Why should you print your photos?

When it comes to taking photos, digital has surpassed and almost eliminated the traditional system, based on reels and developed on paper. However, there are many reasons why you should print your photos. 

The technological revolution of recent times has brought about a change in many aspects of our lives. Nowadays, we no longer buy games on CD or DVD, but we acquire a digital key, to download them later. There are also many reading enthusiasts who carry their entire library in an ebook and no longer have physical books at home. 

This phenomenon has also occurred with the world of photography. Today, if we carry a mobile in our pocket, we have a camera of a certain quality at hand. However, what we do not usually have at home are printed photos, beyond the classic ones of a wedding, a communion, of a family member or old photos that are quite a few years old. 

But today printing or developing your photos is easier than ever and there are many reasons why it is convenient for us to rescue those photos from the digital world and have them in the usual paper format. If you don’t know what they are, here we are going to give you the six most important ones.

1. For security

Although we think that it is something that cannot happen, the supports in which we store our photos are not infallible. It doesn’t matter if they are hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, CDs or DVDs. All these supports are subject to the passage of time and can end up failing, which would cause the loss of all our photos. To avoid this, there is nothing better than looking for a good digital photo development service and obtaining physical copies of our favorite photos. A support that, except for a cataclysm, the passage of time will not affect it in a destructive way.

2. For privacy

Compared to local physical media, there are not a few people who turn to cloud services to store their photos. These have the advantage of being more secure than the hard drives or pen drives that we have at home, since they have numerous security policies that protect that content, so a catastrophic technical failure is unthinkable.

What can arouse some mistrust is the issue of privacy. It is true that image leaks from these platforms are very rare, but it has happened. And on the other hand, some people are a bit wary of sending their personal photos to online storage. Something that we can avoid if we choose to print those photos on paper, given that if we resort to an online service they are securely deleted once they have been printed, for greater peace of mind for the user.

3. Because of its importance

Let’s do a little exercise. Go into your phone gallery and take a look at what’s in it. Surely you have photos of interesting, funny, exciting moments, mixed with kitten memes, a screenshot of a publication that you wanted to save and many other things. All this without forgetting the photos of your favorite dishes that you upload to Instagram or the thumbnails of TikTok videos.

In the end, your gallery contains thousands of images, in which it is very likely that your most important photos will end up lost and buried among many other inconsequential images, without having the importance they should enjoy. Something that you can get if you choose to print those important photos for you.

4. To enjoy them as it should

Current photo cameras have incredible resolutions, artificial intelligence systems that improve the quality of these images, as well as other technologies to balance photos and get the most out of them.

However, all these efforts come to nothing if we limit ourselves to observing those images on a mobile screen, no matter how good it may be. So, if we choose to print our best photos, we will not only preserve them properly, but we will also get the maximum quality from them. Something easy if we use a high-quality developing service that is up to the resolution of our images.

5. For comfort

Just as the way photos are taken has changed, so has the process by which we develop or print them. Something that, thanks to the Internet, we can even do directly from home. We just have to enter the page of the development service that we like the most, load the images that we want to print, place our order and wait. 

Once the process is complete, we will have our photos at home in a few days, with a printing quality typical of a laboratory. In addition, if you want to buy other products, such as canvases, mugs, calendars or even enlarged photos of the size that you like, you can also buy them with the same comfort. 

6. By legacy

The last of the reasons why you should print your most important photos is precisely to preserve them as a legacy. An identical reason to the one our parents or grandparents had to print their photos, despite the fact that for their years this service was much more expensive and you risked that the printed photos would be useless. 

So, if you want to leave some beautiful photos for your children or grandchildren, nothing better than keeping them in paper format, to view them comfortably and enjoy wonderful family moments. Some photos that will be part of your history and will be a beautiful inheritance for your loved ones in the very distant future.

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