What to look for when buying a cheap SLR camera

SLR cameras are still the queens of the sector. But its price is not within everyone’s reach. Luckily, finding a cheap SLR camera is easy as long as we are clear about what to look for in that product.

We live in times in which the mobile continues to replace all kinds of devices that we have at our fingertips. Among them, the cameras. Mobile phones continue to advance both in the quality and resolution capacity of the cameras they include and their functions. But the truth is that those of us who want to take real photos have the necessary tool in the best reflex camera (In this link you can find some purchase options).

This no longer means having to spend more money than necessary, thanks to the popularization of these devices. Something that is reflected in the improvement of its functions but also in a lower cost, so that finding a cheap SLR camera is much easier than it was a few years ago. However, for this work to be successful, it is essential to take a look at some key aspects, such as those that we are going to comment on below.

with mirror or without mirror

The first question that arises when looking for one of these cameras is whether to opt for a mirrorless one or a cheap SLR. Some professionals point out that the benefits of cheap SLR cameras are somewhat lower than those that do not include a mirror and even compact cameras. 

In any case, SLR cameras are still ahead in terms of features, such as assistants or the control functions they offer users, giving them more versatility than other cameras that share their price offer. and segment. In any case, if you are clear that what you want to buy is a reflex camera, then you can save yourself this point.

Resolution and lenses

One of the aspects in which the quality of these cheap reflex cameras is also adjusted is the image resolution and the included lenses. Starting with the resolution, the same part from approximately 16 megapixels, compared to 20, 24 or even 26 megapixels of resolution offered by cameras of greater value. It is worth knowing that the issue of megapixels is already somewhat relative, since from 16 megapixels we are already talking about cameras with a high level of quality when taking all kinds of photos.

Almost more important than this resolution is the lens. Something that should always lead us to look for products from top-tier manufacturers, capable of offering high-quality lenses and top-tier approaches that guarantee adequate image quality. So as long as we move between the most prominent brands, such as Canon, Fuji or Nikon, this will not be a problem either.

Size and weight

One of the problems with conventional SLR cameras is the weight and size of the device. Something that translates into approximately one kilo of weight and a good size as far as the size of the device is concerned. This issue is dealt with efficiently in cheap models, since having a simpler approach and less electronics, this adjusts the size and reduces weight.

The result is that a cheap SLR camera generally weighs no more than half a kilo and offers really compact dimensions, making it even easier to take with you wherever you want. Do not forget to review this aspect when evaluating your camera, since the lighter it is, the easier it will be to take it wherever you want to take your photos.

Screen and control

Another aspect in which there is a tendency to reduce quality is the control system. This system encompasses both the image display screen and the rest of the elements with which to control the camera. The screen should always have a good size, from 2.5 to 3 inches diagonally, also offering a good resolution when it comes to seeing everything clearly. 

Regarding control, given the large number of options that a SLR camera has, it is key that the camera management system makes it easy to move between these options, adjust them as it suits us and that everything is easy to do. Something very important if we are looking for a cheap reflex camera for beginners, since for this type of user it is even more important to have assistants and other elements that simplify the use and learning of the camera. All of them can also be found among the cheap models we are talking about.


As a final aspect, it is time to talk about connectivity. A connectivity that is divided into both the wired and wireless sides. Starting with the wiring, this is essential in any SLR camera, both cheap and conventional. That is why we must verify that the product has a USB port, an HDMI port and, perhaps as an option, an audio port. However, the first two are essential, both when connecting the camera to a Smart TV or a monitor and when connecting it to a PC or laptop, which simplifies the process of managing photos.

Regarding the options without cable, these are not so frequent, since they increase the cost of the SLR camera that we are buying. Among these elements we have Bluetooth connectivity, GPS location or WiFi connection. The advantage of GPS is that it can directly tag our photos, so we know where they were taken. Regarding WiFi and Bluetooth, they are two options that simplify sharing files through our mobile phone, via Bluetooth, or connecting the camera to the network, via WiFi. Functions that add new possibilities to the device, although they also increase its price. Therefore, it is a matter of seeing if it is worth the extra that having them means.

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