Opinions about Keter Manor

Main advantage:

This garden shed attracts attention with its cute and elegant design. Best of all, it is waterproof and has a ventilation system, so that everything inside is in optimal conditions.

Main disadvantage:

The structure of this garden shed is somewhat flimsy, so you must be careful with the weight you place on it.

Verdict: 9.7/10

A nice shed where you can comfortably store all the tools and other garden accessories. It is resistant to any climate and has a security system so that all your belongings remain safe.

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Main Features Explained


Garden sheds are very practical items, as they are used to store tools and, in general, all those utensils that you need in your day to day to have your plants ready. In the case of this model, we find a charming gray house that is very appropriate for any environment.

It has a very elegant design that imitates wood. Likewise, its peaked roof is striking, so it looks more like a pretty country house. With dimensions of 130 x 192 x 198 cm, it is an appropriate item to place practically in any corner of your garden, even in the narrowest.

It consists of a door whose width is 63.5 cm, which means that it is spacious enough to enter and exit without any problem. Its perfect finish guarantees that the belongings stored inside will be well protected at all times. What’s more, it incorporates a panel on the floor so that all the tools are kept clean and safe from moisture.

Manufacturing materials

The best garden shed is one that is made of the most resistant materials. Not in vain, remember that it is a device that you will place outdoors, so it is important that it withstand all kinds of inclement weather.

This beautiful shed from the Manor series is made of resin and reinforced with a metal structure despite the fact that its materials imitate wood. In this way, we come across a model capable of withstanding all climates. It doesn’t matter if it rains heavily or the sun is scorching, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

As if that were not enough, its manufacturing materials offer easy maintenance. You only need to clean the exterior occasionally to get your shed looking like new in no time.

Ventilation system

In the opinions about this garden shed, we noticed an issue that most users applaud. We are referring to the fact that it is equipped with a very practical ventilation system that allows the contained objects to be kept in optimal conditions.

This booth has some ventilation grids for internal air circulation. In this way, it will always be ventilated and you will not lose sleep over possible unpleasant odors from the interior. Of course, it incorporates a door of considerable size, as well as windows that allow natural light to enter.

Due to all its characteristics, it is an ideal piece of furniture to store all kinds of garden equipment, as well as devices such as lawnmowers or chainsaws. It is even a perfect space to put the bike when you are not using it. By keeping it ventilated, the elements will remain in perfect condition.


Finally, we must refer to another important aspect of this model. It is clear that the price of a garden shed is something that the user is very interested in, but he should also look at other details such as the security system. However, you will most likely be using this shed to store garden items and other tools that could be of great value.

If you do not want to be worried, it is best to bet on a model that is safe. At this point, we note that this shed includes a padlock lock. It is a system that allows blocking and, therefore, prevents access to those who do not have the key.

It should be noted that the padlock is not included, although this is an unimportant detail. In any case, the product offers a lockable option so that it is the user himself who decides if he wants to use it or not. Get a padlock and always carry the key with you to avoid unforeseen events.

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