Top 5 scanner apps for iOS

Among the many things that we can do with a mobile today is the photo or document scanner function. Thanks to the high quality of the cameras of these devices, it is possible to achieve a high quality and fidelity in the scans, which is also improved with the photographic enhancement functions with which the equipment is finished off.

However, it is necessary to have an additional element to scan documents optimally: a good app. Something that is easy on Android, thanks to the lower limitations of the operating system when it comes to offering access to the different elements of our mobile. However, there are also interesting applications to scan our documents from an iPhone or even an iPad. Let’s get to know some of them.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of the applications that have been able to make the leap from the Android market to the Apple AppStore. An application that, in this version, maintains all its advantages efficiently, so it won’t be difficult to scan all kinds of documents or even many more things easily. This application is still free for all types of users, and it does not include any watermark or any similar element in the scanned documents.

This app also has the advantage of adjusting all the details of the image when it comes to recognizing it, so that we can eliminate borders, square the image or change the brightness and contrast. All these functions are useful for normal scans or for those whose objective is to recognize the text through OCR, in which the application also gives us adequate performance. So if you already know this app in its Android version, it may be the one that interests you the most.

Office Lens for iOS

Office Lens is another of the applications that we can find for Android and iOS. A Microsoft app that harnesses the full imaging and scanning power of your iPhone for reliable reproductions of documents, business cards, sales receipts, or even whiteboards. In the case of cards, the product can even add the data to your contacts, so you don’t have to enter phone numbers and other data manually.

As for scanning, it is possible to send the scanned documents directly to our OneDrive in Word format, which we can edit later, or scan them in PDF in the traditional way. It all depends on the use we want to give those scans. Obviously, the app is also free and can be easily integrated with the rest of the Office suite applications, although certain functions require a Onedrive account.

Evernote Scannable

Within the suite that Evernote offers us to improve our productivity is Evernote Scannable. This application has a visual system that makes it easy to scan all types of documents, both together and separately. Thus, if we have various elements on the table, we can manage them efficiently. Within this process, business cards are also managed and the rest of the content can be organized with the Evernote data, to achieve greater efficiency in the workflow. By the way, this app is also capable of scanning handwritten texts, although in this case it is not possible to use the OCR option,


If you are looking for a simple solution to scan your documents, all you have to do is turn to Scanbot. This tool does not need more than a good focus on the document that we want to scan to achieve an almost perfect scan the first time. Something that influences its improved algorithm, which is responsible for optimizing the image, eliminating what is not necessary, orienting it and offering you a quality result.

This product also has the option of sending faxes just by scanning the document that we want, although in this case we must buy credits for it, since the scanning function that we have mentioned is totally free. As an additional function, the app is compatible with Face ID technology, so you can protect your documents to avoid unidentified access, even in the event of theft of the terminal. Ideal for when handling highly sensitive information.


In this selection, one of the classics of this market could not be missing, such as CamSacanner. One of the most famous applications with which it is easy to obtain efficient results when it comes to scanning photos, documents, tickets and everything else you want. A process in which the program takes care of practically everything, so that you only have to throw away the photo and have your file ready.

In this process we can resort to both scanning for storage, in PDF or image format, or scanning in OCR mode, with which to recognize documents. However, the product even allows you to collaborate on group documents that have been scanned, as well as send them by email and print them using AirPrint. A process in which we can previously adjust the image with details such as watermarks or additional notes. With so many functions, it is not surprising that it is one of the most downloaded apps on the market. Not forgetting that it is compatible with iPhones and iPads.

And if you don’t want apps

We have seen several apps to scan documents, but the truth is that from version 11 of iOS it is possible to carry out this process without the need to use third-party tools. The only thing we need is the Notes app, which among the novelties with which it has been updated already allows us to take photos and directly scan documents.

To do so, we just have to open the aforementioned application and create a new note, or open an existing one. Once open, we access the lower right icon to open the menu and, on the keyboard, press the More button on the top bar. Next, a menu of options appears, among which we will have to scan documents. The rest of the process is as easy as in the rest of the applications. Just point, shoot and go. The app takes care of orienting the document and selecting the active area, although obviously we can optimize the process, if necessary.

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