Opinions about LG SJ4R

Main advantage: 

One of the aspects that stands out the most in this sound bar presented by LG is that you can easily connect to any TV wirelessly thanks to the Bluetooth system. In addition, it has powerful speakers that will allow you to enjoy high audio fidelity.

Main disadvantage:

This model does not have a system that allows each speaker to be individually equalized, nor does the subwoofer, so you will not be able to manage the bass and bass to get the most out of it.

Verdict: 9.9/10 

If you are interested in purchasing a sound bar that has Hi-res sound quality, good power levels and automatic equalizer, we invite you to consider this model.

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Main Features Explained

sound and technology

Before you look at the price of sound bars, we recommend you consider the sound power and the type of technology used by the model you are planning to choose. 

One of the aspects that stands out the most in this sound system is that it has high-fidelity sound power, which will allow you to enjoy very clearly the auditory nuances of the various multimedia content to be played. In addition to this, it has 120W speakers that will help you achieve a surround effect more easily, unlike other products on the market.

As for the wireless technology used, it makes use of Bluetooth 4.0 so that you forget about having cables lying all over your living room or bedroom, since this can become an inconvenience if you have children, the elderly and pets at home., since they could trip and affect their physical integrity. Likewise, this will also allow you to place the speakers in different positions for an immersive experience.

On the other hand, it also has LG’s Auto Sound Engine technology, which means that you can turn up the volume to the level you want without worrying about the audio losing quality. 

Channels and components

The first feature that we invite you to take into account so that you can acquire one of the best sound bars of the moment is to consider how many channels it has. Since, this aspect will be the one that will help you to enjoy a listening experience with surround quality regardless of the multimedia content that you are going to play.

On this occasion, the LG brand presents us with a sound bar that has a 4.1-channel audio system, which means that the equipment comes with more than 4 speakers. Being able to reconstruct the tracks so that you can enjoy video games, series and even movies with quite acceptable sound quality. In addition, the audio reconstructed by the sound bar system has Hi-res quality and technology, so the multimedia content to be played will not be affected by distortions or noise.

Additionally, if you take into account the positioning of the speakers and the sound bar and manage to place the 4 speakers around the space in which you will be sitting, but in such a way that it forms a square with the bar in front of it, you will be able to experience the maximum surround capacity that the SJ4R can give you.


If you are looking for opinions regarding the dimensions that the sound bar that is ideal for your home should have, you first have to think about the location of your television. That is, if it is installed on a wall mount or on a table, since this is important so that you can enjoy the maximum capacity of the sound bar.

This sound bar is presented in an elegant black design with silver edges, which has dimensions of 89 x 5.5 x 8.5 centimeters, ideal for you to place it without any problem and thus get the most out of the equipment and you can enjoy surround sound, of good quality and without bounce effect. 

On the other hand, the general rule for loudspeakers establishes that, in order to enjoy good sound levels and be able to distinguish between the left and right sides, the bar must be positioned at various key points and be high enough in such a way that it is come up to your head. Since, in this way, your ears will be able to more easily capture and distinguish the sound quality of the device and that of the multimedia content that you are going to play.

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