8 different recipes for your popcorn

Popcorn is one of the most traditional and easy to prepare snacks if you have a popcorn maker at home. But the problem is that it takes a bit to get out of conventional preparations, such as butter or caramel. Luckily, there are alternatives with which to enjoy new flavors for this delicious appetizer.

If we talk about cinema, the first thing that comes to mind is a good bowl of popcorn. A very easy snack to prepare, especially if you have a quality popcorn maker on hand. However, sometimes, we stick to the usual preparations, in which we simply add a little salt, oil or butter to the popcorn.

This is mainly due to ignorance, since there are very interesting alternatives to give this appetizer a new flavor. If you are short of ideas, here we offer you some recipes that are as interesting as they are delicious to discover.

1. Popcorn with cinnamon and sugar

Traditional popcorn is salty, but you can turn it into a rich sweet snack by adding a touch of cinnamon and sugar. To prepare it, simply mix the sugar and cinnamon beforehand and sprinkle the mixture on the popcorn while it is hot, so that it caramelizes slightly thanks to the residual heat.

2. Popcorn with melted chocolate

Another sweet alternative that also gives a lot of play. All you have to do is choose the chocolate you like the most, melt it carefully so it doesn’t burn, and pour it over the already made popcorn. You can use dark, white or couverture chocolate or even give it a special touch by adding a pinch of salt to intensify the flavours.

3. Popcorn with fine herbs

A refined alternative with which to enjoy sensations that you have probably never tried before. To prepare this recipe, the popcorn is made in the traditional way, lightly sprayed with olive oil using a spray and the fine herbs are added, stirring the mixture a little so that it does not clump and is distributed well. You can also add a little salt, if you want to finish off the mixture. You can also change the fine herbs for a mixture of Herbes de Provence, as an alternative.

4. Pizza Popcorn

Another proposal that will surely attract you if you are fond of this well-known Italian dish. After making the popcorn, melt enough butter to impregnate them. Once this is poured over the popcorn, we add Parmesan cheese powder and a little oregano to taste, better fresh than dry. Once the cheese is melted, due to the residual heat of the popcorn, a different and very interesting flavor is achieved.

5. Chunky Monkey Popcorn

If you have tried the Chunky Monkey ice cream, you will be interested in the version of this dessert that we can make with some simple popcorn. For this recipe, we need 8 cups of natural popcorn, 1 cup of milk chocolate, half a teaspoon of banana essence, another half of dehydrated banana in small pieces and another half of chopped nuts. For its preparation, we melt the chocolate and add the essence of banana. On the other hand, we mix the popcorn, the dehydrated banana and the nuts. Finally, we pour the mixture of chocolate and essence over the popcorn, so that all the flavors mix properly. A recipe that is worth trying and that you will probably repeat.

6. Chili Cheddar Popcorn

We now turn to a somewhat exotic version, both for its ingredients and for its particular mix of flavors. The recipe calls for one cup of raw corn kernels, one cup of chipotle chili powder, and about 150 grams of cheddar cheese. The preparation is as easy as making the popcorn and adding the cheese and chili, making sure the sauce is well distributed. If you want them with a more spicy touch, you can change the chipotles for a variety that has more punch, or replace it with jalapeños, if what you want is not so spicy.

7. Popcorn with honey and bacon

If there is a word to define this recipe, it is different. The mixture of the sweetness of the honey with the salty and intense touch of the bacon gives them a different flavor than the usual popcorn. As ingredients, we need 8 cups of natural popcorn, three-quarters of a cup of powdered sugar, 6 tablespoons of butter, 3 of honey, half a teaspoon of maple syrup, half a cup of golden and finely chopped bacon, half a teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of baking soda.

Its preparation is a little more complex and begins by preheating the oven to 160 degrees. Meanwhile, heat the sugar, butter, honey and maple syrup in a pan. Once it bubbles, remove and add the baking soda. Add the bacon and pour the mixture over the popcorn, which we will have placed on a baking sheet on a wax paper tray. Add the salt and bake for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

8. Peanut curry popcorn

Another exotic touch to brighten up the usual popcorn. This recipe is as simple as spraying the popcorn with an olive oil spray. Next, we add curry powder and salt, moving the popcorn so that it is properly impregnated. We finish the recipe by adding chopped peanuts as small as possible. An ingredient that, in addition to adding flavor, gives a crunchy touch to a snack that is not always so.

Alternatively, you can make this recipe with coconut. To do this, just add half a cup of melted coconut oil , which replaces the olive oil of the previous proposal. To this oil, we add a tablespoon of honey, to achieve an even more unctuous and pleasant sensation. This mixture is added to the raw popcorn and finished off by adding the curry powder and bits of grated coconut, as well as a touch of salt and a sprinkle of sugar.

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