Top 5 Tripods of 2022

Tripod – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Those who want to have a good support to place their cameras when capturing still or moving images know how useful a tripod is. However, your choice must be a bit meticulous, in order for it to be a wise investment, looking at how robust the structure is to support the weight of the camera, how high it reaches, the dimensions it has when folded, the ease of holding the camera and compatibility with different models. After evaluating different proposals and analyzing the opinions of various clients, the model that is most recommended is the Manfrotto Befree., because it has a dimension of 40 cm long when folded, it can support up to 4 kg of load and reaches a considerable height of 144 cm so that you can capture your images from the angle you want. In the alternative option we have another model highly praised by users, it is the Hähnel Triad 30 Lite, which barely weighs 1.5 kilos, supports up to 4 kilos and is around 143 centimeters long.

The 5 Best Tripods – Opinions 2022

For any photography enthusiast, having the best tripod can be the difference between a quality photograph and a photographic disaster. Necessary on some occasions such as night photos and recommended on others such as important photographs, here is a list of the best tripods of 2022:

1. Manfrotto Befree Ball Head Tripod Kit

Main advantage:

Every professional photographer must have their photography equipment to get the best shots without missing a single detail. This excellent tripod could be the ideal complement for your camera. Its main advantage is its functional design, which gives you great stability, load capacity and portability.

Main disadvantage:

Some users have left their comments online where they point out that the legs of this tripod are not equipped with a locking system that allows them to be separated and kept in this way.

However, you can easily stabilize manually. The good thing is that its score is high and the people who have bought it have shown their satisfaction and guarantee its quality and resistance.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Considered by users as one of the most versatile tripods today. It is backed by the renowned Manfrotto brand, synonymous with quality. It is a light, portable tripod, but at the same time robust and resistant. The ideal companion for your camera on your travels and adventures.

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The Manfrotto Befree tripod is an essential accessory for your camera. Thanks to its portability, you can take it with you everywhere and be able to take photos without having to worry about the exposure time, since in other conditions the photos would come out blurred.

Users regard it as the leader in its class. It is a compact and portable model. You can easily fold it up and store it in its bag, where it will stay safe and secure. You can also take it with your hand luggage, since its weight is 1.4 kg and when folded it barely reaches 40 cm.



This magnificent tripod model allows you to take pictures in two situations: in those where the exposure time is very long and there are no guarantees that the photos will be perfect handheld. And also when you want to appear, either with the group or in a self-portrait.

The Manfrotto Befree has a design and construction that provides extraordinary stability to your camera to make video recordings or take photos. It is an innovative tripod designed with photography lovers who enjoy travel and adventure in mind.


If you are fond of photography, you should know that photographic equipment is not just a camera. And the ideal complement so you can get the most out of those unrepeatable moments is the Manfrotto Befree tripod. You will have clear images as it keeps the camera firmly locked in the position you want, without the risk of falling or accidental movement.

It is a tripod model with impressive decoration and Italian design that gives it class and style. It is made of aluminum, a light and resistant material. It is a solid and robust tripod It has an adjustable height system that allows you to select at what level you want to mount your camera. From 34 cm, reaching up to 1.44m. You will be able to take pictures in different positions, even standing up without any problem.

capacity and ball joint

This useful complement to your photographic equipment is equipped with a ball head that allows quick and easy handling of both the tripod and the camera; as this type of head has a single control point so you can easily lock and unlock movement.

This tripod model has a load capacity of up to 4 kilograms. You will be able to install not only your camera, but also various accessories such as flash, long zoom, etc. You will not have to worry about your photographic equipment ending up on the ground, since it is a tripod with great stability and capacity.

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2. Hähnel Triad C5 Compact Tripod with Ball Head

This tripod has been developed with the new generation of single-lens reflex cameras like the Panasonic G1 and Olympus E-450 in mind, which are lightweight and require a sturdy tripod to give them stability. It is an aluminum alloy tripod with 4 sections so that you can place it at the height you require or prefer.

It also includes a ball head and quick-change shoe and for transport it can be folded until it is placed inside a transport bag that it also includes.

You can rotate the position +/-90 and it includes a detachable hook from which you can hang weight to give it more stability and that the photos are with the quality you want. It is a really ideal product for those who want good photographs without having to have professional equipment or invest a lot of money in it.

For those who plan their purchases at a budget level, the Hähnel Triad 30 Lite has been listed as the best tripod for 50 euros, and below you can review its features.


Height: Reaches 142 cm, an ideal length to obtain images and videos at a specific angle, maintaining balance and ease of handling equipment.

Stability: It offers a good level of stability, thanks to the fact that its three bases can be adjusted independently, and also its ball joint has a good level of support.

Load: Its load capacity is 4 kg, which allows you to place different models of cameras on it. Light: It only weighs 1.5 kg, so it is not too heavy to carry and manages to fold enough to store it without problems.

Versatile: It is a very versatile tripod, which can adopt various positions in order to achieve greater comfort and find the angle you prefer when taking images or videos.

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3. AmazonBasics Complete Lightweight Tripod

This is our candidate among the best cheap tripods, it reaches a height of 1.52 meters so you can use it both for your camera and for any camcorder, as long as the weight does not exceed 3 kg. The legs of the tripod can be extended from 0.5 meters to 1.2 meters, the rest of the height is provided by the central column of the device.

It has a panoramic head that allows you to change between 3 positions and includes a bubble level to ensure that the tripod is properly aligned.

In addition, with its quick-change shoe, putting on and taking off the camera will be very simple, in the same way the legs are locked with a very simple mechanism to operate.

Very light, it barely exceeds a kilo in weight, and thanks to its transport bag, it will be very easy to take wherever you want.

This AmazonBasics model has been considered by users as belonging to one of the best tripod brands, so we present their respective pros and cons so you can check if it meets your expectations.


Height: It allows to reach a height of one and a half meters, an ideal length to make different image captures located at distances that are difficult to reach.

Panoramic head: Its head is panoramic and allows you to select three different positions, depending on the angle you need to capture the image in the best possible way.

Robust structure: The structure made of plastic and aluminum has the level of robustness necessary for the tripod to be stable.

Load: It can support 3 kg of load, so various photo or video cameras can be placed on it.

Easy storage: It includes a storage bag and can be folded easily, reaching a length of 65 cm, ideal for transporting it comfortably.


Non-professional: It does not have a professional use for cameras that are too heavy, according to some users.

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4. Hama Star 61 Lightweight Tripod

This is a very simple and inexpensive product, suitable for photography enthusiasts who require a tripod to be able to take certain types of photographs such as night photos or simply to give their camera more autonomy.

With this product you can place your camera as low as 60 cm, or as high as 153 cm. It weighs just over 1.2 kilos so it is quite light.

You will have a bubble level to check that it is properly balanced. You can use it with photographic or video equipment that does not exceed 3 kilos in weight.

Using a tripod is recommended, and it could even be said necessary to take sunrises and sunsets, photos of rivers or other landscapes in which there is moving water, photos in which you also want to be out and that are taken with a remote shutter or auto -Photo.

Below you can evaluate the pros and cons of the Hama Star 61, which is one of the cheapest on the market.


Adjustable: The central column allows you to adjust to different height levels, being a minimum of 60 cm and a maximum of 150 cm, so you have a wide range to capture images and videos.

Easy storage: Includes its respective storage case to keep it protected and easy to move anywhere you need it.

Easy mounting: Mounting the camera on the head is quite simple, so you will not waste time installing it, especially when you work with several cameras and have to make changes.

Load: Supports up to 3 kg of load, so you can use various models of cameras and camcorders.

Stability: It allows a good level of stability, since its three legs can be adjusted independently and adapt to different types of surfaces.


Capacity: In some cases, the 3 kg that it can support are insufficient for the use of certain professional camera models.

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5. Cullmann Alpha 2500 Photographic Tripod

Another appreciated proposal as the best basic tripod is this Cullman model. Available in different maximum heights between 106 cm up to 165 cm.

This allows you to buy the one that best suits your height and needs. It is valid for compact cameras, SLR cameras and camcorders, as long as they do not exceed 2.5 kg in weight.

Thanks to the fact that it includes its transport bag, you can easily transport it when you go for a walk or to any photographable activity. It can be folded up to about 60 cm.

The minimum height at which you can place your camera is about 63 cm, so you can also use it when you need to take pictures at a low height.

Its head can be rotated in three different positions according to the angle you want to photograph. With this tripod your photos will be of much higher quality.

In case you are still wondering which tripod to buy, we invite you to review the pros and cons of this option, in order to consider if it suits your needs.


Height: It reaches a height of 160 cm, so you can take shots from a considerable perspective, without the need to use other accessories.

Transport: It allows easy transport, since it only weighs 1.3 kg, so you can comfortably carry it in a backpack anywhere.

Robust: Its structure is made of aluminum and plastic, so it is robust enough to support the camera that is placed on it.

Stability: In addition to its three legs, it has a counterweight hook, which helps to manage a greater balance so that the catches are of good quality.


Load: Cameras larger than 2.5 kg cannot be placed on it, so some users see this as a negative aspect.

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Manfrotto Befree Tripod Kit with Ball Head

This model is considered by many users to be the best quality-price tripod, because it is very light but provides all the stability that your camera requires so that the photographs are a truly valuable memory.

If you like to travel and record your impressions through photography, this is the tripod for you.

Available in several colors, made of aluminum, it is very light, which will make it not become a burden during the trip. You can fold it up to 40 cm, which will allow you to place it in your hand luggage.

It supports up to four kilos of weight so you can use the camera with your objectives without any problem. In addition, its aluminum head is very easy to use and you can choose the angle of the legs from two possible options.

If you are interested in acquiring a product considered by customers as the best tripod on the market, then we invite you to evaluate the specifications of the Manfrotto Befree Tripod Kit.


Stability: Provides enough stability to take photos or videos, since its ball head is located in the center of the tripod, providing good performance.

Easy portability: The unit converts into a compact tripod of only 40 cm, which you can easily store in a backpack.

Height: It can reach a height of up to 144 cm, ideal for taking images or videos from a considerable distance, with a good support system.

Compact: Its weight is only 1.4 kg, so it is a fairly light device that will not be uncomfortable to carry in your backpack along with the rest of the equipment you use to work.

Load capacity: Supports up to 4 kg of load, making it ideal for a wide variety of cameras with their respective accessories.

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Buying Guide – What is the best tripod on the market?

The tripod is a tool that deserves particular attention because not only many of the results of photographs and video shots depend on it, but it must also be able to protect the camera from accidental falls, that is why it is necessary to review the specifications very carefully. the material, the types of fastening and the ball joints it has.

There are countless models and brands of tripods on the market, from the simplest and cheapest to the most sophisticated and expensive. For this reason, when we go to buy a tripod, it becomes difficult for us to choose one, especially if we are amateurs or are just starting out in the world of audiovisual production.

If you are looking for a good and cheap one, pay attention to this guide to buy the best tripod on the market today. The idea is that you can compare tripods and select the one that best suits your photography and video production needs.

What kind of tripod is better?

Although all tripods share the principle of holding the camera, there are differences between one model and another because each one has different characteristics. The price can vary a lot from one to another, so we recommend that, before asking how much it costs, you check the product specifications well.

Basically, there are two types of tripod depending on the material. Aluminum tripods, which are usually cheaper, but very stable because they weigh more, so they are ideal for harsh environments, only you will have to carry a little more weight.

On the other hand, carbon tripods are lighter, but they are also more expensive. These are ideal for carrying them on your back without getting so tired, but they are not very functional for carrying large and heavy cameras. Regardless of the type of tripod you choose, take note of the following:


The legs of the tripod and the vertical movement center column correspond to the body of the tripod. Try to make it a quality material and a structure according to the weight of your camera. Also the height it can reach depends on the size of the tripod body, so we recommend you review these measurements.

The legs must be able to be locked at different heights and this lock can be screwed or tabbed, a feature that will depend on your preferences because both mechanisms can be very safe.

Ball joint or head

The head is where we put the camera and it has some handles with which we adjust the framing or some movement of the camera while we record. It is advisable to purchase a tripod with an interchangeable ball head because fixed ball joints mean that you have to change the entire tripod, with the production disadvantages that this entails. Also check that the head is used for a video and photography camera at the same time, that will allow you greater versatility.


This is the small square piece that is screwed onto the camera to attach it to the tripod. Try to have a simple and standard mechanism, since its function is to provide the fastest and most practical way to put and remove the camera on the tripod so you do not have to screw it each time.

How to use a tripod

The framing of our photographs and videos gain stability with the use of this implement that avoids shaky images or those shaky videos that cause vertigo and restlessness. Mounting and dismounting the tripod will become a routine that will guarantee much more “readable” and firm images. There are models on the market that vary in materials, weight and dimensions for this “facilitator” of photography, which has been the obvious forerunner of the “selfies” so in vogue today.

Seek as much stability as possible.

Once you have decided on the photographic or video objective, you must proceed to mount the tripod. For this purpose you should look for a surface as rectilinear as possible. To guarantee maximum stability, make sure to open and unfold each of the legs well to the desired height, carefully fixing the “safety” (there are threaded and flanged) in each section that has been extended.

A tip to take into account is to place one of the legs forward, leaving more space for the legs, so that it does not get in the way while you decide the frame and make approaches or lateral movements.

Next, make sure that the center bar of the tripod remains completely vertical, working in conjunction with the force of gravity. In this sense, it is preferable to extend each segment of the legs until you obtain the height you need, rather than raising the central bar. Unfold the thickest sections first, then the narrowest.

Another element that maximizes stability is to hang the backpack or camera case from the hook that some models have at the bottom of the central bar, helping to secure it even more.

shoe the camera

Now yes, with the tripod secured in the precise location, it is that you can dedicate yourself to fitting the camera. This is done in the following way: the top plate of the tripod is removed and carefully fixed to the screw thread that the photo or video camera has in the lower part of its base. Once both elements are well fixed (camera and removable plate), fit the plate on the tripod head. To avoid the “nods” of the camera, ensure the fixation of the “ball joint” well.

How to optimize the stability and sharpness of photos

Whenever possible, the use of a remote trigger or, failing that, the camera’s own timer, greatly optimizes the stability and sharpness of our images. If you’re shooting outdoors, it’s safest (but not most comfortable) to keep the camera strap around your neck. In this way, you can make fun of any “wind blow” that threatens the stability of the tripod, no matter how firmly it is positioned.

An important aspect is to respect the manufacturer’s specifications regarding the maximum weight supported by each tripod model. For this purpose, you have to add to the specific weight of the camera, the weight of the lens and that of the flash that you add.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Who invented the tripod?

When we talk about a tripod, we refer to a product made up of three legs and a top that is generally available in a triangular or circular shape. This same allows you to stabilize an object to prevent its movement. It is generally used by professional photographers to enjoy the best photographic shots. It should be noted that this product was invented and manufactured by Francis Ronalds in the 1820s in Croydon. This same one, managed to sell 140 of the stands in the 1830s and 1840s, it was then that the design of the first tripod was imitated by other manufacturers.

Q2: When to use a tripod?

The use of a tripod is often essential during video recording or even when you want maximum sharpness in your photos. It is also often used under situations in which light is usually poor. Likewise, some expert photographers consider its use necessary on occasions when you plan to enlarge the photographs, that is, in the event that you need large-scale prints, always managing to maintain a good resolution.

For its part, this product is also often used to achieve various styles and techniques in photographs such as sequential or time intervals. It should be noted that it is a very useful product even to enjoy the best panoramic shots.

Q3: Can the tripod be carried as hand luggage?

There has always been a question as to whether a tripod could be carried as hand luggage. In this sense, some people recommend avoiding inconveniences at the airport, since many airlines tend to be strict with the transport of certain accessories. Well, it should be noted that a tripod could be considered a blunt object capable of causing an injury, so it does not qualify as hand luggage.

Q4: Which is better, tripod or monopod?

To answer this question, let us first take into account the definition of both products. In this sense, it should be noted that a monopod is nothing more than a pole that comfortably supports a camera to take pictures and record videos. Likewise, this is characterized by providing you with a method of transport and storage that is totally easy and appropriate at all times.

For its part, the tripod is made up of three legs and a special platform to support the weight of a camera and, of course, keep it stable. This is responsible for providing you with the degree of stability you need, holding the camera in a very precise position to capture the best photographs. Although each one has its advantages and disadvantages, the truth is that many photographers prefer to use a tripod to do their best work.

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