The 9 Best Valerian Tablets of 2022

Valerian Tablets – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Lack of sleep, stress and nervousness can cause severe damage to our body. Hence, valerian root has been used as a medicine with calming effects on the brain and nervous system, leading many laboratories to make tablets from this component, such as Now Valerian Root 500 mg, a herbal supplement suitable for vegans and vegetarians. On the other hand, there are those offered by Natura Essenziale Valeriana Leo, which have ingredients of natural origin such as passionflower, extracts of valerian and hawthorn, with properties that promote sleep and relaxation.

The 9 Best Valerian Tablets – Opinions 2022

Valerian is a herbaceous plant that has been used since ancient times for its chemical components, including isovaleric acid and valepotriates, which act as regulators of the nervous system. For this reason, we present the following recognized options in the market, so that your search to find the best valerian tablet is easier.

1. Now Foods Valerian Root 500mg

Through multiple studies it has been proven that valerian has more than 120 chemical elements that produce calming effects in our body, without generating any type of addiction to these components.

For this reason, within the best valerian tablets of 2022 those of the Now Foods brand stand out, since they make their products with ingredients of natural origin, of good quality, free of gluten, yeast, corn, wheat, soy, sugar, starch, salt, milk, egg, preservatives and shellfish; In a few words, we can say that they are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and any type of person who is allergic to any of the components mentioned above.

Likewise, the container brings with it 250 capsules equivalent to 125 shots and each dose of 2 tablets provides 1 gram of valerian. In addition, it is important to highlight that Valerian Root tablets are manufactured under strict hygiene and safety standards, following the guidelines of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

This product is cataloged by its consumers as one of the best valerian tablets of the moment, thanks to its effective formula. Here are some additional qualities.


Natural: This relaxant is made from the root of Valeriana officinalis, extracted from fresh herb crops without chemical additives.

Quantity: Each container has a corresponding dose for 4 months of treatment, which avoids its periodic purchase.

Capsules: All the capsules are coated with a cellulose that facilitates their consumption, absorption and assimilation.


Variable: The effects of this product can vary from user to user, so some people may not get the expected results.

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2. Natura Essenziale Valerian Leo

An unhealthy lifestyle, poor sleep habits, and overwork wear down our bodies, leaving them feeling tired and weak. For this reason, Valerian Leo is indicated for those people who suffer from the effects of these factors. It is an herbal supplement that helps optimize sleep hours by facilitating the relaxation of the nervous system and the brain.

Regarding its formulation, each capsule is composed of 100 mg of dry extract of Valeriana officinalis root, which reduces anxiety and promotes drowsiness; 60 mg hawthorn, an herb that helps relax muscles, help you sleep, and slow your heart rate; finally 50 mg of passionflower, a plant that has sedative properties against nerves and stress.

We must emphasize that this product could be considered one of the best value for money valerian tablets, since its cost is low compared to others.

In our list, this is one of the cheapest valerian supplements, being an alternative and natural medicine to combat anxiety, fatigue and insomnia.


Take: The capsules have a pleasant taste and a suitable size, so they are easy to swallow.

Safe: This product is made with safe components for those people who have allergic problems when eating gluten and lactose.

Formula: The extract of valerian, hawthorn and passionflower make up an efficient formula to combat lack of sleep and stress.


Heart rate: Passionflower extract slows the heart rate, so it is not recommended for people with heart problems.

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3. Bio Atlantic Organic Valerian 400mg

Currently many people want to solve their problems of insomnia, irritability and nervousness through medicines that contain natural and organic ingredients; This is why this product has been made with dry extract of the root of Valeriana officinalis (a key herb for relaxation).

In addition, we must mention that each of its components is obtained through sustainable and ecological agriculture.

Regarding its presentation, it comes in a practical, manageable container of 200 capsules; each of them provides a dose of 400 mg of valerian, which the manufacturer recommends consuming between 2 or 3 during meals for a total intake of 1200 mg daily.

Given its characteristics, this product could be considered one of the best valerian tablets, since its manufacture complies with the strictest quality, safety and hygiene standards while improving quality of life by reducing stress, lack of sleep and anxiety.

Due to the multiple benefits that this product could bring to the body, it is important to analyze each of the pros and cons that we will detail below.


Size: They are easy-to-swallow capsules, since they have a suitable size to be ingested comfortably.

Dosage: Compared to other products, fewer tablets must be consumed per day to obtain the necessary dose.

Presentation: Its airtight, light and opaque white container protects the content from external agents, such as light and humidity.


Effect: These tablets may have a delayed effect in people with severe insomnia problems, so they should wait to experience their results.

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4. El Granero Integral Valerian Forte 75 630 mg

If it is about looking for cheap valerian tablets, this herbal supplement from the El Granero Integral brand could be considered a good option among the various alternatives offered by the market, since it offers good quality, ecological and natural products.

Its forte formula, made up of 413 mg of valerian root and 83 mg of standardized valerian dry extract, helps stabilize heart rate, relax the brain and central nervous system, while acting as a soothing antispasmodic.

Regarding its presentation, each bottle is made of recycled glass in a topaz color, to prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating inside.

On the other hand, it comes with 75 capsules, which should be taken 2 to 3 times a day, without exceeding the recommended dose. This is because it is a relaxant with good receptivity thanks to its effective effect when it comes to falling asleep and calming the nerves.

This food supplement could be good for treating different disorders that deteriorate health, so we invite you to detail the following characteristics more carefully.


Lid: It has a safety screw cap, so this product cannot be easily opened by small children.

Capsules: The capsules come in a suitable presentation, easy to ingest and be absorbed by the body.

Intake: The manufacturer recommends taking 2 or 3 tablets daily to achieve the desired effect, a smaller amount compared to other products.


Container: These tablets come in a glass container, so care must be taken when handling it.

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5. Kneipp 173100.0 Valerian Forte

Valerian, in addition to being an effective sleeping pill, is also used as a hypnotic and mild sedative, indicated for people who suffer from states of anxiety and irritability, nervousness and stress.

Similarly, it has been shown through clinical experiments that the consumption of this natural component reduces the number of awakenings in the middle of the night, shortens the time to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep; resulting in waking up a feeling of rest and relaxation.

The tablets that the Kneipp brand offers have a composition of 450 mg of Valeriana officinalis root powder, along with other excipients, such as lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, castor oil, sucrose, magnesium stearate, calcium carbonate, among others.

Due to its high concentration, it is recommended to only take one capsule a day before going to sleep, since they are made to help you rest well in periods of occasional stress.

In this manufacturer you could find the best brand of valerian tablets, so we advise you to read the pros and cons that this product offers.


Concentration: It has a highly concentrated and effective formula. Therefore, it brings 30 corresponding capsules for 30 days of treatment.

Presentation: The pills are inside a blister that protects them from external agents, such as humidity, heat, etc.

Ease of ingestion: Each tablet is made in a circular shape and small in size, so they are easy to swallow.


Side effects: Excessive use of these tablets can lead to insomnia, headache, digestive disorders and excitability.

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6. Nature Essential Valerian 400mg

If you want to know which are the best valerian tablets to sleep and stay calm, this product could meet your expectations, since thanks to its content of valeranone and valeric acid it can be used to treat various problems at the level of the nervous system, tachycardia and sleep disorders.

It is also used to reduce anxiety symptoms associated with withdrawal syndrome, presented by those who want to quit smoking. In addition, it should be noted that the product does not have excipients or lactose, so they could be consumed by those users who are intolerant to this sugar.

On the other hand, Nature Essential offers its 50 capsules in an attractive amber-and-yellow airtight container that is easy to open and handle. Also, each tablet has a composition of 400 mg of valerian, so you should take 1 or 2 tablets a day, one hour before bedtime, with this you will get a greater effect when you fall asleep.

Below, we detail the pros and cons that this supplement can offer you.


Without excipients: The formula used in the preparation of these tablets does not have excipients and lactose in its preparation, which is why it is safe for users with special requirements.

Safe container: Its dark, hermetic and hard container keeps the product protected from the sun’s rays and light for a long time.

No effects: This product has no contraindications that may cause damage to health, so it is recommended by users.


Content: This presentation brings 50 capsules equivalent to 25 days of treatment, for which a second bottle must be purchased to continue it.

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7. Naturmil Valerian 500 mg pack

Given the different alternatives offered by the physical and online market when it comes to buying supplements that improve our physical and mental health, it is advisable to evaluate in detail from the characteristics offered by the brand to the quality of its ingredients.

In this sense, the Naturmil brand presents us with a food supplement to be used in cases of insomnia, menstrual pain, anxiety, depression, nervousness and other neurovegetative disturbances.

To do this, each tablet has a composition of 500 mg of valerian root, silicon dioxide, corn starch, magnesium stearate, anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate and microcrystalline cellulose.

Regarding its presentation, the container is made of thick, dark topaz-colored glass, provided with an easy-to-handle screw cap. The bottle contains 90 tablets that can serve as a supply for approximately 22 days and its formula has a guaranteed quality seal.

If you still can’t decide which valerian tablets to buy, you might want to analyze the pros and cons that this product offers you.


Free of allergens: Its formula is suitable for consumption by anyone, as it is made without preservatives, sugar, lactose, yeast, soy and gluten.

How to use: Its dosage is simple, since it can be consumed with meals.

Cruelty free: This product has not been tested on animals during its manufacture and evaluation.


Side Effects: In some individuals, this type of medication may cause transient abdominal pain or discomfort.

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8. Lamberts Valerian 1600mg

Valerian rhizome contains valepotriates, volatile oils and valeric acid which, by acting together, are responsible for providing the plant’s sedative effects.

Lamberts products are manufactured under strict pharmaceutical hygiene and safety standards (GMP), they are characterized by producing all their tablets through dried extracts of the herb, since this part provides the fiber and active ingredients necessary for its formulation.

Regarding its size, each capsule is 2 cm long and provides 400 mg of valerian, for which the consumption of 4 tablets daily would be equivalent to 1600 mg and is indicated for people who have difficulty falling asleep and suffer from episodes of stress and occasional nervousness.

If you are wondering how you should consume the product, health professionals recommend taking valerian 1 hour before bed to obtain the desired effects.

This food supplement has some pros and cons that you should analyze in detail.


Quality ingredients: The Lamberts brand makes its products with soluble and concentrated herbs, with a guarantee of efficacy and safety.

Absorption: Each tablet is easily absorbed, since the body takes less than 1 hour to disintegrate the product.

Safety: These tablets comply with pharmaceutical and GMP standards, providing quality, safety and hygiene during their production.


Storage: It should be stored in a cool, dry place, protected from light and sunlight, as it could lose its effectiveness.

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9. Obire Valerian 400mg

Valerian is a medicinal plant that grows mainly in Europe and in some places in America and Asia. If you suffer from insomnia and disorders that compromise your brain and nervous system, this product could be of great help to you.

Valerian obire is a natural supplement that brings together the main hypnotic and sedative properties of this herb, to create an alternative medicine that reduces anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, nervousness and depression, while regulating heart rhythms.

Its presentation is given in a plastic container that is designed to store 60 tablets of 400 mg of valerian each. This in turn has a lid that closes hermetically under pressure to protect the capsules from any external agent, such as the sun’s rays. Its compact size, on the other hand, will allow you to always have the container close by, so you don’t miss the corresponding shot.

This supplement could be useful for people who have a busy and exhausting lifestyle. Therefore, we invite you to read more about its characteristics.


Consumption: You should take 1 or 2 tablets daily to achieve a drowsy and relaxing effect.

Label: The label contains in a simple and detailed way the instructions for use, nutritional table and recommendations of this product, facilitating its use.

Without dependency: The components of these tablets do not generate any type of dependency or addiction.


Allergenic components: This supplement may contain gluten and derived products not suitable for celiacs.

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Shopping guide

Thanks to the chemical compounds that valerian contains, many laboratories have managed to develop formulas that help us get those 7 hours of sleep necessary for optimal health. For this reason, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best valerian tablets, with basic qualities that you should analyze based on your personal needs.


Today there are various factors that affect the deterioration of our physical and mental health, generating symptoms such as insomnia, nervous disorders, tachycardia and fatigue. Some of these triggers are anguish, bad habits, leading a very hectic pace of life, maintaining a poor diet and not exercising; each of them causes a great negative impact on the muscles, the central nervous system and the brain. Therefore, if you suffer from stress, lack of sleep or anxiety, you should find a way to balance your emotions and get rest through a deep and relaxing sleep.

When making a comparison of existing valerian tablets on the market, we found that these are not only indicated to improve sleep naturally, but also act as calming and relaxing in the face of stress and nervousness, since they have chemical compounds that leave as a result in our body a feeling of rest and tranquility.

It is also important to mention that valerian capsules are used to treat cases of depression, epilepsy, hyperactivity and menstrual cramps; as well as, it is recommended for those people who are trying to quit alcohol or smoking, because it reduces the symptoms generated by withdrawal.

Ingredients and formula

Valerian tablets can be found commercially individually or accompanied by other components that enhance their effect. In addition, a large part of this product is supplemented with excipients such as oils, sucrose, gluten, lactose or other derivatives.

For this reason, it is essential that said formulation and ingredients are clearly and explicitly detailed on the supplement’s label, so that those who have allergies to any of these elements are careful to choose the most suitable formula for their body.

Now, on the market you can find endless natural components with therapeutic qualities, which are usually mixed to enhance the effect of valerian, some of them are passionflower and hawthorn. Both plants have sleeping and sedative properties in the body; therefore, they are great allies when choosing a supplement that reduces states of stress and nervousness, improving sleep quality.


Lack of sleep has physical and mental impacts that can be harmful to health. According to scientific studies and statistics, people who constantly do not sleep well have a higher risk of suffering from psychological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, depression, diabetes, cancer, etc. For this reason, regardless of how much it costs or if it is a cheap product, the most important thing when choosing valerian tablets is the reliability that the product offers us through its characteristics and ingredients.

Before making any purchase, you should check the supplement’s label, carefully observing the expiration date and all the components it contains. Likewise, you can search the internet for the comments that other users have about said product along with their recommendations. In addition, it is best to bet on valerian tablets made with natural ingredients, which have guaranteed certificates of safety, hygiene and quality.

Presentation and dosage

In the market you can find this plant in different formats, such as soft capsules, pills, oils, extracts, gels and infusions. However, the most popular among users are valerian tablets. Most of these products come in plastic containers with lids or in blister packs inside a cardboard box, easy to handle and take anywhere.

As for the dosage, valerian capsules do not act immediately within the body. Therefore, if the first days you feel that they are not causing the expected effect, calm down, it is normal, a few days after the start of its intake you will notice its effects and benefits. However, you should always respect the daily dose recommended by its manufacturer, since if you do not, excessive consumption can cause side effects in your body.

In the same way, before starting to take them, consult a medical specialist, who, according to your characteristics and requirements, will prescribe the necessary dose to improve your health.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to take valerian pills?

To start taking valerian tablets, you first need to assess your symptoms; If these are problems of stress, nervousness, anxiety or lack of sleep, you should go to a doctor, so that he can determine the convenient and necessary dose to improve your health.

If you decide to start a treatment on your own, it is important that you carefully read the instructions for use that come with each package; since it is essential not to exceed the amounts recommended on the product label. It is generally suggested to take between 2 to 6 capsules per day, but this will depend on the milligrams of valerian that each supplement contains.

Q2: Which is better, valerian tablets or valerian tea?

When consuming valerian, the most common is to find it in tablets, as they are easy to take and come in containers that facilitate their portability to any place. If you opt for these tablets, the recommended dose to achieve a relaxing effect is between 2 to 6 tablets daily.

On the other hand, valerian infusions have been used since ancient times to calm nervousness, anxiety and treat insomnia, since it is the most popular choice. To benefit from all its properties, the herbs should be infused for 5 minutes, consuming 2 or 3 cups a day, to achieve the desired result. Both options are good, the choice will depend on your tastes, lifestyle and the time you have to take the shot.

Q3: When should valerian tablets be taken for sleep?

Valerian should be consumed if you suffer from insomnia, irritability due to not resting, poor sleep habits or lack of it. It is advisable to go to a medical specialist who determines what treatment the patient should follow according to her symptoms.

Mainly, if you have difficulty sleeping, the ideal is to take between 1 or 2 valerian tablets with a glass of water 30 minutes before going to bed, since it reduces the time to fall asleep and reduces anxiety, relaxing the whole body for optimal rest.

Q4: What part of the plant do valerian tablets come from?

Valerian tablets are made from the dry extracts of the roots, stolons and rhizomes of the herb, that is, its underground organs. This is because it is in this section that the substances that cause the relaxation effects expected from this product are most concentrated.

Q5: How long does the effect of valerian tablets last?

Many people consume this medicinal herb through tablets, since they want to combat their problems of insomnia or nervousness, without resorting to strong medications, composed mainly of chemical ingredients. Depending on the purpose and how the valerian capsules are ingested, the effect it can have on the body varies.

For example, if taken 30 minutes before bedtime, they cause drowsiness and improve the quality of sleep throughout the night. On the other hand, if you want to use them to control nervousness or stress, the duration varies from one person to another.

Q6: What contraindications do valerian tablets have?

One of the main contraindications that valerian tablets have is that they should not be mixed with alcohol (since it enhances the numbing effect), or other medications such as sedatives, antiepileptics or antidepressants.

It is also not advisable to ingest these capsules during pregnancy and lactation, since the effect they may have on a fetus is unknown, in addition to the fact that they may be excreted through breast milk. Finally, we must mention that this kind of supplement is not indicated for children under 3 years of age, in the form of tablets, infusions or liquid extracts; and in children under 10 years in the presentation of oils.

Q7: How long can I take valerian tablets?

Although this type of medicine is natural and is made from a plant that does not have harmful effects on health; it is recommended to take them for periods of 6 to 8 weeks. However, its use should be discontinued gradually, to avoid the risk of side effects. Continuous consumption of valerian tablets may cause dizziness, palpitations, muscle spasms, daytime sleepiness, or headaches.

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