Top 9 Softboxes of 2022

Softbox – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Softboxes allow greater control of light in photographs, especially when taking portraits of various people. But which softbox is better? This time we recommend some of the best options. For example, the Walimex Pro Easy softbox, which is of the octagonal type, very useful for taking pictures of people and objects. It also offers a comfortable design to fold like an umbrella. Another recommended model is the Tycka EU-TK010, which is quite portable, due to its compact size. In addition, it is a universal softbox, so you can use it with Canon, Sony, Nikon cameras, among others.

The 9 Best Softbox – Opinions 2022

When you go to buy a product of this type and want to better control the lighting in photography, it is best to review various options on the Internet. That is why in this article we present you some of the best softbox of 2022.

Profoto Softbox

1. Walimex softbox Profoto Pro

This is perhaps the best softbox, because it has an octagonal shape, so it distributes the light in various directions, providing homogeneous lighting. Such a quality makes the people or objects photographed stand out much more than when you take images only with the camera.

If you are looking for a product with Profoto quality, the Walimex softbox could help you, because it has an umbrella-like design, similar to that brand’s models. That is, it folds in the same way for more comfortable storage and transport. Also, we mention that inside it has a reflective silver material, to amplify the light.

On the other hand, it has velcro material in various parts of the interior, so that you can mount a fabric diffuser. Also, you can place another diffuser on the outside and front of the softbox. In this way, it will be possible to obtain a more professional and balanced lighting for portraits.

It is not easy to find the best softbox of the moment, since there are many options in the current market, however, the Walimex Pro Easy could be the one.


Octagonal: It is octagonal, so it reflects light in a more homogeneous or balanced way.

Practicality: It has an umbrella-type folding system for easier and faster assembly.

Size: It has 90 cm in diameter, so you can take portraits in large spaces without any problem.


Adapter: It would be better if the adapter for the light was made of steel, since it is made of aluminum, a less resistant material.

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2. Profoto OCF Softbox 2′ Octa 101211

If you want to know which is the best softbox, perhaps this model is the most appropriate answer, since it has an octagonal design of 60 cm Ø. This means that it is useful for indoor and outdoor portrait photos as it casts light in various directions very well.

In addition, this Profoto softbox comes with a white fabric diffuser, to dim the light of portraits to your liking. On the other hand, you can easily move the softbox to project the light according to the needs of the moment and place, because it is not very big and it does not weigh much either, only 400 g. Similarly, you can also mount this softbox on a fixed tripod, for example for photography studios. Thanks to these attributes you will be able to take pictures of people sitting, standing, moving, etc., reducing or avoiding shadows.

These are the most important qualities of the present softbox. Pay attention to each of them if you want to choose the right product.


Dimensions: With its 60 cm diameter and 400 g weight, you can move it freely to project the light wherever you want.

Diffuser: The package includes a diffuser to emit a more homogeneous soft light.

Case: It comes with a carrying case, so you can use it anytime, anywhere.


Assembly: Assembly is not very easy, it would be better if it came with an umbrella-type folding system.

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Softbox for handheld flash

3. Tycka Universal Collapsible Softbox Flash Diffuser for Nikon

This could be the best value for money softbox to mount on almost any flash as it is one of the cheapest. In addition, it is quite simple to install, thanks to its velcro strap.

If you want a handheld flash softbox, this could be the one, because it allows you to better distribute the lighting when you take pictures of small objects. Also, it helps improve lighting in tight spaces, especially when taking photos of people.

Another aspect that we can highlight about this product is that it is directly mounted on the flash. It is also compatible with flashes and cameras of various brands, Nikon, Canon, Sony, among others. Similarly, it is easy to move, as it comes in a small case that you can store in your backpack without any inconvenience.

This softbox is very useful for people who are engaged in taking photos of small objects and portraits of people in confined spaces, so maybe it is the product you need.


Type: This accessory is for mounting on DSLR flashes of various brands and sizes.

Lighting: Makes the light dimmer, for various types of photography where you don’t need the full power of the flash.

Assembly: The assembly is easily done with velcro, in addition, this softbox is fixed, for greater comfort of use.


Shadows: If you will be using it to take photos of objects very close, it may cast a bit of a shadow.

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softbox for flash

4. Neewer Speedlite Octagonal Softbox with S-Type Arm Bracket

This flash softbox is one of the most practical, because it has an S-type arm support, which makes it easy to mount. In addition, it is suitable for hand flash of different brands and models, so you will not have problems with the one you use normally.

In addition to this, this softbox has 80 cm in diameter, being useful for photography studios and outdoors, depending on your preferences or needs. Likewise, thanks to its dimensions, it allows you to take portraits with wide backgrounds without any problem, creating the light effect that you prefer.

Another aspect that we can highlight about the softbox is its octagonal design, which allows the flash light to be projected in 8 directions. In practice, this favors portraits, as it leaves no shadows on the face or clothing of the models being photographed.

Neewer might be the best softbox brand, because it is specialized in manufacturing photography accessories. These are the characteristics of a product made by the company.


Type: This is an octagonal type softbox that provides lighting in different directions, for balanced photography.

Bracket: It comes with a Speedlite bracket, which allows you to mount different models of flashes.

Compatibility: It is used for flashes of various brands, including Nikon, Sony, Neewer, Canon, Olympus, etc.


Installation: Its installation is a bit complex, so it is not very practical to use outside the studio.

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softbox for photography

5. Esddi Softbox Photography Lighting Kit with 2 LEDs

It’s not easy to find a good photography softbox kit, but this product might be the one for you. The package includes 2 softboxes, 2 LED bulbs and 2 tripods, so with this kit you can start in the world of photography. In addition, each softbox has dimensions of 50 x 50 cm, to be able to take photos of objects and people in various spaces.

And, if you are concerned about the quality of the bulbs, we inform you that they have a useful life of approximately 25 years, depending on the use you give them. We also mentioned that they provide 5400 K in terms of color temperature. Also, it should be noted that these bulbs have the traditional E27 size and reach 4000 lm.

On the other hand, the tripods can be configured from 68 to 192 cm in height, it is even possible to rotate each softbox up to 210 degrees.

If you still don’t know which softbox to buy, check the qualities of this practical Esddi kit, it may be the one you need now.


Versatility: This product is quite complete, because the package includes 2 softboxes with their respective accessories, a tripod and a light bulb.

Comfort: Both softboxes are very comfortable to use and can be adjusted up and down a maximum of 210 degrees.

Lighting: The kit incorporates 2 long-lasting LED bulbs and offer 4000 lm.


Materials: It would be better if the manufacturing materials for the tripods were more resistant, because with a simple fall they can deteriorate.

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octagonal softbox

6. Phot-R Professional Octagonal Folding Umbrella Softbox

It is a 95 cm octagonal softbox, so it provides an adequate amount of light for studies and external environments. In addition, having this octagonal shape projects the light in a more balanced and precise way, which is very useful in portraits with striking backgrounds.

It should be noted that you can easily fold this softbox, since it has an umbrella-type opening and closing design. In other words, it is quite comfortable and quick to mount anywhere, unlike other models that must be fixed in photography studios.

On the other hand, we mention that it has two white diffusers, to eliminate annoying shadows in some photographs of people and objects. Likewise, the back of the softbox can be opened, for quick cooling after a long day of photography.

Next, we explain the most important positive and negative aspects of this softbox.


Size: With its 95 cm diameter it offers enough lighting for photos of people, both faces and full bodies.

Diffusers: The package includes two diffusers, so you can dim the light a little more.

Interior: The interior of the softbox is silver and highly reflective, so it provides very good lighting for your photos.


Closing: To close the softbox you have to do a little force, since the latch is hard to release.

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softbox strip

7. Fomito Light diffuser with Bowens support grid

This softbox strip is very useful for portraits where you need to highlight the entire body of the person being photographed. Its dimensions are 35 x 160 cm, so it will be suitable for large photo studios and outdoor photography. In addition, the package includes two white diffusers and a black grid.

On the other hand, you can take photos using the configuration you want, for example, with the internal diffuser, both or even with the grille. The latter will reduce the background of the portrait a little more and will highlight the person or object photographed more.

Another aspect that we can highlight about this rectangular softbox is that it has a Bowens mount, which is compatible with many studio flashes. For example, it is suitable for flashes from 300 to 1000 W, so you can dim the light according to your preferences and needs.

These are the main pros and cons of this Fomito softbox. Check each quality carefully if you want to acquire a good product.


Type: It is a 35 x 160 cm rectangular softbox, so it will be used to make full-body portraits of people without problems.

Diffusers: It has two removable diffusers, one internal and one external, in addition, it has a grid with which you can better dim the background light.

Accessories: This product comes with a practical carrying bag and the Fomito cleaning cloth.


Assembly: It is not very comfortable to assemble and disassemble, so take this into account if you are going to use it outside the studio.

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Godox Softbox

8. Godox Octagon Softbox Diffuser for Flash

From the Godox brand, an outstanding softbox is this model that could meet your requirements. It has a diameter of 120 cm and when folded is 92 cm long. This is thanks to the fact that you can fold it like an umbrella, being very practical to transport to your photo sessions.

In fact, you can not only use it with handheld flashes, but also some studio ones, so this model is quite practical for various photographers. Also, you should know that the flash is installed from the bottom, through a zipper, not from the center of the softbox like other models.

In another order of ideas, we inform you that it comes with a translucent cover, which provides better lighting for photos of people or objects.

Review the following pros and cons of this softbox, they may help you make the best purchase decision.


Size: It measures 120 cm in diameter, so it will work for spaces of various sizes, for example, studies or other interior environments.

Diffuser: It comes with a white diffuser that gives you a more dim and homogeneous light in the photographs.

Portability: It is very easy to store and transport, thanks to its umbrella-type folding system. It is only 92 cm long when folded.


Practicality: Every time you need to adjust the studio flash you must take off the velcro from the diffuser.

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portable softbox

9. Andoer Softbox Photography Lighting Kit with 45W

If you are looking for a portable softbox that slightly decreases the backlight in your photographs, especially in portraits, this Andoer brand model could be useful to you. It is a very complete kit that you can take anywhere to reduce brightness without removing clarity from people’s faces.

This portable set comes with 2 softboxes, their respective LED lights and 2 tripods that reach up to 200 cm in height when installed. In addition, you can store the tripods and other accessories of the kit in an Andoer portable case, to be able to bring better lighting to photo sessions outside the studio.

Likewise, we mention that both softboxes are rectangular and have dimensions of 50 x 70 cm. They also have a white diffuser to better attenuate the images.

This is one of the cheapest portable softbox so maybe you have the budget to buy it. Next, we present its main qualities.


Functionality: It works for both portraits and video recording, for example, YouTube vlogs and TV shows.

Foldable: This product is foldable, so you can store it in the Andoer case that includes the package without inconvenience.

Lights: The LED lights that come with this softbox kit offer long life and a color temperature that varies between 2700 and 5500K.


Instructions: It is missing that it comes with instructions for easy assembly.

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Shopping guide

If you are going to buy such a product, first check this guide to buy the best softbox. In it we explain aspects that you should know before choosing a certain model.


Before reading any comparison of softboxes, it is best that you pay attention to this aspect. The shape of the device must be completely related to the type of photography you will take. For example, a rectangular softbox installed vertically will be more suitable for shooting a person’s full body. For fashion photos, this type is highly recommended, as it illuminates the photographed user from head to toe.

Another very common softbox shape is the square one. The advantage of this design is that it offers the same amount of light vertically and horizontally, for better lit portraits. This is because a square softbox has the same height and width.

There are also octagonal softbox models. These are one of the most used in professional photography, because they project dim light in several directions at the same time. In other words, they fill the photographed object and much of the background with light.


Before worrying about how much a certain model of softbox costs, check this point, because sometimes the bigger it is, the price will also be higher. However, if you search carefully on the Internet, you can find a large and cheap model.

If you only want to take pictures of faces, for example for identity documents, you won’t need a big softbox. But in the case of wanting larger photos of people and objects, you will need a large softbox, which must be accompanied by a powerful flash.

On the other hand, for macro photography where you need to get the camera and flashes very close to the subject, a large softbox is also not necessary, unless you use dark diffusers or grids.

diffuser and grid

The diffuser is a fabric that slightly filters the light output in the softbox. There are some softbox models where you can install multiple diffusers. This process should be easy, so usually each diffuser is attached via Velcro.

The most common is to get a softbox with the possibility of mounting 2 diffusers, one internal and one external. These diffusers dim and balance the light from the flash, so that there are no dark parts in the images captured with the camera. If you don’t want to dim the light too much, you can use a single diffuser.

For its part, the grid, which is also known as a grid, helps reduce the background light in photographs of people or objects. This is very useful for creating effects in photos that make people’s faces or bodies stand out, making the background less important. Do not be confused with the focus of the camera. We say this because you can blur the background and highlight the object or person photographed more. In other words, the blur effect is not the same as the result of using a grid softbox.

flash holder

When we talk about this we are not referring to the tripod, but to the fastening of the flash with the softbox. Typically, this bracket, also called a bracket by some people, is located in the center of the softbox.

There are different supports, for example, those of type S and Bowens. The first ones are usually extra pieces to be able to install hand flashes in large holes. Likewise, Bowens are special mounts or holes for studio flashes. You should not confuse both types of support, because otherwise you will have invested the money in vain. First, you need to know if the softbox mount is compatible with the flash you are going to use.


Installation is very important in a softbox, especially if you want to dedicate yourself to professional photography. Imagine that you are going to take pictures of a client outside the studio and the person has to wait for you for 30 minutes or more, until you set up the softbox. Perhaps the client will get tired of waiting or simply won’t hire you again in the future. That is why the installation must be easy, in addition to the transfer and storage.

In short, it is best that you buy a folding softbox, for example, the one with an umbrella-type closing system, since it is quite comfortable and quick to assemble. Also, if it is foldable, it will be more comfortable to move and store, which is also important in outdoor photographs.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a homemade softbox?

Although it seems like a complicated task, you can do it with cardboard, glue gun, sticker, aluminum foil, E27 LED light and an E27 bulb socket with cable and switch. First, make a softbox shape out of cardboard and glue the foil inside. Then, open a hole the size of the bushing and insert the bushing into it. This hole should be in the center of the softbox that you have made out of cardboard and aluminum foil.

Next, place the E27 LED bulb or light in the socket thread. Then connect the socket to power and press the switch to start taking pictures.

Also, you can decorate the outside of the softbox with adhesive vinyl or stickers. Another thing you can do is use a diffuser. In this case, a thin, white fabric would do the trick. Attach this diffuser to the front of the softbox with silicone or thumbtacks and you’re ready to enjoy a more efficient homemade softbox.

Q2: Which is better, softbox or umbrella?

If you are going to take pictures of models and you do not want skin imperfections to be noticed, the best thing is a softbox, since it has one or two diffusers that attenuate the light. In this way, they generate a healthier skin effect, without imperfections.

On the other hand, the umbrella is almost always easier to transport and use, but it does not offer the same homogeneity as the softbox in lighting. We recommend purchasing both types of modifiers, softbox and umbrella, because in practice they both offer different results.

Q3: How to use a softbox?

The first thing you should do is place it at the proper distance from the object. If you want the person to be fully illuminated, move the softbox a little further away. Otherwise, the light will be more concentrated on some part of the body. Another thing you should know to use the softbox correctly is to use a single diffuser if you don’t want to dim the light too much. For example, you can leave only the internal diffuser, so that the image is brighter.

Q4: How to assemble a softbox?

To get started, open up the tripod and mount the flash you’re going to use on it. Then, open the softbox and place the diffusers, that is, both the internal and the external. Next, place the flash in the rear hole of the softbox, holding it well, depending on the type of support it has. Once you have done these steps, plug the flash into the power supply and start taking pictures.

Q5: How to fold a softbox?

Folding a softbox is very easy. Just open the accessory and place the necessary rods inside to give it firmness. In addition to this, there are other models that are also easy to fold, for example, the umbrella type. These have a button or latch that, if pressed, releases the folding system. That is, you only have to release the lock every time you go to open or close the softbox, just like a traditional umbrella.

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