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The pitchfork is one of those versatile tools and suitable for use both in the garden and for simple agricultural tasks. The good news is that the variety of designs and models help to carry out different tasks with comfort, so it is enough to have the one that suits you best to hand to do more with less effort. Among these proposals we have the Agroforja Laya double-handled pitchfork, with which to plow the land, break it up and aerate it effectively. It is also useful for mixing organic fertilizers and works at a good depth. More classic is the Wurko 031011, made of quality solid wood from the hackberry tree and with a craftsmanship.

The 9 Best Pitchforks – Opinions 2022

Among the tools of a good gardener or a farmer, the pitchfork should not be missing. A piece with which to stack straw, grass and other plant debris, dig and extract plants from the ground and many other interesting functions, according to its design. Therefore, it is key to have the best pitchfork of the moment, depending on your specific needs. The problem is that determining which is the best pitchfork for you is not always easy, due to the wide variety of proposals that we have. Therefore, we have analyzed the market and we leave you some interesting products of almost all types of pitchforks currently available.

double handle pitchfork

1. Agroforja Double Handle Pitchfork

If you need a double-handled pitchfork, with which to force yourself when digging into any terrain, we have for you an interesting model manufactured by Agroforja. This product features a dual construction, consisting of two separate bars with their corresponding handles. 

Both ends come together in the lower area, that of the fork, where you have five tensile steel tines and high-quality sharpening. A set that allows you to go deeper into the ground, also having an area where you can push with your foot when working and dig deeper into the ground.

This approach gives you extra comfort when carrying out any task, reinforced with perceptible details such as the two wooden handles inserted in each handle. A high-quality finish to a piece of classic cut and handcrafted by the most renowned Castilian forgers.

Enjoying a piece of quality and great efficiency is easy if you opt for options like this pitchfork from Agroforja.


Spikes: The spikes have a high quality and are finished with anti-wear alloy, in a finish that makes it easier to penetrate the ground.

Forging: This model draws on the extensive experience of Castilian forgers, which is evident in its quality.

Design: The double-handle design also leaves the center space needed to press the pitchfork down with your foot on the ground.

Handles: The handles with a wooden interior give you greater comfort and precision during work.

Support zone: The support zone for the foot makes it easier to exert more force when entering the ground.


Weight: The weight of the product is 5.8 kilos, so it is a bit difficult to move it around the ground.

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wooden gallows

2. Wurko Hackberry Wood Pitchfork

The Wurko 031011 wooden gallows is one of the most interesting options if you are looking for cheap solutions. This piece is handcrafted in hackberry wood. A material that combines good resistance and durability with a light weight, which helps to work better. Specifically, the piece weighs just 870 grams.

Its measurements are 155 centimeters long by 24 centimeters wide in the trident area, equipped with spikes that make it easy to spread all kinds of plant materials with ease. Something that helps the slightly sharp design that these have on the tips.

The piece is finished off with a natural finish, as befits a handcrafted product. An interesting solution both for the countryside and if you want to give a touch of rustic decoration to any room.

Knowing the highlights of this gallows is easy, if you take a look at our analysis.


Material : This tool is made from hackberry wood, known for its resistance and pleasant touch.

Manufacturing : The piece is manufactured by hand, to get the best design out of it.

Lightness : The pitchfork is light in weight, just 870 grams, which makes it easy to use.

Tips : The three spikes have a pointed finish, which helps to work with all kinds of plant elements.


Handle: The handle is a bit thin, which can make gripping the handle a bit more difficult.

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digging pitchfork

3. Gardena ErgoLine 17013-20 Pitchfork digging pitchfork

The Gardena ErgoLine 17013-20 digging pitchfork is the proposal that we have brought from what is, for many, the best brand of pitchforks on the market. We are talking about a high-quality model, located among the best forks of 2022, thanks to different strengths. 

One of them is the shape of its spikes, with which it is easy to dig and penetrate the earth when moving the pitchfork. In addition, these allow you to protect the roots and living organisms in the soil. It also has a kick pad, as well as a good sized handle and a D-shaped finish. 

This approach is combined with the ergonomic coating and the quality design of the entire piece, which will undoubtedly save you effort when working. The set is finished off with an integral mount, which will adequately withstand use. 

Discover the comfort of this Gardena product, with which to work with great comfort.


Materials: This tool is made with materials such as hardened steel, which allows the manufacturer to give you a 25-year guarantee.

Ergonomic design: The format of the piece gives extra comfort when working on almost any terrain.

Tines: The four tines have high strength, penetrating well into the ground with adequate pressure.


Paint: Despite the quality of the product, the paint finish could be improved. However, it is a rather aesthetic detail.

Support: It is advisable to check the correct union between the handle and the fork from time to time, to avoid premature deterioration.

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tillage pitchfork

4. Fiskars Garden pitchfork for hard and stony soils

If you have to deal with especially hard floors, then you are interested in knowing this Fiskars model. This tillage pitchfork has been manufactured with high quality boron steel, with which it is easy to move on these lands and dig down efficiently when it comes to aerating or digging comfortably. To do this, the teeth have a flat design that facilitates better penetration into the ground with less effort. 

In this process, you also have the comfort offered by the wooden handle, 122 centimeters in total. This has a traditional finish, with an economical D-shaped handle, which helps you to exert more strength when doing any job.  

For its part, the handle is made of quality materials and is also lightweight, reducing the inconvenience of lower quality or heavier products.

If you need a pitchfork for very difficult terrain, lean on what this Fiskars model puts at your fingertips.


Format: The spikes have a flat and sharp format, to make it easier to penetrate the ground.

Handle: The D-shaped handle helps to make more strength and have extra comfort when working.

Weight: Its weight barely exceeds 2 kilos, giving you a little more comfort when working.


Spikes: Some comments indicate that the spikes can be bent sooner than necessary, despite their theoretical durability.

Plastic: It is important to treat the plastics of the handle and the handle with care, to avoid premature deterioration.

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orchard pitchfork 

5. Mac Power Forged Garden Fork 4D-Sau-C/Mam

In our selection we could not miss a fork for a garden, of a traditional nature. The chosen model is the Mac Power 4D-Sau-C/Mam, which is also among the cheapest options on the market. In its design, we find the most classic approach, with a high-quality turned wood handle and a fork area with four fine tines. 

These tines are suitable for carrying out different tasks both when loading and processing plant remains and when working on the ground and even digging it. For its part, the handle has standard measurements, so you won’t have to worry too much about making more effort than necessary.

For all these reasons, the product could well be the best value for money fork of all those we have analyzed, given that its price is also interesting and accessible to practically all pockets.

Equipping yourself at low cost and without sacrificing quality is possible thanks to proposals like this one.


Materials: The materials of the product offer good quality, holding up well to the conventional tasks that you carry out with it.

Handle: The handle has a traditional size and makes it easy to comfortably hold this tool.

Quality: As we have been commenting, the value for money of this proposal is more than considerable.


Adjustment: It is recommended to add a through screw between the handle and the fork, to give the product more stability.

Pressure: It is advisable not to exceed the weight or pressure on the fork, so as not to damage the fork area

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gardening pitchfork  

6. Spear & Jackson Traditional Gardening Fork 

Compared to the design of the classic pitchfork, wider in the area of ​​the fork, the gardening pitchfork is a piece that has a smaller spiked area, to deal with plants of a more adjusted size. Precisely this approach is what we find in the Spear & Jackson Traditional 5510WF model. 

This product maintains the design that we have been commenting on, with a lower area equipped with three teeth located a short distance from each other. These teeth have a stainless steel construction, to last longer. Regarding the handle, it has a length of 42 inches, equivalent to about 110 centimeters, which together with the size of the fork make it easier to work more comfortably. 

This design is finished off with a good fit between both pieces, with which to achieve the necessary precision when working on small-sized plants without damaging them during the process.

Simplify your gardening tasks thanks to the complete approach of this Spear & Jackson model.


Comfort : The conventional size handle makes it easy to do the usual tasks you will do with this product.

Fork : The fork is made of stainless steel, with a low level of adherence to the ground.

Adjustment : The precise adjustment between handle and fork gives greater precision when performing any task.


Applications : Naturally, due to the reduced size of the fork, it is not as versatile as conventional forks.

Rivet : It is advisable to check the closing rivet between the fork and the handle, as it is the weak point of the piece.

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Other products

7. De Wit Catriona McLean Double Handle Aerating Fork

Among the newest tools in this market segment, we find an interesting proposal made by De Wit. We are talking about the 31-9114 model, which we could describe as the best pitchfork in its class.

As you can see, this tool has a different design, in one piece, but with great versatility. A special version that offers a resistant construction and a very particular design, which makes it easier to process the soil, loosen it and facilitate its aeration. To do this, the hour incorporates five teeth at its base, which dig into the ground and help break up clods of earth comfortably. 

A very complete approach and with which to work the land without affecting the biodiversity present in it, which will always help maintain the richness of the land, also serving for the mixture of organic fertilizers.

If you don’t know which pitchfork to buy and you are looking for an aerator model, learn more about this De Wit proposal.


Format: The format helps to move the terrain and release the upper layers of it.

Construction: Its one-piece construction gives greater resistance to time during use.

Aerated: Thanks to its depth, it is possible to aerate the soil and loosen it efficiently.


Strength: Some strength is required to nail and move this pitchfork on the ground, although the foot support helps.

Weight: The weight of the piece is about 1.2 kilos, perhaps somewhat light for the type of uses it has.

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8. Acorn 911-4 MA Pitchfork dig Special

The Bellota 911-4 MA fork is another of the interesting proposals that this manufacturer makes available to us, thanks to its high-quality manufacturing and a design especially designed for digging. This can be seen in the pointed finish of the tines, which makes it easier to go deeper into the ground and move the earth with greater comfort. 

A process in which you can also lean on its D-shaped handle, finished off with a wooden insert between the metal elements, where the hand has an optimal place to position itself and improve traction. 

This model follows the line of the brand’s products, regarding its materials and quality. Something that is perceived in details such as the carbon steel with which the area of ​​the spikes is made or the quality wood, both of the handle and of the handle area.

If you like Bellota’s tools, this pitchfork is one of its most interesting proposals.


Sharp : Highly sharpened tines make it easier to work on the ground when digging.

Handle : The D-shaped handle, with a wide and ergonomic design, makes it easy to work with this product.

Handles : The different wooden handles have a very pleasant touch and do not rub against the hands.


Union : It is advisable to check the union between the handle and the trident area from time to time, as it is the weakest part of the product.

Resistance : The tool can take damage on very hard ground or if you go too deep in one go.

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9. Spear & Jackson Neverbend Carbon Flower Bed Gallows

The Spear & Jackson Neverbend Carbon model is a pitchfork with a traditional character, although loaded with modern technology. Something that makes it easier to work more comfortably, which is perceived in details such as its high-resistance carbon steel base with a hammered finish and topped with epoxy. 

This last process gives greater durability to the product, which deteriorates less during work. A resistance that also affects the wooden handle, which has undergone a similar process, with a waterproofing that reduces deterioration. 

This handle has the classic D shape and a moving part in the central area, to give you greater comfort when handling the tool, thus gaining in comfort. A comfort that also contributes to the light weight of the gallows, about 1.72 kilos in total. A somewhat lower reference than expected in this type of traditional pitchforks.

After analyzing this model in detail, we give you some clues about what this product offers you.


Materials : The lower area is made of carbon steel finished with epoxy, to better fight against rust and deterioration.

Weight : The weight of this model is 1.72 kilos, being one of the lightest options within its segment.

Construction : The whole piece has a solid and quality construction, which improves the comfort of use.


Bend : The product can bend before stones, a lot of load or if you find a thick branch.

Width : The width of this gallows is slightly smaller than usual.

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Shopping guide

The pitchfork is one of those basic elements in any tool house. A versatile tool, with which it is possible to carry out different tasks, both gardening and agricultural. For this reason, it is worth taking a look at a good guide to buying the best pitchfork, in which to know the characteristics that must be taken into account to find an optimal product. This is precisely the topic that we are going to deal with below, so if you are looking for a good and cheap gallows, all you have to do is read our guidelines and thus adjust your purchase to what suits you.

types of gallows

To start, you need to take a look at the type of pitchfork you need. In general, the pitchfork always has the same approach, with a good-sized handle and a fork at the end. It is precisely the different forms of this area that modify the type of gallows we are talking about, thus allowing its different applications.

Among these, we have the digging pitchfork. This pitchfork has rather fine, although resistant, spikes, with which it is easy to make holes in the ground and separate it at will, without affecting the natural life of the soil too much. Something similar happens with the double-handled pitchfork, which goes deeper and moves more earth, being ideal for aerating the ground. However, it is not an easy tool to use. That’s why we have the aerated fork alternative, which features an integral bar instead of the double handle mentioned above. Something that makes it easier to handle.

As for the stacking forks, these have five or more teeth, which helps to better collect plant debris and also to spread fertilizers on the ground, allowing it to be mixed through the use of somewhat thicker and less aggressive tines. in these cases. In these uses, both the number of tines and their resistance matter, thus obtaining different models and proposals with different applications. It’s all a matter of seeing what you’re looking for and choosing what you need for your work.


As important as the design of the gallows are the materials used in the process. These are diverse, depending on the type of gallows to be made, although the usual thing is that we always move between wood and metal. Something that, everything is said, also influences how much the product costs.

In the market, it is possible to find wooden pitchforks, useful for simple tasks and made of materials of a certain hardness. However, its uses are somewhat limited, mainly for handling these plant remains and other simple tasks. For this reason, the wood is usually reserved for the elaboration of the handles of the tools that we will see next.

And it is that most of the gallows have a mixed construction, metal and wood. The metal part is generally made of steel, either stainless or with different treatments designed to increase its resistance. Among these elements are carbon or boron steel, finished with conventional paint or epoxy paint. Regarding the union between elements, this is done by means of a rivet or screw, which should be checked from time to time.

comfort of use

For the purchase of your pitchfork to be perfect, it is necessary that the tool is comfortable. Let us think that, as in any manual tool, an uncomfortable design ends up causing scratches and other discomforts. Luckily, the products that we find today in any fork comparison are usually up to the task at this point.

Among the aids that we have at the time of working, are mangoes. Most of the pitchforks today use good sized handles, which helps to make a better effort, and a more effective leverage when driving the pitchfork into the ground. Something that is also helped by the use of specific materials such as wood or rubber inserts, which give the tool a better grip.

On the other hand, we cannot forget about the weight. As in any manual tool, the weight of the product determines a good part of its comfort. And although it is true that the more complex the gallows, the greater its weight tends to be, it is worth comparing the different existing alternatives within the same market segment, in order to bet on the lightest option when carrying out the tasks that are necessary in our orchard or garden.

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