Top 5 Remote Controlled Plugs of 2022

Plug with remote control – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Whether you are one of those forgetful people who has had to return home to see if you have turned off an appliance or if you want to maintain centralized control of various equipment, remote control sockets are a good help. Thanks to them, we can turn on or turn off our devices remotely, even outside our home, since some offer connectivity via Wi-Fi and applications for different smartphones. Now, to choose the plug with remote control that best suits our needs, we must assess its power capacity, as well as its control functions. Among these models, the ETEKCITY ZAP 3LX plugs stand out, which have a 30-meter range and are directly programmed for you to use right out of the box, with different programming options for your equipment. Also interesting are the Lunvon 3-300DE001 plugs, which you can manage completely from your remote control, together or separately, offering easy installation and also having that range of 30 meters.


Buying Guide – What is the best remote control socket on the market?

A plug with a remote control gives a futuristic touch to our house, since it allows us to control our appliances from a distance. In addition, we manage to save electricity and increase the useful life of our electrical devices. On the other hand, we do not need complicated installations, since we only have to place it between the traditional plug and the device that we want to control.

In this sense, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best plug with remote control, thus saving money on the electricity bill and avoiding unnecessary annoyances.


When making a comparison of plugs with remote control, the first thing we must take into account is what control method it uses and how effective it will be for our spaces and needs.

Currently, there are two main types of remote controlled sockets. First of all, we find those that we operate, literally, through a control. These are usually cheaper and are generally sold in packages of several units, allowing us to configure different spaces at the same time.

On the other hand, we have the remote controlled sockets that stay connected via Wi-Fi. In this way and through applications for our smartphone, we can control them no matter how far we are from the plug. Of course, the router must be turned on to be able to maintain the connection.

Both types of control have quite particular advantages and disadvantages. For example, remote controlled sockets operated via Wi-Fi do not need additional batteries, since the control is our mobile. In this sense, even if we change our smartphone, we can always reinstall the application to control the plugs.

On the other hand, sockets with traditional remote control come ready to use, we do not need to install any type of software or application. Therefore, we should not worry if the internet connection drops, since we can always control electronic equipment even if we are not online.


This feature is extremely important, since it tells us what is the greatest distance from which we can control our plug. However, the range is only a factor to consider if our plug works through a traditional remote control, since if it is connected via Wi-Fi it will not have range limitations.

Therefore, if our spaces are wide or we will place our plug with remote control in a very remote place, it is convenient that it has a greater range. On the contrary, if our space is reduced, the range distance will not represent any problem.

Finally, there are plugs that, although they do not offer much range, stand out for being functional through walls and doors, something very important if what we want is comfort and practicality. Also, this is related to the fact of how much does a remote control plug cost, since the less range it has, the less expensive it will be.


If you are looking for an inexpensive remote control plug, try to check what type of control it has before making a decision. In this sense, even if it is cheap, it should give you enough range to be able to turn your electrical equipment on or off from different places in your home.

Now, if you want to go a little further, the best option you can consider is a remote control socket that connects via Wi-Fi. In this way, you will be able to turn your electronic devices on and off no matter how far you are from them. You just have to have your smartphone at hand and have installed the application that the plug manufacturer has intended for this purpose.

On the other hand, it is important to consider that we live in an era dominated by two major mobile operating systems: iOS and Android, to which brands that wish to take advantage of smartphones when developing applications must adapt.

So when you choose a remote control outlet that connects via Wi-Fi, make sure it’s compatible with your phone. Generally, the installation is quick and the interface of these applications is simple and intuitive, giving you the feeling that you have entered a new era.


Surely you are wondering how much does a socket with a remote control cost; but, before consulting or comparing prices, it is necessary to continue investigating its characteristics a little more, since one of them can considerably influence its final price. Therefore, it is important to consider the extras that a remote control outlet can include, whether they are functions or accessories.

Simply put, the more extras you have, the more expensive the plug could become. However, those extras can be quite useful. For example, some may include a USB connector or even sensors that protect our electrical devices from overheating.

The 5 Best Plugs with Remote Control – Opinions 2022

When we want to choose an optimal plug with remote control, it is necessary that we review all its functions very well, so our decision will be based on a fairly objective criterion. For that reason, we consider the most salient features, such as its controls, range, connectivity, and extras.

Below we put at your disposal a list of the best plugs with remote control of 2022, so that you can choose the one that best suits your spaces and needs.

1. Etekcity Smart Wireless Plugs

Main advantage:

With these remote-controlled plugs you can control all kinds of equipment without having to go near them to turn them on or off. They are very useful if they are in hard to reach locations or for people with limited mobility.

Main disadvantage:

The size of the plugs may be a negative point for some, since they are able to cover the other port that is usually located in the same outlet.

Verdict: 9.8/10

We advise you to consider this Etekcity product, as it has positive reviews on purchase sites based on its performance and durability.

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Remote control sockets are very useful for people with limited mobility or for operating equipment that is difficult to reach. Basically, these devices can be turned on or off from a distance, saving effort and time overall. We advise you to choose sets that include several units.

As is the case with the Etekcity model, the Zap 3LX is made up of three plugs and two remote controls. The set has a learning system with which you can control several plugs with the same remote control by synchronizing them with each other. This will prevent you from having controls scattered everywhere at home.

The controls included in this set are very intuitive. They only present two columns of buttons, where one is to turn on and the other to turn off the plugs. In addition to the respective indicators to know which plug you are working with.


Since remote controlled sockets are remote controlled, it is very important to consider the range of the signal. If you do not evaluate this carefully, you may find yourself with problems when turning on or off any device that is connected to them.

However, you may not need to worry about this if you decide to invest in the Etekcity remote control socket set. These devices have a link with the controller that can reach a maximum distance of 30 meters regardless of whether they go through walls, doors or windows.

So you shouldn’t have a problem turning the plugs in your living room on or off while you’re in the kitchen, or vice versa. It is also noted that the necessary batteries in the remote controls are included with the purchase of this product.


At the time of acquiring any electronic device, it is more than advisable to evaluate the security systems it has. A voltage drop or surge can be fatal to equipment that has no protection against it and the same applies to plugs that are operated with remote controls.

On this occasion, we are pleased to announce that you will not have any problems with these plugs in the event of an unstable voltage with the electricity in your home, since they are equipped with a special security system. This system is based on the fact that the 10A fuse that works inside the plug will burn automatically if the electrical voltage exceeds 2,300W of power, thus preventing equipment from being damaged.

Also, you should know that you will have a 2-year warranty with Etekcity and you can claim if the plugs do not comply with what is established by the company.

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2. Lunvon 12 Channel Smart Wireless Plugs

When it comes to keeping control over our home appliances remotely, remote controlled sockets are the best help we can find. Products such as the Lunvon 3-300DE001 plug kit, with which we will have three different plugs and a remote control with which to keep our equipment under control.

These plugs have a load capacity of up to 1000 watts of power, being suitable for small and medium-sized appliances or equipment. As for the remote control, it can manage each of the plugs separately or all three at the same time, depending on what suits us.

A versatile model that has an open field range of up to 30 meters, so you can control everything from a distance. And if you are worried about consumption, these plugs barely spend 4 kilowatts throughout the year.

If you are not sure which plug with remote control to buy, with this detailed analysis that we offer you, you may see it a little more clearly.


Range: These plugs have a nominal range of up to 30 meters in open field, so you can control them even from a distance.

Variety: This product consists of three different plugs, which are accompanied by the necessary remote control to manage them all separately or at the same time.

Consumption: The plugs have such a low energy consumption as to spend just 4 kilowatts throughout the year.


Power: These plugs support up to 1,000 watts of power, which although it is adequate for many equipment, falls short when it comes to heating equipment and other higher consumption equipment.

Information on the remote control: Compared to other models, this product does not include information on the remote control that tells us which plugs are active at all times.

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3. Aukey USB 3.0 Hub 7 Ports SuperSpeed ​​5Gbps

It is a traditional remote control model, with a maximum operating range of 30m, very convenient for operating home appliances in hard-to-reach places. In addition, it works for those people who, for some reason, have limited mobility.

In this way, it can be used with lamps, air conditioners, televisions and other devices that do not exceed the equipment’s output power of 3680W. In addition, this system allows us to control all plugs at the same time or individually, as the case may be.

Finally, its RF signal passes through walls and doors, without interfering with other electronic devices that may be around outlets or near the remote control.

Although it is one of the most traditional models, users prefer it over other models. This is due to the ease it presents for its use and the durability of its constitution. For many, it can be a representative of the best remote control socket for 20 euros.


Capacity: The feature that stands out the most is the power of the plug, reaching 3680W and operating with ease in various equipment, from lamps to air conditioners.

Range: The AUKEY can be controlled from a distance of 30 meters, providing great comfort from anywhere in the house.

Simple: It is highly accessible for buyers new to remote control sockets, as it is very easy to use; it just requires being intuitive.

Speed ​​: It will respond perfectly to any order indicated from the command, since it is quite sensitive to capture the orders.


Control: Compared to other products, this one only includes a single remote control.

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4. Tusekuten Wifi Smart Plug with Spanish

This product could be the best price-quality remote control plug at the moment. It is one of the cheapest models and allows us to transform our house into a truly intelligent home, thanks to its free application for tablets and phones designed for the iOS and Android operating systems.

In addition, this plug with WiFi remote control is compatible with all mobile networks and with the 2.4 GHz wireless network. Thus, we can manually or automatically turn on or off any device, no matter how far away we are.

Finally, despite being one of the cheaper models, this Wi-Fi remote control socket allows you to operate a maximum of 20 devices and includes a convenient USB connector. It also has a safe grounding that saves energy and prevents overloading or overheating.

Its ease to be executed, its security, that it is capable of being managed through wireless networks or Wi-Fi and the fact that it is one of the cheapest, makes this model one of the favorites.


Linkable: It is compatible with all mobile networks (2G / 3G / 4G, etc.), or Wi-Fi wireless networks (2.4GHz). Also, you can be connected to 20 mobile devices at the same time.

Security: It is insured to withstand low levels of electricity or overheating, in such a way that it does not affect the appliances to which it is connected.

Saver: Thanks to the basic tasks of any remote control socket, energy consumption will be controlled and reduced.

Speed: Starts working instantly after being installed, so it works fast.


Application: At times, the application can tend to be somewhat slow and unwieldy.

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5. Arendo Wireless Plugs with Remote Control

It is a plug with a special remote control for outdoors, designed with a safety lock for children and protective covers for the weather, which make it resistant to water and splashes, according to the IP44 standard.

In addition to its weather resistance, this model offers a maximum range of 25 m on free surface and allows simultaneous disconnection of all plugs via remote control. On the other hand, it can be used with devices that consume up to 1000W.

Finally, it has an LED that indicates the status of the plug and it has a round Schuko type F connector. For this reason, if the outlets where we will connect it are of another type, then an adapter will be needed.

A fairly common case among buyers of remote control plugs has been that the internal battery has melted due to the misuse of the power with which the connected appliance works. If you don’t know which remote control plug to buy, this one may end up convincing you.


Resistance: It is a specialized plug to work in external environments without being damaged, since its materials are designed to resist external factors in the environment.

Distance: Gives the user a range of 25 meters to be controlled from a distance, so you will not have to move too much to control it.

Precision: It works with total precision at any command request, so that it will provide a correct execution of the orders or commands.

Ecological: Thanks to the basic technology integrated into the plugs managed by remote control, it will provide a reduction in the consumption of electrical energy.


Limited use: It only works with appliances that respond to 1000W.

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Etekcity Smart Wireless Plugs

This remote control outlet is operated via a traditional push-button remote; however, it is fully programmable so you can activate multiple electrical appliances with a single button. In addition, we can define how to program it according to our needs, thanks to its learning function.

Likewise, we find a product that could be considered the best plug with remote control of the moment, since it offers 30 meters of linear range and a strong radio frequency signal that operates through walls and doors.

As additional features, this remote controlled socket stays off after a power failure to save energy. Also, if there is a short circuit or the power exceeds 2300W, the 10A fuse will blow as a safety measure, protecting the plug and the connected appliance.

ETEKCITY has captivated its users by offering enviable functionality, sophisticated design, good precision and security. Learn about the pros and cons of a model that may be the best remote control plug of the moment, according to user opinions.


Scope: This product has a signal range of 30 meters, capable of operating behind walls and doors.

Customizable: Thanks to the learning factor integrated into the socket, its use plan can be modified from the control, which allows several appliances to be disconnected at the same time if the user so wishes.

Safe: The plug is designed to stay off in case of power failure, to protect the integrity of your appliances if they overheat.

Ease: It is a simple item to use, since its use is very intuitive.


Signal: The presence of electronic devices that release waves in their path can hinder the signal from the socket.

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How to use a remote control outlet

To achieve efficient use of electrical energy in your home and make it more practical to turn off certain appliances, plugs with remote control can be of great help. If you have any doubts about how to use them, here we provide you with a basic guide.

Check the consumption of your devices

Before plugging any device into these sockets, make sure that it does not exceed the maximum consumption that is established by the manufacturer. Most outlets specify around 1200W as the limit. This usually leaves out the possibility of connecting appliances such as refrigerators or air conditioners.

Check the remote

Make sure that the remote control has batteries and that they are working properly and use only the type of batteries specified, as some remotes are not designed to be used with rechargeable batteries.

Prioritize the appliances you need to control

Depending on the number of sockets that the set you have purchased has, choose those devices that will be more practical to control from a distance. Connect the plugs to the electrical network and then plug the devices into each of them.

Schedule the plugs

In the event that the plugs have the possibility of being programmed, use the guide provided by the manufacturer to carry out this action and establish it according to your needs.

In the event that your plug has WiFi connectivity, make sure you have downloaded the control application on the device that will act as a remote control and make the necessary settings so that it connects to your home network.

Establish a usage routine

For these devices to fulfill their function properly, a good idea is to take the time to program the options according to your needs and take advantage of all the functions provided as much as possible. Some plugs have timers that are worth setting to reduce inefficient energy consumption.

In the case of plugs that do not offer smart options or WiFI connectivity, the most practical thing is to establish a usage routine. For example, the remote control can be near the access door of the house, so that before leaving, turn off the connected devices. This is very convenient, since when you return, you will be able to turn on everything you need.

Disconnect appliances

In case you need to remove a remote control outlet, make sure you have first turned off the appliance you have plugged into it. Then unplug it from the plug and proceed to remove the plug from the mains.

Check the schedules from time to time

Changes in schedules can change the needs of some devices that are plugged into outlets. For example, in summer it is probably not necessary to turn on some lights early, so it is useful to make the appropriate changes so that the connectors continue to be efficient in their function.

Keep the remote in a specific place

We recommend that you set few places where you should place this device when it is not being used. This way you won’t have to spend time looking for it. Try to make it an easily accessible place and that it is in sight.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

URANT Socket-02

Este modelo podría responder a la pregunta sobre cuál es el mejor enchufe con control remoto, ya que está concebido especialmente para hacer nuestra vida más cómoda, siendo un enchufe con control remoto Wi-Fi. De esta manera, nos ofrece la oportunidad de encender o apagar nuestros aparatos eléctricos a través de nuestro teléfono inteligente.

Así, solo necesitaremos escanear un código QR para instalar la aplicación. Además, cabe destacar que la interfaz es compatible con iOS o Android, abriendo un abanico de posibilidades a los usuarios de ambos sistemas operativos.

Asimismo, está configurado para proteger los equipos electrónicos de las subidas repentinas de corriente y permite programar horarios de encendido y apagado automático.

En este sentido, si en determinado momento no tenemos conexión a internet, los aparatos configurados se encenderán o apagarán sin ningún inconveniente.

Este prototipo tiene los beneficios básicos de un enchufe a control remoto; entre ellos la conexión WiFi y la compatibilidad con la mayoría de los ejemplares de Android, por ello URANT puede ser considerada como la mejor marca para enchufes de control remoto.


Conectividad: Su implementación de redes inalámbricas te permite manejar el funcionamiento de tus equipos electrodomésticos caseros desde cualquier distancia; tan solo se necesita una fuerte señal de WiFi.

Programable: Entre las funciones de la aplicación de manejo del equipo puedes establecer ciclos de encendido y apagado para ni siquiera tener que molestarte en revisar si los dejaste encendidos.

Seguridad: En caso de alguna falla eléctrica, URANT procurará mantenerse en estado recesivo para no afectar a tus equipos.

Funcional: Mantiene el estándar de enchufes a control remoto, pues su tasa de respuestas siempre es rápida y eficaz.


Consumo: Al no estar funcionando permanecerá en stand-by, consumiendo un poco de energía eléctrica aún sin encontrarse operando.

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