Top 5 Horror Games of 2022

Horror Game – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

There are various genres of video games in the world, but one of the most interesting at the moment is horror. Of course, there are games for various platforms, for example PC, Xbox or PlayStation, so many people will be able to enjoy them. However, before buying a horror game you should review the various options that are on the market, so we present some of the most outstanding ones. For example, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, which is a first-person shooter starring a man named Ethan, who wants to save his wife Mia from him at any cost. Also, we mention that this title is for a single player, which you can enjoy many scenes of violence and terror. Another game that we can recommend in this article is The Evil Within., which is in the third person and is played by Sebastian Castellanos. Together with Juli Kidman and Joseph Oda, this character goes to the Beacon Mental Hospital, where they will be transferred to a fictional world full of monsters and nightmares.

The 5 Best Horror Games – Opinions 2022

Due to the fact that there are so many horror games on the market, it is best to review various options on the Internet, since this way you will have a better chance of choosing the optimal one that meets your expectations. Therefore, in this section we present some of the best horror games of 2022, perhaps one of them is the one you are currently looking for.

1.Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Main advantage:

What stands out most in this installment of Resident Evil is that it has a terrifying environment with graphics and surround sound according to the plot, which provides an immersive experience so you can combine it with your PlayStation VR and get the most out of it.

Main disadvantage:

The main disadvantage of this horror game is that it has few hours of gameplay. In addition, you also have a high chance of losing your game progress if you can’t find a video recorder to save your game.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you want to buy a horror game that has different game modes and an immersive story to enjoy for many hours, this option is recommended by many users.

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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is based on the story of Ethan Winters, in which you will have a field of view of the game in the first person and, unlike the other games in the Resident Evil saga, this time the protagonist is an ordinary person and current that does not have any training. In addition, the events that occur in this video game take place 4 years after Resident Evil 6.

The story begins when Ethan receives a video of his missing wife, Mia. He sets out in search of her and arrives in the vicinity of an abandoned house in Dulvey, Louisiana, United States. Finding her alive, Mia is possessed by unknown forces and for no reason attacks Ethan by cutting off his hand and he is forced to kill her, so now you will have to find the antidote to save Mia, while trying to survive the attacks her and her enemies.


In Resident Evil 7 Biohazard you have a first person viewing range, in which you will have to survive, search for weapons, fight, run, hide and avoid attacks from enemies and Mia Winters, who is infected with a virus, while just like some members of the Baker family.

In addition, you can also save your progress as long as you find a video camera, so we advise you to be careful not to be attacked and as you progress through the game, save the game so you don’t lose your progress in case you have to fight with a powerful enemy.

While you are defeating the enemies and the bosses you will be able to get powerful weapons, but these are hidden, so you will have to check every inch of each new area to access them and thus defeat your enemies much faster. Additionally, you will have to solve puzzles and find keys to move from one area to another.

Additional features

Another aspect that stands out in this horror game is the additional functions that you can enjoy.

One of them is the trophies, since in the course of the story you will be able to grab objects or defeat enemies to be able to get one, but surely you will wonder how many trophies this game has and how many hours of gameplay you will have available, the answer is simple, there are 38 trophies broken down into 22 bronze, 12 silver, 3 gold, 1 platinum and you have more than 30 hours of gameplay.

In addition to this, you also have downloadable content, mini games, unpublished recordings, online mode and nightmare. Being able to access them by completing some trophies and finishing the game; the most highlighted by many users is the nightmare mode, in which you will play with Clancy Javis and face countless enemies until dawn, so the main objective is to survive as long as you can.

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2. The Evil Within

It is a PC video game, but the seller also offers it for consoles, for example, Xbox and PS4. This means that you will have several options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

In addition, it should be noted that The Evil Within could be the best value for money horror game at the moment, since it is one of the cheapest on the market and has a fairly striking fictional plot.

Sebastián Castellanos will be the protagonist of the story. He is a well-known police detective and while he meets his colleagues investigating a case at the Beacon Mental Hospital, paranormal things happen.

The detective loses consciousness for a while, then wakes up in a world where there are Tormented Ones and strange creatures, which are insane and murderous that will want to kill him.

It is a third person game where the main character can use different weapons to survive.

If you are looking for an audiovisual experience created by the best Japanese video game designer, then you may be interested in The Evil Within, since it is from the same makers of Resident Evil, so it has a high realistic horror content. However, we invite you to review its pros and cons before making the purchase:


Designer: It has been created by Shinji Mikami, a Japanese economist dedicated to the development of video games. This designer is one of the pioneers of the Survival Horror genre.

Atmosphere: Most of the positive reviews it has received from gamers is about its unsettling atmosphere, created with high-quality visuals and sounds.

Gameplay: One of the main advantages is that it is divided into chapters, so that you advance only if you overcome the obstacles in each part.


Terror: Some users indicate that the level of terror is not as high as they expected, so at some point it becomes an action game.

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3.Outlast Trinity

Perhaps it is the answer to which is the best horror game, since it offers three games in one, Outlast, Outlast Whistleblower and Outlast 2. The first of them stars Miles Upshur, who investigates an asylum to discover the origin of numerous deaths and the experiment secretly carried out by the Murkoff corporation.

The seller offers this video game for PS4 and Xbox One, so you can choose the one for the platform you have. We also mentioned that it is a first-person survival horror trilogy, so it is quite realistic, making the immersion greater.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the second game in the trilogy is based on the events that occurred before Outlast 1, in which Waylon Park is the protagonist.

In addition to this, Outlast 2 stars Blake Langermann, a cameraman who travels to Arizona with journalist Lynn Langermann, his wife, to investigate the death of a pregnant woman.

If you are still undecided, pay attention in more detail to the positive and negative features of this pack with the three parts of the Outlast series, since it is one of the cheapest games if we take into account the content of the pack:


Pack: Includes Outlast, Outlast Whistleblower and Outlast 2, so you have the complete series so you don’t have to make an additional expense.

Plots: Each of the parts has a different horror story where you can be a journalist in an insane asylum, a computer scientist in Mount Massive or a cameraman in the Arizona desert.

Format: It is suitable for PS4, so it offers great image and sound quality, providing a more realistic experience.


Language: As some users explain, the audio is in English, so it is necessary to activate the subtitles in Spanish.

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4.Until Dawn

This game comes to PS4 and you can choose between the standard version and its special edition. It was developed by Supermassive Games and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment, companies with extensive experience in the world of games.

The plot is based on several teenagers who go to a cabin to spend some pleasant days, but they find that there is a murderer among them, who will try to kill them all.

The player will be able to make decisions that change the course of the story, controlling each of the characters on different occasions.

According to some people on the Internet, playing Until Dawn is like taking part in a horror movie, therefore it offers a lot of entertainment to the users.

In this game you will have to understand various riddles, so that you discover the murderer and the characters are saved.

On the other hand, we did mention that it is single player and there will be scares that may chill your skin, as well as a tense environment filled with a lot of suspense.

Some users claim that this is the best horror game for 30 euros, since it combines the horror and action genres to keep you on your toes at all times, for this reason, we want to point out the pros and cons of this model in more detail:


Possibilities: The plot of the game is not just one, but the story has several branches and will depend on the paths you choose as you progress.

Developer: It has been developed by the company Supermassive Games and distributed by Sony, so it has the support of major brands.

Plot: Eight friends are trapped in a cabin in the middle of the mountain with a murderer on the loose. Characters can die or be saved depending on the decisions you make.


Duration: Some users comment that the game is a bit short in duration, since it has about 9 hours. However, you can play it multiple times with different results.

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5. The Last of Us

It is a single player or multiplayer video game belonging to the survival horror genre.

The protagonist Joel will have to fight for his life alongside Ellie as they head to the American West.

Both are immersed in a post-apocalyptic context where an infection has killed and deranged the majority of the population.

On the other hand, there is the character of Tess, an adult woman who accompanies these two characters throughout history.

In addition, it also belongs to third-person shooter games and was developed by Naughty Dog, an American company that offers high-quality images.

That is, The Last of Us offers users a gaming experience with quite realistic plants, houses, buildings, streets and people.

We also mentioned that it is a game where stealth will be very important so that Joel and company are not discovered by enemies.

If you still don’t know which horror game to buy, this could be of interest to you if you like adventure, since it has a scientifically based plot that will keep you attentive at all times, however, it doesn’t hurt to review in detail the main characteristics of the product before making the investment:


Multiplayer: You have the possibility to use the multiplayer mode of the PS3 version, so you can share with your friends.

Remastered: The sound and image quality has been greatly improved to offer a more realistic audiovisual experience.

Format: It is indicated for PlayStation 4, but you can also choose the previous version for PS3.


Genre: Some horror-loving users have commented that this game has a lot of action, but it lacks more moments of fear.

Complex: According to the opinion of a user, it is not an easy game, so it is recommended to spend some time to understand it before reaching a faster pace.

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Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

This is the best horror game of the moment according to some people who have already played it, because there are not only people possessed by supernatural forces, but also infected people and mutants or large monsters.

In other words, it is a game that offers a lot of action and adventure, because even the main character named Ethan will have to kill many of these enemies, trying to rescue his wife Mia and get the serum that can cure her of an infection that controls her body..

Various characters appear in the story of the video game, including a girl who stalks Ethan from time to time and makes him experience hallucinations. You’ll also find gloomy landscapes and houses, something that, along with the game’s plot, is one of its greatest advantages.

In addition to this, we mention that it is a first-person shooter game. It is also worth noting that the deranged Barker family will be the one that will persecute and try to stop Ethan throughout the argument.

The best horror game of the moment should have some of the main features of this product, however, it is worth reviewing its pros and cons before making a decision, in this way, you will be able to know if it is really worth making the investment:


Immersive: Thanks to the fact that you can participate in the first person, this model allows you an immersive experience within the story, so you will be closer to danger and enjoy a higher level of terror.

Format: It is compatible with Windows computers and on PlayStation VR, so you can enjoy it wherever you prefer.

Technology: It has been designed with the new RE Engine technology, which allows a more natural image, as if it were people and spaces in real life.

Genre: It belongs to the Survival Horror genre, so you must manage resources, fight battles and explore new territories.


Movement: According to the opinion of some users, the camera movements can generate a bit of vertigo while you adapt.

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Buying Guide – What is the best horror game on the market?

Some people want to be scared and enjoy scenes with lots of action and cinematics, so they buy horror video games. However, there are so many games that it is difficult to discover the best of all. Therefore, it is best that you review the following guide to buy the best horror game, as it may help you choose the optimal one.

survival horror

Before making a comparison of horror games, you should know what this video game genre is all about. Its name comes from the English survival horror and is based on causing fear, terror, suspense and concern to the players.

Normally, in survival horror, the player gets the feeling of being the protagonist in a context full of monsters, demons, mutants, etc. Sometimes the player even feels that he is the hero and will have to fight against all the enemies. At the end, there is almost always a monster boss, which will be the most difficult to defeat.

Likewise, this game genre is characterized by scenes of violence, where blood and wounds are not censored, so it is not suitable for people under 18 years of age.

On the other hand, it should be noted that survival horror is a subgenre of action-adventure video games, so they offer a story full of exciting moments where the main character will have to go through many difficulties to achieve their goals.


There are different types of plots for horror games, so check this quality before buying one.

On the one hand, there are the games that have very realistic settings and characters. These are quite flashy and inspired by horror movies. In addition, sometimes these games are set in the present, so that the player feels more identified with their stories. Sometimes they even have realistic sound effects, so that the immersion is greater.

Other video games are based on nightmares, fictional worlds and transfers of characters to other dimensions. They are games that will take users to a different kind of suspense and terror, through often abstract and unimaginable stories. As if that were not enough, some arguments are based on murderous people, infected, possessed by strange forces. Also, there are others that focus on post-apocalyptic situations.

On the other hand, there are the arguments where you will have to investigate who was guilty of one or several murders and, while you do it, you may have to face psychopaths and dirty, bloody or destroyed scenarios.

Number of players

Although this feature does not influence the fact of how much a certain horror game costs, it is very important that you take it into account. In addition, you may find a high-cost game or a cheap one, depending on your requirements and the various options on the market.

When we talk about this feature, we are referring to the number of users who can play a certain video game at the same time.

For example, there are games made for a single player. Usually, there is a story in them that one person will have to overcome, without help. If you want a video game that you can play by yourself at home, it is best to buy one of these.

In addition to this, there are games for several people, which are commonly called multiplayer. These can also have a story that must be overcome between two or more players. If you want to face your friends and enjoy terror in company, you should check if the game features a multiplayer mode.

First person

In horror games something similar happens to shooting games, since many of them the character is in first person, so when you play you will only see the weapon, as if you were defending yourself from enemies.

In this type of game it is a little more difficult to discover when an enemy attacks the character from the side or back. That is, if you don’t turn the camera, the game character will be defeated. However, although it implies having more blind spots, this game mode is an advantage for many players, especially those who are used to or have overcome some first-person shooter video games, such as Call Of Duty, Counter-Strike or Battlefield.

Third person

In this case, the player will be able to see the video game character while controlling it using the keyboard or controller. Sometimes this will give you an advantage, for example when enemies attack from behind or the sides.

Also, because you will have to control the character in the third person, these games also offer less immersion. Of course, that doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining, just that they may be a little less scary than first-person shooters. For some players that is the most significant difference.

How to use a horror game

Horror games provide levels of adrenaline to users who like this type of project, so if you have managed to acquire any of the titles available in this space, you will find some steps to follow so that you can use your horror game and be able to get the most out of it.

Turn on your console and install the game

The first thing you should do before anything else is to turn on your game console or your computer so that you can install the purchased game. Given that in order to start using it, you have to know that the first launch of the game will always take a little longer than usual, so turn on your computer or console, take the CD and insert it into the slot or into the drive tray of CD’s.

If you have acquired a game for PC, the steps to follow for its installation are the following:

After inserting the CD into your computer, wait a few seconds for the game installation screen to appear. Hit next, select the location where the game will be saved, and hit the finish button.

If you have purchased a game for PlayStation 4:

Take the wireless controller of your PlayStation 4 and press the PS button, navigate to the options and go to the storage section, there you must evaluate the space and verify that there is availability so that the data of your new game can be installed.

Then, take the controller and using the joystick or the directional buttons navigate to the “Game” section and select the section that indicates “install” or “run” with the X button.

Adapt the environment to play

So that you can fully enjoy your new acquisition, we recommend that you adapt the area to avoid distractions and obtain a much more immersive experience. Also, if you have a sound system, be it a home cinema or headphones, we recommend that you use them so that you can enjoy all the sound effects that the horror game includes.

In addition to this, we also recommend that you turn off the lights, since the brightness of the sun or the light bulbs can be reflected on the screen of the television or the monitor, having additional shadows and difficulties to correctly visualize the images of the game; a crucial detail that you must keep in mind so that you can save yourself from the enemies that may appear suddenly.

Save your game progress

One detail that you should not overlook is saving your progress in the horror game. Since, regardless of which game you have purchased, the difficulty levels will rise as you progress through the adventure. Also, this will not take even 1 minute, so press the button on the keyboard or wireless controller to pause the game and access the options. Locate the “save game” section and accept.

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