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Main advantage: 

The compact format and light weight of this bidet will allow you to handle it easily when unpacking it and performing the assembly process. Likewise, once the structure is fixed in the bathroom, it will not take up much space.

Main disadvantage: 

Although the bidet has been provided with a mounting area for the lid, it was not attached to the purchase package, having the option of purchasing it separately.

Verdict: 9.5/10

The compact design of this bidet stands out for its curved lines, which project a harmonic and minimalist aesthetic. In addition, thanks to its porcelain manufacture, it offers a resistant and durable structure.

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Main Features Explained

Manufacturing and format

Each manufacturer selects a specific raw material for the construction of its products, which will eventually become its hallmark of quality. This is the case of the Gala house, which during its long history in the market has managed to stand out for the high manufacturing standards applied to each of its designs. In this sense, it has obtained the acceptance of the buyers, positive opinions and the recognition of the industrial sector in which it works.

The Elia model from the Gala house has many flattering aspects to highlight, such as the material with which it was made, belonging to a high range and, therefore, capable of offering a long useful life. It is a bidet made of porcelain, which is a material that combines the properties of clay, quartz, feldspar and kaolin. These minerals provide the structure with resistance, stability, soft touch and a surface with a low percentage of porosity.

Regarding the format of the equipment, you can have dimensions of 53.5 x 35 centimeters and a weight of only 16 kilograms, which are technical specifications designed to facilitate the handling of the structure at the time of assembly. Also, the measurements of the bidet are compact enough not to take up too much space in the bathroom.

Assembly and cleaning

The process of assembling a bidet does not have to generate complications, since it is usually so simple that you can do it yourself. Of course, it is important that you have previously examined the information provided by the manufacturer in the instruction manual, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the task you are going to carry out.

In the specific case of Gala Elia, we have that it is a bidet that requires a standing assembly attached to the wall. To do this, you will need to fix the structure to the ground, using some type of glue suitable for porcelain. In this way, you will provide the bidet with the necessary stability to avoid any type of incident when in use.

On the other hand, there is the issue of maintenance and cleaning. According to the manufacturer, this is a task that should be carried out with liquid soap and a sponge or soft bristle brush, avoiding as much as possible the use of steel wool that can scratch the surface. Likewise, as part of this maintenance, you should check the joints belonging to the drains and make sure they do not leak.

For all these reasons, buyers are not mistaken in evaluating the product as one of the best bidets due to its intuitive assembly, ease of cleaning and affordable price.


Gala is a brand that has successfully positioned itself in a very competitive market, standing out from its competitors due to the design lines applied to each of its products. For example, the Gala bidets are characterized by offering a design with a lot of personality, which once installed in the bathroom will hardly go unnoticed.

This is the case of the Elia bidet. Its bright white monobloc structure has a traditional cut, but also adapts to current design trends. In this sense, it projects a minimalist and avant-garde aesthetic that will add a distinctive touch to the bathroom without interfering with the existing decoration. In addition, the contours of this compact structure were rounded, giving you a concept of harmonic shapes that recalls femininity.

It is of interest to comment on the incorporation of an overflow that will allow you to correctly adjust the intakes for the water system. Likewise, in the upper part of the bidet there is a hole arranged so that you can mount the respective faucet, which on this occasion is a single-lever mixer. Optionally, the kit includes a mounting area for the cover, which has not been included with the purchase.

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