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Although it is one of the aspects that we sometimes neglect in our garden, lighting is also part of its design. Lighting that can be complementary to landscaping or cover the needs of moving around the space when night falls. In both cases, we have quality products such as the M Ega Megacube Chestele wall light. A wall or ceiling light designed and equipped with elements such as IP 54 protection, 10 watts of power in LED mode and motion sensor. More classic is the Licht-Erlebnisse Salzburg model, which with its beautiful finish in aged red metal and Tifanny glass gives a classic touch to any environment.

The 9 Best Exterior Sconces – Opinions 2022

When we talk about lighting our garden or its surroundings, we generally think of streetlights or spotlights. But if the space is small or we want something more subtle, it may be enough to have some of the best exterior wall lights that we can find on the market. These products have good quality, adequate insulation and different styles, so you can adapt them to your specific needs. Get to know the market in depth with our list of the best outdoor wall lights of 2022 and save time and hassle when choosing the ideal lighting for your garden.

Outdoor wall light

1. M Ega Megacube LED Wall Lamp 

So that you comfortably illuminate different environments, this M Ega Megacube model has versatile characteristics worthy of the best exterior wall light of the moment. Its body has a circular design, which can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling, depending on what you need.

This exterior wall light has 20 LED lights inside with a total power of 10 watts, capable of generating a lighting level equivalent to a 55-watt bulb. In addition, the wall light incorporates a movement detection system, with a working range of 8 to 12 meters. Ideal to use the wall light as a passage light, if you prefer.

To top it off, the product has IP54 protection, so that neither water nor dust are a problem for its durability. Therefore, its useful life is estimated at approximately 25,000 hours of use.

If you are not sure which outdoor wall light to buy, we leave you a summary of what you should know about this model.


Power: The wall light has a power of 10 watts in LED mode, equivalent to 55 traditional watts.

Motion detector: This detector has a good range and saves energy during its operation.

Dual mode: The product can be installed on both the wall and the ceiling, depending on your needs.

Protection: IP54 protection prevents the elements from damaging the wall light.

Useful life: This device has an estimated useful life of approximately 25,000 hours.


Manual: The installation manual is in English, which makes it a bit difficult to assemble the wall light.

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rustic outdoor sconces

2. Licht-Erlebnisse Antique wall light “Salzburg”

When deciding which is the best exterior wall light for your home, it is obvious that the style of your home matters. That is why we have also reviewed rustic outdoor wall lights, among which this beautiful model by Licht-Erlebnisse stands out. 

Its appearance is similar to that of a classic wall lantern, with details such as the aged metal in an antique red tone of the structure or the colored Tiffany crystals. Classic elements that join a modern interior, where you can use LED or classic bulbs, depending on what you need. 

The IP44 interior protection is proof of this, keeping this interior safe from moisture and other hazards. A traditional cut product that is finished off with a very easy installation, both in the electrical part and in fixing the wall light.

Although it is not clear which is the best brand of exterior appliques on the market, this product could very well belong to it.


Aged Body: The aged body has a nice traditional cut finish.

Crystals: Tiffany-type crystals reinforce the presence of your design and intensify that vintage effect.

Protection against humidity: The IP44 protection prevents humidity from penetrating inside the piece.

Assembly: The process of assembling the wall light will not take you long, due to its simplicity.


Materials: The materials have a somewhat weaker appearance than is desirable, although they fulfill their purpose without problem.

Lighting capacity: Its initial power is adjusted, and it is advisable to resort to larger bulbs if you need a greater lighting capacity.

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IP65 outdoor wall lights

3. Ledmo Led Wall Lamps

IP65 outdoor wall lights are some of the most protected when it comes to fighting against the elements, rain and humidity. Among these products, we have the Ledmo OS795-2 model, with 12 watts of power type LED and raised with a compact design, which makes it ideal to be used as an outdoor wall light for terraces or in any other environment where smaller devices are preferred.. 

Compared to other designs, these exterior wall lights have a system that focuses the light on the wall. This focus is adjustable, so you can further customize the projected beam of light. This setup process is almost as easy as the assembly process, so you won’t have too much trouble with it. 

And to top it off, in addition to the aforementioned protection, you will have an estimated useful life of 50,000 hours, so you can forget about maintenance for a long time.

Lighting the exterior safely is very easy thanks to the high protection of this Ledmo model.


Adjustable system: The included panels help you direct the light in the way that suits you best, personalizing your experience.

Protection: The IP65 protection of the product makes it immune to humidity, rain and other threats.

Consumption: Thanks to LED technology, the consumption of the lamps is very low, just 12 watts per hour.


Wiring: You may have to do some tricks to hide the wiring, due to the size of the product.

Wear: Although the applique has high durability, it may lose some shine over time.

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LED outdoor wall light

4. Hafou Wall Sconces 

The Hafou Cob LED outdoor wall light is one of the examples of how technology has improved these products. A device that could well be the best outdoor wall light in its class, offering a lighting capacity of 10 watts and 1,000 lumens. Sufficient power to illuminate an environment of approximately 5 to 10 square meters from the mounting position. Thanks to the quality of the LED, a brightness of about 800 lumens is obtained in a white color, with a temperature of 6000K. 

The wall light also includes a high-resistance aluminum body with an anodized finish and IP65 protection, which prevents humidity or dust from being a problem during the process of using the device. Enough for the wall light to be able to offer an estimated useful life of around 50,000 hours.  

All this without forgetting an elegant rectangular design, with which to give an interesting touch to any area of ​​the garden or terrace.

After analyzing this LED-type model, we give you some more details about what this product offers you to light up your garden.


Lighting: The LED system of this product has a power of 10 watts and generates efficient lighting.

Colour: The lamp offers a pleasant cold white light and 6000K temperature.

Coverage: The wall light can cover an area of ​​approximately 5 to 10 square meters.


Instructions: The product is not accompanied by instructions for use or any other informative element in this regard.

Brightness: The brightness of 800 lumens may fall short in certain circumstances of high darkness or increased need for brightness.

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Modern outdoor wall lights

5. Smartwares 10.010.25 Wall Light Alicante

Just as we have already seen simple models and others with a vintage cut, we also have a space for modern outdoor wall lights. The chosen one is the Smartwares Alicante, which combines a very nice format with a good lighting capacity. 

This wall light, located among the cheapest proposals on the market, has an internal system that does not include a bulb and supports all types of lights, from conventional ones of up to 60 watts to modern LED lights. For that it uses the corresponding classic E27 connector. It also has good protection against moisture, IP44 type. Ideal so that it can be placed outdoors without dust or humidity posing a risk. 

For the rest, the wall light has a very nice circular design that makes it easy to install anywhere, in accordance with the modern line that we have been commenting on. That is why it is a product that comes close to being the best value-for-money outdoor wall light that we have highlighted.

For those who are looking for cheap and modern wall lights, here are some more details about this Smartwares product.


Design: The circular design changes the approach of the product, compared to the models of straight lines and more square shapes.

Versatile: The electrical system supports bulbs of up to 60 watts of power, to better customize the intensity of light.

Compact size: Its reduced size avoids having a large wall light, being more subtle and elegant.


Materials: This model includes plastic in its manufacture, which reduces the durability of the product.

Protection: The IP44 protection is lower than that of other wall lights that we find on the market. 

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Outdoor wall light with motion sensor

6. Ousfot Outdoor LED Solar Light 

Having an outdoor wall light with a motion sensor is all you need for occasional lighting that is activated when someone accesses the area covered by the product. Among the models equipped with this technology, we find the Ousfot YH0609-PIR. 

This wall light is totally independent, since it obtains energy through a small solar panel located in the upper part. During the day, the wall light charges energy in its 2200 mAh battery, enough to light 8 to 10 hours continuously. Therefore, it is ideal for independent areas or where you do not want to pull cables. An aspect that also facilitates its installation, which is summed up in fixing the lamp to the wall at the desired height. 

For the rest, the light is finished off with details such as three modes of use or a detection angle of 120 degrees, for greater security when activating the light when necessary.

Give a different touch to the lighting of your garden with this complete and independent exterior wall light.


Solar power: The product does not require connection cables, the power of the sun is enough to make it work.

Battery: The 2,200 mAh battery gives the device a performance of approximately 8 to 10 hours.

Consumption: Thanks to its LED technology, this wall light offers you an energy consumption of class A +++.


Winter: Due to the characteristics of the device, it may not have much power in winter or on days with little sun.

Materials: The product is mainly made of plastic, not being as colorful or elegant as other appliques.

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White outdoor wall light 

7. Brilliant 40282/05 Crown Outdoor Wall Lamp

The Brilliant 40282/05 white outdoor wall light is another classic-style product with which to give a special touch to the lighting of any garden. We are talking about a wall lamp made of high quality stainless steel. So much so that the manufacturer offers you a 15-year warranty. 

This model can support any E27-type bulb and is accompanied by a 60-watt halogen type light bulb, with which to give a good amount of light. This approach is helped by a large window and a design separated from the wall, lantern type, through which the light generated is distributed even better than with the products attached to the façade.

A model that does not present difficulties in terms of assembly, thus making it easier to leave it placed where you need it.

If you are one of those who prefers white for your sconces, here is an elegant and quality proposal.


Body: The stainless steel body is highly resistant and has a 15-year guarantee.

Design: The lantern-type design allows us to enjoy a greater amount of light, regardless of the bulb we use.

Finish: The white finish is very elegant and will give a special touch to any corner of your garden.


Light bulb: The light bulb included is of the halogen type, so it is not one of the most economical on the market.

Protection: The protection of the product is IP23, so it is advisable not to expose it too much to the rain.

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Philips outdoor wall light

8. Philips Lighting myGarden Wall Lamp Outdoor Lighting 

Among the most prominent manufacturers when it comes to lighting, Philips is one of the best known. So a Philips outdoor wall light could not be missing from our selection. The chosen one is the My Garden 1738393PN model, which stands out for its elegant design, mainly based on a mixture of rounded shapes with straight lines.

This wall light is made up of a dark frame, made of aluminium, with a white area for the diffuser. Inside, we find an E27 type socket, being able to place the bulb that best suits us inside. This elegant product is finished off with IP 44 protection, suitable for withstanding rain, humidity and the most common threats suffered by this type of wall light.

And don’t worry about the installation either, because it will only take you 15 minutes to leave it in place.

Designed for those who prefer a well-known brand product, this wall light combines design and efficiency when it comes to lighting.


Design: Its elegant format gives a different touch to any area of ​​the garden where you mount it.

Materials: The mix of high-quality aluminum and plastic gives the model a nice finish.

Resistance: Thanks to its construction, the product successfully withstands both humidity and dust.


Light bulb: This model does not include a light bulb, so you must buy the one you need separately.

Interior space: The interior space is tight, which must be taken into account when choosing a light bulb. 

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Solar outdoor wall light

9. LeiDrail Outdoor Solar Garden Light 

Designed so as not to overcomplicate yourself when it comes to installing lights in your garden or terrace, the LeiDrail solar outdoor wall light has an autonomous system capable of comfortably lighting any room. 

This product includes a small solar panel at the top, through which it obtains the energy to power the light. A system that gives it a 24-hour autonomy, once the battery is fully charged. In addition, by including an automatic ignition system, the battery is only used up when necessary. 

This light offers a very warm and pleasant tone, with which it is easy to set any area of ​​the garden where you place the product. It is finished off with a very simple installation, so much so that you only have to stick the wall light to leave it mounted.

Enjoy the power of the sun and add a touch of light to any remote area of ​​the garden with this comfortable wall light.


Installation: Thanks to its independent approach, it is much easier to install the product, without tools.

Autonomy: The autonomy of the battery is estimated at about 24 hours, with a full charge.

Durability: Once installed, you can forget about the wall light for a long time, thanks to its quality and resistance.


Approach: The light output is from the bottom, which requires mounting the wall light at a certain height on the wall.

Light intensity: These wall lights offer lighting of not much power, more decorative than practical. 

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Shopping guide

One of the elements that we must take into account when planning our garden is light. Although it is not a main element, the truth is that the presence of pleasant lighting is an extra with which to give that environment the optimal touch. To do this, it is convenient to choose products that are suitable for what we need, which you will be able to choose better thanks to our guide to buying the best outdoor wall light. In it, we summarize the key points so that you can easily buy an economical and quality wall light.

applique type

A look at any comparison of exterior wall lights reveals a variety that is almost as wide as it is overwhelming. And it is that, when there are many options, it is more difficult to know what to choose. For this reason, we begin by taking a look at the different types of exterior wall lights that the market offers you, regarding their shape.

The first important parameter is the type of wall light according to its location. In the market we have exterior wall sconces and others for ceilings. The best thing is that there are mixed models, which according to our needs have dual mounting, so you can choose the one that suits you. There is no clear criteria for choosing one format or another, so you will have to assess where you want the point of light when choosing the corresponding wall light.

The other main aspect is the power supply system of the wall light. Until a few years ago, we only had external wall lights connected to the electrical network, but today there are quite a few models powered by solar energy. Compared to wired proposals, these solar products have the advantage of simplifying installation and saving you complications during assembly. The ideal solution to light remote areas of your garden without pulling cables or making holes or scratches.

lighting power

We continue analyzing characteristics and it is time to talk about lighting power. Another aspect where the variety is remarkable. In general, we find two great sets of outdoor wall lights, those with direct and intense lighting and those with indirect or background lighting. By the way, there is not much difference between how much one model or another costs.

Starting with the first ones, these wall lights have a higher power and enough for us to clearly see our surroundings once they are turned on. Thus, these lights would be suitable for terrace areas, barbecue or where we place garden tables, so that we are able to see what we are doing. Its power should be around 60 watts in halogen mode or its equivalent in LED mode. These wall lights must also offer a clearer and more direct light output, compared to that of the background models.

Regarding the designs designed to generate indirect or background light, it is much softer and more subtle. It is a light that would have a more decorative use, although it also serves to guide us on where the paths or doors are. Its power is much lower and so is the tone of the light generated, which compared to the white of the first group tends to be more creamy, in a more relaxed or colder tone.

styles and design

The last aspect to which we will devote our attention is the style and design of the wall light. A world where once again we have dozens of options to choose from. We will start talking precisely about the style, where we have both modern options and other more classic ones. Vintage-style options feature an elegant and pleasing design, with more traditional materials. We are talking about products with glass, aluminum or aged metal and other usual details.

For its part, the most current designs offer an appearance with straight, curved or combined lines, as well as other more current materials and finishes, with aluminum as the protagonist. Materials that are combined with plastics and glass in the area of ​​the reflector, to complete a pleasant and modern set. The result is current and modern pieces, in any of the formats that we have previously mentioned, wall or ceiling.

As a finishing touch, it is worth talking about the colors of the finishes. Here both lines, vintage and modern, come together, offering similar approaches. Among these colors there is no shortage of white, black or gold, as well as exposed aluminum. They are the most common and frequent finishes compared to other more alternative ones in different colors or in aged material, typical of vintage-style products.

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