Top 6 GoPro Sticks of 2022

GoPro Stick – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

As with your mobile, your GoPro camera also usually requires an accessory such as the corresponding stick, with which you can take images adequately and stable in any circumstance in which you may find yourself. But for this it is necessary that the sticks are of quality and adapted to the use that you are going to give them, as is the case with the GoPro El Grande model, which offers a range of 38 to 97 cm, which provides a good length to increase the possibilities of recording. Yet it is compact enough for easy storage. In addition, it has a comfortable and non-slip handle, which favors stability. Another product that also arouses interest is the SandmarcSM-211 model., which has a weight of just 200 grams, with measurements ranging from 25 to 64 centimeters, to be able to adjust the necessary height depending on what you may need.

The 6 Best Sticks for GoPro – Opinions 2022

In order to take images properly with your GoPro camera, sometimes it is necessary to have a pole or support that broadens your point of view and also allows you to look better without worrying about stability and balance. As our principle is to save you time and money, we have selected for you some of the best GoPro sticks of 2022, which we present below, designed for all types of users and needs.

1. GoPro El Grande Extension Pole

This extension pole is original from the GoPro brand, so it is a high quality product. In this sense, it has been made of aluminum, so that it resists use in your outdoor adventures. In addition, it is waterproof to withstand splashes in rivers and beaches.

The end of the stick has a ball joint design. In this way, you can adjust the camera and even rotate it 360° without disassembling it, allowing you to continue recording immediately. For its part, the handle is large so that you can hold it with two hands, thus increasing stability.

It is a good option to carry out different activities, such as taking individual and group selfies, recording your sports performance, recording parties and corporate events, among others, with the assurance that the camera remains correctly adjusted to the pole.

To acquire the best GoPro camera stick, you have to take into account the characteristics of each model, both positive and negative. Let’s review in more detail the pros and cons of this product.


Material: It has been made with high quality aluminum that supports impacts. In addition, it is waterproof, so it can be used on your outdoor adventures even if it is raining.

Articulation: It has a ball joint at the end of the stick, which allows for last-minute adjustments and even 360° rotation of the camera without having to disassemble it. This way, you can record without too many interruptions.

Handle: It incorporates a large handle to hold it with both hands and achieve cleaner shots.


Weight: Due to its size and robust construction, the 367g weight may be too much for some people, especially for long recordings.

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2. Sandmarc Compact Edition 25-64 cm Pole for GoPro Hero 7

The Sandmarc SM-211 model is a sturdy stick for your GoPro camera made in an elegant black aluminum design with which you can easily take all photos and images using your camera.

It is a waterproof type model with a resistant rubber grip and an adjustable strap with which to keep the best hand when taking images. But this system also allows you to use the product for any activity, even the wettest ones such as diving, skiing and many more.

So that you can take the best images you need, the stick can measure from 25 to 64 centimeters with a weight of just 200 grams. A product that, due to its economic price, is considered the best stick for GoPro for value for money at the moment.


Waterproof: It is a completely waterproof product, which you can wear in the rain or use it to take pictures underwater.

Extendable: Its extendable design allows you to have a range that goes from 25 cm to 64 cm.

Handle: It has a rubber handle, along with a wrist strap, which will allow you to use the Go-Pro stick with total safety and comfort.

Versatility: Its versatility is one of the favorite features of its customers, since you can use it on walks, for diving, on the beach or for daily sharing.


Stop: Its quality and performance are appreciated by its customers, although one of them indicates that it has no stop when it comes to extending the stick for Go-Pro.

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3. ABCTen Selfie Stick Monopod Extendable Aluminum Waterproof

One of the biggest dramas that we photographers suffer is that we almost never appear in the photographs of walks and trips or family gatherings, so it was about time they invented a way to make us all be photographed, without the need to use one of the old-fashioned cord timers.

This model is made of high-quality black aluminum that stands out for its great durability, so it will be very difficult to twist it, unless it is hit or more force is applied to it than normal.

The handle of this model is non-slip, so it will be difficult for it to come loose from your hands if you hold it properly. In addition, it is a completely submersible model, so you can use it in water without any problem. Obviously, you should only have a waterproof camera connected.

If you are looking to purchase a new GoPro stick, we recommend looking at the negatives and positives of this product.


Extendable : It is an ideal model to be able to photograph at different distances, allowing you to take shots from 19 cm to 49 cm.

Handle : Thanks to the material with which this selfie stick is made, you will have less chance of falling or slipping.

Compatibility : This GoPro stick model is compatible with a long list of action cameras such as the Xiaomi YI, Sjcam SJ5000X Elite, among others.

Compact : When fully folded, it is an ideal model to easily carry on your travels.


Doubles : It is important that you take into account the care that you must take when extending or reducing this product, since if you apply too much force, you could end up bending it.

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4. AuyKoo Selfie Stick Waterproof Tripod for GoPro

This is a GoPro stick that can also double as a tripod, adding to its versatility. Therefore, it is only necessary to unfold its legs and rotate the base counterclockwise to ensure the stability of the tripod.

Also, it has a telescopic structure, so it can be adjusted between 20 and 90 cm in length, according to your needs. In this sense, it is possible to use it to take photos or video recordings on trips, events, among others.

As for its strength, this selfie stick is made of aluminum alloy, thus providing rigidity and lightness. On the other hand, it has a non-slip rubber handle that provides greater comfort. Similarly, it includes a wrist strap that allows you to hold its structure to increase security.

If you want a GoPro stick that has an affordable price, then this model may be of interest to you, as it is one of the cheapest on the list. Let’s review its pros and cons.


Waterproof: It is possible to use it underwater for greater versatility.

Mount: Includes a mobile phone mount that allows you to fix the device and view what has been recorded with the GoPro camera.

Materials: It has been made of aluminum alloy with plastic parts, which favors its durability.


Stability: The tripod legs may not be very stable on uneven surfaces or in windy spaces.

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5. Telesin Ultra Long Selfie Stick

This stick highlights its maximum length of 2.7 m, so it offers a very wide range to choose the most appropriate distance according to need. In this sense, it can be used in family trips, sports activities, outdoor adventures, parties or just for taking selfies.

It is made of enhanced carbon fiber, so it provides great stability to prevent tilting and accidental movements. Likewise, this helps prevent falls by protecting the camera from impacts. In addition, it is compatible with most tripods thanks to its universal support.

It has 360° rotation to change the angle and thus capture exactly the desired frame. On the other hand, it provides great versatility, as it can be used with different action cameras, such as GoPro Max and Hero, as well as Insta 360 One X, Mi Sphere 360, among others.

A good GoPro stick can help you hold the camera at a distance for panoramic shots. For this reason, we present the pros and cons of this model.


Lengths: It offers 6 different lengths, from 40 to 270 cm, so you can use it to take selfies in large groups and photos with wide landscapes in the background.

Support: It has a universal tripod support at the bottom, so that it is possible to place it in a vertical position and take advantage of the different height levels for still photos.

Compatibility: This model is compatible with different action cameras, including GoPro Hero, Insta 360 One X, DJI OSMO Action, among many others. For this reason, you don’t have to buy a new one if you change cameras.


Fragility: It is not a stick suitable for impacts, so it is necessary to take the corresponding precautions in order to preserve the product for longer.

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6. Jmt Grib W Strap Pocket Floating Bracket

If you want to enjoy water sports and be able to properly immortalize them, the Grib W controller is just what you were looking for. Compared to metal models, this product is made of yellow plastic, highly visible even when in the water, maintaining adequate buoyancy with which we prevent the camera from ending up at the bottom of the water if we let it go.

The product is very compact, with measures of 15 centimeters of handle that may not raise the plane excessively, but adequately serve what we really need.

And so you don’t lose it or worry about it, the product incorporates an additional Wii-style strap that allows you to keep it firmly attached to your wrist without any risk of losing it.


Handle: It has a floating plastic handle, which will be ideal for capturing images and taking the best photos in the water.

Strap: It incorporates a strap that can be easily adjusted to the wrist, in order to prevent it from slipping and falling or being submerged in the water.

Design: Its design is compact and quite light, it barely reaches 15 cm and you can even manipulate it during a whole aquatic game that you want to record with your camera.

Compatible: It is important to mention that this model is compatible with GoPro Hero Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+ Hero4 and SJ4000 cameras.


Clamping screw: It should be noted that customers value its usefulness, although they point out that the clamping screw is metallic and rusts after some time.

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Buying Guide – What is the best GoPro camera stick on the market?

GoPro cameras have marked a before and after in taking images of all kinds, but especially when it comes to sporting events that we carry out, which deserve to be able to save all experiences as they should. For this purpose, it is often very useful for us to have the space and point of view offered by accessories such as extendable poles, which began by becoming known for selfies and currently also allow us to give a new angle to the planes. of our camera. So that you can equip yourself properly, we offer you some practical tips from our guide to buying the best GoPro camera stick, depending on what you need from it and making the most of the product’s performance.


When it comes to a GoPro camera stick, it’s a good idea to start by taking a look at the actual material the product is made from. Generally we talk about products made mainly of aluminum and other light metals that offer adequate resistance both to support your camera and to adequately withstand the treatment that they are to be dispensed.

For this reason, the material used in the product must be light, but also resistant. Also think that the product is going to be subjected to tensions both by the weight of the camera itself and by the activity of the product. All this without forgetting also the constant deterioration to which the equipment is usually subjected due to the usual process of extension and folding of the bar.

Moisture protection

As you know by now, GoPro camera sticks are usually made of metallic materials, which don’t exactly do well with water and humidity. Since the poles for these cameras are often used in complex circumstances such as on the beach or for wet sports such as those we carry out in the pool, in the snow and in other places where it is normal for the pole to get wet. Water and metals are bad companions since, if they are not properly prepared, the most normal thing is that the water ends up affecting the integrity of the metal, causing oxidation problems, in the best of cases, which can cause breakage of the metal. itself if it is not properly cared for.

Therefore, it is not only necessary to bet on proper care of the material, drying it when necessary, but it is true that if you can bet on a waterproof bar you will also avoid a good part of these problems with humidity. In fact, if you plan to use your GoPro directly on the beach or in the pool, you even have bars made of plastic material with which you will avoid these problems.


One of the most important features of any GoPro camera stick is its dimensions. And it is something important because depending on the planes that we want to take, the truth is that we are going to need a certain height, so the dimensions of the bar are really important. As a reference, the folded bar usually has measurements that range from approximately 20 to 30 centimeters, while once unfolded, we can find bars that even reach a meter in length.

This measurement must be added to the measurement of the camera, in order to know the exact point where the camera will go. We also take the opportunity to remember another key element such as the weight of the product. Regardless of how much the club costs, it is important that it is light, since a heavy club is going to be a hassle to transport and use.


To finish, we talk about the subjection and the support that allows us to have the stick. Given that many times we take photos with a timer, which require adequate stability, it is more than necessary to assess that the product’s fastening system allows us to have that stability. In this aspect, it is convenient to bet on the rubber models at the base, of high resistance, with which you can maintain the adequate tension of your camera.

For this reason, you should reject the typical cheap model with a foam base, which can be very comfortable, but does not really allow you to maintain adequate control of the product. If this support is complemented by a strap that you can attach to your wrist to prevent the camera or the stick from falling, much better for your peace of mind and safety.

How to use a stick for GoPro

To bring your GoPro to life, you need an essential accessory which is a special selfie stick for this type of camera. If you have already bought one and want to learn how to use it, in this small guide we will show you how you can use your Gopro stick and get the most out of your camera with impressive photos and selfies.

Check the instruction manual of your GoPro stick

In the market, there are many models of GoPro sticks. Not all of them are structured in the same way, although the main function is the same for all of them. Check in the user manual of your GoPro stick the parts that compose it, the functions, among other features. Some are very versatile, they even have triggers for cell phones that work via Bluetooth, among other functions.

Place the camera on the stick mount

Depending on the model of the GoPro stick, at the tip or top, there is a screw or insurance that is usually screwed on. Proceed to unscrew it to remove it and place the camera, and then fix it with the same screw. To do this, place the camera on top of the stick, so that the base of the camera matches the tip of the stick, then add the screw or insurance and proceed to screw. Place the nut to secure the camera with the screw and check that the camera is well fixed and that it does not come off the pole.

Set the desired tilt angle of your camera

Most GoPro sticks allow you to adjust the tilt of the camera to set the way you want it to record or take photos. Some models not only allow you to tilt the camera, but also rotate it. To do this, set the camera tilt and rotate as desired, depending on whether your GoPro stick allows it. Other models include an adapter to perform this function of rotating and tilting the camera to your liking.

Select the desired extension level of your Gopro stick

Your GoPro stick has a limit to how far it can be extended. Many of them extend up to 60 cm and there are others that extend up to 1 meter in length. To encompass more complete photos, use the limit of your GoPro stick and extend it completely or select the one you like best.

Hold your GoPro stick while recording or taking photos

Once your camera is graduated and the desired extension is selected, proceed to take the shots or record videos. To do this, turn on the camera, preferably with the remote control if it comes with it, and holding the stick in your dominant hand, start recording or taking selfies. Taking into account that the GoPro camera is special for extreme sports, you can have the stick extended while you are on the move, whether driving or being on a boat. You can also take group photos and videos you want, just put the stick to good use and use the camera to your imagination.

The most popular brands

To use your GoPro camera, accessories are also important and the GoPro stick is necessary because it will help you take the best photos at incredible viewing angles. In this article, we are going to take some time to show you the best brands that are responsible for manufacturing and selling these products and thus have a better reference at hand when making your next purchase.

The GoPro company is considered as the largest manufacturer of action cameras and their respective accessories for their mounting, which was founded in 2002 by the passionate surfer Nick Woodman, whose discovery was inspired by carrying a portable camera on his wrist. or in any other part of your body, which allows you to take action shots for sports and also make videos in high definition.

Within the range of accessories that GoPro manufactures and markets, there are mounting poles, straps, tripods, among many others. Just two years after its founding, the company managed to sell its first product, which was a camera that used traditional 35mm film, achieving revenues of $150,000.

Years passed and GoPro products evolved along with new technologies, such as the appearance of digital GoPro cameras and HD technology, with high definition lenses.

In late 2005, the company began generating significant revenue, achieving an early transition and resounding success, posting a $2.5 billion profit.

The company is always reinventing itself and meeting the real needs of its customers, always in the right direction for the development of its accessories for action cameras, providing quality products since the time it was founded.

The Luxebell brand is a Chinese company that is responsible for marketing high-quality GoPro products and vehicle accessories, as well as 3D VR glasses. It also sells products corresponding to the categories: kitchen accessories, cell phone accessories and makeup brushes, these products having a great acceptance in the global market.

This brand is a young company, founded in 2015 and since then it has been focused on providing a service that can satisfy the demand and needs of users.

Luxebell’s work team faces the great challenges of the market, such as the global crisis, but despite the circumstances, it always manages to position itself and be among the favorites in terms of the marketing of GoPro and vehicle accessories.

Neewer is a thriving multinational company specializing in product development in the film, music, and photography industries. The company is focused on developing new products for these industries, ranging from the most novice users to the most professional.

The company has always been interested in fulfilling the requests of its customers. The company began its operations in 2010 and since then has been developing profitable and quality solutions. The management philosophy of this company is to take seriously the requests of its customers, providing added value to these products, being one of the favorites and most appreciated by customers worldwide, this brand becoming one of the the most consolidated in the market.

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