Reviews of San Ignacio Vita

Main advantage:

This cookware is made from a combination of stainless steel, wrought aluminum and cast aluminum, giving it strength, resistance and efficiency, for quality results and longer life.

Main disadvantage:

The handles of the pots, pans and frying pans do not have a silicone coating, which could cause discomfort when moving them when they are hot.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a very complete cookware, as it has 3 saucepans, 1 pie pan and 1 deep frying pan, all with a glass lid to ensure better cooking of food. 

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Main Features Explained


It is one of the most versatile cookware of this type, since it is made up of 5 different elements to offer more options when preparing your favorite recipes. In this sense, it has a deep frying pan with a diameter of 24 cm, suitable for frying, sautéing and roasting, as well as for preparing pancakes, tortillas, crepes, among others.

Likewise, it offers 3 saucepans, one with a diameter of 20 cm, 8.5 cm high and 2 liters of capacity, another with a diameter of 24 cm, 10.5 cm high and 4 liters of capacity, and the third with a capacity of 28 cm. in diameter, 16.5 cm high and 9 liters capacity. It is worth mentioning that these pans are suitable above all for preparing stews, sauces and soups, but also for making different types of pasta and rice.

It also has a low pot or wok-type pan with a diameter of 28 cm, a height of 7 cm and a capacity of 3.4 liters, suitable for preparing vegetables, rice and stews. In addition, it includes transparent lids for each of the pots, which allow you to monitor the cooking process without having to uncover them and, as if that were not enough, they have a hole to let out excess steam.


This set of pots is made with an innovative technology that combines three types of materials, forged aluminium, cast aluminum and stainless steel, to offer a resistant and functional structure. Therefore, they can be used in any type of recipe and culinary technique, optimizing cooking time and energy consumption, which is why many users and expert cooks consider it to be the best cookware.

The forged aluminum allows an optimal distribution of heat, favoring the uniform cooking of food, because it avoids hot spots. It also provides greater energy savings, thanks to the fact that it can be heated quickly and offers great resistance to wear and corrosion. For its part, cast aluminum allows heat retention for a longer time, in addition, it is a robust and highly durable material.

18/10 stainless steel is a material that not only offers great resistance to wear, but together with aluminium, generates optimal thermal connectivity, capable of distributing heat evenly. They also incorporate Whitford’s Eterna + Ti non-stick coating, which offers the possibility of cooking with less oil or fat, favoring a healthier lifestyle. Also, they are easier to clean and wash, because the use of abrasive sponges or chemical products is not necessary.


In addition to offering a convenient price, this cookware has accessories that increase its usefulness, providing more opportunities to create new recipes, because they simplify procedures to obtain quality results in less time. In this sense, all the pieces of the Vita line have a measuring scale inside, to facilitate preparations that require specific quantities of ingredients, for which the opinions of the users are very positive.

Also, they have a pouring nozzle to serve or change their content from one container to another avoiding splashes, in this way you will obtain a good presentation and maintain hygiene in the kitchen area. In addition, they have the Ultra Turbo induction system, which ensures their compatibility with all types of stoves, ovens and heat panels, such as electric, gas, induction, vitro and halogen.

Likewise, the lids incorporate liquid strainer holes on the inner edge, which allows you to properly eliminate the excess of some preparations, so you will not need to use other utensils, thus saving time and effort. For its part, all the handles and clamping handles have been fixed to the surface with screws and rivets, to give it greater firmness and precision.

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