How to know if I can expand the RAM memory of my laptop?

Virtually any electronic device with which you can interact or obtain information has RAM memory. This important component is responsible for processing the momentary data that comes from your actions on the computer, so it is a relevant element for speed and general performance.

What is RAM memory?

The memory of a computer is an essential piece for the functioning of the PC, since it is in charge of temporarily storing the data of the operating system and the applications that you are using at a given moment.

Currently, a 4 GB RAM memory for a laptop may be insufficient for demanding tasks, such as playing video games, editing videos, among other functions, and it is in this type of case that it is advisable to increase the amount of RAM installed in the computer.


Get information about the RAM memory on the computer

If you need to find out the capacity of your computer in terms of RAM, as well as obtain the data about the one currently installed, then we will tell you how to do it in various OS:

  • On a Windows computer

To increase the RAM memory in a computer, it is first necessary to check that the motherboard offers slots with the necessary capacity to increase it, in addition to checking what type of memory is compatible with the motherboard.

One way you can get the necessary information is by activating the following command: Ctrl + Alt + Delete. By pressing these keys in sequence, the system will display a series of options where you can launch the Task Manager.

When the window is displayed where all the programs that are currently running will appear, you will notice a series of tabs at the top where you must enter Performance. Here you will be able to observe the real-time performance of various components in your computer such as the CPU, Wifi, Disk, GPU and, of course, the Memory.

If you click on the Memory section, the window will be updated and at the bottom you will be able to see the data regarding the hardware. This includes the number of available slots and how many are in use, the maximum capacity supported by the board, the supported form factor, and the speed provided by the installed drives.

  • On a Mac OS computer

Whether you want to increase RAM for Minecraft or any other video game, you should keep in mind that Mac computers are not usually designed for gaming. However, it is possible to run certain titles if you have a sufficiently powerful machine in terms of RAM, video and processor.

The method for checking RAM status information on a computer running Mac OS is quite simple: click the apple icon to bring up a menu, and then select About This Mac.

Then a new window will open with information about the equipment where you can obtain data about the screen, the processor, its speed, the video card and the RAM memory.

To access the complete data, in this same window you must select System Report and then Memory, which will show you all the details of the section including type, size and speed of the units.

How to install RAM memory in a laptop?

Learning how to increase RAM in a laptop will allow you to become more familiar with your device and save money on technical support. Therefore, now we will show you the steps to follow to install or replace the RAM of your laptop yourself:


  1. remove the lid

In most laptops you will find screws on the bottom of the computer, which hold both the case and some components, such as the hard drive or the reader unit . Take them out one by one and keep them apart to prevent them from being lost.

Once outside, try to lift the lid to carefully unlock the tabs that hold it. In case you encounter resistance, check that there are no screws left unremoved.


  1. Find the slots

The next step is to identify the RAM memory slots on the computer’s motherboard. These usually stand out due to the manufacturer’s label on the drive , as well as noticeable security tab features.


  1. Remove the RAM drive

To install the new RAM memory you must have at least one slot available on the motherboard or, failing that, replace one of the already installed ones. If you need to remove a drive , you will need to carefully push out the tabs that secure the memory in the slot. Doing so will raise the drive so you can easily remove it by gently pulling on it.

  1.   Install the new RAM

Now, take the new, higher-capacity laptop RAM and position it in the slot, guiding yourself with the slot opening that interrupts the string of gold pins. Gently press down until you feel the tabs move slightly and snap them closed to secure the drive.

To finish, you will only have to replace the cover with its screws, turn on your computer and check that everything works properly.


Before trying to replace any part or even open the laptop, it is highly recommended that you have previous experience or follow tutorials to the letter, since mishandling in this type of operation can cost the computer its life. 

In addition, we do not advise you to try to increase the capacity of your computer with an external RAM memory, since these pieces are not designed to work through a USB port.

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