for which it includes the corresponding Ethernet port, to connect it to the network.


Ports: The device has somewhat limited connectivity, with only 1 HDMI port and a single USB port. Enough for those who do not need more but, as we say, quite limited.

Update: It is necessary to update the device once you receive it, in order to take full advantage of all its functionality.

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How to use a 3D Blu-ray player

At present, there are infinite numbers of families who enjoy the best audiovisual entertainment from the comfort of their homes, thanks to the fact that they have very advanced technology devices, such as Blu-ray 3D players, which allow them to experience this wonderful experience as if they were in a movie theater. Below you will find some recommendations that will allow you to know more about your 3D Blu-ray and get the best out of it.

Get the right TV for your 3D Blu-ray

To be able to enjoy the best of your Blu-ray in 3D from the bosom of your home, it is of the utmost importance that you have a television no less than 40 inches, complemented by a good speaker system, so that you feel the sensation of be in one of the best movie theaters.

Use the special glasses

It is important that when using your 3D Blu-ray you wear special glasses, specifically active shutter glasses. These lenses have the ability to synchronize the signals displayed by the television in order to correctly display the image, giving the impression of appreciation in three dimensions.

enjoy the sound

When you use a good Blu-ray in 3D from the comfort of your home, you can be sure of having the best sound that stands out for its clarity, like that of movie theaters, because these products incorporate technology of Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound and DTS-HD.

They incorporate Wi-Fi and USB connectors

Thanks to the technological progress of these 3D Blu-ray devices, you will have the opportunity to connect to the Internet wirelessly without any problems, since your equipment incorporates Wi-FI controllers, which will allow you to get rid of annoying and tangled wiring systems. They also incorporate USB 2.0 connectors, with which you can connect hard drives or pen drives among other devices, and view the contents with the possibility of saving them.

Adapt your Smartphone or your tablet

Most 3D Blu-rays offer you the opportunity to adapt the Smartphone or tablet to the television, so that you can watch the contents of these devices with unbeatable quality and best of all on the big screen.

Watch movies as if they were real

When you use a Blu-ray device in 3D, you will acquire the opportunity to enjoy your favorite movies in a more exciting and real way from the comfort of your home, thanks to the Full HD 3D reproduction that these devices integrate.   

It has a wide range of file formats

One of the positive aspects that you will find when using a Blu-ray device in 3D is that you will be able to have a very wide range of file formats so that you can play all kinds of sound, image and video files. It also supports a large number of video formats as well as VOB files from your DVD.

surf the web

Another aspect that you can access from the comfort of your home when using your Blu-ray device in 3D is browsing the Web and at the same time accessing and downloading Apps to enjoy new content and thus improve the experience with the player.

The most popular brands

Blu-ray players are state-of-the-art devices that allow you to watch videos in high definition, but with the particularity that they are stored on a special blu-ray disc. Combined with an HDTV, it would be your ideal home workout equipment. For you to know the three best brands that offer this product, read on.

LG is a South Korean company that was founded in 1958, which was born from the association of two companies that already existed: Lucky and Goldstar, calling themselves Lucky-GoldStar at that time, using the initials LG.

This company has been a leader in the production and manufacture of technological products such as household appliances and mass consumption products. LG is the brand that has pioneered the manufacture of electronic products in South Korea, such as radios, refrigerators and televisions.

In the year 1995, the company changes its name to LG Electronics, and from 1999, the company establishes joint ventures for the purpose of manufacturing LCD panels.

The years 2008 and 2009 were very successful for the company, as LG created the world’s first mobile modem chip with LTE technology and the company became the second largest TV company in the world.

As of 2011, LG makes important contributions in the area of ​​televisions, where it begins to manufacture 3D technology with a shutter, ultra HD televisions, OLED 4K televisions, among others. LG Electronics plays an important role in the world market, controlling 118 stores and having more than 75 thousand employees worldwide.

The company Samsung Electronics is a South Korean organization founded in 1969, belonging to the multinational Samsung Group, which represents three quarters of total revenue, with a workforce of more than 308,745 employees and has several distributors in 80 countries. Worldwide.

Samsung is the leading manufacturer of electronic devices such as lithium-ion batteries, chips, semiconductors, flash memory, and other components for companies such as Sony, Apple, and Nokia.

By implementing the Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones, this company has become the largest producer of smartphones globally. The company is also a pioneer in tablet manufacturing through the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab product lines.

The company has more than 24 research and development branches worldwide to emphasize technology development based on the actual needs of users. Samsung is also pioneering Full HD 3D LED TVs, along with HD 3D Blu-ray players, further emphasizing the new digital age of the future.

Sony is now considered one of the most comprehensive technology and entertainment organizations in the world. This Japanese multinational was created in 1946, just after World War II, previously known as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, known worldwide by the acronym TTK. This company starts operations with a capital of 190 thousand yen and employs approximately 20 employees.

In January 1958, one of the company’s founders traveled to the United States and realized that the name TTK was difficult for the American consumer to pronounce. That is why the managers of TTK decide to change the name of the company to Sony, with a view to applying this decision as a marketing strategy for the growth of the company.

During the following years, Sony has been characterized by including its own technologies for the storage and recording of information, creating products such as compact discs, floppy disks and Blu-ray. Sony is one of the most powerful organizations that dominate the consumer electronics market depending on the new technologies that are presented and future.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Samsung BD-H6500/ZF

Este modelo nos ofrece un entretenimiento full HD al alcance de nuestras manos. Perteneciente a la multinacional que nació en Corea del Sur, cuando hablamos de Samsung precisamos calidad a un precio admisible.

Con el Samsung BD-H6500/ZF podremos sincronizar la imagen y sonido de nuestro celular a través de este dispositivo. Al tiempo en que vamos a adentrarnos al mundo 3D sin perder la calidad en el sonido.

Tiene conexión externa HDD que nos permitirá acoplar diversos dispositivos de almacenamiento por medio USB directamente desde el reproductor Blu-ray 3D. Posee compatibilidad con todos los formatos incluidos AAC, LPCM, MP3, tanto para audio como para imagen.

Su interfaz de red Wifi nos aporta la posibilidad de conectarnos a internet sin contratiempos. Con el Samsung BD-H6500/ZF obtendremos un sonido envolvente y una calidad de imagen a detalle, esto es ideal para observar películas con nuestros seres queridos.

Philips BDP3490M/12

Con este modelo de reproductor Blu-ray 3D podremos observar con buena calidad videos, imágenes y audios. Incluye datos de alta definición para tener ante nuestros ojos imágenes completas de calidad al momento de introducir el DVD de alguna película o serie.

La imagen y audio en HD que obtendremos con el Philips BDP3490M/12 es adecuada a nuestros requerimientos y si somos seguidores de la marca. Con su mando a distancia podremos compartir datos o bien visualizar los videos o imágenes que nos llegan así como los audios ya que tiene compatibilidad con nuestro Smartphone si obtenemos la aplicación para que los detecte.

Cuando hablamos de Phillips nos referimos una empresa de electrónica que nace en la región neerlandesa. El Philips BDP3490M/12 permite que observemos contenidos desde la conexión a su puerto USB o discos duros portátiles.

Sony BDPS5500B.EC1

De la reconocida marca japonesa encargada de fabricar electrónica de consumo, nos encontramos con el podría ser a juicio del comprador el mejor reproductor Blu-ray 3D del mercado. Entre sus características principales destaca el hecho de que cuenta con súper Wi-Fi confiando en que la calidad de la reproducción del contenido seleccionado no se detendrá, es decir, veremos de manera fluida el material que hayamos puesto en reproducción.

Gracias al full HD que tiene el modelo Sony BDPS5500B.EC1 y una conectividad multimedia los programas, series, videos y películas favoritas se verán a una calidad de nitidez e imagen de manera real. Primero por la calidad Triluminos, donde los colores adquieren vida y segundo por un sonido que no perderá calidad ya que cuenta con la tecnología Dolby True HD.

Podremos realizar una interfaz rápida para una navegación cómoda. Igualmente a través del Blu-ray BDPS5500B.EC1, será posible adaptar la pantalla de nuestro Smartphone o tableta en la tele, pudiendo observar los contenidos de estos aparatos en pantalla grande y con una calidad mucho mayor a la que nos da.

Sony BDPS5500B.EC1

Ventaja principal:

La mayoría de sus usuarios destaca frecuentemente la facilidad de la utilización de la plataforma del reproductor, en comparación con muchas de sus pares. Esto se debe a que cuenta con un sistema de menú renovado con contenido online de carácter intuitivo.

Desventaja principal:

Algunos usuarios manifiestan haber tenido percances con la conexión al Wi-Fi, pero esto puede resolverse haciendo las configuraciones previas necesarias correctamente o bien estableciendo una conexión directa al router con el cable Ethernet.

Veredicto: 9.7/10

Este dispositivo representa uno de los más modernos del mercado y ha sido calificado como excelente en calidad de imagen y sonido por sus compradores. También son consideradas positivamente su flexibilidad, además de su compatibilidad con otros productos.

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas

Reproducción y sonido

El Sony BDPS5500B.EC1 puede manejarse con el menú de ajustes de manera simple. Gracias a esto, en muy pocos pasos se tendrá al dispositivo listo para la reproducción de casi cualquier formato, ya sea 2D o 3D, según lo que indican sus compradores. Para ellos, no se necesita mucho más en un reproductor como este, ya que el HDMI canaliza audio e imágenes a su receptor o televisor y reproduce MKV sin problema tanto por USB como por DLNA y con conexión Wi-Fi.

El sonido no perderá calidad, ya que cuenta con la tecnología Dolby True HD, ofreciendo detalles muy realistas al oído y haciendo una experiencia totalmente adecuada para la calidad de imagen que es capaz de reproducir.

Software y conectividad

En términos de software, el dispositivo puede tardar unos segundos para llegar a su estado completamente funcional, según lo que afirman sus compradores. El sistema operativo del Sony BDPS5500B.EC1 tiene un diseño similar al de la consola PlayStation del mismo fabricante, lo que representa una ventaja para los usuarios de esta marca. Los menús son prácticos y fáciles de navegar, y por ende, la experiencia será satisfactoria al momento de programarlo.

De igual forma, al momento de conectarse a Internet ofrece una gran variedad de aplicaciones online, incluida la puesta al día de TV  con canales como BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, BBC News, BBC Sport, Sky News, además de la transmisión de videos y películas en plataformas digitales como Netflix, Amazon Instant Video o YouTube, sin olvidar la interacción en redes sociales como Facebook o también visualizar contenido de Sony Entertainment Network.

Diseño exterior

Los reproductores Blu-Ray 3D en un mundo con tan poco espacio como este deben estar completamente adaptados a los espacios pequeños. Es por eso que los usuarios han valorado tanto este producto, debido a que cuenta con unas dimensiones de 19.4 x 23 x 3.9 cm. También muchos de ellos aprecian que la unidad sea súper liviana, al tener un peso de 798 gramos.

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