Top 9 GoPro Stabilizers of 2022

GoPro Stabilizer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

GoPro cameras are designed for you to record your moments of adventure and your sports outings, so it is normal for your videos to be shaken, since the camera shakes and moves with you. Luckily, there are stabilizers that keep the camera steady and shake-free no matter how much you move. In this article we will review some models such as the Hohem iSteady Pro 3 with 3 axes and iSteady technology for electronic stabilization or the FeiyuTech G6 with 3 axes of stabilization and an OLED camera to review all the action.

Top 9 GoPro Stabilizers – Opinions 2022

If you don’t use a stabilizer, the footage you shoot with your GoPro, especially while playing sports, will look shaky, jerky, and of poor quality. These teams serve to stabilize the image and obtain the best possible viewing.

GoPro camera stabilizer

1. Hohem iSteady Pro 3 Stabilizer GoPro Hero 8

The GoPro Hohem Gimbal iSteady Pro 3 camera stabilizer is compatible with GoPro Hero models 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, Insta360 ONE R, Sony RXO, SJCAM, YI Xioami Mijia and a wide variety of action cameras from compact size. Thanks to its design, it incorporates a special WiFi module, so it could be the answer for users looking for the best GoPro stabilizer for their sports outings.

With iSteady 3.0 technology no matter how hard you train, the images will always look centered, without vibration or shock. The stabilizer’s design is IPX4 certified, making it resistant to splashes of water, dust and sand, protecting your parts from the elements.

The 3600 mAh battery lasts up to 12 hours and can perform power bank functions to recharge the camera.


Battery: The battery, on a full charge, offers up to 12 hours of recording and can perform power bank functions to recharge the camera.

Quick connection: Thanks to the special WiFi module, it allows you to connect and control the camera easily, to start recording, stop recording and take photos.

iSteady 3.0: Thanks to the iSteady 3.0 stabilizer, the images will always be stable, without shocks or vibrations.


Configuration: The configuration of the software can be somewhat complicated for users who are not used to this type of tool.

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2. FeiyuTech WG2X Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer

The FeiyuTech GoPro Camera Stabilizer includes a mount and a set of long screws that make it compatible with all GoPro Hero series, GoPro Session and other compact sports cameras. This could be the best GoPro stabilizer for those users who are looking for a compact and very light mount.

Its 360-degree rotation axis offers users the ability to take images and record videos in panoramic formats, as well as a wide variety of options when it comes to focusing on the action. In addition, it includes several pre-programmed automatic rotation formats and a selection of recording modes such as time-lapse or automatic shooting mode.

The stabilizer design is waterproof, so it is protected from splashes and dust, as well as being non-slip, so you can take it with you wherever you want.


Tripod: The stabilizer includes a tripod so you can use the camera at home.

Modes: Includes several pre-installed recording modes that will allow you to get the most out of your sports videos.

Weight: It is a compact and light stabilizer, designed to be carried around if it is heavy or annoying.


IPX protection: The stabilizer only has waterproof protection, but it does not have an IPX certificate, something that is missing in a product of this price.

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GoPro 5 Stabilizer

3. FeiyuTech G6 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer

The GoPro 5 FeiyuTech G6 stabilizer is compatible with most GoPro action camera models from Hero 8 to Hero 3, as well as Yi 4k and GoPro AEE. At the same time, thanks to its compatible adapter, it can be used with other brands of sports cameras and also with Sony RX0 cameras, so it could be the best GoPro stabilizer of the moment, thanks to its compatibility options.

As for the stabilization of the camera, it has an improved algorithm, thanks to which the images will always appear clean and balanced, due to a better use of the axes and the motor. The stabilizer is more shock resistant and more energy efficient.

It has a Time Lapse option, in which the recording points can be configured and an OLED screen, in which all the technical data of the stabilizer and the camera can be seen.


Accessories: This GoPro stabilizer has a wide selection of compatible accessories such as a viewfinder, or a smartphone mount.

Consumption: Improved stabilization algorithm controls motor movements, allowing more efficient use of battery power.

Modes: It has several pre-configured recording modes such as Time Lapse, panorama mode, tracking mode and lock mode.


IP protection: Although it has splash protection, it is not waterproof, something desirable in a device with these characteristics and price.

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GoPro stabilizer stick

4. Lofter Smartphone 3-in-1 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

Lofter’s GoPro Stabilizer Stick could be one of the best GoPro stabilizers of 2022 for users who want to use their cameras to shoot sports or adventure videos with a bit of a distance. No matter how much you shake the Lofter selfie stick, its self-balancing stabilizer will ensure that your recordings are always smooth and stable.

The stabilizer’s flexible pole can be extended up to 76 cm in length and, thanks to a clever design, once folded it can be used as a tripod or in grip mode to attach it to any surface. In tripod mode you can use its Bluetooth remote control from which you can control the functions of the camera.

Its battery offers a total autonomy of 12 hours, although, when using the remote control, its performance will be between 6 and 4 hours in total.


Compatibility: It is compatible with phones between 60 and 140 cm wide, as well as ¼ thread cameras such as GoPro.

Design: Its smart design allows the stabilizer to be used as a selfie stick, sports mount and tripod for shooting at home.

Remote Control: The Bluetooth remote control allows the user to control actions from afar.


Stabilizer: On large smartphones, the stabilizer motor does not work well at all, which can cause some shake in images.

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GoPro Hero 4 Stabilizer

5. D&F Aluminum Alloy Dual Hand Grip

The D&F Stabilizer for GoPro Hero 4 offers a stable platform for action cameras, thanks to its clever “Dual Grip” design, which allows the user to control shooting with both hands. This is one of the cheapest stabilizers, but also one of the most effective, thanks in part to the simplicity of its design.

This stabilizer is compatible with most cameras that have a ¼ inch bottom thread, such as GoPro Hero, AKASO action cameras, Crosstour, Campark, Apeman and compact cameras. It can also be used with DSLR, underwater dive light, dome port, and for many other devices such as flashes or microphones.

It is designed to obtain the best stability in each photo and video, since it allows to maintain the position without difficulty and, by being able to hold the stabilizer with both hands, the balance and control over each shot is improved.


Versatility: Thanks to its ¼-inch screw connection interface, it offers great compatibility, both for sports cameras and other peripherals.

Price: It is a very cheap stabilizer, which can be a great advantage for users who are looking for an affordable product to get started in sports photography.

Design: The Dual Grip type design of the stabilizer offers greater stability when recording and taking photos while moving.


Connectivity: It does not offer any type of connectivity, neither WiFi nor Bluetooth, something that is missing.

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GoPro Image Stabilizer

6. Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

The Zhiyun GoPro Image Stabilizer has an integrated panel that offers the user all the control of recording and shooting from one place, with a clear and clean design, very intuitive, and an adapter for GoPro and sports cameras. If you are thinking about which GoPro stabilizer to buy that is also compatible with your smartphone, this could be the best one, since it has a fast sync mode and is suitable for most modern and large mobiles.

It has good finishes and the balance mode is very intuitive, so it is very easy to configure it at first. Thanks to the side wheel you can control the zoom and, together with the app for Android and iOS, you can achieve effects typical of cinema. It has an option for object tracking and face focus.

The battery lasts for 12 hours and is fast charging (3 hours for a full charge). In addition, it is possible to use it as a power bank for the mobile.


App: The Zhiyun app offers a large number of configuration and customization options for videos and photos, allowing you to obtain effects such as vertigo shot or time lapse.

Accessories: It includes a large number of accessories, such as the tripod, the transport box and the cables.


Weight: It is a somewhat heavy stabilizer, especially if some of the accessories are incorporated, so it can be annoying to go out and take sports shots.

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Other products

7. Fantaseal Hydra Stabilizer Handheld Camera Stabilizer

This could be the best value for money GoPro stabilizer, as it is a third generation equipment, with a renewed design of support for two hands. It is compatible with GoPro and compact sports cameras, but is also ideal for DSLR cameras, as well as DSLRs, DVs, and peripherals with a ¼-inch thread interface.

It includes a support for you to use the mobile phone as an HD screen and a special configuration to control the camera from the GoPro application without having to use the remote, something that you will not find in cheaper models.

It is very comfortable for low shots and has a quick release buckle, along with an ergonomic C-shaped EVA handle that relieves stress on the hands, reduces vibrations and offers a much more comfortable and secure grip.


Compatibility: It is compatible with most compact sports cameras, as well as SLR, DSLR, DV cameras and ¼-inch interface peripherals.

Handle: The flexible handle offers a secure and comfortable grip for extended use, plus it can be rolled up to free your hands.


Instructions: Apparently the instruction manual is very poor and it is somewhat difficult to install the camera on the gimbal.

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8. Rollei Actioncam Gimbal Steady Butler Action

For many users, Rollei might be the best GoPro gimbal brand on the market, thanks to the wide compatibility with their action cameras. In this case, this stabilizer is designed for GoPro Hero 3 to 7, as well as all GoPro and sports cameras weighing less than 125g.

The Rollei Actioncam Gimbal Steady Butler offers very high stability, thanks to its 3 axes, which keep the camera steady no matter how much you move. In addition, they have a rotation capacity of more than 600 degrees, so you can take panoramas and record your entire environment smoothly, without jumps, bumps or vibrations.

It has a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery with a total battery life of 12 hours, which can be used as a power bank for the camera, if connected via USB.


Recording modes: Includes 4 pre-configured modes to record in panoramic, vertical, lock mode and an object tracking mode.

Integrated controls: The stabilizer includes a series of joystick-type controls on the stick, which allow you to configure and control the recording and shooting.


Connectivity: For a stabilizer of this price, it is missing that it has a WiFi connection.

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9. Victool 2-in-1 Video Handy Kit for GoPro and Smartphone

The Victool stabilizer offers great versatility, as it is compatible with any GoPro series camera, as well as SLR, DSLR, DV cameras and peripherals with a ¼-inch screw connection interface. The connection is made quickly and easily, without the use of tools.

It is made of resistant ABS plastic so that you can take it with you on your sports outings without fear of it breaking. Includes a smartphone mount, 360 degree rotatable for landscape and portrait mode, wide and wide fit, for phones between 55-100mm wide.

The grip mount has an improved design that facilitates the user experience, as well as shooting images and reducing vibration and noise. In addition, it incorporates a hotshoe at the top to add a flash or a lamp to improve lighting.


Hotshoe: In the upper part it incorporates a Hotshoe to incorporate a flash, a lamp, a microphone or any compatible accessory.

Non- slip clip: Includes a large non-slip smartphone clip on the back, compatible with phones between 50 and 100 mm, with or without a protective case.


Connectivity: The stabilizer does not have any type of connectivity, something that is missing in this type of accessories.

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Shopping guide

After our comparison of GoPro stabilizers, in which we have compared some of the best models on the market, we want to explain in detail what are the main features that you should look at before buying one of these accessories. With this information you can make a better decision about which stabilizer best suits your needs.

Stabilization axes

We start this guide to buy the best GoPro stabilizer talking about the axes. When we talk about axes, we are actually referring to the different directions in which it can rotate and in which it is able to correct the vibrations of the device.

In the market you will find several types of stabilizers according to their axis. The first of them is the 3-axis or 3D one that is capable of correcting vibrations and vertical and horizontal movement, guaranteeing the best correction and smoothness in all your videos and photographs. Secondly, we find those with 2 axes or 2D, which only correct movements in one direction, either horizontally or vertically.

Although, depending on the use you want to give it, a 2-axis stabilizer may be sufficient, it is best to have a 3-axis stabilizer. These are the most common and you will find them even in the cheapest stabilizers on the market. In case you plan to use the camera with your hand, it will be essential that you choose one of three axes.


What are you going to use the stabilizer with? It is obvious to be clear about what peripherals you plan to use with your stabilizer. If you are only going to use your stabilizer with a GoPro camera, make sure that you have chosen one that is compatible with your camera model. Most have support for all GoPro Hero camera models from 3 to 8, but some are only compatible with the newer models like 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Many stabilizers have a ¾-inch nut connection interface, so they will be compatible with other peripherals. The most normal thing is that these stabilizers can be used with SLR, DSLR, DV cameras, with underwater lights and with other devices that have this type of thread.

If what you want is a GoPro stabilizer that is also compatible with mobile phones, you have to look for a model that has a non-slip clip, with the appropriate measurements for your smartphone model.

Design and grip system

The design of the grip system is another factor that you cannot ignore. This point will be especially important if you are thinking of buying a compatible stabilizer for SLR cameras or mobile phones, since you will need to have a system that is comfortable and that allows you to support the weight of the camera for a long time, without effort.

Dual-grip stabilizers are specifically designed for these types of heavy cameras, allowing you to hold and balance the weight with both hands. These models also usually have a system of straps or straps, so you can hang the camera and carry it comfortably.

Another option is the one-hand grip system. It is similar to what we find in selfie sticks and allows the user to control the gimbal with one hand. It is the most recommended for mobile phones and compact sports cameras, since it does not weigh. In this case, it is important that it has an interface that allows you to manage the different configuration options from the stick, although this will depend on how much it costs.

In the case of choosing a one-hand stabilizer, also look at the thickness of the grip. You must choose a piece of equipment that is comfortable and easy to hold, since if it is too large it could cause muscle discomfort.

Modes of use

Some gimbals come with a variety of preconfigured usage modes, and others come with mobile apps that let you customize your videos and photos for professional results.

Some of the most common modes are usually the time lapse, the panoramic recording mode, the lock mode to record a fixed point or the facial recognition mode.

In the case of stabilizers with mobile applications, from these you can configure the camera, the modes and you can also control its operation. Each brand offers different applications, although almost all have the same options.

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