What are the best TFT combinations?

Anyone can understand the game of Teamfight Tactics, but not everyone is successful. This is because the player must be very strategic, choosing balanced combinations. For example, a recommended combo would be Katarina, Braum, Darius, Sejuani, Draven, Leona, and Swain.

You may be wondering what TFT combinations are and what they are for. Well, in the world of Teamfight Tactics, TFT combinations are combos or groups of several characters that belong to the same class or origin. If you make an excellent combo or TFT builds, the chances of winning games will be very high.

Many people believe that they should choose the champions (TFT characters) with 3 stars to win easily, but in most cases it doesn’t work like that. The creators of Teamfight Tactics have provided a game system that does not allow to win using the most powerful. In practice, a 1-star character can kill a 3-star character, as the battle will heavily depend on synergies. That is why in this TFT guide we will show you some combinations. Remember that in this game you have to find the best strategy to win.

The best TFT combos to win games

To be successful in Teamfight Tactics you must be aware of the synergies and the benefits they provide in a match. Therefore, we have made a list with some of the best TFT compositions. If you use them correctly, you can start leveling up in this game, whether you do them on your phone or a gaming computer.

  1. TFT Protectors and Imperials Combo

The combination of 4 imperials and 2 protectors could give you a better balance in the game. However, in this game for PC and phone you have to know how to use each combo. To do this, study your enemy and the combinations he makes with the characters.

You can not lose concentration at any time, as this game is like chess, if you get distracted, you can be defeated. This combination will give you Glacier bonuses with Sejuani, as well as Protectors thanks to Leona.

  • Braum (Icy and Protector)
  • Darius (Imperial and Knight)
  • Katarina (Imperial and Assassin)
  • Draven (Imperial and Swordsman)
  • Sejuani (Glacial and Knight)
  • Leona (Nobleman and Protector)
  • Swain (Demon and Imperial)

  1. Combination of Void and TFT Fighters

If you have 4 Fighters and 3 Void Fighters, the attack power will be higher, winning the game faster. Also, it is worth noting that Void characters are very easy to win, because there are so many of them in the game.

Also, use the champions Vi and Jinx, so you will have a buff in the Hextech category. Also, add Lucian, who will combine perfectly with the champion Jinx.

  • Blitzcrank (Robot and Fighter)
  • Kassadin (Of the Void and Sorcerer)
  • Lucian (Nobleman and Gunslinger)
  • Vi (Hextech and Fighter)
  • Rek’sai (Void and Fighter)
  • Cho’gath (Fighter and Void)
  • Jinx (Hextech and Gunslinger)
  1. Sorcerers and Void

This TFT builds should have 4 Sorcerers and 3 Void; if you make the composition correctly, you will be stronger in battle. This is because you will be using the power of Sorcerers along with a small buff from Wildlings. You can even have 4 fighters at the same time.

This is an excellent combo, because you’ll have Blitzcrank and Cho’gath as tanks and the powerful wizard Kassadin.

  • Warwick (Wild and Fighter)
  • Ahri (Wild and Sorcerer)
  • Karthus (Ghost and Sorcerer)
  • Blitzcrank (Robot and Fighter)
  • Lulu (Yordle and Sorcerer)
  • Rek’sai (Void and Fighter)
  • Kassadin (Of the Void and Sorcerer)
  • Cho’gath (of the Void and Fighter)
  1. Knights and Nobles TFT Combo

The present combo has 6 Nobles and 2 TFT Knights. Also, you will have the champions Jinx and Vi, gaining the Hextech bonus. You will even have 2 Gunslingers if you include Lucian. On the other hand, you will have Leona and Garen, who will protect the Gunslingers.

  • Fiora (Nobleman and Swordsman)
  • Vayne (Nobleman and Hunter)
  • Garen (Nobleman and Knight)
  • Lucian (Nobleman and Gunslinger)
  • Jinx (Hextech and Gunslinger)
  • Leona (Nobleman and Protector)
  • Vi (Hextech and Fighter)
  • Kayle (Nobleman and Knight)

Tips for making good combinations

We could do many things in Teamfight Tactics, since it is a game that allows for hundreds of strategies. However, we must know what combination of characters suits us. To help you choose your team we will give you 4 practical tips.

  1. Choose your team with randomness in mind

Items you want won’t always appear in the Champion Shop, and that’s something to keep in mind. Pick a combination that isn’t directly dependent on the champ shop or items. It’s best if your combo is versatile on its own, not based on the luck of the moment. Remember that the objects appear randomly, sometimes even very few appear in the entire game.

  1. Do not choose according to the level of your characters

Some people choose few strong or 3-star characters believing that they will be enough. Honestly, it’s not a bad idea, but enemy players can have characters that match yours very well. This means that it is not entirely reliable or safe to use four or five 3-star characters. Sometimes less powerful champions can give you victory.

  1. Balance is the key

The key is that you are balanced when choosing your characters and plan a good strategy. Of course, you have to be quick when choosing the characters on the carousel, even when buying. However, you must correctly choose each character and the items you buy. This is how you will achieve better long-term results. Do not get frustrated if you lose many times when you are starting to play Teamfight Tactics, as this can worsen your performance in the game.

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