The 5 Best Glass Baby Bottles of 2022

Glass Baby Bottle – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When shopping for baby utensils, parents consider many factors to keep their children safe and healthy. A glass bottle is a very good option because it is non-stick, can be sterilized and is durable. After an analysis of the most outstanding baby bottles according to their characteristics, we can mention the most outstanding ones. As the first model we present Philips Avent SCF673/17, made with a high-quality material, easy to clean and that also offers compatibility with the different models of Philips Avent brand teats. It comes in presentations of 120 and 240 ml. For its part, the model Dr. Brown’s WB9100P4It is a wide mouth bottle and has a capacity of 270 ml. It is designed in such a way that it prevents the baby from swallowing air. It is, therefore, an anti-colic bottle.

Buying guide – What is the best glass baby bottle on the market?

When a new member joins the family, one of the most common dilemmas parents face is whether to opt for plastic or glass bottles. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, although the latter, due to their material, are less likely to have germs and, in addition, cleaning is easier. Dare to consult this guide to buy the best glass bottle, according to your needs.

Glass bottle capacity

One of the first aspects to take into account when selecting a glass bottle is its capacity. In general, this characteristic will vary depending on the stage of development in which the baby is.

During the first month of life of the little one, with a bottle of between 90 and 120 ml it could be enough, since it is a stage in which the shots are very small, although frequent. On average, a newborn will take the bottle about 10 times a day, but always in small amounts, so a larger bottle is not necessary.

As it grows, the number of feeds will decrease, although the amount ingested will be higher. From the first month and up to half a year, opt for a bottle of between 120 and 180 ml. From six months onwards, then, the capacity will have to increase and the ideal thing will be to bet on glass bottles of between 180 and 240 ml. If you want to know how much a glass bottle costs, remember that its price will vary depending on these details.

Design and shape of the glass bottle

Another relevant issue that cannot be missed in a comparison of glass bottles is the shape of these gadgets. It is clear that the ideal is that these are ergonomic, so that they adapt perfectly to the hand of the father or mother, although care must be taken because if the bottle is too narrow for this reason, then cleaning it could be more complicated..

In this sense, it is possible to find bottles with the classic shape, although the most innovative models have a slightly curved shape, since they have been strategically designed to reduce the amount of air that the baby swallows during feeding. Similarly, there are models that incorporate an anti-colic and anti-reflux valve for the same reason. Likewise, there are also triangular glass bottles and other wider ones, so that cleaning is favored.

Finally, there are bottles that incorporate handles, specially designed for the moment when the baby begins to hold them by himself. In any case, in addition to selecting a cheap glass bottle, it is essential that you choose an appropriate design.

Teat type

A fundamental part of the bottle is the teat, since it is this that is responsible for supplying the food to the baby. Hence, you should calmly weigh the different options. First of all, teats can be classified according to their material. These can be made of latex (which you will recognize because they are generally brown) or silicone (transparent). The former are more flexible and soft, although they tend to absorb odors and flavors, so you should change them more frequently. The latter, meanwhile, are less flexible, but more hygienic and resistant.

Another aspect is the shape of the teat: classic, round or similar to the mother’s nipple. Each baby is different, so you should try to see which one she feels more comfortable with.

Finally, pay attention to the hole of the teat. At this point, remember the importance of choosing a nipple with a hole that suits the baby’s stage of development. Slow flow nipples (with a small hole) are recommended for newborns, while fast flow nipples (with one or two larger holes) are indicated for slightly older children. Also, there are teats with a slot instead of a hole, designed for the intake of semi-solid foods.

The 5 Best Glass Baby Bottles – Opinions 2022

1. Philips Avent SCF673/17 Glass Bottle

Main advantage:

One of the main advantages of this model is its ability to be compatible with any teat in the Philips Avent line. Thus, both the needs of the user and the baby will be synchronized and you will only require the same bottle for all types of food and even to regulate its flow.

Main disadvantage:

Some users have expressed some difficulty with the closure of the thread because apparently it does not fit properly and there may be leaks. In these cases, it is recommended that when closing the bottle you make sure that it has been placed correctly so that there are no spills.

Verdict: 9.7/10

This bottle has a special design for a good grip on the part of the father or the baby and prevents it from falling. It is easy to clean, versatile and is also free of chemical components and any external agent that is dangerous to the child’s health. Its design is intended to emulate the experience of babies when they are drinking milk from the mother’s breast.

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BPA free

Thanks to the fact that this bottle is made of recyclable boron silicate glass, it is free of Bisphenol-A, a chemical component with which various plastic products are manufactured and that, when ingested, can be harmful to health, especially that of babies. who are more vulnerable.

This represents a guarantee of the purity with which these items are developed for the healthy nutrition of the smallest of the house. The manufacturers also comply with the health and marketing certificates of the European Union for the safe distribution of the product, reducing to zero the possibility of danger from the use of these bottles.

Anti colic system

The valve that the bottle comes with is designed so that the baby can control the flow of milk during feeding in a way very similar to the way he uses when it comes to the mother’s breast, in a way that reduces the possibility of that the little one suffers from colic and the discomfort of the same.

This is possible thanks to the fact that through the ventilation the air goes into the bottle and not into the child’s stomach. Reducing discomfort during the baby’s feeding is very important for the healthy growth of the infant. Thus, during these first years of life, you will not have complications of any kind that in the future can become a pathology.


To make the baby’s experience with this bottle more real, the manufacturers designed a nipple with petals so that it fits the child’s mouth as if it were a natural breast, so that it is much softer and more flexible without contractions. that stop the flow of milk and complicate the feeding of the little one.

In this way, the baby will be able to have a much more pleasant experience, without stress and allowing the digestive process to be much more fluid. Users point out that the speed with which children drink their bottles is faster, without mishaps and they consume more, due to the fluidity with which the liquids pass from the bottle to the baby.

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2. Dr. Brown’s Options Cristal Wide Mouth Baby Bottle

With a capacity of 270 ml, this bottle is characterized by a wide mouth, which helps make cleaning much easier. For its part, the bottle bottle is ergonomic, making handling as easy as possible. This model is made of glass and polypropylene free of bisphenol A.

One of its main qualities is that it has an effective ventilation system that prevents the baby from swallowing air while taking the bottle. This translates into a lower risk of colic, as well as otitis. Due to the quality of the materials, this product keeps vitamins A, C and E intact.

If you want to know which are the best glass bottles of 2022, this is one of the models that you should seriously consider. Recommended for infants between 0 and 3 years old, it has been designed to keep burping and gas at bay.

In the event that you are looking for the best glass bottle of the moment, we recommend you take a look at the characteristics of this model.


Manufacturing material: This bottle is made of glass and polypropylene, free not only of bisphenol A, but also of other toxic substances such as phthalates, PVC or lead.

Design: The model draws attention for its ergonomic design, but also for having a wide mouth. It has a capacity of 270 ml.

Anti-colic system: This product incorporates an innovative anti-colic and anti-reflux system, as it prevents the baby from swallowing air during feeding.

Easy cleaning: With a wide mouth, this bottle allows for easier cleaning. Also, the product is accompanied by a cleaning brush.


Closure: A user has commented that, sometimes, it does not close well and the milk can come out when shaking the bottle.

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3. NUK First Choice+ Glass Baby Bottle

The Nuk bottle that we analyze on this occasion is the result of various technological and ergonomic advances, so it may be a good idea to have it among the basic accessories to take care of the baby.

To avoid discomfort due to colic, it has the brand’s own ventilation system called Nuk Anti-colic Air. This allows the milk to flow properly, but without air entering your tummy. On the other hand, it comes with all the necessary accessories to use it when you receive it. That is, cap, nipple and thread.

Another aspect to comment on is the shape of its teat, which, being anatomical, does not interfere with the healthy development of the palate and gives a sensation more similar to that of the mother’s breast. This is also due to their different stiffness zones. In addition, it is worth mentioning that it is suitable for babies from birth and up to 6 months of age.

Regarding the appearance of the bottle, its pretty star print gives it a special and decorative touch, which can be suitable for both boys and girls.

Below, we show you a summary of the most relevant in this bottle, with the intention of helping you choose the best one.


Anti-colic: You can feed your baby with peace of mind, since its teat offers a special system that controls the air intake.

Ergonomics: The container is slightly thinner in the middle, for a comfortable grip. In addition, the teat also adapts to the anatomy of the baby’s mouth.

Design: It comes with a nice star print in white and gray colors, so it can be used by boys and girls.


Capacity: This bottle only has a capacity of 240 ml. Due to this, it will only be useful in the first months of the baby, when the shots are smaller.

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4. Tommee Tippee 42243875 Glass Baby Bottle

This glass bottle has a capacity of 250 ml, although it is also available in a 150 ml size to suit the needs of any child. Its materials are environmentally friendly and do not contain phthalates or BPA, or any toxic substance. Despite being made of glass, it offers a very pleasant texture, both for the father or mother and for the child when he begins to hold the bottle himself.

Likewise, it highlights the fact that this model has measurement indicators, so that it facilitates its filling. Hence, it can be considered the best price-quality glass bottle. It should be noted that it is equipped with a slow flow teat, especially indicated to facilitate the transition from the breast to the bottle.

Thanks to the fact that it has an aeration valve, the chances of the baby swallowing too much air and, therefore, of suffering from colic are reduced.

Many times, cheap glass bottles are exactly what you need, especially if they are of high quality and ensure the well-being of the baby.


Design: This bottle has a practical design that makes it easy to handle. It also has measurement indicators to make its preparation easier.

Teat: The teat of this model is slow flow and easy suction. In addition, it incorporates an aeration valve that prevents the entry of air, reducing the risk of colic.

Manufacturing materials: It is a bottle made of glass. It contains no chemicals, no phthalates, and no BPA, so it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Natural Feel: The feel of this item is so natural that it eases the transition from mother’s breast to bottle.


Weight: Being made of glass, this bottle weighs a little more than a similar one made of plastic, so the baby could find it difficult to hold it.

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5. Chicco Wellbeing Glass Bottle with Latex Teat

This model from the well-known children’s brand Chicco consists of a glass bottle with a capacity for 240 ml of liquid and a teat made of normal-flow latex. It is, therefore, a product indicated for babies from 2 months of life.

It is also an ergonomic bottle, which helps to make feeding more comfortable, both for the parent and for the child. It incorporates an advanced anti-colic system that prevents the entry of air and, therefore, removes the risk that the little one suffers discomfort for this reason.

It should also be mentioned that the bottle is accompanied by a very practical plastic lid, which is anti-drip. This means it provides a more secure closure, so you don’t have to worry about spilling contents during transport.

To identify the right glass bottle for your baby, compare the features of the different models, as well as the suitability for different stages of development.


Ergonomics: This Chicco brand item stands out for its ergonomic design, facilitating handling by parents and the baby himself when he begins to hold it.

Teat: The teat of this bottle is made of latex, a material recognized for its flexibility. It has a normal flow, so it is a model indicated for babies from 2 months of life.

Lid: The bottle includes a useful anti-drip lid that, as its name suggests, prevents the liquid from spilling thanks to the fact that the closure is hermetic.

Anti-colic system: This model has a very practical anti-colic system that reduces the risk of the baby swallowing air during feeding.


Narrow: According to one user, this bottle is narrower than he expected, which makes cleaning difficult.

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Philips Avent SCF673/17 Glass bottle

When it comes to the development and design of quality baby bottles, the Philips Avent brand is always at the forefront of developing attractively designed products that perfectly appeal to the general public.

The positive comments surrounding this model are truly amazing; where it is stated that, with the purchase of the product, you receive at home a quality glass bottle that is very easy to clean.

One of the most striking aspects of the design of this product is its compatibility with different Philips Avent brand nipple models, where you can add the necessary nipples based on the child’s dietary requirements without the need to resort to to an exclusive product.

You can find the model in presentations of 120 and 240 ml; where the 240 ml size does not exceed 272 grams in weight.

Possibly Philips with its Avent line take the position of the best brand of glass bottles thanks to its reputation and level of quality.


Nipple: when purchasing a bottle it is very important to take into account the nipple, especially if your little one has special feeding needs. The teat incorporated with the SCF673/17 is designed to provide a slow flow of feed, which prevents choking and minimizes the amount of gas.

Capacity: this model of glass bottle has a capacity of 240 milliliters, a considerable amount that can be used to supplement breast milk. It’s comfortable to clean and the style of the nipple helps improve the transition.

Materials: a very important feature is that the bottle is made of glass, being resistant to high temperatures so you can easily wash it. In addition, it is free of BPA and other harmful chemicals that ensure safe use by the baby.

Dimensions: the dimensions of this model are 7.3 x 7.3 x 18.4 centimeters and a weight of 272 grams. This allows you to hold it easily and even your baby will be able to handle it without problems when he has more strength in his little hands.

Designs: Philips Avent offers you the possibility of choosing this option in a bottle with striking and fun children’s-themed designs where you will find models with figures of tigers, monkeys, owls, hippos and more.

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How to use a glass bottle

Glass or glass bottles have become the best allies of parents looking for hygienic containers to give their baby breast milk or formula milk. These bottles are excellent for storing liquids at high temperatures for a long time, maintaining their consistency. Using a glass bottle is very simple, therefore, we show you practical advice that will indicate the correct way to do it.

Wash each part of the bottle

First of all, you should know that glass bottles are packed in plastic and cardboard, which can contaminate them with germs and dirt. It is important that you wash each part of the bottle separately, to remove the remains of manufacturing materials. Use neutral, fragrance-free soap and plenty of water to rinse it off.

Sterilize the bottle

Next, bring a pot of water to a boil on the stove. When the water is already boiling, insert the bottle carefully, using tweezers to avoid contact of the water with your skin. Let it boil for about 5 minutes and remove it from the water. The bottle should not exceed the time in the water as it can crack or break. Of course, if you already have a sterilizer, the procedure will be even easier.

Place it on a dry surface

When removing the bottle from the pot of water, place it on a soft, firm surface, preferably at room temperature. You can place it on a table on a slightly damp soft cloth, so that it can withstand the heat of the bottle. Let it cool in the open air for as long as necessary.

Add the milk in the tank

After the bottle cools down, it’s time to add the milk to the reservoir. Slowly pour in the milk to prevent air bubbles from forming that the child can absorb, causing gas. In case of formula milk, add the necessary measures and hot water to dilute it.

Put the lid back on

After pouring the content into the bottle, put the lid back on that will keep the liquid covered and insert the teat through which the liquid will come out. Screw the cap on repeatedly until it clicks into place and put the teat on top.

Shake the content

Once you have placed the lid on the bottle correctly, proceed to shake the contents of the tank, so that everything is mixed properly. If you are preparing formula milk, it is important that you shake the content very well before giving it to the baby, as tiny lumps could remain, causing difficulty in the baby’s digestion. Similarly, if it is breast milk, shaking it will help remove the air contained within the bottle.

Place the mouthpiece in the baby’s mouth

To do this, your baby must be positioned between your arms, holding his small head forward, so that the liquid passes through his mouth in a better way. Then, place the nipple between his lips simulating the mother’s breast and the baby will begin to suck it. As the milk runs out, move the bottle up, sliding the food better.

Sanitize the bottle frequently

It is important that you wash the parts of the bottle very well every time you use it, since they tend to accumulate food remains and, therefore, germs. Also, you must sanitize it with boiled water frequently to eliminate the bacteria contained.

The most popular brands

When you decide to buy good quality products for your baby, you need to take into account your favorite brands and also those that have a good track record in the market, so in this space we will mention some of the most popular brands that are specialized in the design, production and distribution of glass baby bottles.

This brand was founded in 1996 by Dr. Craig Brown and patented in 1997. It all originated when Dr. Brown designed a bottle with a system that has the possibility of eliminating the vacuum, preventing air from passing through the teat and may cause colic in the baby.

The principles of the brand are based on the development of different products with high quality standards that can help improve the maternal stage that mothers and newborns go through, keeping the safety and comfort of the baby as the main objective. Therefore, Dr. Brown’s has made an effort to include among its manufacturing materials the most resistant, durable and comfortable, as well as glass, plastic, polypropylene and silicone. This detail can ensure a comfortable and effective diet.

The company’s flagship product and the one that led it to position itself among the top positions in the market was the anti-colic bottle which, in addition to having a ventilation system to help with feeding and prevent the baby from swallowing air, also has the particularity of being prevent oxidation of breast milk and formulas; maintaining the different vitamins they contain in an optimal state of quality.

AVENT was founded in 1984 by Edward Atkin, who devised a bottle so that his wife could comfortably feed their newborn baby, but it was rigid and short, so he decided to create a bottle with a wider neck. and a silicone teat without chemicals, flavors or odors that could cause allergic reactions to the baby and, in turn, could mimic the softness of breastfeeding.

The success of the baby bottle was total, the brand positioned itself as the leader in the baby bottle market in the United Kingdom and abroad; selling their products in different parts of the world. In 2005 AVENT was acquired by Charterhouse Venture Capital and was known as Cannon Avent which was later sold in 2006 to Philips and renamed Philips AVENT again.

Currently Philips AVENT has a wide range of products for feeding and caring for the baby during maternity, among them you can find breast pumps, silicone teats, glass bottles with anti-colic systems, cups with spouts and straws, kits for newborns, as well as food preparation machines.

This company was founded in Germany in 1956 by dentists Adolf Müller and Wilhelm Balters. The origin of this brand comes from the development of a plastic nipple to calm the crying of babies and feed them through bottles.

Years later, dentists realized that babies who were breastfed are less likely to suffer from dental malformations compared to those who are bottle-fed, so a new idea arose; a therapeutic teat to help correct and prevent deformities in the jaw and teeth. This product was launched on the market in the same year of its foundation, selling in Germany and quickly positioning itself on the market. Later, in 1975, the export department was founded, in charge of distributing its products to more than 48 countries around the world.

It should be noted that Nuk bottles, pacifiers and teats are made with high quality standard materials, including plastic, latex, glass and silicone, having properties to increase the comfort, resistance and durability of its different products. Additionally, Nuk is one of the leading brands in the international market in terms of the development of products to meet the needs of mother and baby during the breastfeeding period.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, glass or plastic baby bottle?

Considering the fact that some baby bottles contain BPA in their composition, it is important that you know that even in very low doses this component is harmful to health, since it can negatively influence the development of hormones, it could even contribute to the formation of tumors in the body. Likewise, BPA is also capable of generating metabolic disorders, as well as liver and cardiovascular disorders.

For their part, glass bottles are a very hygienic and healthy product since they do not allow germs to adhere to their structure, so the chances of the baby contracting any type of bacteria in the stomach would be less. In this way, it goes without saying that glass bottles are better than plastic ones. They even help preserve the milk for much longer without affecting the change in temperature, being able to take it out of the freezer and put it in a bain-marie to heat it properly and feed the little one.

Q2: How to sterilize a glass baby bottle?

There are several ways to sterilize a bottle. Among them, the most classic method stands out, which consists of placing it in a pot full of water together with the teat and all the accessories that it may have.

Next, you should cover the pot with a lid and place it on the fire to bring the water to a rapid boil. In this way, once the water is hot, you will need to let it boil for an adequate amount of time to achieve satisfactory sterilization. It will only be necessary for you to let the bottle rest and then remove it from the water together with the other pieces and dry everything. Another method of sterilization also results through steam machines designed for such action.

In this sense, the first thing you should do is place the bottle and the teat upside down just so that the steam reaches every corner, eliminating the germs properly. Now, you will have to add the water that corresponds to the machine in the special compartment for said action and that’s it, you just have to start the sterilization cycle.

Q3: How to wash a glass baby bottle?

This could be the easiest task that you will have to carry out during the sterilization of a bottle to use it again, since it is the first step to follow to eliminate the remains of milk present in its structure. In this way, if you plan to carry out this action in the sink, you will only have to disassemble the bottle and the nipple to achieve a deep cleaning.

It should be noted that you could make the task easier for yourself by using a brush with soft bristles that is designed to carry out this action. Likewise, it is important to use a mild soap or detergent with an almost imperceptible aroma. Now, for those who have a dishwasher at home, they can also use it to wash the bottle comfortably. It will only be a matter of inserting it in parts and selecting the appropriate cycle to leave it totally clean.

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