Top 5 Gaming Chairs of 2022

Gaming Chair – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Our games and entertainment sessions are much more enjoyable when you have a good gamer chair, which provides you with the necessary comfort to hang out, which can sometimes be a long day, so you should make sure that the chair gives you the adequate support depending on your physical structure, that it has an armrest and a cushion in the head area, if possible, and that it has good transfer options, including wheels, for example. Depending on what the market offers, models such as the Songmics OBG56L chair stand out. A product with an ergonomic design and quality materials, to make your day easier. Another suitable option is the HJH Office Racer Pro II model., which has a racing design with quality materials and a comfortable adjustment system.

The 5 Best Chairs for Gamers – Opinions 2022

Sometimes it is difficult to decide when there are so many possibilities in the market to choose an item; knowing the best ones assures you a smart purchase. These are the best gaming chairs you can find.

1. Songmics Racing Desk Chair

Main advantage:

The chair has the purest Racing design, offering the user pleasant ergonomics when sitting and generating a correct position during use.

Main disadvantage:

Despite having a very complete design, the product does not include the lumbar pad or cushion that is usually common in this type of chair.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A high-quality and affordable alternative to the more expensive chairs that we usually find in this segment.

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chair design

The Songmics OBG56L model has a Racing-type design, with which it is much easier to maintain a correct posture when playing or working. In this design we find a backrest that perfectly accommodates the back, giving it the necessary support when sitting down. An aspect that improves the distribution of support and consequently reduces pain and discomfort.

This approach is also present in the seat area, located at a suitable angle with respect to the backrest to also maintain that correct position. A seat in which the weight is distributed correctly, including an approach that reduces stress on the rest of the body.

Construction materials

Although a good structure always helps when it comes to having a quality chair, it is also necessary to evaluate the materials with which it has been manufactured. Another issue in which this product is one step ahead of other similar models.

Inside, we find high-quality foam padding, soft enough to give you good comfort and hard enough not to deteriorate over time. On the outside, the chair has a well-known imitation leather padding, although with adequate resistance so that the chair does not peel or lose its good appearance with use. Something to which is added the resistance of the structure, which does not deteriorate with use either.

Foundation and adjustments

So far we have analyzed the top of the chair. But also the lower part of it deserves our attention. In this area we find the classic five-legged base, each of which is finished off with a set of free-turning double wheels. This area is made of high-resistance hard plastic and allows us to move comfortably.

As for the adjustments, the chair includes a classic gas piston, with which we can adapt the height of the seat to the one that suits us, being adjustable from 45 to 55 centimeters. We can also adjust the inclination of the chair, so that it is more rigid or more flexible when reclining. So it is also possible to customize the basic behavior of the chair according to what you need.

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2. hjh Office Racer PRO II Gaming or office chair

If you are a fan of video games or if you simply spend many hours sitting in front of the computer, it is imperative that you have one of the best chairs to be able to fully enjoy your experience. This gamer chair model stands out for having a tilting mechanism that will be able to adapt to your body weight in such a way that it can offer you the maximum level of comfort.

Its design begins by having a headrest so you can rest your neck and head comfortably and thus avoid pain that may affect your games or work. It also includes a pair of armrests so you can accommodate your weight evenly and thus avoid pain in the elbows and wrists. Also, this gamer chair has an integrated mechanism so that you can adjust the height of the chair to the millimeter so that you can choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable in front of your screen.

Therefore, we consider it important that you know the main advantages offered by this option between chairs for gamers:


Design: The design presented by the HJH Office Racer Pro II chair is one of the most popular among young gamers as it is reminiscent of a sports pilot seat design that looks amazing in any game room or bedroom. In addition, the combination of its colors make it very striking.

Ergonomics: It also has a series of aspects that make it quite ergonomic, especially when it comes to playing online games that can last several hours.

Adjustments: You can adjust to your personal tastes since it has a tilting mechanism to adapt to the weight of your body and also another special mechanism to choose the appropriate and comfortable height to play.

Wheels: Another of its appreciated aspects is that it has five pivoting wheels at its base that offer you a high level of freedom and mobility so that you can reach what you want without having to get up.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 50 x 57 x 138 centimeters and a weight of 17 kilograms, making it spacious and comfortable without taking up too much space and, in addition, its weight allows easy transfer.

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3. IntimaTe WM Heart Racing Gaming Chair

For those looking for a complete approach, the IntimaTe WM Heart chair includes all the classic elements of these products. Among them, we have the ergonomic design of the backrest, designed to give the user great comfort no matter how long they spend sitting.

In addition, in this area we have the usual additional cushion for the lower back, adjustable in height using the included straps, as well as another cushion to directly support the neck. A structure equipped with quality materials, both in the interior foam and in the external upholstery. The armrests are also not lacking, in a flat format and independent of the backrest, so that it is easy to adjust them if necessary.

The product is finished off with an adaptable tilt of up to 135 degrees and other quality details, such as skate-type wheels made of PU, to move the chair even more comfortably on the floor when necessary.

Discover a new world of comfort when working or playing with this Intimate WM Heart model.


Supports: In addition to the backrest, you have additional cushions to support your lower back and neck.

Materials: The high quality of its materials guarantees pleasant sensations and a good durability of the product.

Customizable: You can adjust details such as the height of the chair, its inclination or even the precise position of the armrests.


Assembly adjustment: You must pay attention to the assembly, to fit the pieces correctly and achieve a good result in this regard.

Gas spring: The gas spring can fail over time, especially if the maximum load supported by the chair is exceeded.

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4. Arozzi Gaming Chair Enzo

With so many good candidates, this chair is not far behind. Among its qualities stands out its very high Italian quality that incorporates a Swedish design, which shines in the finish of the elegant synthetic leather upholstery (ideal for cleaning), and its minimalist appeal.

As a curious fact, you should know that its design is inspired by the seats of automobile sports championships. Made with premium materials; It has fully upholstered armrests and seat and thick padding to make continuous hours of play more pleasant.

By simply lifting the pedal under the seat, you can adapt the chair to the desired height, likewise, with the turn of a device you can tilt it up to 12 or the backrest for a break between gaming sessions. Among other advantages is its great resistance, as it can hold up to 120 kg, so you won’t have to worry about the weight you put on it.

Having an excellent gaming chair at home is one of the basic goals of every serious gamer, therefore, we want you to know in depth the characteristics of the models in our selection. On this occasion, Enzo de Arozzi:


Design: The Arozzi Enzo gamer chair has an incredible, very elegant and professional design, ideal for those gamers devoted to their passion.

Materials: Made with an excellent selection of materials, the Arozzi Enzo has a leather cover that gives it strength and durability.

Ventilation: In addition, its design has an opening at the nape of the neck that allows correct ventilation to avoid heat.



The armrests of this model cannot be adjusted, so you will have to get used to its height.

Instructions: A customer indicated that the instructions are incomplete as they do not indicate that a special plug must be removed in order to access the height adjustment of the chair.

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5. hjh Office Racer Sport Swivel Chair

This office chair not only stands out for its daring design, but also for being an excellent option if what you want is quality and a good price. With a fully padded back and armrests you will have guaranteed comfort. The backrest is upholstered in synthetic leather, so you will not have much problem when cleaning the seat.

Its headrest integrated into the backrest is designed to provide you with the greatest comfort in your head and neck, this undoubtedly promises to end pain from sitting for a long time.

This chair is designed to fulfill its functions while maintaining an ergonomic structure; therefore it is possible to adjust the inclination of the seat to give the body a rest from the rigid position.

Another advantage is that its armrests can be folded, so you will have a free seat on the sides, but they are so comfortable that we recommend keeping them close to you.

In order to acquire the best gaming chair of the moment, it is important that you take into account your needs as a player in addition to your budget. The 621705 from HJH Office is a strong candidate for the position of the best gaming chair for 100 euros. Get to know it in detail below:


Heights: One of the aspects that make the HJH Office 621705 one of our first options is the fact that it allows you to adjust its height, so that you can be as comfortable as possible while carrying out those long games.

Tilt: Also, if at any point you get tired of sitting in the same position, the HJH Office 621705 can tilt. In this way, you can rest your back a little and stretch to continue playing.

Materials: It is made with an excellent selection of materials that make it very resistant and good looking. It has a rigid plastic base and a padded padding of synthetic materials as well as a cover made of synthetic leather.

Wheels: It has integrated five pivoting wheels that will allow you to move freely around the room as well as facilitating movement between different monitors if you have them. These wheels also have a safety mechanism that prevents the chair from rolling on its own as it has a special brake.

Weight: And with a weight of just 15 kilograms, it will be a very simple task to move this chair and even change it to another room if you require it, likewise, carrying it up the stairs will not cost you too much if you live in buildings or high areas.

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Shopping guide

Every good gamer knows that it is necessary to have the right accessories for their work, so that the good player can focus on their game without worrying about their surroundings. Accessories among which a good gaming chair cannot be missing, which makes it easier to endure long gaming sessions without our muscles suffering. So, if you want to equip yourself with one of these chairs, all you have to do is read our guide to buying the best gaming chair on the market, where we give you the clues that will lead you to a comfortable and effective product.

main chair design

When we decide to buy one of these chairs, a mere glance at a comparison of gamer chairs reveals the variety of models, as far as design is concerned. Therefore, the first aspect that we must consider is precisely this type of design, which must meet the ultimate goal of the chair, which is none other than to take care of our posture and prevent it from having an effect on our back.

Therefore, it is best to bet on ergonomic chairs. These chairs have a backrest and a seat that are responsible for taking care of our posture, by “forcing” us to maintain a correct posture during the game. This structure can even incorporate elements such as lumbar supports or in the neck area, which make it easier to support these areas of the body and thus improve the sensations of using the product in a comfortable way.

Some chairs include additional elements such as cushions, specially designed for this purpose, while others have their own elements integrated into the product. Both models, the truth, are recommended. By the way, do not forget to check both the padding and the breathability offered by the chair, which prevents the body from overheating during use.

chair adjustments

In order for a gaming chair to be good and economical, in addition to the price and the design, it is necessary that it adjusts adequately to our needs. Therefore, it is convenient that the chair that we have chosen has the adjustment options so that you can choose the most appropriate posture based on your own physiognomy and your own needs.

Within these adjustments, the most common is the height adjustment, which helps us establish the distance from the seat to the ground. A classic that should not be missing and that, to achieve a proper fit, must allow us to place our feet completely on the ground, while our legs form a right angle with respect to the chair.

This adjustment is accompanied by the level of inclination of the chair, which can be wider or more closed as required. In this case, it is convenient that we do not “lie down” too much in the chair.

An element that is accompanied by the adjustment of the angle of the backrest. In this case, it is not an element present in all the chairs but in the higher level ones, which allows adjusting the angle of inclination of the backrest with respect to the seat. An additional option to obtain greater comfort and maintain a healthy posture when using the chair, although it is true that it influences how much it costs.

Manufacturing materials

To conclude our guide, it is time to look at the manufacturing materials of the product. Materials that must have sufficient quality both to welcome us comfortably when sitting down and to have adequate resistance so that the chair has a long useful life and we take better advantage of our purchase.

Starting with what you see, the upholstery of the chair should have good resistance, with materials such as leather or imitation leather as protagonists. They are materials that withstand rubbing well and are easy to clean if necessary. All this, without forgetting the structure, which should preferably be metallic, so that it adequately supports prolonged use of the chair, without deteriorating or breaking.

As for the interior, perhaps the most important thing is the quality and thickness of the padding. These must have enough capacity to hold the body comfortably, also preventing it from losing density and generating discomfort over time.

A foam that is generally present in the seat area, but also in the backrest, without forgetting the additional support that some models incorporate in the arms, with foam inserts on them.

How to use a gaming chair

Before you buy a gaming chair, here you will find information about the best settings and preferences.

types of gaming chairs

There are a wide variety of gaming chair types to choose from, including:

Office chair: These are similar to regular office chairs in that they have wheels and a handle to adjust the tilt, height, etc. These chairs are specifically designed for gaming on desktop computers.

Rocking chair: if you prefer to sit closer to the ground when playing on a video game console, this type of chair is ideal; however, it is not a good choice for PC gamers. Many of these chairs come with speakers and other great features to enhance your gaming time.

Bean Bag Chair: If you’re looking for a more casual seat, a bean bag chair may be all you need. They generally don’t have any postural support, but they are fun and relatively comfortable to play on consoles.

Racing Simulator Chairs – This type of chair is basically a specialized computer chair that comes with a steering wheel and pedal mounts to give you the feeling that you are in a race car.

Pedestal Chair: These chairs are similar to a recliner, but also rotate and swivel on a pedestal base instead of wheels or legs. They generally include built-in speakers and Bluetooth capability, as well as very good lumbar support and armrests.

Depending on your budget, there are a few options that you can incorporate into your gaming chair:

Built-in speakers and AFM technology

Many rocking and pedestal chairs come equipped with 2 speakers and a subwoofer. They also incorporate AFM (Audio Force Modulation) technology that uses the frame and hollow volume space within the chair to amplify sound and vibrate, thus providing greater multi-sensory entertainment value.

Wireless receiver/transmitter

Connects to an assortment of Bluetooth-enabled video and audio players. It also comes with stereo RCA outputs.

vibration motors

They are synced to the output low frequencies and game audio when explosions, gunshots, crashes and other types of impact occur which are translated into vibration signals and sent to the chair’s vibration motors.

Cup holders and side pockets

Many rocker and pedestal seats come with storage compartments for controllers and other accessories like headphones and microphones, plus cup holders to keep drinks safe while you play.

High-quality cushioning pads

To achieve greater relaxation and support, promoting good blood flow and proper posture while the player is seated for long periods of time.

Massage and heating pads

Both office-style and racing simulator-style chairs can include built-in massage motors and heating pads to relax your back during extended gaming sessions.

Depending on the type of chair you choose, you will need to take some time to put them together. Usually it will be about 20 minutes or less. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube with step-by-step instructions, so there’s no need to fear a small toolbox and instruction manual.

The most popular brands

When you want to experience games in a different way, a simple home or office chair is not enough. It is necessary to have a chair that fits the way you play and that offers you both the comfort you need in the middle of the action, and the special and different design that fits with the rest of your equipment. So that you can search among some of the best brands on the market, we analyze three of the leading manufacturers of gaming chairs recognized for their quality, design and good price.

The phenomenon of the network and the Internet has opened the door to a new type of commercial companies, among which is the German Tectake. A company that offers a wide range of products of all kinds, ranging from gym equipment to household tools, including accessories for animals or office furniture, among others.

The company’s products are mostly Asian-made, although they have the brand’s own quality control, which through different agreements generates products of acceptable quality at reasonable prices. As an advantage of Tectake products, in addition to their price, they have designs adapted to each product so that it is unique in its series.

It is one of the advantages of being able to order directly from the manufacturer, so that the brand’s design team always knows what to choose in order to be successful and break the market. Within the gaming chairs, for example, we find sports-style designs, with very comfortable padding and upholstered in imitation leather in bright colors, to give a special touch to any room.

In a case similar to that of other companies, the manufacturer HJH has a short journey but considerable experience in the market, where it offers products adapted to each user, with comfort and ergonomics as the keys. Something that you can achieve thanks to your approach and your business fundamentally focused on the world of office furniture in such a way that all your experience and knowledge is based on obtaining the best results for your clients. For this, the company has a special line of products, the Smart Premium Collection, which offers, in addition to excellent quality, an adapted design and an extended technical service for a better user experience.

These products extend their guarantee to 4 years in proof of the good quality of their materials. So if you are looking for quality gamer chairs, European manufacturing and extended support, at HJH Office you have an excellent option at a more interesting price than you might expect.

When you access the catalog of the German manufacturer Miadomodo for the first time, you are surprised to see such a wide range of products, that it would practically furnish your entire house and even the garden. However, this is the reality of this German company that, sheltered from the Internet, has made the international leap offering all kinds of products for your home, among which we also find the aforementioned gaming chairs.

All this in a live and constantly updated catalog that feeds on the latest fashion trends to offer quality furniture, with modern and elegant designs and capable of dressing any room on their own. This is the key to the philosophy of

Miadomodo, which is obviously complemented by a broad commitment to quality, so that all its products are not only beautiful but also resistant and durable. Something important for those looking for a gaming chair, since this product must offer a long useful life and quality materials to be comfortable and resistant for a long time.

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