Xtorm Impulse: a powerbank for your iPhone

Powerbanks are becoming more important, since some smartphones lack high-capacity batteries, and with so many functions and applications they easily run out of autonomy. Therefore, having a powerbank could be very practical. If you have an iPhone, here we will study the advantages of the Xtorm Impulse model designed for it.


Powerbanks and their utility

The first time a powerbank was known was in 2001, when a student made an electrical circuit using AA batteries.

They were marketed as such starting in 2009 when the demand for external batteries grew, so more and more brands and manufacturers ventured into the development of their own high-capacity rechargeable devices.

Nowadays, you can find powerbank units that are capable of providing several full battery charges, so you can be away from home without disconnecting. Depending on the powerbank model, you can connect all kinds of equipment, from mobile phones to electronic tablets, smart watches, headphones or any device that has a rechargeable battery via a USB port.

Power banks are very useful because they simply allow you to use a certain device without fear of running out of battery while being far from an outlet, so your work or daily activities will be affected. However, it would not be until the arrival of the iPhone in 2007 when this device would generate real interest in the public.

Apple and the autonomy of the battery in its devices

It was 2007 when Apple, a renowned and successful software and hardware development company, launched a revolutionary device for its time: the iPhone. This mobile phone had very striking, useful and attractive features for users, highlighting the absence of a physical keyboard and that it was handled only with the use of the fingers.

However, both the first iPhone and several that followed had a common defect: the autonomy of its battery. Despite the fact that the company has tried to incorporate larger capacity batteries, it is the same technological advance and the launch of applications that require more equipment resources and consume autonomy more quickly, leaving the user without a battery in the middle of the day. This can also be applied to other devices in its line, such as tablets and smart watches, where some still lack a battery with enough capacity to support daily use.

Autonomy is also even more affected when the user uses the “push” functions, since the same equipment constantly uses the network to check if there are new notifications, whether they are from emails, social networks, messages, etc. This review and use of telephone networks have a significant impact on battery performance, but are still basic day-to-day necessities. 

Things get a little more complicated for those who like to travel constantly, since they should always have the charger and an outlet nearby to continue using the device normally.

Xtorm Impulse, a powerbank for adventurers

Xtorm Impulse is a powerbank specially designed to be used outdoors and it has something that others do not: a solar energy receiver, which can transform lightning into electrical energy to charge the powerbank itself.

If you are taking a walk in a sunny environment, you should not be afraid of running out of battery to take a photo or an emergency call, since you will have a large capacity power bank at hand and can charge itself.

In addition to this, the equipment also stands out for presenting very robust finishes that make it resistant to shocks and falls. It’s even waterproof, and although submersion is not recommended, you may well use it in the rain without fear of damage.

Another striking detail of this powerbank designed for iPhones is that it has an integrated charging cable, so you don’t have to carry yours with you, thus making it easier to transport the equipment. Likewise, you should also know that it has an integrated carabiner with which you can hold the Xtorm Impulse from your bag or from the buckle of your pants to avoid losing it by accident.

Features of the Xtorm Impulse

If you have been interested in this solar powerbank for iPhone, we invite you to get to know its characteristics in depth so that you can determine if the Xtorm Impulse could be one of the best powerbanks of 2022 (In this link you can find some purchase options).

We will focus first on its physical aspects, since the Xtorm Impulse has dimensions of 13.9 x 7.9 x 1.4 centimeters with a weight of just 167 grams. Thanks to this, you can carry it in your pocket or in any compartment of your bag to have easy access to it.

Regarding its capacity, don’t get carried away by its size, since this model works with a 5,000 mAh lithium polymer battery, with which you can enjoy a couple of full charges for your smartphone.

In addition to this, the powerbank also has an integrated lighting system with four high-capacity LED bulbs, which you can use in emergency situations or to find your way in the dark at night.

On the other hand, the robustness of the battery should be highlighted together with the protective casing with which it is delivered, since it is designed for use outdoors, the Xtorm powerbank comes with a casing with protected edges and corners that, in addition, They include a good quality carabiner.

The carabiner rope is short, to prevent the battery from being hit while you are walking and, as an additional benefit, we consider it an advantage that the powerbank has an affordable price of just 39 euros and it is possible to purchase it in the online store of Xtorm along with other alternatives, as well as at Apple resellers and others.

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