Maxtor HX-M201TCB/GM Reviews

Main advantage:

It’s a hard drive that uses USB 3.0 connectivity to be able to both read and write data to your drive, so you can reach high speeds to save time with large files.

Main disadvantage:

Apparently, the USB 3.0 cable that comes with the purchase is short in length, which is why it can be a bit awkward to find a resting place for the drive.

Verdict: 9.5/10

If you want a disc for regular use and to increase the storage capacity of your computer or game console, we advise you to consider what this option offers you.

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Main Features Explained

connectivity technology

Today it is important to have external hard drives on hand that are capable of meeting both domestic and professional requirements, whether in terms of speed, storage, format, compatibility, etc. If you don’t know which model to buy and want to know some opinions, we recommend the Maxtor product.

The hard drive model HX-M201TCB/GM seems to offer good value for money thanks to its features and capacity, as well as the technology used to connect to other equipment.

As you know, the best external hard drives are used as additional storage units or to transfer content on a physical drive to another reading device. With the Maxtor product you will be able to enjoy transfer in USB 3.0 format, one of the fastest technologies on the market today.

Thanks to USB 3.0, reading and writing to the disk can reach high speeds, the maximum being 480 MB per second, saving you time when working with it. It is also striking that the same cable provides power to the disk to work, avoiding that you have to connect it to another source. On the other hand, it is highlighted that the purchase of the unit includes its own USB cable so that you do not have to spend extra money to purchase one separately.

Storage capacity

Since an external hard drive is mainly acquired to increase the storage available in other devices, it is very important that, before choosing which model to buy, you consider the storage capacity it offers so that you do not run out of space when you least expect it.

But maybe you shouldn’t worry too much if you decide to invest in the option offered by the Maxtor brand. This external hard drive has a capacity to hold up to 2,000 GB or 2 TB of information, which is usually enough for home use such as saving documents, photos, videos, music, programs and much more.

Likewise, with this capacity, the drive will also be useful for adding more storage to a video game console, for example. Since today there are many titles that create downloadable content in order to enjoy a full experience and this content, if you do not have an extra disc, it is stored in the main drive by default. However, with the other necessary files, it is likely to fill up quite quickly and a drive like the HX-M201TCB/GM should solve this problem.

If you are interested and it is available, you can also choose to buy this model in 500 GB, 1 TB and 4 TB versions.

Portability and handling

The next feature that we recommend you analyze before purchasing a hard drive, whether for use at home or for work, is the portability and handling that it offers you according to its design. Since these types of drives are generally intended to be portable, it is necessary to know the technical details.

Regarding the Maxtor hard drive, we are faced with a device that measures 11.8 x 8.2 x 2 centimeters and weighs 180 grams. This indicates that it has a compact size, convenient to load and store and also easy to handle when you need to connect it.

The casing that protects the internal drive is black in color and has an interleaved checkered design pattern that gives it a striking and elegant look. In addition, its edges have a polished and rounded finish to be more comfortable to hold.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that both the material and the finish of the casing are resistant to scratches and fingerprints, so the disc will keep looking clean and like new for much longer.

Finally, it is also an advantage that with your purchase you can enjoy Seagate software to make backup copies of the contents of your drive.

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