The 9 Best Dry Shampoos of 2022

Dry Shampoo – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

One of the hair cosmetics that has become increasingly common is dry shampoo, which helps control the level of fat and refreshes it, avoiding frequent traditional washing, which, according to experts on the subject, damages our hair. To decide which one to buy, it is best to review some of the most outstanding existing options, for example, the Batiste Pretty & Opulent Oriental is an alternative with a pleasant fragrance, easy application and designed for all types of hair, another interesting shampoo is the Klorane to Nettle, suitable for oily hair.

The 9 Best Dry Shampoos – Opinions 2022

Choosing between the many dry shampoo options today can be confusing, as the benefits they all offer seem to be the same. However, there are some particular characteristics that differentiate them. Below we analyze among the most popular options in this 2022 to facilitate your purchase decision.

Batiste dry shampoo

1. Batiste Oriental Pretty & Opulent Dry Shampoo

This product belongs to a well-established brand, which has been on the market for 40 years, and is highly valued by buyers. This makes it a good option, but it is also among the cheap shampoos that offer good results. 

Pleasant fragrance with hints of coconut, iris, lily, jasmine, wild berries, among others, this product leaves a fresh aroma while eliminating excess fat. This is due to its rice starch base, which can leave your hair manageable and full of volume. It is also suitable for all types of hair and a good alternative if you do not have the possibility to wash your hair with water or you want to space out the washes.

On the other hand, it should be added that Batiste Oriental dry shampoo is applied quite simply, and it is recommended to use it before going to sleep, to achieve better results and without white residue in the morning.

Its most prominent pros and cons are explained below, so you can better assess whether this option is the right one to meet your needs.


Free of sulfates and sodium: Given its mild formulation, you can use it on hair that has been dyed or has perms.

Vegan and cruelty-free: Its ingredients meet these characteristics and the manufacturer demands the same from its suppliers.

Objective: It achieves its specific purpose of refreshing and cleaning the hair, something very useful for times of urgency.


Effects: The hair can lose softness if the amount applied is exceeded, leaving residues that will be more noticeable on dark hair.

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2. Batiste Dry Shampoo Original 3 Count

In the Batiste dry shampoo range we find the Original version, one of the most recommended by its customers. Its fresh aroma with notes of roses, lavender and orange is one of the characteristics that make this classic popular for refreshing hair.

Also, the application in three simple steps -apply, massage and brush- is done with a small amount and manages to absorb excess oil from the scalp effectively. Plus, it adds volume to hair and can leave a nice clean feeling.

On the other hand, its pack of 3 shampoo bottles offer you an affordable cost and the convenience of having it in sufficient quantity so that you do not worry about buying again for a long time. 

Since it does what it promises and, according to the evaluation of its users, it does not disappoint, this product could well be described as the best value for money dry shampoo.

To assess whether it is the ideal option for your hair, we show you a list of the pros and cons of this product. It may help you determine which dry shampoo to buy.


Unisex: Its fresh scent is considered a recommended option even for men, making it versatile.

Efficacy: Your hair can be refreshed and feel cleaner without losing its softness.

Hair type: The formula of the shampoo allows fine hair to acquire body and volume, facilitating combing.

No residue: It is removed well by brushing, even shaking by hand for a better finish.


Dry hair: It is recommended to use sparingly on dry hair, to avoid further moisture loss.

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Klorane dry shampoo

3. Klorane Nettle Dry Shampoo

When reviewing among the best rated options we have the Klorane dry shampoo, a high quality product indicated for oily hair. This is due to its nettle-based active ingredient, a plant whose astringent properties help regulate sebum production on the scalp. In addition, it helps to revitalize the hair while adding more shine and volume. 

Another outstanding aspect is that, thanks to its rice-based powders, the product can absorb excess oil, so the hair will have a cleaner appearance in a few minutes. On the other hand, it is a product that has been formulated free of parabens, sulfates and dyes, ingredients that are considered unhealthy. So you can use it with more confidence. 

In relation to the frequency of its use, it should be noted that, if necessary, you can use this shampoo as many times as required.

Now we share more information about this Klorane option, which may well be the best dry shampoo brand on the market.


Sebum regulator: It offers the advantage of controlling sebum production for up to 48 hours.

Colored version: The Klorane brand also presents the colored version of this shampoo for brown to dark hair.

Eco-responsible: It has the Ecocert 26000 seal, so by purchasing this product you contribute indirectly to the environment.

Free of toxins: The formula of this shampoo is free of parabens, sulfates and dyes, being an advantage compared to other similar products.


Residues: May leave residual powder if hair is not brushed thoroughly. But by using it at night this can be significantly reduced.

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Gliss dry shampoo

4. Schwarzkopf Gliss Volume Dry Shampoo 6-pack

Schwarzkopf, a hair cosmetics company with more than 120 years of experience, offers Gliss dry shampoo within its range of consumer products, responding to the high demands of consumers. Its formula cleans effectively without weighing hair down, but it also adds volume for up to 24 hours. This is because its main ingredient is rice powder. 

Another feature that might interest you is that it is one of the cheapest products in our comparison, with a pack of 6 bottles so you do not miss it at home. In addition, for a better experience, it provides freshness with citrus touches and is recommended for use between washes. 

In relation to the issue of waste, according to user experience, these are not a problem, since they can be removed by brushing or combined with the use of the dryer.

Let’s learn more about this hair cleansing option, so you can consider more aspects before deciding on your purchase.


Volume: Its formula specializes in giving your hair this effect, so it is recommended for fine hair.

No residue: You do not have to worry about the appearance of your hair, as it does not leave this type of inconvenience.

Cleansing: Thanks to its fresh scent and formula, it can leave your hair feeling pleasantly clean between washes.


Oily hair: If your hair has this characteristic, it might be better to opt for the Anti-oily version of the brand, since it does not specialize in improving this condition.

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Moroccanoil dry shampoo

5. Moroccanoil Light Tones Dry Shampoo

With the formulation of this product you will be incorporating multiple advantages into your cleaning routine. Also, you should know that if your hair is light it could be one of the best dry shampoos of 2022 for you. 

Its ingredients include argan oil, which provides UV protection and, among other qualities, provides a detangling effect, adds shine and softness, but also has restorative qualities for the hair. 

Likewise, Moroccanoil dry shampoo, due to the starch of its fine rice powders, makes it the right option to absorb oil from the hair, leaving it clean and soft without the dreaded white residue. In the same way, it refreshes your hair, prevents the accumulation of fat and eliminates odours, offering the pleasant sensation of freshly washed.

In relation to its presentation, its container contains 205 ml, which, when applied according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, can last for multiple washes and is easy to apply.

To simplify your choice, we show you below more details of this product, so that you can consider them before you decide on one or another option from our list.


Light hair: It is especially indicated for this type of hair, but there is also a version for dark hair.

Highlights the color: Provides violet nuances to help balance the coppery or yellowish tones of blonde hair, thus highlighting the light reflections of the mane.

Neutralizes odors: If you find yourself in an environment where unpleasant aromas permeate your hair, the shampoo can neutralize them.


Price: It is not the most affordable shampoo, but the user experience is very positive.

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Other products 

6. Syoss Foaming Dry Shampoo

Continuing with the search for the best products in this category, we have found an interesting option from the German brand Syoss. Its numerous benefits make it, according to the opinion of those who have used it, the best dry shampoo on the market, since its format is not the classic spray spray, but rather it is applied in foam, exactly the same as those that are joined to fix or give volume. 

Consequently, it is a very innovative product, because contrary to what it might seem, it will not leave your hair wet and greasy, instead, it dries quickly and offers a good result. 

Among the benefits that you can enjoy when choosing this product, we can mention that the hair is fresh, soft, with volume and helps you reduce the exposure of your hair to the use of soap, a practice that can dry and weaken it.

If you still don’t know if this option suits your needs, we invite you to know the pros and cons of the product, which is emerging as the best dry shampoo of the moment.


No residue: As it is not powder-based, you will not have to worry about those uncomfortable white residues that other shampoos tend to leave behind.

Healthy: Its formulation is free of silicones. In addition, its production is free of practices related to animal cruelty.

Volume: You can add more volume to your hair with this shampoo, but without overloading it.


Oily hair: Those who have an oily scalp may have to opt for another product, as it does not specialize in controlling this situation.

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7. TRESemmé Volume Dry Shampoo 3 Pack

A dry-cleaning shampoo that can help us with the task of refreshing our hair at any time is the TRESemmé Voluminous Lock. It is a version indicated for fine and oily hair, which can help control the excess of sebum produced naturally and the lack of vitality, eliminating the dull appearance when it has not been possible to wash in a traditional way. 

Similarly, as it contains mineral clay and citrus fruit extracts in its formula, it has soothing and refreshing properties and helps regulate the oiliness of the scalp, also providing luminosity. As a result, you can achieve fresh and smooth hair.

We must add, that it is one of the cheapest options on our list, offering in its package 3 bottles of product of 250 ml each, so that you can wash your hair in a practical way when you consider it necessary. 

In the next section we detail more interesting aspects of this shampoo, which could be a very good option to consider for your hair beauty routine.


Efficiency: Leaves hair soft and clean, being one of its best points in favor.

Residues: Those who have used this shampoo agree that it leaves no visible residue.

Volume: It is widely recommended for very fine hair, as it lifts the root and provides more volume.


Texture: If the amount used is exceeded, it could reduce the mobility of the hair, but by gaining experience in its use you can control this problem.

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8. Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Refresh Dust Bodyfying Dry Shampoo

In the professional range of the Schwarzkopf brand, we can often find products that get very good opinions among users, and this product is no exception. It is a spray powder presentation, formulated based on rice starch, for this reason it is an indicated option for oily hair.

With its use, not only does the hair refresh quickly, it can also be kept clean for longer. This way you avoid washing your hair with soap and water so often. On the other hand, the brand recommends the use of this shampoo for fine hair, as it gives it volume and softness, helping it achieve a more abundant appearance.

As for its presentation, the container of this Schwarzkopf dry shampoo includes 300 ml of product, enough for you to clean your hair on numerous occasions, since you don’t need to apply too much in each session and it has an aroma that users rate positively.

If you need to know which is the best dry shampoo, you should take into account all the possible details, such as those that we show below about this product.


Effects: The hair acquires more volume as the product can lift the roots, giving it a more abundant appearance.

Finish: Provides a light hold, so it can be used on freshly washed hair to texturize and shape the style.

Yield: You don’t need to use a lot to get a clean and fresh effect, so its 300 ml presentation can last for several applications.


Price: Because it belongs to a high-end category, it can be expensive for some people.

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9. Tigi Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Shampoo

Tigi dry shampoo is a good option within this line of products, as its formula contains very fine powders of corn starch, another effective alternative for those who do not feel comfortable with the results of rice powder. 

This product also absorbs oil from the hair, giving the hair a pleasant cleaner and fresher feeling. In addition, when applied it adds volume from the root, which gives the hair a fuller appearance.

It may also be interesting that, after its application, it leaves a light fixation. Thus, you can shape your hair and obtain a natural result without adding other products.

In relation to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is especially indicated for fine hair with a greasy tendency, as it can leave it soft and full of body. Likewise, its fragrance with notes of vanilla lasts throughout the day.

We present, below, more details that will facilitate the analysis of this option.


Efficacy: This product is recommended for oily hair, managing to neutralize this problem, while improving its texture.

Finish: Achieves a matte appearance, eliminating the shine generated by the hair’s sebum.

Unisex: For added versatility, it can be worn by both men and women.

Volume: If applied to the root, a more abundant effect can be achieved on the hair.


Moderate use: If the recommended amount of use is exceeded, the hair may lose softness, due to its fixing effect.

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Shopping guide

When the number of hair products on the market increases, it is normal for us to feel confused when trying to choose one. If you want to wash your hair without using water, the best option is dry shampoo, but not just any. Below we help you identify the one that might be best for you in our guide to buying the best dry shampoo.


To a greater or lesser extent, each day our scalp produces an oil-based substance to protect the hair fibers and preserve the moisture of the skin in this area. However, when it accumulates, it gives a dirty appearance that is not at all attractive.

In this order of ideas, the objective of dry shampoo is to neutralize this natural situation, but without damaging the hair or reducing its vitality. In fact, it is widely recommended for hair that has been exposed to dyes, as washing with water could quickly damage it, causing it to lose its color.

Type of dry shampoo

The first thing to know are the types of dry shampoos that exist today. In this sense, the most used is the spray, and its popularity is due to the ease of its application, since it is sprayed on the roots of the hair allowing a good distribution of the product, making it practical for the morning rush.

Another type that you can often find is powdered shampoo. The products that belong to this classification are effective, but they are also more complicated in their application. They should be carefully sprinkled trying to distribute them homogeneously, and then proceed to a careful brushing to remove them. However, despite this, they can leave residues. Its texture is similar to that of talc and, mainly, they are used to absorb fat.

There is also cream shampoo, a product that is distributed with the hands, where some change to a watery texture, absorbing fat, its disadvantage lies in the final texture of the hair, which, according to opinions, does not have much volume.

Finally, and perhaps the newest option, is the shampoo that is applied in foam, just as it is done with those used to comb. According to users, this version may be the most practical and is applied to the roots, without having to brush to remove excess product. 

Hair type

For a mane to be clean and with a silky texture, it is necessary that the formula of the dry shampoo is adapted to the specific needs of the hair. In this order of ideas, we have products specially designed to be more effective in controlling the production of natural oils in the scalp. This is very useful for those who, a few hours after washing their hair, already experience a loss of volume and shine at the roots. 

In addition, we can also purchase specific versions that are formulated to clean fine hair and low volume. These act by lifting the root a little, giving the appearance of greater abundance. 


It is important to take into consideration the ingredients of the product, because depending on them, the result after applying the shampoo can change. In addition, they can also influence how much the product costs.

Although this type of hair treatment can have many ingredients, we must first analyze those that are considered part of the base formula, which are responsible for absorbing fat, eliminating the appearance of dirt. The most used is rice starch, without leaving behind that of corn or oats and finally clays, which also have excellent properties that benefit the hair depending on which one is used.

Additionally, you can analyze if some essential oils are added, such as nettle oil, which in addition to providing a pleasant aroma can help control the production of sebum in the hair.

Finally, in your comparison of dry shampoos, do not forget to check if any ingredient to which you are sensitive has been included, in this way you will avoid an unfavorable reaction on your skin. 

Quantity and cost

Depending on the frequency of use, our recommendation is that you choose one that performs and fulfills its purpose without having to use a lot of product. If you plan to use it as an emergency resource, this feature is probably not so relevant, but if you plan to incorporate it routinely during your hair care, then it will be important that it is of quality, but also economical. You do not have to worry too much, as it is common for manufacturers to provide some package at an attractive cost. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a dry shampoo?

The instructions are basically the same for all dry shampoos, with rare exceptions.

First make sure your hair is completely dry. Then shake the shampoo vigorously and apply in short sprays, preferably only on the roots of the hair and 20 cm away. Continue gently massaging the entire scalp and finally brush until excess product is removed. Then you can style it as usual.

Q2: How to make a dry shampoo?

You can use talcum powder, but if you want something better, mix 4 tablespoons of a powder such as rice flour, cornstarch, tapioca or oatmeal (ideally you should combine two of these), 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and 5 drops of essence. To suit your hair type, you can use mint or lemon on oily hair, otherwise you can use lavender or chamomile. 

Also, if you are blonde you can complement with a little turmeric. If you are a redhead, add 2 teaspoons of paprika and if you are a brunette, add 2 tablespoons of cocoa. Stir everything very well and voila, you have your own dry shampoo.

Q3: What types of hair can I use dry shampoo on?

Today there are options for almost every type of hair; The most popular dry shampoos are those aimed at oily hair, however, there are some for dyed, straight, fine hair, without volume, etc. 

The only drawback is if you have a special condition such as alopecia and weak growth, it would be prudent to refrain from using these products, because they can clog the pores, preventing oxygenation of the scalp and causing consequences such as atrophy of the hair follicles.

Q4: How to avoid white residue when using dry shampoo?

The main recommendation is, in addition to following the instructions, to shake the shampoo vigorously before applying. This simple step will save you trouble with residues. 

Likewise, it is important not to exceed the amount used and use only on the roots, some people apply it the night before and ensure that it reduces the whitish layer. Massage as if you were applying traditional shampoo and then let the fat absorb, finally, some experts recommend using a towel, just like when you dry your hair, and when brushing do it very well with your head down or use a cold dryer, these Last tips help to remove waste. 

Without a doubt, it is important to mention that you buy a suitable product for your hair color, because if there are remains, they will not be so noticeable.

Q5: Can I use dry shampoo on wet hair?

This kind of shampoos should be used on completely dry hair, this guarantees its proper functioning, otherwise, the hair can become heavy, and the product will not absorb the grease. 

There are recommendations in which you can use it on the length of the hair when it is almost dry, but not completely wet, this would add volume and make it appear thicker, however, it may be a technique that does not work in the same way in all products.

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