Remington ipl6250 Reviews

Main advantage:

The meticulous study after the manufacture of the artifact, together with the dermatological tests are a great advantage, as they provide security of protection to people.

Main disadvantage:

One drawback of this product is that it is not as portable as other models, as it comes with a base that adds weight and takes up space in any bag.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This light epilator is a good option for couples, as it is a device that easily adapts to different areas of the body, hair types and skin tones. Versatility and effectiveness are qualities worth mentioning.

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Main Features Explained


When it comes to pulsed light epilators, Remington is one of the most prominent brands, as it is famous for manufacturing this type of device and other similar devices, whose purpose is to help you with personal care. In this case, this modern model has received various positive opinions for many reasons, however, something worth highlighting among all these factors is the security it offers.

For example, there are those who decide not to buy these devices, even if it is the best pulsed light epilator for fear of damaging their eyesight. However, this model has a skin contact sensor to activate the pulsations only when directly on the skin, avoiding any problem.

In addition to that, the epilator has an integrated sensor to be able to identify the person’s skin tone and adapt the intensity level to it, avoiding damaging or weakening the area. It will also detect the color of the hair, to make sure it is the right shade for the procedure.

Finally, it is worth noting that this device has been clinically tested and this process has been supervised by skin health professionals. The success of these tests managed to obtain FDA approval.


In order to be recognized as one of the best in its area and collect various positive reviews that highlight its qualities, it is necessary for the epilator to have state-of-the-art technology that provides adequate operation for the needs of various people. Fortunately, this is the case with the Remington ipl6250.

For a good price, this device has been equipped with PROPULSE technology, which promotes effective hair removal from the root. In this way, not only will it remove the hair, but it will stop its growth cycle so that the number of them that appears on the skin is less and less. Thanks to this deep penetration of light energy, after approximately 3 sessions you will be able to see a noticeable change, as the areas will have 90% less hair. Over time, if you continue with the sessions, the hair will begin to weaken until the results are permanent.

This technology suits both men and women, so both can enjoy effective and comfortable hair removal. Additionally, because the heads display is 50% larger and thanks to its shooting modes, it is easier to deal with large sections when necessary.


If you have never used a pulsed light epilator, it is normal that you may feel intimidated by its technology and feel that it is difficult to start epilating using this device; however, if there is something that makes this Remington model stand out, it is its simple and comfortable operation. In addition to that, to facilitate this, the product includes an instruction manual in Spanish.

For starters, this gadget comes with a handy stand, not often included with other gadgets, so you’ll always have a place to put the product. In addition, there it is possible to visualize a legend that indicates the level of intensity used so that you have greater control of its operation. The epilator itself is small and light, making it easy to handle for more efficient epilation.

The firing speed of this product is 3 seconds and, following a grid pattern over the area to be waxed, you will be able to finish in a short time. However, if you want more speed, you just have to hold down the button and carry out the process. With the single shot mode you can take care of sensitive areas such as the underarms, groin and face. While with the multiple shot mode you can wax legs, arms or back. No matter how you use the epilator, the results will be satisfactory.

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