Royal Canin Renal Reviews

Main advantage: 

This food has been formulated and developed by feline veterinary experts to be suitable for adult cats that have or are prone to kidney disease, so it has additives that give them a healthy life.

Main disadvantage:

Unlike other cat food, these croquettes do not seem to have such an attractive taste or smell, so some animals may initially reject them.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This Royal alternative is listed as a specific proposal for adult felines with kidney problems, as it adequately complements their diet for a healthy metabolism. In addition, it is available in various presentations.

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Main Features Explained

Specifications and benefits 

As in humans, over time, cats can present ailments that must be treated and that require a special diet to overcome the disease and thus have a better quality of life. For this reason, some brands present specific lines to the market that are recommended by veterinarians, such as vitamin supplements to strengthen their defenses. One of these foods is Royal Canin Renal which, in this case, helps maintain kidney function in animals that have already been diagnosed or are suspected of having chronic kidney disease, hence its price is relatively higher.

This alternative has been formulated with different added ingredients to provide a healthier life for the feline. Among its benefits, this dry food includes EPA and DHA, a whole complex of antioxidants that affect kidney function and provide a low level of phosphorus. 

Its formula has been developed by experts to complement the diet and support the function of the kidneys, to regulate the balance of fluids and minerals in the feline’s body. To do this, this food has a content that has been mixed with quality proteins, which minimize the load on the pet’s renal work. In addition, it contains alkalizing agents that help treat chronic kidney disease.

Formula and ingredients

According to the opinions of the users, this feed for cats is one of the best and most recommended by veterinarians to complement the animal’s balanced diet and support the maintenance of kidney function, making it a food with advanced properties that, Although it can be used without any supervision, it is usually prescribed by experts for adult felines and with a specific condition. For this reason, Royal Canin Renal feed has a different aromatic profile that is appetizing for the specific preferences of some animals. 

Just as this alternative is made with a complex of antioxidants, it also includes other ingredients in its formula, which provide the cat with the necessary nutrients to have a healthier life and control weight problems.

Within the components of its formula, the manufacturer has added corn flour, vegetable and animal fibers, wheat gluten, isolated chicken proteins, fish oil, powdered cellulose, flour from chicken by-products, wheat, natural flavors, salt, calcium carbonate, sodium silicate, potassium chloride, and psyllium seed husk.

On the other hand, the Royal Canin Renal formula also includes vitamins and minerals such as DL-alpha tocopheryl acetate, which is a source of vitamin E; L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate, source of vitamin C; vitamin B6, vitamin A acetate, vitamin C12, B1, folic acid, taurine, among other components. 


Cat food usually varies its presentation according to the brand and the specific line, so that the options that are achieved are the product of a marketing study of the brand on the preferences and purchasing habits of the most frequent users. That is why Canin Renal is available in several presentations, but we specifically refer to the 2 kilo dry croquettes.

Each of these packages has the same quality of food inside, it only varies in quantity. Selecting a size of Royal Canin Renal will depend on the number of cats you have at home and how often you go shopping. Although it is considered one of the best cat feeds on the market, if it is not used frequently, it is possible that after a few months its properties begin to be lost, as well as its hardness, taste and smell. Therefore, the large package is recommended for those who have more than one animal. In addition, the components, formula and even the recommended dose are specified on the packaging. 

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