The 5 Best 40-Inch 4K TVs of 2022

40-inch 4K TV – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

Within flat televisions, the new measurement standard is moving away from 32 inches and is increasingly around 40 inches. A suitable size for rooms that are not too large, which in turn can display images with 4K quality. To choose from, you probably want to know which is the best 40-inch 4K TV you can find. We, for now, offer you two interesting proposals. The first is the Panasonic TX-40JX800 model, which includes a dynamic image system, which provides sharpness and brightness according to the intensity of lighting in your room, as well as surround sound and voice control. Another interesting model is the LG 43UN7100ALEXA, due to its intelligent technology to make adjustments comfortably, Ultra Surround sound systems and image control according to the content to be played.

Top 5 40-Inch 4K TVs – Opinions 2022

When looking for the best 40-inch 4K television of the moment, the truth is that the options are limited, since few manufacturers combine these two parameters. However, there are models that we can use if we want the highest image quality but in a tight size. Let’s look at some of those models.

1. Panasonic TX-40JX800 Android LED TV 4K HDR 40″

Nowadays, a television is not only qualified by its image quality, but also by the totality of functions that allow its use to be comfortable. In this sense, the Panasonic model is not far behind. It offers a dynamic picture adjustment, so that, whether in natural lighting or in a low light environment, you can always enjoy adequate contrast and brightness. Likewise, its Dolby Atmos sound system stands out, which simulates a 3D environment, for a more immersive experience.

If we analyze its connectivity, you will be able to enjoy online content easily through WiFi, but you will also be able to transmit it from your devices, thanks to the fact that it has WiFi, for a stable and agile link. As if that were not enough, you will not have to look for the remote control to make changes, since you can do it through voice commands, since it is compatible with Alexa.

There are many qualities of this TV, that’s why we have added the following section, organized in the form of pros and cons.


Image scaler: If your content has a different resolution, the TV will automatically adjust it with its 4K Upscaler system, so you don’t lose quality.

Sound power: You won’t need separate speakers, since it includes 2 10W channels, enough for powerful sound in a standard-size room. In addition, the audio quality stands out due to the included Dolby Atmos technology.

Ports: You have the option to easily connect external devices through USB or HDMI ports.


Pure blacks: Compared to other TVs, its reproduction of black tones could be better.

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2. LG 43UN7100ALEXA 43″ 4K UHD Smart TV

The LG brand continues to be among the favorites when it comes to choosing a television. The reason is that models like the 43UN7100ALEXA, with its imaging technology and accessories, meet expectations without increasing the cost of the device too much.

Its technology allows image control compatible with HDR10 Pro and, thanks to its high refresh rate, it is a TV suitable for gamers. This is combined with powerful sound components and an Ultra Surround driver. Thus, the audio and video experience is of high quality, adapting to any type of content.

Likewise, it is convenient to emphasize the artificial intelligence added to its technology, which provides a simple and intuitive use; as well as connectivity via Bluetooth, USB and HDMI ports. Therefore, you can easily view content from mobile phones, tablets and other players.

LG could be the best brand of 40-inch televisions due to the great acceptance that this model has had.


WiFi: You can view content online through its direct connection to your home network.

Image interface: Without taking any additional actions, your software can adapt the content playback to the best resolution.

HDR 10 Pro: Delivers a sharp, color-optimized picture and a powerful processor for smooth, seamless viewing.

Voice control: You can easily adjust the TV settings using your voice.


Remote control: This model can be controlled through Magic Control, however, this add-on is not included with the purchase. Therefore, you will have to purchase it separately.

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3. Samsung 4K UHD 2019 43RU7025 Smart TV 

More and more users are opting for 4K image quality, which is why Samsung presents us with this model that is especially focused on improving the video experience. To this end, it includes a powerful processor among its internal components and optimizes its results with systems that constantly monitor scenes to optimize color and contrast. In this way, what you observe is even more similar to reality.

On the other hand, you will not have to worry about a complicated use of the device, since the interface is friendly and intuitive, making it very easy to use applications such as Netflix, HBO and more.

In relation to the design, we must highlight the characteristics of its frame that, being very thin, goes unnoticed, thus contributing to achieving a more immersive experience without distractions. As far as sound is concerned, it also deserves a good rating as it includes Dolby Digital Plus audio controls. 

Samsung competes in the market to get the best opinions from users. We offer you more important information about this model.


Contrast: Thanks to its Purecolor and HDR 10+ system, colors are perceived as natural, with deep blacks and brighter ranges of tones.

Connectivity: You can connect players, tablets, mobiles and more to take advantage of the image of this television, because it includes USB, HDMI and Ethernet ports.

Interaction: The user platform has achieved good ratings because it is easy to use and allows intuitive navigation between functions.


LCD: Compared to Samsung’s OLED technology, this TV may cause more eye strain after several hours of exposure.

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4. Panasonic Led 4K Ultra HD TV 40 inches HX810 Series

With an image projection of high contrast and great detail, this Panasonic proposal seeks to satisfy the expectations of demanding users. Its compatibility with the most common formats on the market is very wide and it offers special configurations to improve the projection of games or sports, helping you to live them as if you were in the stadium.

It should be noted that, in terms of movie and video playback, enjoying an image faithful to the one specified by the producers is another of the qualities it offers, since its color coding system has been calibrated in Hollywood. Likewise, its Dolby Atmos and Cinema Surround sound complement the experience in each scene. 

As if this were not enough, it includes connectivity with Bluetooth technology, as well as HDMI, Ethernet and USB ports, without forgetting that it is a TV prepared to connect to a subwoofer and add more drama to the sound.

Living the home theater experience can be an option within your reach with this model that is considered among the best 4k televisions of 2022.


Dynamic Image: HDR10+ and Dolby Vision drivers, combined with its powerful HCX processor, help render scenes more lifelike in every shot.

Sound quality: The audio experience is very immersive, because it creates an enveloping atmosphere.

Design: It is a television with a sober and elegant appearance, with a subtle frame that does not distract or interfere with the image.


Broadband Internet: It is essential to have a high-speed Internet service, to be able to enjoy the qualities of this television when playing online content.

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5. Hisense 43AE7000F UHD TV 2020 Smart TV 

If your content is of 2K quality, but you want to view it with greater sharpness and realism, it is possible with this model, which has an intelligent image scaler. However, there are many other technologies that should be analyzed.

For example, this television is capable of interpreting the images so that the shadows and light areas acquire greater vitality, transmitting realism at every moment. This not only benefits movie and sports projections, but is also suitable for gamers, as its transmission time from the projection source is only 16 ms, which can make a difference in your games, giving you an advantage to favor.

If you’re wondering how dynamic its sound is, you’ll be interested to know that, thanks to its Dolby Atmos controller, the audio nuances add a great aural impression to the image you’re looking at. In addition, its virtual height and bass enhancement technologies intensify the experience.

Buying a good device does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money. Proof of this is this cheap 4K model, but with great qualities, presented to us by Hisense.


Artificial intelligence: You can control the TV with simple voice prompts, thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa technology.

Remote control: Through an application you can turn your smart devices into remote controls, to make changes to your television.

Predefined modes: You can quickly adapt the television by choosing the Game or Sports mode, as the case may be, to enjoy the best sound and video projection. 


Energy efficiency: It may not be the device with the best energy consumption label on the market, due to its G rating.

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Shopping guide

If until a while ago 32-inch televisions were the basic reference in terms of size, today it is 40-inch televisions that have replaced this measure. A measure in which it is possible to implement 4K resolution, enjoying higher image quality and definition in any compatible content. So if you’re thinking of getting one of these new models, all you have to do is read our guide to buying the best 40-inch 4K TV and find out what you should look out for.


Image quality

To start making a comparison of 40-inch 4K televisions, it is necessary to talk about image quality. Something that may seem absurd, given that a 4K television uses a standard that should look more or less the same in all models, both in the most expensive and in the economic price. Nothing is further from reality.

A 4K television has a certain resolution, which is what establishes the standard. However, the rest of the parameters that the TV uses to mount those images are not set. We are talking about details such as contrast or brightness, that the higher they are, the better results they generate when viewing those images. The same happens with the brand’s own technologies, which give an extra quality to the image presented on the screen. These are issues that influence the final appearance of our programs on the television and also, in part, how much a specific 40-inch 4K television costs.

By the way, when it comes to getting the most out of this resolution, it is important to have quality elements but also to configure them properly. So if the product includes an assistant or similar with which to manage everything that 4K can do for us, much better.

Sound quality

As with the image, the sound quality is also variable. In this case, there are more notable differences in aspects such as power or the formats supported by the television. Regarding the first aspect, it is convenient that the model exceeds the 10 watts of output power that the usual televisions usually offer, even when they are products that are not going to be in especially large rooms.

As if that were not enough, it is essential that this television has compatibility with the audio formats used in the 4K system, such as Dolby Digital Plus or DTS HD. Although if it reaches Dolby True HD or even DTS HD Master Audio it will always be much better. And if this is not the case, we will always have the option of resorting to a sound bar or a Home Cinema, in case you need it.

With Smart TV or not

One of the aspects that is always part of our guides, as far as televisions are concerned, has to do with whether or not they have Smart TV functions. An aspect that, with regard to televisions of this size, is given by their characteristics, or rather by their resolution.

The issue stems from the fact that, at this level of resolution and size, it is practically impossible to find models that do not include these Smart TV functions. The question is logical, given that a user who bets on a resolution as high as this surely wants to have all the options at his fingertips. Therefore, removing the Smart TV function is not something “logical”. In any case, some lesser-known manufacturers do offer a product with these characteristics.

connection ports

Another important aspect of these televisions is to evaluate how many connection ports the equipment includes. We must think that to this television we surely want to connect not only our conventional antenna, but also a DVD player, a digital decoder or even a video game console. To connect all these devices it is obvious that we are going to need ports, so the more the better.

Among these ports we should have a good range of HDMI ports, no less than 3 and at least one of them capable of using the ARC system, with which to remotely control the TV when connecting certain devices. We must also have one or two USB ports, with which to connect pen drives to record or some other device. And if we also have other additional sockets, it will always be easier to have the product connected to everything we need.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is there a white 40-inch 4K TV?

There are several manufacturers that offer white 40-inch televisions in their catalogs. As an example we have Philips, which was one of the pioneers in “whitening” its televisions, to which companies such as Grundig, Samsung or Telefunken, to name a few, have been added shortly after. However, in case we want a 40-inch 4K TV in white, for now, to our knowledge, there is no manufacturer that has them in its catalog.

Q2: What is a 40-inch 4K frameless TV for?

Without having a specific utility, the idea of ​​frameless televisions is to offer better viewing sensations. In any case, it is important to know that the television still has a frame, since it is essential, but in exchange, it is covered with glass, to better hide its presence. In practice, this system offers a more elegant finish and a more interesting display, in line with what happens with phones with curved or infinity screens.

Q3: What is the minimum distance for a 40-inch 4K TV?

The distance to the screen for a 4K model is given by a relationship with its diagonal, this being equivalent to 1.3 times the diagonal of the television that we are evaluating. Thus, for a 40-inch or 101-centimeter diagonal 4K television, the distance would be approximately 1.3 meters. In any case, if we take a look around the net, we can find various other recommendations regarding the distance, so it’s all a matter of trying.

Q4: What to do if my 40-inch Samsung TV won’t turn on?

The first thing we must do is check that the television is really on and has not hung up, which can happen. To do this, we will press the buttons on the remote or we will leave the power button pressed, to see if there is a response. If there isn’t, we’ll unplug the TV from power and plug it back in a few seconds later to see if that resolves the issue.

This would be an important step also if the television does not turn on, having to check both the plug that goes to the wall and the one that goes to the television itself. Finally, if all this does not solve the problem, it will be advisable to change the TV plug, to see if it was a fault, as a last step before calling the technical service.

Q5: What are the dimensions of a 40-inch 4K TV?

A 40-inch diagonal 4K TV measures 101 centimeters across, along with a height of 49.8 centimeters and a width of 88.6 centimeters. However, these measurements belong exclusively to the visible part of the screen, and may vary considerably with respect to the final measurements of the television, which will include the frame and the base of the product.

Q6: What mount to use for 40 inch 4K TV?

Since each manufacturer has its own measurements, as far as establishing the distance between the screws in a VESA mount is concerned, it is difficult to indicate a specific type of support. Fortunately, current supports are very versatile and even more so for 40-inch televisions. So it is enough to see the VESA measurements of our television and check that they match those of the support that we have chosen.

Q7: Which 40-inch 4K TV to buy for a second home?

Given that it is a television that we are not going to use much and that it is surely in a place where we do not have WiFi or an Internet connection, the most reasonable thing would be to bet on an economic model that does not include Smart TV functions and that has a Full HD resolution.. Obviously, if this falls short and our budget allows it, we can always go up to the higher range, with Smart TV or with a 4K image.

Q8: Is it possible to find 40-inch 4K TVs without Smart TV?

Due to the characteristics of these models and the offer that manufacturers have, it is quite difficult to find a 40-inch television with 4K resolution that does not have a Smart TV included. However, there are some lesser known manufacturers that offer some of these products to consumers.

How to use a 40 inch 4k tv

When using a 40-inch 4K TV, there are simple functions, such as setting a channel, and more complex ones, such as accessing the Smart TV function, optimizing the image or playing content. Since the first ones are easy, we are going to focus on the second ones, offering you some guidelines so you don’t get lost when you have to face them.

tune the channels

One of the first processes carried out during the installation of a new television is to tune in to the DTT channels. However, there are many reasons why you may need a retune, ranging from a change in frequencies to the presence of new channels. To have an updated channel list, simply access the television settings from the remote control, access the television functions and here those that correspond to tuning. Options that vary by model, but shouldn’t be hard to find.

Accessing and using the Smart TV

Another advanced function of one of these devices is to access and use the Smart TV functions, which are common in 40-inch 4K televisions. Accessing them is usually easy, since most televisions include a button for direct access to the general menu or even to specific apps, such as Netflix or YouTube.

If this is not the case, simply access the TV functions, using the menu button, to see the different options and choose the Smart TV option. Once inside, we only have to move through the functions of the television and choose the app that suits us. And if you need an app that is not included, the TV will have a “store” where you can install whatever is necessary.

Connect your mobile

On 40-inch 4k televisions with Smart TV, it is possible to connect our mobile directly to it. A process that we can carry out directly by HDMI cable, if the phone is compatible, or through wireless options such as Bluetooth or WiFi. In this case, we can use the Miracast functions, which are usually the simplest. Anyway, check what your phone offers you to know which is the best option.

Record and play content

Current 40-inch 4k televisions include a USB port, where we can connect a USB device or an external hard drive to record our programs or load multimedia content. The use of this system is very easy, since it is enough to use the remote control keys to record content, which we can also program from the EPG. As for playback, it is easy to access it from the device’s functions, having the same options to advance or pause its progress. By the way, the process is identical to control the playback of files on the network, from your PC or another device.

Optimize the image

Optimizing the image is another of the necessary steps to take better advantage of the functions of our television. An especially more complex process in models with 4K resolution, which require more time to squeeze it. Fortunately, we have predefined profiles for certain broadcasts, such as sports, movies or concerts. In some 4K models, it is also possible to have an assistant, which helps us optimize the image according to our preferences. All these options are within our reach from the menu settings, on the remote control.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Panasonic TX-40GXW704 TV 101,6 cm 40″ 4K Ultra HD

El Smart TV Panasonic TX-40GXW704 es un producto completo con el que disfrutar tanto de una imagen de calidad como de un funcionamiento fluido. Su calidad 4K se acompaña de una tasa de refresco de 1200 hercios, logrando así imágenes más realistas y sin parpadeo. 

Una señal que puede proceder tanto de las emisiones TDT tradicionales como de emisiones de satélite y también de sus funciones Smart TV. Estas últimas nos permiten asomarnos a la red y acceder a las plataformas de streaming en esa calidad Ultra HD, logrando así mayor calidad de imagen en dichos contenidos. 

Un diseño que se complementa con un audio con una salida de potencia de 20 vatios y de una buena calidad, más que suficiente para un televisor de este tamaño.

Te dejamos algunos detalles destacados de este producto y de lo que te ofrece a la hora de disfrutar de tus programas favoritos.


Imagen: La resolución 4K del televisor mejora con una tasa de refresco de 1.200 hercios.

Smart TV: Las funciones Smart tienen un rendimiento muy fluido gracias a la conectividad WiFi de 5 Ghz.

Sonido: La salida de sonido del televisor es de 20 vatios, con una calidad de cine en su planteamiento.


Configuración de audio: Es necesario configurar el audio conforme a nuestras preferencias, para lograr unos mejores resultados.

Interfaz: La interfaz de usuario se queda algo anticuada en su planteamiento y apariencia.

Bolva TV LED 40″ 4K S-4098 Smart TV Android

Con un diseño moderno, disponible en color negro, este modelo de televisor de 40 pulgadas aparece como uno de los favoritos, ya que es adecuado para instalar en cualquier espacio de la casa e integrarse con la decoración del lugar, porque puede colocarse sobre distintas superficies planas, gracias a que tiene un soporte a cada lado del equipo, que le proporciona mayor estabilidad y firmeza. 

El peso de este modelo no supera los 15 kilos y su pantalla de 40 pulgadas es de tecnología LED, con capacidad para mostrar contenido audiovisual con alta definición y calidad en cada uno de los fotogramas, así como precisión en los colores, ya que es de resolución 4K ultra HD. 

Funciona bajo el sistema operativo Android, por lo que su uso es sencillo e interactivo, sin complicaciones y con una respuesta rápida. Está dotado con conexión WiFi y Ethernet, así como otros puertos que mejoran su capacidad para vincularse.

Si deseas conocer más detalles sobre este modelo de televisores de 40 pulgadas, entonces sería adecuado que eches un vistazo a sus aspectos favorables y negativos que presentamos a continuación. 


Diseño: Tiene un diseño clásico de color negro que se integra con la decoración de cualquier hogar y posee soporte con base a cada lado.

Conectividad: Para asegurar la conectividad con otros equipos, incorpora 2 puertos USB y 3 HDMI. 

Resolución: El modelo ha sido dotado por su fabricante con una resolución de alta gama en audio y vídeo, por lo que reproduce contenido en ultra HD, con calidad de detalle en cada escena.

Liviano: Este modelo posee un peso relativamente liviano de 7,8 kg, de modo que será fácil de instalar.


Sonido: Este televisor puede resultar un poco simple para los usuarios que disfrutan de sonidos potentes, ya que no es de tipo envolvente.

Panasonic TX-40EX600E Televisor Ultra HD LCD

Para no limitar nuestra búsqueda solo a modelos Samsung, hemos querido incluir este modelo de Panasonic que también es digno candidato a ser el mejor televisor 4K de 40 pulgadas del momento. Para ello cuenta con mejoras como su tasa de refresco de 1.300 hercios que acelera de forma notable la imagen para obtener una mayor calidad.

Una tecnología que también incluye una mejora del color y una iluminación progresiva con la que obtener negros más puros y claros más definidos. El modelo también mejora en el lado del sonido, con un sistema 2.0 de 20 vatios de potencia y una adecuada calidad. Y para que no eches nada en falta, el modelo incluye funciones inteligentes como el control por voz o la función Smart TV.

Conoce más sobre este representante de los mejores televisores 4K de 40 pulgadas del 2022 con el análisis detallado que realizamos a continuación.


Calidad de imagen: La pantalla cuenta con una resolución 4K con una elevada tasa de refresco de 1300 hercios, con la que no percibir parpadeo alguno y obtener una imagen más fluida.

Sistema de control: El sistema de control incluye opciones por voz, que nos permiten olvidarnos del mando a distancia.


Consumo de energía: El consumo de energía es de clase A, por lo que este modelo gasta un poco más de energía que otros modelos similares.

Color de las patas: Aunque es un aspecto menor, lo cierto es que las patas del televisor no siguen el color negro del producto, sino que son plateadas, lo que puede no ser del gusto de ciertos usuarios.

Samsung UE40MU6105

El televisor Samsung UE40MU6105 es un modelo interesante para quienes buscan un producto dentro de este tamaño de pantalla. Este producto ofrece la resolución 4K habitual, con los diferentes elementos de mejora de la marca que ayudan a darle aún más calidad y presencia. Entre ellos, tenemos el sistema HDR, que mejora la calidad de cualquier contenido incluso cuando este no es tipo 4K.

También ofrece diferentes elementos con los que conectar el producto a la red, tales como su funcionalidad Smart TV, conectividad mediante USB o incluso Bluetooth, lo que facilita compartir archivos y vídeo con el televisor. Todas las opciones de los modelos de mayor tamaño en un producto de 40 pulgadas de diagonal.

Conoce algún detalle más sobre este modelo, por si el mismo puede resultarte interesante a la hora de equipar tu hogar.


Sistema de imagen: El sistema de imagen y las mejoras propias de la marca ofrecen una imagen nítida, de alta profundidad y con un colorido mejorado.

Conectividad: El equipo cuenta con conexión para Smart TV, opciones para conectarte mediante tu móvil o tablet por Bluetooth, así como conexiones USB o HDMI, entre otras.


Tipo de base: La base de este televisor es de tipo ancho, de modo que ocupará algo más de espacio en tu mesa a la hora de colocarla.

Smart TV: La funcionalidad Smart TV utiliza la versión 1.5 del software de Samsung, algo más antigua de la actualmente disponible.

Sharp LC-40UG7252E UHD Smart TV

El televisor Sharp LC-40UG7252E es una prueba de la vuelta a la actualidad de esta marca de siempre, que nos ofrece un televisor 4K de 40 pulgadas cargado de funciones. Entre ellas, tenemos un sintonizador actualizado a las últimas tecnologías para la TDT, así como una pantalla de 40 pulgadas con esa resolución UHD y todo lo necesario para extraer cada pixel de cualquier contenido. La prueba la tenemos en detalles como una actualización de 400 hercios.

Lo mismo pasa con el sonido, que ha sido diseñado por Harman/ Kardon, lo que ofrece sensaciones mucho más agradables y envolventes. Por si fuera poco, este modelo también incluye la tecnología Smart TV propia de la marca, que emplea el sistema Aquos NET+. Algo que facilita conectarte a tu plataforma de streaming favorita y convertir el equipo en el centro de tu ocio virtual.

Si aún no tienes claro si este es el televisor que te conviene, consulta el resumen de su

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