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Floor Paint – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Floor paints are used for homes, businesses, roads, sports courts, garages, etc., but there are many brands, sizes and manufacturing materials. For that reason, here we will recommend some of the most outstanding floor paints. One of them is the Proa ST654P, as it is used for interior and exterior garages, in addition, it offers fast drying, approximately in one hour. Another outstanding paint is Acrylic Nazza, a transparent varnish that enhances the natural colors of concrete, terracotta, bricks, tiles, etc. In addition, it allows the curing of the concrete.

The 8 Best Paints for Floors – Opinions 2022

If you want to buy a high-quality product, check the following list, where we present some of the best floor paints of 2022. Perhaps some of them will be suitable for your company or home, since there are various brands, colors, materials and much more.


Garage Floor Paint

1. Proa One-component paint for floors and garages

This could be the best value for money floor paint, as it is one of the cheapest, but it offers UV protection, so you can use it outdoors without any problem.

It comes in different colors, including green, yellow, white and blue, so you can choose the one you like best to paint your floors in the company or at home. Likewise, the brand offers this paint in various quantities, for example, if you need it for large places, you can choose several 4 or 10-liter containers. On the other hand, if you are going to paint a small project, the 750 ml container may be enough. 

On the other hand, this paint for garage floors is suitable for interiors and exteriors, in addition to providing a satin finish. The latter makes the floor stand out more and decorate the place better.

These are the main qualities of this cheap Proa ST654P paint, so check each of them carefully before making the purchase.


Type: It is a paint for garage floors that offers a striking glossy finish to the naked eye.

Drying: Dries in 1 hour typically under average temperature and humidity conditions.

Formula: It has a one-component formula that supports UV rays, so it works very well outdoors.


Durability: The paint deteriorates after several washes, which could be annoying for users who perform this task often.

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Exterior cement floor paint

2. Nazza Satin Resin Varnish for Concrete Floors

This could be the best paint for floors, because it enhances the original color and texture of the material, be it cement or stone. It is a transparent acrylic varnish, but you can also buy a universal Nazza color if you want to change the original tone of the floor.

In addition, this paint for exterior cement or stone floors allows the material to breathe, so that it expels moisture and has a long useful life. Likewise, we inform you that it offers a satin finish to the surface, to highlight the floor material a little more and beautify the environments.

The container is made of resistant plastic and comes in different quantities, 5, 10 and 25 liters, so you can buy according to the need of the moment.

These are the most important pros and cons of this acrylic paint, perhaps they will help you make the best purchase decision.


Type: This is a paint for cement or stone floors, it also offers a transparent finish.

Durability: The present paint does not create a film, because it adheres very well to the pores of the floor, which provides greater durability.

Breathable: Although it is quite resistant, it allows the floor to breathe, expelling any moisture it may have due to the local climate.


Gloss: It doesn’t have a lot of gloss, so if you’re looking for a paint that reflects light, you should try other options.

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Epoxy floor paint

3. Manadatec RAL 2K, Epoxy resin

If what you need is an epoxy paint for floors, Manadatec Ral 2009 has an excellent proposal, made with this base and, thanks to its high gripping power, it is capable of withstanding the most intensive uses with solvency.

Therefore, the product is ideal for floors in garages, basements, workshops, industrial floors or warehouses, even if vehicles circulate on them. This resistance is obtained thanks to the power of epoxy and highly durable compounds, which also make the paint easy to clean.

In addition, the paint is not particularly complex to handle, it is enough to apply a double coating on the surface to obtain results. It is also suitable for use on different supports and materials, without the need for prior primer. An approach typical of the best brand of floor paints and that facilitates its application.

Renovating or covering any floor professionally is easier with a quality epoxy paint.


Versatile: The paint is suitable for all types of environments, regardless of the intensity of use or the temperatures to which it is exposed.

Base : Its good quality epoxy base withstands intensive use, road traffic and is easy to clean.

Application : The application does not require prior primer and two coats are enough to obtain good results.


Price: As usual, the price of the paint is somewhat high, although its durability deserves it.

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Paint for exterior floors

4. Jovira Paints Anti-drip Elastic Paint with fiber for terraces

It is a paint for exterior floors that serves as an elastic waterproof coating, so it provides great resistance. Likewise, it is formulated based on acrylic resins, which are characterized by offering a good adhesion capacity and flexibility. In this sense, it can be a good option if you are wondering what is the best floor paint.

It can be used to cover cracks and prevent water seepage, especially on terraces, patios or any type of surface that is constantly exposed to the elements. On the other hand, it is important to mention that it yields 1 to 2 m² for each liter of paint.

In this sense, this product comes in a 5-liter presentation, but you can also get it in 750 ml or 20 liters, so it is possible to choose the option that best suits your requirements.

If you are looking for the best paint for exterior floors, then you should consider in more detail some of the highlights of this product before choosing.


Fiber: It is a fiber paint that can be used in busy areas, which provides greater versatility.

Presentation: It offers 5 liters of paint, but you can also get it in different presentations, at 750 ml or 20 liters.

Color: It is available in red, gray and white, which allows you to combine it with the decoration of the place.


Yield: It can cover up to 2 m² per liter of paint, which is a lower capacity than other products on the list.

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Non-slip paint for outdoor floors

5. Durcaplast Non-slip sports court paint

This polyurethane paint for exterior floors can be applied on asphalt agglomerates, tennis courts, concrete, cement, etc. You can use this paint by shaking it beforehand, until you achieve a correct homogeneous mixture. For the first coat you must add 10% water and then, in the second layer, 5%. Likewise, it is possible to use it with a paint gun, brush or roller.

In addition, although it is an anti-slip paint for outdoor floors, you can also use it indoors, as it penetrates very well into various types of floors. For example, it is suitable for indoor sports courts, without fear of people accidentally slipping.

On the other hand, you should know that it has been made from light-resistant pigments and 100% acrylic emulsion. Thanks to this, it supports water without complications, in addition to being resistant to abrasion.

This is one of the cheapest paints, but it is of great quality for tennis courts and various outdoor floors; We invite you to review its following pros and cons.


Application: It can be used for signaling on pavement, concrete, tennis courts, asphalt mixes and other types of floors.

Resistance: It is resistant to both abrasion and water, so the paint will last a long time.

Safety: Because it is non-slip, people will walk or exercise without worry.


Color: The color is lighter than what you see on the packaging, but this does not influence its quality and durability.

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Polyurethane floor paint

6. Colamine Polyurethane Paint 

This polyurethane paint for floors is suitable for concrete surfaces or constantly transited spaces, such as garages, sidewalks, streets, among others. In addition, it is suitable for interiors or exteriors, which favors its versatility.

Likewise, it is important to highlight its great resistance to weathering, so it can withstand changes in temperature and contact with water. Also, being formulated based on resin, this paint provides greater adherence to the surface. In this way, it creates a durable coating.

On the other hand, it comes in a presentation of 2 liters of gray paint, which is enough to cover 16 to 20 m² of surface. Plus, it dries to the touch in about 6 hours. As if that were not enough, the package includes 1 liter of catalyst, which combined with the paint helps to create a more resistant coating.

The best floor paint of the moment should give you good performance on any type of surface, as is the case with this product. Let’s learn more about its main features.


Versatility: It is a paint suitable for both interiors and exteriors, which provides greater versatility.

Hardener: Includes a 1 liter of catalyst to combine with the paint and create a more solid and resistant layer.

Adherence: It offers a good adhesion capacity, which increases the durability of the paint.


Repainting: It is necessary to wait approximately 48 hours to apply the second layer in humid spaces, which delays the work a bit.

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Non-slip floor paint

7. Rugoplast Anti-skid paint for sports courts 

It is a non-slip floor paint suitable for covering sports spaces that require a rustic and safe surface. In this sense, it can provide a microporous layer that is vapor breathable.

In addition, it offers a slightly textured green matte finish, which helps hide imperfections in the floor and allows it to be applied on tennis, basketball or paddle tennis courts. Also, it is available in the colors red, gray and white to combine with the space.

As for its formula, it has iron oxides that provide resistance to UVA rays, preventing the color from losing intensity depending on the type of use and at the same time increasing its durability. As far as quantity is concerned, it offers 15 liters of paint, but you can get it with 4 liters to paint small areas. Also, it is good to know that it has an approximate yield of 6 to 8 m² for each liter of paint.

Due to the variety of products available on the market, it is normal to wonder which floor paint to buy. As a solution, we invite you to carefully analyze the pros and cons of this model.


Finish: Offers a microporous matte finish to prevent slipping.

Dilution: It can be diluted in water with a percentage of 15 to 20%, but it can also be applied directly according to your needs.

Quantity: It comes in a 15-liter presentation, which is enough to paint approximately 90 to 120 m².


Transport: The paint can does not have a handle for its transport, which could reduce its practicality compared to other products on the list.

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Rubber floor paint

8. Colamine Waterproofing Acrylic Rubber Paint

Colamina Telpin rubber paint for floors is a waterproof coating with great adherence to surfaces and a low capacity to absorb water. The result is an ideal paint for all kinds of uses, where adequate waterproofing is necessary.

Thanks to its rubber base and the rest of its components, the paint offers great adherence on all types of supports and good performance, even at low temperatures. In addition, its semi-matte finish is very discreet and does not attract too much attention.

The result is a homogeneous and ideal layer to avoid problems of leaks on roofs, terraces and other similar surfaces. It is even possible to resolve leaks caused by cracks and damage that the support on which it is applied may have, without the need for prior repair.

Give an extra protection against humidity to any surface with this practical rubber paint.


Insulation: Thanks to its approach, paint offers efficient insulation on all types of materials and surfaces.

Stability : The material adequately withstands all types of temperatures, both in summer and winter, without losing its properties.

Finish : The finish is very discreet and has a gloss of just 6% at 60 degrees, thus offering a rather matte appearance.


Application: It is key that the application is generous, to achieve adequate waterproofing of the surface.

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Shopping guide

To buy a paint that protects the floor and makes it stand out, it is important to know various characteristics, for example, types, quantity, protection, drying time, breathability and waterproofing. Therefore, review this guide to buy the best floor paint, where we explain each aspect in a simple way.

Types of floor paints

If you are making a comparison of floor paints, you should know this quality, since there are different types. For example, there are paints that are used for sports courts, which withstand many footsteps and jumps from people, as well as hundreds of ball impacts. Normally, this paint comes in different shades, so you choose the one that best suits the type of track or sport.

If you want to paint the floor of a garage, this type of paint may work for you, due to its high resistance to friction. Plus, it’s almost always a type of paint that you can wash off. However, check the product specifications or ask the manufacturer directly, to find out what liquids you can clean it with.

Another widely used paint is cement and stone. If you need this type of paint, check that it penetrates the pores well and does not form a film. When we talk about film, we mean that the paint does not adhere to the ground properly, that is, it peels off easily, which means that it does not last long.

Also, although there are cement paints that work on tile, terracotta or other materials, it is best that before choosing a specific one you check if it will work or not for the floor of the company or home. Similarly, there are special paints for companies. The latter withstand splashes of different chemicals, so you can use them in factories and industries of all kinds. They are known by many people as industrial paints and you can find them in different colors.

And before moving on to the next point, we want to explain that not all the mentioned paints are suitable for interiors or exteriors. Sometimes they don’t support UV rays, so you can’t use them outdoors.

Quantity and yield

This aspect greatly influences the fact of how much a certain paint for floors costs. However, there are so many options that you may be able to find a good and cheap one.

Before buying, check how many liters the paint container has, as well as the number of square meters that you can cover with it. Also, pay attention to the density of the paint, because sometimes you can mix it with water, to give it a better performance. Of course, that depends on the brand and type of paint you buy.


Normally, exterior paints have protection against water and sun. However, if you are going to buy paints for garages and sports courts, you must be sure that it has these qualities. For example, review product specifications or ask the seller directly before making a purchase.

Other paints withstand various chemicals, oils or high temperatures, being very useful in laboratories, detergent factories, mechanical workshops and industry in general.

Drying time

Many people like to quickly paint the floor, but when several coats of paint are required, this task is very time consuming. To remedy this fact, some manufacturers offer paints that dry in a short time, for example, from 1 to 4 hours. This way you can apply 2 or more coats of paint to the floor in the same day.

In this sense, some users think that paints that take a long time to dry are more durable, but in reality there are brands that dry quickly and are of high quality. In this way, the choice of drying time will depend above all on the floor that you will paint. If the paint is for high-traffic roads, choose the one that dries the fastest, as this will not stop the passing of cars for a long time.

Perspiration and waterproofing

You could use a breathable paint, so that moisture does not deteriorate the material, especially when it comes to concrete, wood and stone. These materials expel moisture and if the paint is not breathable, filming will result.

On the other hand, it is good that the paint is waterproof, as this will protect the floor more outdoors.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to remove paint from marble floor?

On the Internet you can find special liquids to remove various types of paint, for example, polyurethane, rubber or epoxy. Normally, these liquids are also useful for marble floors. After acquiring the liquid, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and gradually remove the paint. Depending on the layers of paint that the marble has, this task will be more or less complicated.

Do not use abrasive accessories such as sponges or wire brushes to remove the paint, as these can seriously scratch the marble. Another tip that we give you is to clean the marble well after removing the paint, so that the liquid you have used does not stain the material.

Q2: How to make floor paint?

If you want to do your own floor paint, buy white washable wall paint. Then mix this paint with a bit of white glue. The latter will make the paint seal the pores of the floor, especially the concrete.

The objective is to obtain a white homogeneous mixture. If you want, you can leave it that color and apply it to the ground, but you can also dye it. To do this process you can use colors, for example, those used by continuous ink printers. Mix the white paint with a bit of the color you want. You can also make combinations, for example, red with yellow if you want to get an orange hue.

Q3: How to apply floor paint?

The first thing you should do is clean the floor you are going to paint well. You can use detergent, water and a broom. The objective is to remove all the dirt and stains that the floor has. If you paint without doing this, films can form and soon the applied paint will be damaged.

After washing, let the floor dry completely, otherwise the paint will not adhere well or will lose some of its properties. Next, start with the first coat of paint, which you can apply with a spray gun if you want it to go a long way. Another way to apply the paint is using the traditional brush or roller.

Afterwards, let the paint dry and apply a second and final coat of paint. When we talk about hands we refer to the layers of paint that you are going to put on the floor. If you want, put three or more layers of paint, depending on your preferences.

Q4: What is the best paint for a garage floor?

Some of the most used floor paints for garages are epoxy or acrylic latex. The former are more durable and their prices are high in some cases. On the other hand, acrylic latex paints are cheaper and last less. Typically, epoxy paint lasts 3 to 4 years, depending on the amount of traffic in the parking lot, and acrylic paint lasts about 2 years.

On the other hand, we mentioned that, if the floor of your garage is made of concrete, it would be best to buy an epoxy paint, because it adheres better to this type of floor.

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