We analyze everything that Amazon Kindle Unlimited offers us

At a time when e-books are all the rage, Amazon Kindle is the perfect companion for the most seasoned reader. A proposal that goes beyond the books that Amazon has always sold in physical format, since its inception.

Although few people remember today, the relationship between Amazon and books goes back a long way. And it is that this was the first article that Jeff Bezos began to sell on his website, back in 1994.

This relationship has been intensifying over time, adapting to current needs. Therefore, in addition to the presence of the usual physical book, today we also find works in electronic format, both Kindle books and ePub format, which can be read on all kinds of devices. So at least you won’t need a Kindle or any other Amazon-owned device to access them.

As part of this offer comes Amazon Kindle Unlimited. A kind of Netflix of books with which it is possible to read almost everything you want without spending too much. With this mode you can access thousands of free books for Kindle or in the Amazon app, called Amazon Reading. If you are interested in reading, we will tell you everything you need to know about this interesting service.

What is Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon program based on a system similar to Netflix or Spotify. Its objective is to offer you all kinds of books at a flat rate. Therefore, through this service you can access different Kindle books for free, as long as they are included in the program. In practice, the application works as a kind of rental system, although without deadlines. You can have up to 10 Amazon books open in your account at one time. Once the book is finished, it is returned, leaving room for a new title.

The catalog of this modality includes around a million titles. The offer is very varied, although it is true that among these free Amazon books you will not find the latest bestsellers or the titles of the most outstanding authors of the moment. The reason is simple. These leading authors have closed contracts with publishers and receive considerable royalties. Something that Amazon is not always willing to pay for. Therefore, it is difficult to find the most outstanding books of the moment among the free Kindle books. As a consolation, it is possible to access these titles at a lower cost thanks to the Amazon Kindle offer, since buying e-books on Amazon is always cheaper than buying them on paper.

How much does Kindle Unlimited cost?

To access Amazon Unlimited, you do need to pay a fee. The price of this service is 9.99 euros per month, under normal conditions. However, sometimes Amazon has offers for a limited period, for example, where you can access these Kindle ebooks for only 9.99 euros for three months, which reduces the cost of Kindle Unlimited to a price of 3, 33 euros per month during this period. 

A free trial of Amazon Kindle UnLtd is also offered at no cost for 30 days. Ideal to evaluate if the service suits you without spending anything. Therefore, we encourage you to try it. 

How to access the books

If you are already rubbing your hands before everything you are going to be able to read, it is necessary to know first what you need to read books in the Kindle or conventional version . The Kindle is an electronic book reader manufactured and marketed by Amazon, recognized for its quality. If you have one of these devices or are thinking of buying a Kindle, you will have everything you need to access this content. Just sign in with your Amazon account on your device and start downloading and reading those free Kindle books.

However, an Amazon Kindle is not required to access these books. And it is also possible to download an app to read all the contents of Amazon Kindle and its books on any mobile, tablet or similar. Simply download the Amazon Reader app for the device you’re using, sign in with your Kindle or Amazon account, and access the books you want. By the way, one advantage of these apps is that they sync your progress across all the devices you use the same account on. So if you start reading books in Amazon Reader on your tablet and then continue on your phone, you’ll pick up the text right where you left off. 

What is Amazon Prime Reading

If you don’t want to spend more on books for now and you have an Amazon Prime account, you have the Amazon Prime Reading service. Its offer is somewhat more limited, offering around a few hundred selected books and free access, unlike all the books we have in the Unlimited version. 

At least that offer is being renewed quickly . So finding news every 30 days on Amazon Prime Books is not strange. By the way, just like Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Prime books can be read on a Kindle or any other device. As for the price, the free book service does not have any additional cost if you have Amazon Prime. Otherwise, its cost would be 39 euros per year and would include all services, such as Amazon Prime Video, Reading or Prime Music.

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