The 7 Best Trash Cans of 2022

Trash – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

One of the problems we have when it comes to working is properly managing waste. Obviously, in an office we do not have the amount and type of waste that we have in other jobs, such as in a kitchen or in a laboratory. In any case, it is essential that we spend time choosing which is the best bin we can find, since there are models with different capacities, aspects or materials. Among the most elegant models we have the Cosmic Architect litter bin, a complete bathroom litter bin, although it can be used in any room, it offers a good interior spaciousness, as well as a lid with a pedal for a more hygienic handling. Also metallic is the CURVER 177729 model, equipped with a bag holder, a lid with a push system and a capacity of 40 liters, being ideal for spaces with a certain demand for waste storage.

The 7 Best Trash Cans – Opinions 2022

When we take a look at the best litter bins of 2022 in search of that perfect product with which to keep our waste at bay, the first thing that strikes us is that there is no manufacturer that stands out as the best litter bin brand on the market. But, luckily, there are quality models from different manufacturers with which it is easier to dispose of what we do not need and maintain the necessary order in our workplace. Read on and you will surely have a clearer idea of ​​which wastebasket to buy for your desk or office.

bathroom trash can

1. Cosmic Architect Bin Glitter Basket

As an alternative to plastic bins, we have the metal bin, such as the Cosmic Architect model. This complete litter bin with lid has quality manufacturing, combining the already indicated lid with the opening pedal that allows us to deposit the rubbish inside without having to touch the bin.

A very complete bathroom litter bin, which offers an interior space of about 5 liters and has compact dimensions, so that it is not necessary to look for a large space to store it.

A product that is finished off with a beautiful chrome finish, which is also easy to clean since dirt does not adhere to it. And for greater peace of mind, the manufacturer offers a 10-year guarantee on the product, as proof of the quality of its manufacture.

Located among the cheap litter bins on the market despite its metal construction, let’s find out more about what this model offers you.


With a lid: This bin with a lid prevents the odors of the waste that we deposit in it from returning to the room.

Construction: The litter bin has been made of high quality metal with the essential anti-corrosion treatment.

With pedal: The pedal allows us to lift the lid of the bin without the need for our hands to come into contact with the bin.

Finish: The chrome finish of the product adds a touch of elegance to it, and is also very easy to clean.


Capacity: This bin has a capacity of approximately 5 liters, so it is not the best option for environments where a large amount of waste has to be thrown away.

Pedal size: The pedal size is a bit tight, so you will have to be careful to step on it correctly.

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metal trash can

2. CURVER 177729 Touch Bin 40 L

The CURVER 177729 metal litter bin is an interesting product for areas where a large storage capacity is needed. And it is that it can store up to 40 liters of garbage, which you can handle comfortably thanks to the bag support that it has inside.

The model also has an interesting pressure opening system, which dispenses with the pedal and remains hygienic in the process. This system is complemented by an anti-fingerprint treatment, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning the product more often than necessary.

A cleaning that is also especially simple due to the quality of the materials that the product has. And don’t worry about space either, as it can be comfortably installed almost anywhere, without taking up too much space.

If you need to store a lot of garbage in a metal product, this model is a very interesting proposal.


Touch opening: Just press the lid of the product so that the bin opens comfortably.

Inner Ring: The inner ring makes it easier to put the inner bag in place.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 40 liters, being suitable for large spaces with many users.


Resistance: Some users raise certain doubts regarding the durability of the opening system.

Price: The price is somewhat above that of other similar models, although its quality is also superior.

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ashtray bin

3. SONGMICS LTB17C 30L Bucket

Although the current anti-smoking legislation has almost done away with these products, it is still possible to find a quality ashtray bin. The proof is found in the SONGMICS LTB17C model, which offers us an elegant and traditional design to better manage that garbage.

This litter bin has a black painted metal construction, offering high resistance to be used indoors or outdoors. Something that helps its manufacture in stainless steel, so it is suitable to withstand intensive use.

The product has a separate bin and ashtray, which eliminates risks during use. In addition, you can pour water in the ashtray part to put out the butts and facilitate the cleaning of that container. It also has an inner bucket, which facilitates the process of removing the rubbish and cleaning the bin area.

Keep your office or business environment clean with this practical ashtray bin, which we analyze below.


Independent buckets: The model has two independent buckets, for the ashtray and the wastebasket part.

Resistant : Due to the quality of its materials, it is a product suitable for installation outdoors.

Bag-friendly: You can also mount a bag, if needed, on the bottom bin of the bin.


Anchoring: It is recommended to add gravel or sand to the bottom of the bin to give it greater stability.

Ashtray depth: The ashtray has an adjusted depth, which can cause cigarette butts to be visible at the top.

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desktop trash can

4. Andrea House PA60068 Leather Effect Trash Can

If you are looking for the best litter bin of the moment, with which to have a practical but also elegant product, the Andrea House PA60068 model will probably interest you. A product that stands out due to the elegance of its finish, thanks to its complete manufacture in brown imitation leather. Something that gives a very different look to the usual plastic bins, being almost perfect next to any desk.

This desk bin also offers a good capacity, thanks to its measurements of 25 centimeters wide by 20 deep and 29 high, as well as an interior capacity of approximately 15 liters, so you don’t have problems with the available space.

You won’t have any problems cleaning it either, as long as you’re careful not to throw away liquid or dripping residue, a simple damp cloth is enough to leave it clean.

If you are one of those who thinks that the best wastebasket has to be elegant but efficient, when you see the characteristics of this model you will understand why it is among the most outstanding.


Size: It has measures of 29 centimeters high by 25 wide and 20 deep, to have a good capacity.

Colour: The dark brown tone of its synthetic leather adds extra elegance to the product and to the environment in which you place it.

Weight: The bin weighs 798 grams, which shows its strength, while helping to keep it stable wherever you place it.

Resistance: The seams and stitching that shape the bin add extra resistance to the product.


Type of waste: Due to its characteristics, it is not recommended to use it as a bathroom wastebasket or with residues that could drip or leave stains on the material.

Care : In addition to what has been mentioned, it must be cleaned frequently to keep it in good condition.

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office trash can

5. Kela 22769 Trash Bin 5 l

If you are looking for the best value for money bin on the market, the Kela 22769 model would be one of our best candidates. This bin with a hinged lid makes it easier for you to store your usual office waste inside, in a compact design that you can place anywhere.

Specifically, this office wastebasket measures 19.5 centimeters in diameter at its circular base with a total height of 29 centimeters. Enough to offer you an interior space of up to five liters of capacity. A model made of quality plastic, with polypropylene in the main body and ABS plastic in the hinged lid area, so that it maintains its strength and quality for longer.

As proof that there is also quality among the cheapest litter bins on the market, let’s learn more about this model.


Flip-top lid: The flip-top lid makes it easy for you to deposit debris inside and keep it out of your sight.

Design: The design is simple and compact, so it is not difficult to fit it in any space on your desk without disturbing it.

Colours: In case you want to add a touch of color to your office, this model comes in up to seven different exterior colours.


Capacity: The 5 liter capacity is adequate for small office waste but perhaps not so much if you need to dispose of a larger amount of waste.

Visible bag: Although it is possible to place a bag inside, it will be seen from the outside.

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Other products

6. Premier Housewares 1900261 Recycling Bag Set

The first thing that strikes you about the Premier Housewares 1900261 model is its design, far removed from conventional wastebaskets. And it is that this product, in truth, is made up of three bags or sacks specially designed to help you in the classification and recycling of your waste.

To do this, you have three different bags, designed for paper and cardboard, glass and plastics, which you can join together so they don’t move or separate them when it’s time to empty them.

And it is that this is another of its advantages, since the bags have very comfortable handles, so that it is even easier to take them to the container when necessary. However, each of the bags has a capacity of 40 liters, so you won’t have to worry about emptying them very often either.

If you want to help the planet, this complete recycling bin helps you better organize your waste and dispose of it correctly.


Practical design: The bags are so practical that they even serve to lower the garbage directly into the container when necessary.

Stable: The bags can be joined together, so that they maintain greater stability when they are placed on the ground.

Cleaning: Thanks to the quality of its materials, this product can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.


Organic: These bags have been designed for recyclable materials, so you will need another bucket for organic waste.

Maximum weight: It is advisable not to load them excessively, especially the paper one, since some users comment that the seams can weaken.

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7. InterDesign 93181 Bin with Handles 9.5 Liters

The InterDesign 93181 litter bin is a versatile product that we can use in different areas, both on our desk and in the bathroom or any room in our office or home.

A product made of high-resistance plastic, measuring 27 centimeters wide by 18 centimeters deep and 30.5 or 25.5 centimeters high, depending on what you need. Something that varies its capacity, although it is enough to house all your waste without too many complications.

It is also easy to empty and move, since the bin has two large side handles to hold it comfortably. Something that also makes it easier to clean, which, thanks to the quality of the materials that we have mentioned, is not particularly complex either. And so that you can choose the design that you like the most, you have up to 16 different colors with which it is easy to bet on the one that best fits your office.

After carrying out our analysis of this bin and all its characteristics, this is the result of it, with its most outstanding elements.


Heights: The litter bin comes in two different heights, 25.5 and 30.5 centimeters, so that you bet on the one that suits you best.

Hardness: Thanks to the quality and type of plastic used in the manufacture of the bin, it has a high resistance to bumps and dirt.

Colours: If you don’t like the usual white bin, this model comes in up to sixteen different colours, where fun options such as yellow or blue are not lacking.


Scratched: Some user comments that, despite its resistance, it has a tendency to scratch more easily than desirable.

Symmetry: There are also some users who comment that the received product has a straight face and the other wavy, which can be somewhat annoying visually speaking.

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Shopping guide

The bin is a fundamental element when it comes to keeping the waste from our office or home. In addition, the wide variety of products that we can find in any comparison of litter bins that we read today allows us to find products for any room, with different sizes and different materials. So that you do not get lost among so many options, we leave you the advice of our guide to buy the best wastebasket, with which it will be easy for you to decide on the perfect product.

bin type

The first thing we need to decide is what kind of bin we need to buy. Something that influences both the location of that bin and the type of waste that we plan to deposit inside. Two issues that force us to modify the materials and the design of it.

Starting with the location, if what we are looking for is an office wastebasket, we can resort to both plastic and metal models. Something similar happens with the bathroom, although in the latter case metal bins are more convenient than plastic ones, due to their greater ease of cleaning. The latter should have a lid, just as the bins that we want to install in kitchens should have a lid, to prevent the odors of the garbage from spreading throughout the room.

Regarding waste, when it comes to disposing of paper and other waste from our office work, it really is not necessary to have any particular model or material. But if we are talking about wet or dripping waste, it is advisable to look for products that can be fitted with an inner bag, also avoiding those made of imitation leather or similar.

And if the waste has edges or other dangerous elements, it will always be better to have a high-quality metal bin that keeps the waste in its place without deterioration.

Bin Capacity

Another issue of great importance when buying a good and cheap wastebasket has to do with its capacity. Something that also influences the measurements of the product, so that the greater the capacity, the greater the space needed to place the bin where it is required.

The smallest models that we find on the market usually have capacities of 2 or 3 liters. In this case, we are talking about table bins, in which we can store those small remains and even use them as pens or the like. Among the more conventional models, we would make the leap to products of approximately 5 or 10 liters. These models are usually the ones we find in the bathroom, although they can also be used in other rooms.

If we look for more conventional bins, these are in the capacity of 20 to 40 liters. They are the usual ones in office bins or even in metal models. And if we already have a greater need for waste storage, it is enough to continue expanding the capacity to that of the models with wheels, which can hold about 100 or 120 liters of waste. The included wheels allow the product to be moved comfortably, while the lid that they usually include prevents odors from escaping.

Additional functions

Once we have analyzed the fundamental parameters of these bins, beyond their capacities and types, it is time to see some additional functions that these products include. Functions that have their weight in terms of the cost of the product, but that also improve its usefulness.

We start by talking about closure systems with a lid. The usual pedal lid system is still present, although there are also models with a tilting lid and even a lid that closes by pressure, which simplifies the opening process. However, the simplest option of all is the lid with a sensor, which opens it just by approaching the bin. Therefore, it is ideal for environments in which hygiene is essential when disposing of waste.

Also interesting are the models that include inner buckets to house the rubbish, as well as rings that allow you to hold the bags comfortably. Simple solutions that add extra hygiene to the product. And if you want to recycle with ease, just take a look at bins with separate bins, which make it easy to separate waste and dispose of it separately.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to repair a pedal bin?

The traditional cutting pedal bin uses a mechanical system to lift the lid once we step on the aforementioned pedal. Therefore, if the pedal does not lift the lid, it is because the physical connection between the different elements fails. To repair the lid, we only have to take a look at the pedal, the arm that pulls the lid and the lid itself, to find out what is wrong in the process. Once the loose piece is fitted, the bin will work again.

Q2: What is a sensor bin used for?

The sensor bin has the advantage that you don’t need to touch it to open it, but it opens the lid automatically once it detects presence nearby. This is interesting in those environments that require special hygiene such as kitchens, bathrooms or laboratories, to name a few examples.

Q3: Why does the bathroom trash can have a lid?

The main reason for this is to prevent possible odors from the waste that we dispose of in this type of bin from entering the environment. It is important to remember that bathrooms are not usually large rooms and that their ventilation is sometimes poor. Therefore, having a lid on the bin, which keeps the smell safe, will always be convenient to enjoy a more pleasant environment.

Q4: What is a wheelie bin?

The wheeled bin is a type of high-capacity bin that has two wheels at its base. This has the advantage of being able to move the bin comfortably when placing it or emptying it, just by lifting the front part of the bin and pushing it using the handle or similar element that it includes. However, they are heavy and somewhat bulky products, so they are not suitable for environments where there is no space or a large amount of waste is not produced.

Q5: Is a trash can with an ashtray safe?

A litter bin with an ashtray is safe as long as there is a physical separation between the ashtray area and the litter bin area. This is usually the usual tendency of most products that we find on the market, which prevents cigarette butts from causing an accident by igniting the garbage that is inside it. In any case, it never hurts to pour some water in the ashtray area to help extinguish the butts and have extra security.

Q6: How do you clean a hanging bin?

If we have taken the proper precautions when making our purchase, we will have opted for a hanging bin with a removable bucket or with an open bottom lid. These elements help to remove the debris that is inside the product, as well as to facilitate its cleaning.

If this is the case, it will be enough to remove that interior garbage and comfortably clean the interior of the waste bin, as well as the rest of the elements. The cleaning will be finished off with a disinfectant, such as bleach, if the bin contains residue that can generate contamination, or with soap and water if it only contains other inert elements such as paper and the like.

Q7: How does a swing lid bin work?

The tilting lid litter bin is based on a rounded lid hanging from its central part, which moves by simply pressing lightly on one of its free ends. This makes it easy to access the interior and deposit the waste, remaining closed once the pressure ceases, since the design of the lid returns to the closed position. This helps to keep odors safe inside, as well as preventing the view of the content both when using the bin and when pouring waste inside.

Q8: What is a pad bin?

The sanitary napkin bin is a product specially designed to safely store this type of waste. This bin is usually in the form of a closed container with a lid that lifts up and allows the used pad to be placed inside, but without offering a view or smell of its contents.

Once closed, the waste passes into the bucket, being duly stored. These products can be purchased directly on the market or leased to professional companies in the sector, which are responsible for emptying, cleaning and properly processing their content.

Q9: What is a recycling bin for?

A recycling bin is a convenient aid to properly recycle our waste. These types of bins usually have several bins, of an adjusted size and normally joined together, so that it is much easier to separate the paper, glass or containers when processing the garbage.

In addition, as they are independent bins, it is easier to empty each of them separately once they are full, thus making the process of disposing of recyclable waste more comfortable as it accumulates in the bag.

Q10: Is a wheelie bin worth it?

Well the answer is that it depends. Bins with wheels have the advantage of having wheels at the bottom, which makes it easier to move them when processing their content. But, in return, they tend to have a more than considerable size, as well as capacities of around 100 liters, so they are not suitable for having them next to a desk.

So in the event that you need to process this high amount of garbage, it would be interesting to have one of them, while if your production is lower, this is probably not the case.

Q11: Is there a recyclable bin?

In general, any litter bin made of plastic or metal meets the requirements to be recyclable, as long as it is deposited in the appropriate places. In fact, many of these litter bins already include a part of recycled material in their manufacture. This is especially noticeable in the cardboard bins used for paper recycling, which when they deteriorate can be recycled directly, just like their content.

How to use a trash can

Since using a wastebasket is not something that is very scientific, we are going to dedicate this guide to the maintenance care that your wastebasket requires to stay in good condition. Something that does have to do in part with use, but above all depends on us complying with the necessary steps so that our wastebasket is always perfect.

Trash location

If we have done our homework well, we will have bought a litter bin adapted to the room in which we are going to install it. But we should also choose carefully within that room where we are going to locate it. It is important that the area where we place the litter bin is away from the passageways to prevent a blow while passing from breaking it. It is also necessary that the bin is away from sources of moisture or excessive dirt, which is especially important in bathrooms.

use of bag

To keep the inside of the bin clean, we must always use a bag. This aspect should only be ignored if we buy an office wastebasket and we only plan to deposit papers, staples and other inert elements in it. But even in this case it is also advisable to include the bag.

Many bins on the market have retaining rings that keep the bags in place and make it easier to remove them. And the rest usually have a structure that makes it easy to place the bin hanging from the top of it, which prevents the dirt from the waste we deposit from going into the bin.

Trash bin cleaning

Related to the above, all the bins must be cleaned with some frequency. This cleaning should be more frequent in those models that support more dangerous residues, such as the bins that are placed in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. These should be cleaned at least once a month and preferably with disinfectant products such as bleach or similar.

In the case of bins designed to house recyclable waste, paper and other products that are not so dangerous, from a sanitary point of view, cleaning can take a little longer.

taking advantage of the space

Since we have mentioned the bins intended for recycling, although the advice is also useful for all the others, it is important to compact the waste as much as possible. This translates, for example, into pressing beverage and water bottles and leaving them properly closed to minimize the space they occupy.

Something we can also do, for example with cans. This allows us to take better advantage of the space and prevents us from having to throw practically empty bags into the trash as soon as we put two bottles or two cans inside.

Lid Maintenance

The last section that we are going to refer to has to do with the maintenance of the lids in those bins that have them installed. If we are talking about a pedal bin, maintenance is limited to checking the opening system and fitting it when necessary.

Something similar happens with the pressure opening models, which only need to be cleaned from time to time so that they fit correctly and are kept ready. Where it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance is in the litter bins with an opening sensor.

In these bins it is necessary to change the batteries when necessary, as well as to keep the sensor area clean so that the lid continues to open. In addition, if we do not plan to use this bin for a certain period of time, we must always remove those batteries to prevent the mechanism from being damaged.

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