Top 8 Mobile Stabilizers of 2022

Mobile stabilizer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Not all phones have a stabilization sensor, and sometimes it is not very accurate. Therefore, it is useful to have mobile stabilizers, as they help photos and videos look better. A recommended stabilizer is the Dji Osmo Mobile 3, which has 3 axes to adjust the position of the mobile according to your requirements, for example, horizontally or vertically. In addition, it is compatible with iOS and Android. Also, the Hohem iSteady X-Nero could be useful to you, since it offers the Time-lapse function and the PhoneGo mode, which takes sharp photos, even when you are on the move.

The 8 Best Mobile Stabilizers – Opinions 2022

There are several options of this type of product on the Internet, but here we have prepared a list of the best mobile stabilizers of 2022, so that your task of choosing is much easier. Review the qualities of each model and compare them with your requirements.

camera stabilizer for mobile

1. DJI Osmo Mobile 3 3-Axis Stabilizer

This could be the best stabilizer for mobile, as it offers clear images, even if you are walking or running in the park. It is also a mobile camera stabilizer with easily accessible buttons on the handle, so that with a simple finger movement you can activate the video recording function.

In the same way, it has the Activetrack 3.0 function, thanks to which you can select an object and start recording the video. The app will follow the object, even if it is moving, for example, bicycles, cars, people, pets, etc.

And another aspect that we highlight about this stabilizer is that it reduces annoying vibrations, so you can record outdoors while you are walking or cycling. Also, we inform you that it has the Story mode, to record with templates, music and other special effects.

DJI is perhaps the best mobile gimbal brand as it specializes in creating high-quality cameras and accessories.


Efficiency: Thanks to its 3-axis system you can take photos and record videos with much more stability.

Edition: With its application you can edit your creations, adding music, templates and various transition effects.

Zoom: Its Dolly Zoom function offers a cinematographic touch to your recordings, achieving the Hitchcock effect while you move forward or backward.


Battery: It would be good if the package included a spare rechargeable battery, in case the factory one is damaged.

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2. Artoful Phone Stabilizer

It is a mobile camera stabilizer with a 3-in-1 design, capable of functioning as a phone holder, stabilizer and selfie stick, thus providing great versatility. In this sense, it is appropriate to take pictures, record videos and watch streaming content in a more comfortable way.

Regarding stabilization, it has an intelligent anti-shake gimbal, capable of reducing vibrations and sudden movements, which helps you avoid defects when recording scenes. Likewise, it gives you the possibility to change the phone from landscape to portrait quickly.

Also, it is important to mention that it has a clip clamp to hold the phone easily and quickly. In addition, it is light and has a non-slip bottom that favors the stability of the tripod.

When comparing the wide variety of equipment available, it is normal to wonder which is the best mobile stabilizer. In this sense, we invite you to review this model in depth.


Rotation: Allows you to rotate the mobile phone by 90° to place it vertically or horizontally, which increases its functionality.

Remote: It has a remote to take selfies at a maximum distance of 10 m.

Strength: It is made of aluminum alloy, so it can provide a long service life.


Length: The telescopic pole can be extended up to 60 cm, which is little compared to other similar models.

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Image stabilizer for mobile

3. Hohem Foldable Mobile Gimbal Stabilizer with 5 Modes

It is an image stabilizer for mobile phones that will be useful for people who love videos and photographs, as well as travelers or youtubers. Also, it is compatible with many iOS and Android phone models, including iPhone 6 and later, Samsung Galaxy series, Xiaomi models, etc. Of course, it will only work with mobiles that are between 5.5 and 9.5 cm wide.

Likewise, it is a folding stabilizer that you can easily store and move. When folded, its dimensions are similar to a 6.5-inch phone.

With the sports mode you can record football, volleyball or basketball games without any problem. It even has the PhoneGo mode to record videos of moving vehicles. In the same way, it has the 360 ​​degree rotation function, to take shots of the environment where you are like a professional.

If you want to buy the best mobile stabilizer of the moment, review the pros and cons of the Hohem iSteady X-Nero, as it may be the right model for you.


Axes: Thanks to its 3 axes, it offers great stability in photographs or videos.

Practicality: With the 3D Inception Auto mode you can tilt the phone to the right or left up to 270 degrees, so you can make more dynamic recordings.

Portability: It is a folding stabilizer, so you can carry it comfortably in your pants pocket.


Lens: You cannot use an external lens with this stabilizer, as its weight will tilt the phone to one side.

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4. Blukar Selfie Stick Tripod 4 in 1

This mobile image stabilizer has telescopic arms made of aluminum alloy, which not only help to reduce vibrations, but also favor the resistance of the equipment. For added functionality, it includes a remote control with Bluetooth technology, suitable for capturing wide-framing photos conveniently.

Regarding compatibility, the mobile support can be adjusted in a range from 4.7 to 6.7 inches, to adapt it to phones that have screens of different sizes. Similarly, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as GoPro cameras, so it provides great versatility.

On the other hand, it is important to note that it offers a lateral rotation angle of 360° and a frontal rotation angle of 240°, which allows you to capture moments from interesting points of view. As if that were not enough, it has a clip-on structure for easy transport.

The best value for money mobile stabilizer should be one of the cheapest and most practical, such as the Blukar K9702 model. Discover its most outstanding pros and cons.


Head: The head can rotate 240° frontally and 360° laterally, so it is possible to adapt it to your needs.

Versatility: It is possible to use it as a selfie stick and also as a tripod, which increases its versatility.

Compatibility: It can be used with mobile phones from 4.7 to 6.7 inches, thus providing a wide range of compatibility.


Gimbal: It does not have a gimbal, so it is at a disadvantage compared to other stabilizers on the list.

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mobile stabilizer stick

5. Lofter Mobile Stabilizer

It is a mobile stabilizer stick suitable for live broadcasting, so it is very useful for bloggers, youtubers and TikTok users. For added functionality, it can be extended to a maximum length of 82.5cm, enough for group shots from a greater distance.

It is important to note that it has a gimbal that allows you to move the stick arbitrarily without affecting the axis of the phone. In this way, you can always keep a horizontal or vertical image depending on the style you decide to record in.

Also, it includes a remote to capture photos at a maximum distance of 10 m, thanks to Bluetooth technology, which favors practicality. As if that were not enough, it has an aluminum structure that provides stability and can be easily transformed into a tripod for greater versatility.

If you are still wondering which mobile stabilizer to buy, then it is appropriate that you take into account the pros and cons of this model, since it is a high-tech equipment.


Autonomy: The gimbal can provide 3-4 hours of continuous use and is easily charged with a USB cable included in the package.

Remote control: It offers a Bluetooth-powered remote control that can operate at a distance of up to 10 m.

Stick: The selfie stick can be extended up to 82.5 cm to take photos at interesting angles.


Compatibility: It may not offer optimal performance when stabilizing very large phones, so it is mainly designed for small teams.

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Other products

6. Zhiyun Smooth 4 Latest Version Mobile Stabilizer

Its capacity of 210 grams allows you to place various phone models. It is even suitable for GoPro cameras, so it is a very practical stabilizer model.

Similarly, we mention that it offers various modes such as Time-lapse, Motion Time-lapse and Motion-Lapse, so you can record beautiful videos of landscapes, cities, moving cars, etc. Also, it works for object tracking, just choose what you want your phone camera to follow and start recording.

Likewise, it can follow people’s faces, to take clearer photos and record stable videos, even if you are walking or running outdoors. Even the stabilizer has the lock mode, also known as Lock Mode. This locks the 3 axes of the stabilizer so that the camera continues to point in the same direction.

In this section we explain the most outstanding advantages and disadvantages of this Zhiyun brand stabilizer.


Versatility: With its 3 axes it provides the necessary stability for YouTube vlogs, travel, sports activities, etc.

PhoneGo: Thanks to this recording mode you can take moving photos without fear of capturing blurry images.

Tracking: This stabilizer provides face and object tracking so you don’t have to waste time manually focusing on them.


Application: The application could be better, since the vertigo and 3×3 panorama functions do not work with all Android phone models.

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7. Zeadio Rotating Ergonomic Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer

If you are looking for a stabilizer that works with almost any phone model, take this product into account, since it supports phones from 5.8 to 10.5 cm wide. In addition, it is recommended to record or project live videos on Periscope, Facebook, Instagram or other platforms.

In the same way, we mentioned that it offers a complete 360-degree rotation, so that you have a wide angle of vision in the camera of your mobile. Even its tripod provides stability when taking selfies or watching movies and TV series on your phone.

Another quality that highlights this product is its wrist strap, which will provide you with greater security, that is, it will not allow you to drop the stabilizer with the phone. In addition to this, this stabilizer does not require batteries or rechargeable batteries, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

In the market there are stabilizers at a lot of prices, but this is one of the cheapest models. Review its pros and cons, to find out if it is the right product for you.


Rotation: This stabilizer can manually rotate up to 360 degrees, to make recordings or photographs in any direction.

Compatibility: It is used for phones of various sizes, as long as they comply with a width of 5.8 to 10.5 cm.

Tripod: It not only has a selfie handle, but also a tripod so you can place it on the table and take various photos with friends or family.


Practicality: All stabilizer settings are done manually, which can be cumbersome for some people.

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8. Ulanzi U Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig iPhone Filmmaking

Unlike other models, this stabilizer is compatible with an external lens, for example, fisheye, also known as wide angle. This means that you can mount a lens to the phone you use on this stabilizer.

In addition to this, it offers the possibility of mounting 2 extra LED lights for greater lighting and, consequently, better sharpness in the recording. Also, you can install a professional microphone. All this is thanks to the fact that it has 3 Cold Shoe adapters on the top, so that you can mount accessories from a professional camera, including a level bubble, for a more precise video.

In addition to this, it has 4 screw ports for tripods or other accessories; due to this it is possible to use it vertically or horizontally. Similarly, on the sides it has ergonomic handles to hold the product with both hands and be able to make more stable recordings.

If you are looking for a mobile stabilizer that supports the weight of accessories for professional cameras, this model is one of the most recommended.


Mounts: The stabilizer has 3 Cold Shoe mounts on which you can mount microphones or LED lights.

Ports: Its 4 ports with 1/4 thread allow you to mount various accessories or place it on professional camera tripods.

Handles: Thanks to the side handles you can hold the stabilizer with both hands to take photos or record stable videos.


Material: It would be good if it were made of metal, so that it is more resistant to unexpected shocks, since it is made of plastic.

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Shopping guide

If you are going to buy a product in this category, you should know its most important qualities. For that reason, we have researched and written this guide to buy the best mobile stabilizer. Read each feature that we explain here and maybe your choice will be the most appropriate.


In a comparison of mobile stabilizers, this quality cannot be missing, since there are different types of models and here we will summarize it in two, electronic and manual.

Electronic and automatic stabilizers have their own movements, you just have to move them from the handle to realize some of their functions. For example, in Lock Mode, the phone will not lose focus or home position, even if you move the handle. This is a widely used feature for YouTube vlogs, because it offers stable images, without annoying vibrations or movements.

In short, electronics are a bit more professional, of course, depending on the make and model you choose. If you buy one that offers 3 axes and more than 5 stabilization modes, it may be more expensive. However, due to the wide variety of stabilizers on the market today, you may be able to find an affordable model.

On the other hand, there are the manual stabilizers, which sometimes come with a double function, because they also serve as a selfie stick. These types of stabilizers do not require batteries, so they are lighter and you can use them for as many hours as you want without having to worry about charging them.

Also, manual stabilizers can rotate 180, 270 or even 360 degrees. Even in most models it is possible to place the phones horizontally or vertically. This last option is very useful for making Facebook and Instagram stories.


Before worrying about how much a certain mobile stabilizer costs, it is best to review this quality, because the number of axes it has varies its price and, above all, its precision.

To take professional shots with your phone camera, choose a 3-axis stabilizer as they offer more flexibility and are more accurate, even if you shoot while running. Also, they offer very stable images of objects and people in motion, especially in sports activities.

Normally, the 3-axis system allows the phone to automatically rotate 360 ​​degrees and offers up to 5+ modes of use.

Compatibility and application

Although most of the automatic stabilizers for mobile are compatible with iOS and Android, this is not always the case. We recommend that you review this quality before making the purchase.

In addition, in terms of compatibility, you should also check if your phone fits in the stabilizer support. This is because some phones exceed 7 inches and may not be compatible with the stabilizer model you want to purchase. There are even very small phones that won’t hold onto the mount and as a result, you won’t be able to use them with the stabilizer.

On the other hand, it should be noted that an automatic stabilizer for mobile usually works with an application for iOS or Android. However, the functions of the application are not necessarily compatible with the model of your phone. Therefore, you need to make sure that you will be able to enjoy all the features on your device. To do this, read the opinions of the stabilizer on the Internet or ask the seller directly, so that you inform yourself very well before making the purchase.

Generally, in the application you can adjust the resolution of the recording, effects, editing transitions between scenes and much more. It will even be possible to adjust the zoom on the move, to create the famous vertigo effect.

Another option that applications allow you is to easily share videos on social networks. However, this will depend on the type of application that the brand or model of stabilizer allows you to use.

And of course you can use the stabilizer without the app, but this will give you less setting options, so you will shoot less professional videos.


Many stabilizers have the Bluetooth function, especially the electronic ones. Therefore, they connect to your phone without the need for cables, making it much easier to use.

Similarly, some models of mobile stabilizers have a detachable Bluetooth controller. This will help you take selfies from a distance, without having to set the timer on the phone’s camera. If you want a stabilizer to take selfies, this type of model could be the one for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a mobile stabilizer?

The first thing you need to do is mount the phone on the stabilizer mount. Normally, this has some soft material so as not to scratch your mobile. Next, activate and calibrate the stabilizer, with the help of the buttons on the handle. The button and calibration mode may vary, depending on the model of stabilizer you have.

Calibration makes the stabilizer recognize the weight of the phone and level it for accurate recording or photography. If you don’t calibrate it, the phone may tilt a little to the right or left and the shots won’t come out straight.

Once you use it, just turn off the stabilizer and release the phone very carefully. Do not exert too much force when pulling the support to remove the mobile, because it could break, since it is usually made of plastic.

Q2: Why does my mobile stabilizer shake?

The stabilizer almost always moves, this is normal, as it tries to prevent videos and photos from being distorted. If you lean a bit, the gimbal may return the phone to its initial state automatically, i.e. make it straight again, to improve the shot. That’s why it’s called a stabilizer, so don’t worry.

However, if it continues to move when you’re sitting still in one position, the problem could be with your settings. Restart both computers to solve the problem and, if the movements persist, call the brand’s technical service.

Q3: How to connect a Bluetooth mobile stabilizer?

First of all, you must place the mobile on the stabilizer support. Then you turn on the stabilizer and go to the app store on your iOS or Android phone. On the box or instructions of the stabilizer you will get the name of the app you need to download, which is usually free to use. When downloading and installing it, you must open it, in order to pair the phone with the stabilizer.

Your phone must have Bluetooth turned on for pairing to work. Then, enter the connection settings in the installed application and the stabilizer will appear among the available Bluetooth options. Select it and it will automatically start the pairing. In a few seconds you can control the stabilizer from the application, to enjoy the modes and functions it offers.

Q4: How to fold the stick type mobile stabilizer?

This type of stabilizers comes with a telescopic pole, so to unfold or fold you just need to pull it gently. Imagine that you are going to fold a camera tripod, because it is the same procedure. Keep in mind that you can fold or unfold the selfie stick as far as you need, that is, it does not have to be very long to take pictures.

Q5: What weight can a mobile stabilizer support?

Generally, a mobile stabilizer supports 200 grams or more, so you can use phones of various brands and models. To find out how much your phone weighs, check the product box or its instruction manual. Another option is to weigh it yourself with a meter, preferably grams, not kilograms.

Also, in the stabilizer box or its manual you will find information on how much weight it supports. If you mount a mobile that exceeds this weight on it, the stabilizer could malfunction, preventing its respective calibration.

Q6: Can I use a mobile stabilizer with a GoPro?

Yes you can use a GoPro camera in a mobile stabilizer, but not just any model. First, check the stabilizer’s instructions to make sure it will support mounting cameras.

Also, keep in mind that the stabilizer app may not work with the GoPro, as it’s typically built for iOS or Android phones. In other words, you will not be able to enjoy the features of the app, for example, some stabilizer modes. It will only be possible to use the joystick and the other buttons of the stabilizer, which is not enough for various professional shots.

Q7: Which is better, mobile stabilizer or selfie stick?

The mobile stabilizer often gives you the option of a selfie stick at the same time, but this is not always the case. In this sense, you must decide whether to buy a selfie stick or a mobile stabilizer. Some people buy both products at the same time because they use them often. It will be your decision if you want to invest in the two products to have more options when taking photos or recording videos. However, if you are not used to taking selfies, it is best to only purchase the mobile stabilizer.

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