How to cut hair in layers?

Hair is a fundamental part of the presentation. It doesn’t matter if you wear it short, medium or long, the important thing is that it looks cared for, healthy and according to the style and individual personality. In this sense, the layered cut is a youthful and versatile style, which gives movement to any woman’s hair.

You have planned to cut your hair and want to change your appearance, but the day does not come when you visit a professional. Do not worry! The layered style or also known as scaled could be a favorable option. Plus, it’s so easy that more than one person chooses to cut their hair at home and test the results. In this sense, you could give yourself a change of look with a fresher cut and more movement, or simply highlight your hair to keep it healthy and strong.

Who does the scaled haircut favor?

When it comes to scaled cuts, you can play with different lengths, shapes and appreciation of the layers, since it is possible to cut them in a subtle way or making a difference between each one. Also, this haircut can flatter women with straight or curly hair, of any age, be worn in different hair lengths, and is also easy to style.

Are you interested in knowing how to cut hair at home? If so, we bring you two simple and effective techniques to cut your hair in layers and achieve this youthful style.

1. Layered haircut for medium straight hair

In the event that you already have a straight haircut, but you want to give it more grace and freshness, this technique will help you obtain favorable results, with only a scissors exclusively for cutting hair, a comb, an elastic band and a boat. spray with water, to moisten the ends of the hair.

The first thing you should do is part the hair starting from the ears towards the back in a straight line, to make a high ponytail with the hair from the top part of the parting, tilting the head and combing the hair forward to hold it close to the hairline. forehead. As for the hair that was left loose, it will be the base layer, which will remain intact.

Next, moisten the ends of the ponytail, comb well and making a guide with your index and middle fingers, slide them until you reach approximately 3 cm from the ends, and proceed to cut the hair, verifying that it has been straight.

Afterwards, let go of the ponytail, comb it back and check the new cut layer. Likewise, he repeats the procedure, but this time make the division starting from the eyes. He finishes drying the ends with a hair dryer. The result will be a stepped mane with more volume and freedom.

2. Scaled cut for long hair

This technique is to achieve a scaled long hair look. You only need a hair scissors, a comb and some elastic bands, as well as having wet hair. Start by making a high ponytail, taking care that there are no knots and it looks neat. To do this, it is advisable to tilt your head down and patiently comb your hair forward. Remember that hair is more fragile when it’s wet, so do this step gently.

As for the height of the ponytail, the closer you make it to the forehead, the hair will stay longer and the layers will be concentrated in the lower middle area. On the contrary, if you want to cut part of the length of the hair and also achieve few layers, but with a marked difference in length between each one, you should direct the ponytail towards the center of the head, that is, between the forehead and the crown.

Then, comb the ponytail well forward and place a series of elastic bands, equidistantly at about 3 cm each, until you mark where you want to cut. For subtle layers cut at the chin or lower; now, if you want strong layers that run the entire length of the hair, cut more centimeters, but be careful not to do it above the nose, to prevent the outermost layer from being too short.

Next, the ends are cut above the guide rubber, then the elastic bands are removed, and even with the ponytail, comb forwards verifying that the cut has been straight. Then, release the ponytail and carefully comb the hair back, checking the symmetry and length of the layers . Lastly, finish the scaled hair look with a blow dryer, you can style the ends of the layers outwards or leave them with a natural fall.

Recommendations for layered haircuts according to length

If we wanted to define the layered cut with a single word, we would say versatile, since it works for everyone and does not go out of style. The secret is to know what type of layers favor according to the shape of the face , if you have straight, wavy or curly hair, as well as with which you feel more comfortable and attractive.

Now, if we focus on short layered hair, it is worth adding that it is a style worn by daring and practical women, since it breaks with classic cuts and, in turn, is easy to comb and maintain. In the case of fine hair , this cut gives it vitality due to the instant volume created by the different layers.

As for medium-length hair, it is quick to style on a day-to-day basis, and has a visual effect like long hair , thanks to the movement it provides. In addition, it combines well with reflections, California highlights and other techniques that provide light to the hair. Likewise, long layered haircuts can suit your style. For example, if you want a youthful look , you can complement it with bangs.

When defining a look, there are many alternatives to choose from. In this sense, one of them is layered hair, which is a wild card style that works for everyone.

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