Top 5 Faxes of 2022

Fax – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The fax has been a very effective communication device for decades, whose validity has not ceased, thanks to its immediacy and efficiency, especially in the commercial and business field. Today many offices and businesses still frequently use this equipment, therefore the offer in the current market is varied. The ideal is to take into account some important aspects when purchasing one of these teams, such as printing technology, which is fast and efficient. After reviewing some of the best-selling and top-rated models on the market today, we can first highlight the Brother FAX-2845, which has a 250-sheet capacity paper tray and offers a speed of 20 copies per minute. On the other hand, the HP OfficeJet Pro 6950 modelit can print in black and white or color and supports today’s most popular sheet sizes.

The 5 Best Faxes – Opinions 2022

A fax is a work tool to be able to send or receive relevant information, so its presence should not be lacking in an office. All of this to advance along with technology and thus receive images encoded in quality and legitimate proportions to the desired document. Taking this need as a starting point, we have prepared this list so that you can buy the best faxes of 2022 and you can have one that is at the forefront of your style and demand.

1. Brother FAX-2845 Monochrome Laser Fax

Main advantage:

It has a Super G3 modem that offers 33.6 kbps, so data transmission is fast, achieving a page approximately every 3 seconds. This is a big improvement over old faxes that used to take even several minutes.

Main disadvantage:

It is a monochrome fax, which means that it only prints in black ink. However, it is recommended for office use, so it is cheaper in the long run.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is capable of storing 22 one-touch keys and up to 200 speed-dial numbers, to save time when sending documents to frequent contacts. 

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It is an electrophotographic printing fax machine with an integrated telephone handset, which has an electrical power of 180 W, capable of printing a total of 20 copies per minute in A4 size using a power supply of 220 – 240 V AC 50/60Hz., so it is one of the fastest of its kind.

It offers a resolution of up to 300 x 600 dots per inch, for a high-quality printed image. On the other hand, it has the multiple copy function, to reproduce the same page up to 99 times. Its enlargement and reduction ratio is from 25% to 400%, this means that it can print up to 4 pages on a single A4 sheet. 

It is compatible with labels, envelopes, paper with certain thickness, as well as thin and recycled, it also works with bond or normal paper. It also supports A4, Letter, B5 ISO/JIS, A6, Executive, A5, A5 Long Edge and B6 ISO sizes, weighing from 60 to 163 g/m2.


It has a 33,600 bps super G3 modem, capable of transferring data in a matter of seconds to speed up processes. In this sense, it offers a laser printing system, which, unlike ink, is capable of withstanding a greater volume of work, therefore, it is recommended for work sites with constant printing and without many rest periods. In addition, this technology allows you to maintain speed without negatively affecting the quality of the result.

It has a 16-character LCD liquid crystal display, which consumes little electricity and contributes to energy saving. On the other hand, it incorporates a class 1 laser, which according to the UNE EN 60825-1/A2 standard complies with security measures and is harmless to humans.

It uses a DR2200 drum that yields approximately 12,000 pages. It also works with a TN2210 dry ink toner, which lasts for 1,200 pages. In addition, the TN2220 model that prints up to 2,600 pages can be purchased separately. As if that were not enough, it has a special function to save toner.


This model has dimensions of 36 x 36.8 x 31.1 cm, so it does not take up too much space in your workplace. However, being a device for professional use, it weighs 9 kg, so it is recommended to leave it fixed in a specific place in the office.

It has a paper tray with a capacity for 250 pages of normal paper, that is, with a weight of 80 g/m2. It also includes a manual feed slot that is capable of holding one sheet at a time, measuring 76.2 to 216mm wide by 116 to 406.4mm long. 

Appearance-wise, it has a modern look with a control panel on the top of the device, which includes the necessary buttons for easy access to all functions.


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2. HP OfficeJet Pro 6950 All-in-One Color Ink Fax Printer

It is a multifunctional equipment that serves as a scanner, fax, photocopier and printer, so you can use it in different activities of your work. It can also run at high speeds of up to 16 pages per minute, allowing you to better manage your projects and avoid printing slowdowns.

Also, it can deliver professional-quality color prints and has 1024 MB of internal memory to improve performance. For greater practicality, it is possible to control it through your smartphone, to print from a distance and configure the equipment according to your needs.

It is compatible with envelope, letter, legal, A4 formats, among others, which increases versatility. Similarly, it is suitable for use by small and medium-sized businesses and works with HP Instant ink, which allows you to save up to 70%.

If you are looking for a multifunctional fax, this model of the HP brand can be a good alternative. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Multifunctionality: This equipment not only works as a fax, but can also print, scan and make copies, allowing you to use it for different tasks.

Compatibility: It offers compatibility with different types of sheets, among which are A4, letter, legal, 10 x 15 cm, among others.

Design: It has an attractive black design with rounded edges, which give it an elegant and modern look. Likewise, it only measures 46.3 x 51.8 x 22.8 cm, so you can install it anywhere without taking up much space.


Installation: To configure the printer you must first install the necessary drivers on your computer, which could delay the use of the equipment. However, it is possible to find them on the official HP website.

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3. Canon Pixma MX475 Multifunctional Printer

It is one of the cheapest faxes that can be obtained in the market and even better that it corresponds to the recognized Canon brand. The Canon Pixma MX475 prints, copies, scans and sends a fax with ease, this equipment has Wi-Fi as well as allowing you to share functions with other devices such as mobile phones and PCs.

It has XL ink cartridges that allow savings of 50% savings per page compared to other standard sizes. When we look for the best quality-price fax, optimal functions as well as an attractive price are elements that hook our interests in deciding to buy a fax.

It prints in color and in black and white, depending on how the type of document is desired, if it is in color it has a duration of 24 seconds but if it is in black it will be much less. The access point mode of the Canon Pixma MX475 gives the possibility to print from any device to which it has been attached.

As you continue with us in this interesting search for a good fax machine for your home or office, we point out the pros and cons of a model that can help you answer the question of which fax to buy?


Multifunctional: This model is multifunctional as it gives you the possibility of printing, scanning, copying and faxing.

Speed: It has a very high printing speed that will be important to finish the task in the desired time.

Wireless: It is compatible with different applications with which you can connect wirelessly and thus send formats from different devices.

Resolution: It has a high resolution of fax in black and white or color thanks to its type of super G3 fax.


Screen: A small part of the users have pointed out that the screen does not have lighting, so it is difficult to see when it is somewhat dark.

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4. Brother FAX-T104 Thermal Transfer Fax

The Brother FAXT104G1 model allows you to store up to 100 phone numbers in its registry, which can be seen on its 1-line, 8-character LCD screen.

It has a paper capacity of up to 30 sheets, plus it has a 10-sheet automatic document feeder.

It is a type of fax that has a 9600 bps modem, and also has a transmission and reception memory of 25 pages, so documents that are queued to print will not be lost.

It has a built-in earpiece that works to check where a fax is coming from or to announce that one will be received.

The Brother FAXT104G1 has automatic redialing and also prints in black and white. It has an image scale and magnification range from 50 to 150% to be able to print content with quality and sharpness.

Many times people consider that the best is what has a high cost, however in this guide we want you to know the pros and cons of a model that is among the cheapest while still offering you the opportunity to carry a product of great quality.


Screen: It has a 1-line, 8-character LCD screen so you can clearly identify the indications and functions of the equipment.

Capacity: You can place a large amount of paper because its capacity reaches up to 30 sheets to work with a good volume of pages.

Memory: You can work very quickly and in an orderly way thanks to its transmission and reception memory of up to 25 sheets.

Headphone: It has an integrated headphone that allows you to perceive the audio information supplied through this equipment.


Instructions: According to the opinion of some users, although it is easy to use, its instructions are in French.

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5. Samsung SF-765P Laser Multifunction Printer with Fax

This fax is compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems. In addition, it includes the Samsung Easy Printer Manager application that allows easy access to the device settings for easy use, offering two different interfaces; one basic and one advanced. You can toggle between the two options with a simple click.

It has the brand’s exclusive Network PC Fax package, which allows you to send fax messages through an MFP, so you can send all kinds of documents and it’s as easy as printing on a basic computer. In addition, you can address the same message to several recipients and it is ready to be shared on the network with other printers.

On the other hand, it allows you to digitize images and send them to the computer, for later digital use. Also, you can use manual two-sided printing and it has an automatic document feeder. As if that were not enough, it has a high-speed USB port.

If you still do not know which fax to buy, then it is advisable to review in more detail the main characteristics of the Samsung SF-765P/SEE, with the aim of making a good investment:


Functions: Allows multiple, deferred and priority sending, which speeds up work in commercial offices.

Compatibility: It is compatible with the most popular operating systems, such as Windows and Mac OS.

Scanner: It is possible to use it to scan documents and send them to the computer for digital use.


Fixed: Due to its size and weight, it is not recommended for portable use, but must be installed in a specific place in the office.

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Buying Guide – What is the best fax on the market?

As a support tool in the office for our company and even for our home, this is how the fax machine is presented to us. To send files or important information and do other types of relevant tasks is the support that we can have with an element of this type at the level of our business. Considering this we have prepared this guide to buy the best fax and you can select the one that meets your needs and even manages to exceed your expectations.

Why buy a fax?

Because in every office there should be a fax machine that manages to support the different tasks that are carried out in a work environment. Today there are details that adhere to technological requirements and that are undoubtedly adapted to the device as technological evolution advances and we must be clear about this when making a comparison of faxes.

With the possibility of storing contacts, printing a large number of sheets, talking on the handset with the certainty that if we leave the machine we will continue to have a phone call, these are some of the details that are convincing us of the need to have a fax in the office. And also at the forefront of technology, a machine like this allows us to have other necessary tools in the office that are condensed into one, being able to use the Internet connection, which somehow satisfies or manages to meet the requirements we have.

contact storage

The fact that a fax can save the data of our contacts is important because it will undoubtedly save us from having to dial the numbers to send information to some person or company and we are in a hurry to do so. Its storage will vary but it will not exceed 100 contacts, so it is necessary to establish the most important numbers of our contacts that have a fax machine in order to purge the most important ones and with which information is exchanged.

Or simply because we are not near the device and we need a third party to help us send some data from the fax. The storage of contacts becomes a great ally, since it will only be a matter of searching the previously loaded list and the inconvenience will be solved.

Using the headset

Generally, fax machines have been characterized by the possibility that information can be accessed by means of a telephone call. Despite the existence of electronic mail, a machine like this gives an air of professionalism to the company that you have. The creators of fax machines have incorporated digital qualities which does not make them disappear but allows coexistence in a more effective work environment.

Today’s fax machines have a headset that allows you to move away from the device and continue having a conversation, in case we usually walk when talking to another person and thus clarify ideas while we are communicating, generally the distances are from 5 to 10 meters, although obviously the individual will not go that far from the machine.

color printing

Not only can we find variety in its design but also in its performance. The faxes come with the option to print in color and that gives an advantage to the files that need to be printed in color so that we will no longer have to worry about printing in a single color with a white background.

You also have the option of using toner according to the characteristics of the model. The positive of the matter is the duration that the ink has in terms of the number of sheets since it will have the possibility of printing since the toner is defined by giving quality in the impressions, rendering the ink, in addition to the option of injecting ink.


It is advantageous for the user who will not have to buy a separate tool but will see the utility of several tools in one. This produces the reduction in costs that we can invest in accessories or other materials for the office or for the home. In addition, the multifunctionality in the type of sheets that it groups, since it not only allows the A4 format but also other varied formats, which ultimately translates into a very complete and considerably useful fax.

Number of printed sheets

It is an important detail above all to avoid the saturation of both input and output sheets and also the batch or number of sheets in the queue, without losing the impression as well as to prevent the device from forcing us to take it to a technical service for not following the instructions properly.

Likewise, today’s faxes allow the use of the Wi-Fi network and through a previously configured command or by opening the email we can print information that we have received. Its price is not so high since most have coupled these features. It is not revealing that the fact of how much it costs worries us although we can also find a cheap fax that meets our requirements.

How to use a fax

When you have a business or an office where procedures are carried out, it is necessary to have communication equipment that helps maintain the speed of the operations that are carried out. For years, fax machines have held an important place when it comes to the transmission and reception of information, being essential equipment in any office.

Prepare the fax for use

After unpacking the fax when you bought it, it is time for you to prepare it to start using it. Start by placing it in a stable location close to both a power outlet and a phone line to make connections easier. Once this step is done, turn on the fax and let it do the automatic settings. Attach the ribbon or cartridges to the fax and load it with sheets as well.

Connect it to a phone line

A fax receives and sends information through the transmission of data that it carries out when connecting to another device through a telephone line, so you must have one so that you can use this equipment. If the phone line jack is near the fax machine, simply plug the cable into the phone line jack, which is usually located on the back of the fax machine. If the line outlet is not nearby, you must make the necessary connections to bring the cable to the equipment.

send a fax

This task is simple. To send a fax, turn on the computer; check the connection by picking up the handset to make sure it has a tone. If you are sending more than one document, order them the way you want them to be received if this is important. Insert the sheets into the fax slot. Dial the phone number that will receive the information. After dialing, you must wait for the receiving fax to accept receipt of the document. You’ll know you can send it when the “send or start” button lights up, so hit it as soon as it does. Sending of the fax will start immediately.

receive a fax

It is very important that you keep the fax loaded with paper and ink so that you can receive information. To receive the fax, it will ring as if it were a normal telephone. Some faxes are set to automatically receive information; others require that the reception be authorized. If your fax is automatic, you won’t have to worry about doing anything, since the reception will start after the rings. If it is not, answer the call before accepting the receipt; press the “start” button to receive the fax.

Care you must have

It prevents the fax machine from receiving a strong blow that could affect its operation. It is also important that there are no liquids near it; do not approach the machine if you have a glass of water or any other drink in your hand. If a sheet jams while receiving or sending documents, do not force the sheet; open the machine and try to extract it following the exit direction.

The most popular brands

Every office should have a tool that allows you to receive printed documents at the same time. A machine that is still used in many organizations is the fax machine, which allows you to send and receive the printed information you require using a telephone line. That is why in this article we are going to show you the best brands that offer this product in case you decide to buy a product of this type.

Philips is a Dutch company that is responsible for manufacturing and distributing high-tech electronic products included in various categories. This company began operations in 1891 manufacturing lamps and other electrical products. In 1927, the company created the first radio prototype, which meant a true technological advance in that field at that time, but it did not last long due to the German invasions that occurred in Holland.

Over the years, the company experienced a series of economic ups and downs, but today it is well positioned with a wide range of products that it offers to consumers, thanks to the study that has been implemented by the excellent research and development department.

This company currently has several categories of health care products, lighting, consumer electronics, among others. Today, Philips has several subsidiaries worldwide in countries on all continents, to position the company as one of the world leaders in computer products.

Japan has always stood out for having companies that have revolutionized almost all categories of electrical and electronic products, where the IT area is no exception. In this case, we are talking about the Brother brand, which is a Japanese organization that is responsible for the manufacture and marketing of electronic products and those related to computing.

In 1908, the Yasui Sewing Machine Co. was created in the city of Nagoya, Japan. It is not until 1955 that the company establishes the first foreign subsidiary in the United States and in 1958 another subsidiary is opened in Ireland to serve the European area. In 1962, the company finally decided to change its name to a more commercial one, calling itself Brother Industries, Ltd.

The Brother company also used advertising and sponsorship as a marketing strategy, as is the case with the English football club Manchester City Football Club, which has been one of the longest partnerships for a football team.

Vision and entrepreneurship can be seen in the description of the evolution of one of the largest technology companies in Japan and worldwide. The best example of struggle and improvement can be found in the history of Panasonic, since despite the war in the Pacific that broke out in 1941, the businessman and founder of Panasonic, Konosuke Matsushita, was always willing for the company that with so much sacrifice and ingenuity he had created, would never decline.

Speaking a little about the origin, Matsushita from a very young age had the qualities of an inventor and developer of electronic products, he really liked to learn and improve himself. At just 22 years old, in 1918, Matsushita acquired the position of inspector in an electric light company in Osaka, but in a short time he decided to leave to start his own business manufacturing electrical parts, calling this company Matsushita Electric Devices Manufacturing. works.

After many years, the company decides to call itself Panasonic and is currently one of the most consolidated in terms of manufacturing and distribution of computer and electronic devices worldwide.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Philips PPF685E

Ventaja principal:

Este fax no solo tiene la capacidad de ser receptor de documentos, sino que sirve al mismo tiempo como copiadora y contestador de llamadas de manera automática, de modo que aporta mayor rapidez a todas las tareas que emprendas en tu oficina o casa.

Desventaja principal:

Algunos usuarios señalan que han tenido problemas con el alimentador del fax, pues a veces arrastra dos páginas al mismo tiempo. Lo recomendable en estos casos es que el usuario se asegure que el papel esté correctamente colocado en el equipo y así evitar cualquier inconveniente a la hora de imprimir.

Veredicto: 9.8/10

Es un dispositivo pensado en dar mayor agilidad al trabajo en cualquier oficina o espacio donde se requiere de su uso; cuenta además con memoria para guardar llamadas, archivos digitales, manos libres sin cable y una libreta de contactos con capacidad de almacenar hasta 200 números.  

Caracteristícas Principales Explicadas


Philips PPF685E cuenta con una capacidad de memoria de 50 hojas para que puedas recuperar cualquier documento de gran importancia que debas reimprimir. Esta función permite a los usuarios contar con una pequeña base de datos de aquellos archivos que serán usados con frecuencia para diversas tareas.

Los compradores contarán además con un grabador de llamadas telefónicas de al menos 30 minutos. Esas comunicaciones que sean relevantes para ti o para la empresa no se perderán, porque este dispositivo cuenta con almacenamiento para guardarlas y volverlas a escuchar para los fines que consideres relevantes.

Tiene una libreta de direcciones de hasta 200 entradas, una capacidad considerablemente alta para este tipo de fax.

Funciones automáticas

Para los usuarios es importante que sus equipos hagan más fácil su vida; es por ello que en el mercado hay una gama amplia de dispositivos que tienen tecnologías que eliminan procesos simples para los usuarios.

Con esta característica cumple el alimentador automático de documentos, en el que puedes disponer hasta 10 hojas para que el fax imprima sobre estas de manera continua sin necesidad de poner una por una, ofreciendo mayor comodidad a los usuarios.

Otra función automática con la que cuenta es la de llamadas; de esta forma, si estás ocupado y no puedes manipular varios artefactos al mismo tiempo, el Philips PPF685E te ahorra la tarea. También cuenta con un manos libres inalámbrico para facilitar aún más la experiencia de uso por parte de los compradores.

Pantalla y copiadora

Su pantalla LCD TFT, una tecnología desarrollada con cristal líquido de transistores de película fina usados en diversos artefactos electrónicos, tiene espacio para 16 caracteres a una línea, de esta forma podrás navegar a través de las funciones que ofrece este modelo de faxes de la marca Philips.

Además de ello y para mayor eficiencia de los usuarios en la oficina, cuenta con una copiadora que les permitirá reproducir documentos importantes para alguna presentación. Es preciso recordar que este aparato funciona mediante la transferencia térmica -monocromo-, es decir, que solo imprime a un color: negro.

Los compradores han destacado que este fax es completamente funcional y con una capacidad de respuesta rápida y efectiva para trabajos donde se requiere su uso constante.

Brother MFCL2700DW

Este dispositivo con fax, fotocopiadora y escáner de fax que le dan cualidades de impresora multifuncional que imprime en blanco y negro, el Brother MFCL2700DW cuenta con tecnología para imprimir láser. Cuenta con conexión WiFi lo que le permite almacenar información además de conectarse a internet e imprimir directamente de la web desde Google Cloud Print.

Pese a imprime unas diez mil páginas lo mejor es no saturarla por lo que su volumen recomendado es de 250 a 2000. Su velocidad de impresión y copia es de 26 papeles por minuto con una resolución de 600×600 a 2400×600 donde su transmisión de fax es de 33.6kbps y la capacidad de hojas soportadas en la bandeja de salida es de 100.

Este dispositivo permite una impresión a doble cara para un uso más optimizado del papel. Además de soportar el tamaño carta, puede imprimir en sobres, papel normal, etiquetas, papel reciclado, papel bond, papel fino, papel grueso. Tiene toners de 630 para un rendimiento estándar, uno de 660 para un alto rendimiento y un DR-630 de unidad de tambor para un trabajo más rápido y eficiente.

Además de describirte modelos de alta calidad, queremos que tengas claro los aspectos positivos y negativos de este modelo perteneciente a la mejor marca de faxes para que lo tomes en consideración y definas si es el que más se ajusta a lo que estás buscando.


Doble cara: Te permite hacer uso de la función de impresión a doble cara para que seas más eficiente en tu trabajo.

Velocidad: Cuenta con una velocidad de 26 ppm que serán muy útiles tanto para imprimir como para copiar cualquier documento.

WiFi: Te brinda la oportunidad de establecer conexión con WiFi para una mejor funcionalidad y operatividad del equipo.

Tecnología: Integra tecnología de

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