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Pruning saw. Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Keeping the garden in good condition can be a complex task, as long as you don’t equip yourself with the right tools for it. For this reason, pruning saws are an element that should always be present in any shed. Some saws that must be adjusted to the height and characteristics of the elements to be cut, to improve the results of that cut and reduce the effort to be made. This is precisely what the Bosch KEO pruning saw allows us to achieve. A saw that has a detachable handle and that allows cutting elements of 6 to 8 centimeters in length at most. A saw with an ergonomic format and electric power, which allows cutting with one hand. Another interesting option is the Black+Decker PS7525-QS model., which reaches a chain speed of 11.5 m/s, thanks to its 800 W motor. In addition, it is compact for greater practicality.

Buying guide – What is the best pruning saw on the market?

To be able to cut branches of all kinds easily, pruning saws are the best help. However, due to the large number of possibilities and options that exist, it is convenient to know what you should look for when making your purchase. For this reason, you can count on the advice of our guide to buying the best pruning saw, with which you know exactly what to take into account so that your investment is perfect.

operating system

Within the pruning saws that we can find on the market, it is necessary to distinguish the format or cutting system included, being a basic element in any comparison of pruning saws. Although it is the least frequent now, gasoline pruning saws still have their space. An increasingly reduced space thanks to advances in electric models and the inconvenience they generate, even in the cheapest saw you can find.

It is precisely these electric models that have had the greatest growth in the market. They are models that avoid fumes and the inconvenience of gasoline, also having more and more operating power. These electrical systems can be battery or connected. Although plugged-in systems are cheaper than battery-powered ones, look for an outlet nearby. In any case, assess the needs that you are going to have at all times and buy accordingly.

In this list we cannot forget the manual cut models, which persist today. In this case there is a notable difference in how much the product costs, but at the cost of a cutting system whose strength depends on our arms. Luckily, advances in blade sharpening and preparation have made blades more efficient, reducing the effort required to cut what you need.

Saw and cutting capacity

As part of the cutting system, its movement and operation are just as important as the system and capacity of the saw or cutting blade. The first element to consider within this section has to do with the cutting capacity of the blade, especially in electric models or manual scissors. Check that it is possible to properly cut the diameter of branches that you plan to use in your daily work.

In the case of electric or chain models, we must also verify that the cutting system and the chain are of good quality, with teeth capable of helping you work properly. If this chain also has an automated chain sharpening and adjustment system, you will always keep the chain in good condition without effort.

Regarding the manual models, do not forget to see that the sharpening and tempering of the metal used in the manufacture offers good quality. In this case, we can only think of materials such as high-strength steel, with sharp and tempered ones capable of better resisting daily use. The best thing is that if one day the piece does not cut well, you can always sharpen it so that it recovers its effectiveness.

Comfort of use of the product

When talking about the comfort of a pruning saw, we have already seen that the cutting system used has a lot to say. But even in the manual elements there are aspects that can improve it, to make the task of cutting or pruning by hand more bearable.

Among these elements we have to talk about the format of the saw’s clamping area. The clamping areas must have an ergonomic and pleasant format, so that we reduce the tension and discomfort when it comes to cutting. This is important in electrical models, to avoid the stresses of movement, but especially in telescope models. The latter must have a double fastening system to be able to cut the branches better.

In all this aspect we cannot forget other elements such as the weight of the set. The higher the weight of the pruning saw that we are evaluating, the more work it will cost us to cut with it. In the case of telescopic models, consider whether you can disassemble part of the pole when working at low heights, as this will save you inconvenience and weight when working.

The 5 Best Pruning Saws – Opinions 2022

To remove the remains of branches from any tree or hedge, it is advisable to rely on quality products such as pruning saws. An alternative to the usual scissors that give us efficiency and comfort, especially if the chosen model is of quality. This is what we find in the products selected from among the best pruning saws of 2022, which we are going to see below.

1. Bosch Keo Cordless Pruning Saw 10.8V

Main advantage:

This model, powered by a rechargeable battery, offers a high versatility of work, which makes it easy to reach any vegetable rest that we want to cut in a simple way.

Main disadvantage:

The battery is integrated into the equipment, so that we cannot change it for another in case it is necessary to continue working, forcing the user to have to stop their task and charge the tool.

Verdict: 9.9/10

The Bosch KEO pruning saw is an advanced electric model with a rechargeable battery that offers a pleasant cutting capacity and remarkable versatility that makes it useful both inside and outside the garden.

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operating power

The Bosch Keo battery features a rechargeable battery-powered motor, offering 10.8-volt running power with a pleasing performance. This allows us to cut vegetable remains and even wooden slats, with maximum measurements of 8 centimeters in normal use and 6 centimeters in case we want to use the included cutting pliers.

A cut that is always done cleanly, thanks to the continuity of the product’s power delivery, which allows us to obtain more regular results. Something that is very practical when it comes to cutting wood for carpentry work, in which we can also use the model. By the way, the battery allows from 30 to 190 cuts without recharging, depending on its size and complexity.

Blade Characteristics

For you to work comfortably, this model has a 15 centimeter long cutting blade on its sword, with which we can easily and efficiently cut remains of a certain size. Some sheets that we can also use with the included clamp, which makes it easier to fix the piece or the material to be cut to achieve better results.

However, this model stands out among the pruning saws that we find on the market for being able to mount blades that go beyond the usual ones designed for wood. Specifically, Bosch offers a set of five blades that we can use on drywall, metal and wood, if necessary, making this tool a versatile piece for all kinds of tasks.

comfort of use

One of the advantages for which this model stands out in any comparison of pruning saws is its ease of use. A comfort that begins with a light weight, 1050 grams to be specific. This allows the saw to be moved anywhere without too much effort and without being a problem during long work sessions.

A comfort that is also reinforced by the particular design of the grip area, which allows the saw to be handled with one hand. For this we have the usual ergonomic plastic material in the clamping area, which makes the process of applying force to any material more comfortable, without the tool slipping or slipping.

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2. Black+Decker PS7525-QS Telescopic Chainsaw 

It is a telescopic electric chainsaw that has an 800 W motor, so it is capable of reaching up to 11.5 m/s, to achieve a faster and more precise cut. However, it has a low-kickback chain, which offers greater smoothness when cutting wood, whether dry or wet. Also, it has a pivoting head that provides comfort to carry out the work easily in areas of difficult access. In this case, it presents three positions; 0º, 15º and 30º.

It has an automatic system that provides oil to the chain to keep it lubricated, thanks to this, it produces less wear, a longer useful life, while allowing a more efficient cut. On the other hand, the sword has a length of 25 cm and the general dimensions of the product are 11.6 x 91.6 x 21.6 cm, to reach up to 2.7 m, however, it has a weight of 5.38 kg.

If you want to buy a functional pruning saw at a price adjusted to its quality, then you may be interested in the Black+Decker PS7525-QS. However, it is worth detailing its most relevant pros and cons before making the final decision:


Safety: It has a chain brake system to automatically interrupt power in 0.15 seconds in case the saw kicks back, providing safety to the user.

Lubrication: Its automatic oil emission system allows the chain to be kept lubricated all the time, thus reducing wear and tear for a longer useful life.

Practicality: The length of the saw can reach 2.7 m, to easily cut the highest branches.


Weight: Because it weighs 5.38 kg, it can cause physical exhaustion, especially when you use it in its extended mode for a long time.

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3. Acorn 4587-13 Pruning saw

Compared to the electrical and mechanical options, the Bellota 4587-13 saw offers us a cheap and economical alternative to cut what you need manually. For this we have a 33-centimeter blade with a Japanese toothed design, which allows greater penetration into the materials when working.

This three-sided sharpening is much cleaner and easier than other models on the market. The product is finished off with a wooden handle with a varnished hand protector that helps to cut comfortably, reducing hand discomfort.

It is accompanied by a polyamide sheath with which you can store the saw safely when you are not using it.

For those who do not want to spend too much and buy one of the cheapest, there is the Bellota model, perhaps considered the best pruning saw for 20 euros:


Materials: The 4578-13 has a curved cutting blade made of laminated steel, which makes it resistant. It also has double heat treatment to improve the finish.

Cutting: the teeth of the blade have been sharpened on three sides, making it easier to cut the branches and leaves that you want to disappear.

Sheath: a polyamide sheath is included with the purchase where you can store your pruning saw and also prevent it from wearing out.


Manual: It is a manual tool that requires time and physical effort to obtain the desired results.

Branches – One of the buyers let it be known that, despite its good overall performance, it can take a while to work with dry branches.

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4. Draper 33855 Telescoping Tree Pruners

Among the most comfortable manual options we find pruning shears, such as the Draper 33855 model. This telescopic pruning saw allows you to work comfortably at height, reaching a maximum working height of up to 2.5 meters.

To be able to work comfortably, the product has a rope and a locking system, which helps to cut branches easily. Specifically, the toothed and removable cutting blade offers us a surface of 355 millimeters with which to work from the ground without the need for stairs or inconvenience.

The safety of use is ensured by the quality of the product’s fastening system, as well as by the activation cord, which is always kept taut to avoid problems when working.

In case you have no idea which pruning saw to buy, we advise you to first evaluate the pros and cons of each model so that you know them better:


Telescopic: Draper’s is telescopic, and can reach a length of between 1.37 meters and 2.5 meters so you can reach the highest branches in your garden.

Saw: It is equipped with a 35.5 centimeters long curved blade that you can remove to sharpen.

Blade: and, to facilitate the work with small branches, it also has a blade that is activated by ropes.


Finishes: It seems that the finishes are not the best in terms of resistance, since there are some reviews where the word “flimsy” is mentioned.

Sharpness – Perhaps the sharpness of the blade and the knife is not the most durable, especially with demanding uses.

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5. Fiskars 115562 Telescopic Pole

When asking ourselves which is the best pruning saw of the moment, we must also take into account the Fiskars 115562 model. This saw has a versatile design that allows us to reach 4.1 meters in height when cutting.

The handle has a spring and rope system that allows the cutting system to be used for a long time regardless of the working height.

This also offers better comfort, since the adjusted weight of the product helps to be able to move it and do what is necessary without getting too tired. As an extra, this product can even be used as a fruit picker, by purchasing the additional accessory available.

If you want to take care of your garden and make your plants look better, purchasing a pruning saw may be the ideal solution:


Telescopic: here we have another telescopic neck alternative capable of reaching a size of 4.10 meters high.

Saw – Comes with an adapter for you to install the included saw and you can easily cut branches.

Scissors: and for thinner leaves and branches, a scissors is also included that you can activate from the same handle.


Fruits – You can use it to pick fruit from trees, but you must purchase the accessory separately.

Price – It is not one of the cheapest pruning saws on the market, so you have to be willing to invest a good amount of money.

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Bosch Keo Pruning Saw Battery 10.8 V

The Bosch KEO model is a cordless and battery-powered electric pruning saw that maintains a quality cutting system with which to work more efficiently on almost any type of plant debris. This product has a cutting capacity of up to 8 centimeters without a handle and 6 centimeters with it, which is more than enough for light work.

The cutting motor is powered by a 10.8-volt lithium-ion battery, which generates enough force to make effortless cuts with good laminate.

It is clear that the best pruning saw has to be ergonomic and the product in question is. This model has an ergonomic design based on A-Grip technology, which allows you to cut with one hand, without discomfort or risk.

KEO could well be the best pruning saw of the moment thanks to its finishes, performance and general characteristics:


Electric: perhaps the most striking advantage of the KEO model is that it is electric, which means that you will not have to spend almost any effort to clean your garden. In addition, it is delivered with a lithium battery and its charging base so you do not have to spend extra money.

Cut – It is capable of cutting a branch of a maximum of 8 centimeters in diameter without the hilt, so you can get rid of almost any branch that bothers you. If you decide to use it with a handle, you can cut a maximum of 6 centimeters in diameter.

Saw: The built-in rip saw has been laser cut for sharp lines as well as diamond honed, ensuring a premium edge and smooth, seamless operation.

Security: the KEO has been equipped with a security system that will prevent the equipment from overheating during intense use. This will prevent both the equipment and the battery from suffering any damage that reduces their useful life.

Dimensions: its dimensions make it compact and easy to handle. Specifically, its measurements are 40 x 20 x 6.7 centimeters and it weighs 1 kilogram, thus also facilitating its transport and storage.

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How to use a pruning saw

To prune the garden effectively, you must have a quality pruning saw, which allows you to do the most work with little effort. To do this, we have prepared this guide on how to use a pruning saw for the first time, whether electric or manual for your garden and thus be able to get the most out of your product.

Proceed to perform a full charge of the battery

Before using the product, you must ensure that the battery is sufficiently charged. To do this, plug the battery cable into an electrical outlet to allow the saw to charge. A fixed green LED light indicates when the device is fully charged.

Place the support for the branches and proceed to carry out the pruning

Some models of latest technology electric pruning saws have an accessory that is quite useful. It is a removable branch support that you can place in case the branch is difficult to access.

Attach it to your saw as instructed in the user manual. Locate the saw on a branch no larger than the manufacturer’s allowable diameter, allow the bracket to span the branch. Next, squeeze the trigger and with the same hand apply firm pressure while the saw prunes the branch until it is completely cut. Repeat this action on the branches that you think you need to cut.

In case of using a telescopic pruning saw

Telescopic pruning saws are quite useful in gardening, as they allow you to cut branches that are long reach or that are at a height that you cannot handle.

The first thing you should do is have the right equipment to carry out this type of pruning, since you are going to work with high branches and you must protect yourself appropriately for this task. For this, you will need helmets, safety glasses, bibs, safety boots and gloves. Next, you must tighten the blade belt, using the respective knob until you achieve the desired tension. Some more traditional models need to use other tools to perform this procedure.

To do this, plug the power cord into a power outlet near the garden, and turn it on. Then stretch the telescopic pole and proceed to cut the branches that are high, placing the saw on the branch and firmly pressing lightly on it. the same until the branch is completely cut.

When using a manual saw

Hand saws are the cheapest pruning tools, but they require a little more effort and time to cut branches. To do this, you must hold the branch with one hand and with the other begin to bite the branch in the form of back-and-forth movements, holding tightly, until the branch is cut.

This process is a bit slower than working with electric pruning saws, but they do not require any electrical consumption and are easy to carry.

The most popular brands

Having a garden is wonderful, not only because it is a space that brings a lot of joy and color to the home, but also because it offers multiple uses. It is perfect for an evening with friends, to have a drink in the afternoon or to sit down to read in a quiet environment. Of course, it is extremely important that it is well taken care of.

In this sense, pruning saws play a fundamental role. These are tools that allow cutting and tidying up gardens. There are a wide variety of models on the market: electric, battery-powered, manual. Of course, they are also available in various brands, with Gruntek, Bellota or Fiskars being some of the most prominent.

Originally from Singapore, Gruntek was born with the aim of contributing its grain of sand to public health, with products that help control parasites in pets, as well as in the area of ​​vector control to prevent the proliferation of disease-transmitting mosquitoes.. In this way, little by little the company would delve into the crop protection market thanks to its experience in terms of insecticides.

No one understands agricultural environments as much as Gruntek. His work is based on three pillars: innovative technology, comprehensive solutions and quality products and services. The result is a leading brand on the Asian continent.

In its product catalog, we find all kinds of products in the field of agriculture and also public health. Insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, fungicides and a long etcetera make up a repertoire that also includes a series of key tools such as pruning saws.

Construction, gardening and agriculture are the areas of specialization of Bellota, a brand belonging to the Venanpri Group. The business conglomerate is currently present in more than 120 countries and has several plants around the world. More than 1,400 people make up the team.

Venanpri Group has two well-differentiated lines of business. On the one hand, that of hand tools and, on the other, Agrisolutions, a business through which it develops solutions for agricultural machinery. In both areas, Bellota is a prestigious brand that already has several years of experience.

Bellota develops all kinds of products for tiling, plate, carpentry and masonry, such as cutters, pincers, handsaws, spatulas, sanders, silicone guns, etc. Of course, we cannot forget the brand’s pruning saws, available in various models to suit all needs. In short, in Bellota the user will find everything he needs for his work in gardening and agriculture, industry and construction.

Fiskars’ origins date back to 1649, making it one of the oldest companies in the West. It arose in a small village in Finland at a time characterized by the proliferation of blacksmith shops. It would be in the 19th century when the company would become the first cutlery in the country, including forks and scissors that soon became the favorites of users from all over the world.

Today, Fiskars is based in Helsinki, the Finnish capital, and has expanded its product line to meet today’s needs. Gardening is the most outstanding area of ​​specialization, with a catalog that includes all kinds of articles.

Axes, brooms and cleaning tools, shovels, pruners, scissors, pruning saws and much more are some of the products offered by this Finnish company. Thanks to the wide range of pruning saws of the brand, the user will be able to enjoy a more beautiful and well-cared garden for longer.

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Einhell 4501690 Motosierra Telescopica Electrica GE-EC 720 T

Si tus hojas y ramas están en las alturas, entonces la sierra de podar con pértiga Einhell GE-EC 720 T es una buena propuesta. Este producto cuenta con un sistema de alimentación eléctrica de 710 vatios, que permite cortar de forma eficiente en todo momento, gracias a la espada incluida en la punta.

Este motor ofrece una velocidad de giro de 13 metros por segundo, siendo capaz de cortar materiales de hasta 180 milímetros de grosor. Un producto con el que puedes llegar a lo más alto gracias a su sistema extensible, que permite cortar hasta a 4 metros de altura. Algo a lo que ayuda su sistema de doble asa de sujeción con la que mantener el control total del proceso.

Un producto de primera línea que los consumidores consideran como la mejor sierra de podar por relación calidad precio, dentro de su clase.

Algunos dirían que Einhell es la mejor marca de sierras de poder, ya sea por su reputación y confianza, además de una gran trayectoria:


Telescópica: si necesitas una sierra de poder para trabajar en alturas, este modelo es de tipo telescópico. El cuello puede extenderse hasta una longitud máxima de entre 230 centímetros a 290 centímetros, lo que facilita el acceso a las más altas.

Potencia: está equipada con un potente motor que le permite alcanzar una potencia máxima de 710 W, más que suficiente para que puedas deshacerte de todas esas ramas que no aportan nada la armonía de tu jardín.

Espada: la espada puede ser tensada sin necesidad de herramientas, de manera que puedas tenerla siempre lista para usar sin complicaciones. Además, cuenta con fijación magnética por seguridad.

Cadena: la cadena une tanto el rotor como la espada es de fabricación Oregon, una de las más respetadas en este ámbito.


Peso: quizás la desventaja más importante se encuentre en su peso, el que es de 4,1 kilogramos. Esto puede complicar el sostenerla por mucho tiempo y, por ende, requerir de pausas en el trabajo.

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