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Playgrounds – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

The game is an essential part in the development of children. Not only as a recreational activity, but as a tool for learning and contact with the world around them. Thus, playgrounds have emerged as a healthy play space where children have the opportunity to spend quality time while they are distracted. There are many aspects to be studied in this category. To better exemplify this matter, we invite you to study different models of playgrounds, such as Bamny Kids 14 + 2, which has a folding structure, convenient when transporting or storing it. It is also free of toxic agents. There is also the Roba 0232 V55 which is made of wood, is hexagonal in shape and can be adjusted to three height levels.

Opinions on the best playgrounds

If you want to provide fun and safety to your little ones without leaving home, we recommend you review the following products, rated by users as the best playgrounds of 2022 and whose characteristics we summarize below.

baby playpen

Bamny Kids Fence 14 + 2

This Bamny baby playpen combines safety and a pleasant aesthetic with which the child will have fun for hours. The structure has been made of robust, lightweight polymer, with a pleasant soft touch and free of toxic agents. In addition, it is a material that is easy to clean with a damp cloth and can even be washed, if you wish.

The product is made up of a total of 14 adjustable panels, as well as a door and a section with games that stimulate the learning of children aged 10 months and up to six years, which is the target it is aimed at.

With regard to safety, the structure incorporates a system of lower suction cups for proper adhesion to the floor, which will prevent the child from moving the playpen when playing inside it. Likewise, you will be interested to know that you can vary the shape of the park, so that it looks round, square or hexagonal.

This is a colorful, spacious and easy-to-install playground, the details of which you will be able to find out in the following section.


Folding: Its folding design will facilitate the storage and transport process, since it takes up little space. 

Installation: It is an easy-to-install product, whose structure can be grouped to create a square, hexagonal or circular park.

Games: In the upper area of ​​the structures you will find a series of games that stimulate the infant’s learning.

Manufacturing: The polymer used is soft to the touch, stable and free of toxic agents.


Suction cups: Suction cups may not adhere properly to some surfaces, such as carpets.

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deAO Toys BPG-1

If you want to see more than one option to acquire a baby playpen, the deAO brand also offers a nice model. This version is square-shaped with 106 cm sides and a height of 65.5 cm to ensure the greatest comfort when using it.

The meshes on the sides make it easy to see the baby while he is playing and also allows air to pass through, so that he can feel comfortable at all times. In addition, these have been made with a very small fabric, which prevents children from inserting their fingers and tearing it.

On the other hand, the shape of the structure is appropriate to maintain the total stability of the product, making it resistant thanks to its finishes on the upper part of the corners.

It also has an easy access panel through a zipper that will be very useful when the baby already has more freedom of movement and is allowed to enter and exit on his own.

All these aspects make this model stand out among many others, but it is not our mission to decide for you, so we better help you clarify other elements through the following pros and cons.


Assembly: It can be done quickly and without the need to use any tools.

Cleaning: Due to the materials with which the park has been made, it can be cleaned by simply shaking each area.

Balls: The manufacturer includes a bag with 50 colored balls for greater enjoyment.


Without mat: The floor does not include a mat so that the children are more comfortable, so it will have to be purchased separately.

Design: Only available in pink for girls and blue for boys, with no other designs to match different decorations.

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wooden playground

Rob 0232 V55

If you are looking for a resistant and natural model, this wooden playground can be very useful. Its structure of flat bars gives the necessary strength to support the weight and the jumps of the child, they are also the adequate foundation for the padding system that is available for its walls, so that there is no risk of injury.

This model stands out for its hexagonal shape that makes the space seem larger, in addition to being an unconventional detail that can give a unique touch to the decoration of your room or living room. With three height levels, you can make the necessary adjustments as the baby grows, an aspect that is very favorable to avoid the fatigue of having to bend over every time you need to insert or remove the child. However, it is essential to know that it has a support of up to 15 Kg.

If you are wondering which is the best playground, our recommendation is that you do not forget to carefully review the details of this product such as the safety of the wheels, the harmlessness of the materials that protect the wood and its assembly.

To give sufficient support to the selection of any product, it is best to consider all the positive and negative aspects that it has. For this reason, we have designed this list that contains a summary, both of those indicated by the manufacturer, and those commented on by some users.


Wheels: It includes a wheel mechanism in the lower part of its legs that make it easy to move it from one place to another safely, since they have their brakes.

Cleaning: The wooden structure can be cleaned with a damp cloth, while the padding on the walls accepts machine washing.

Confidence: All the materials used, as well as the paints, have been scientifically tested to ensure that they do not generate any harmful effects on babies.


Visibility: Since the side padding must be placed, the baby’s visibility to its surroundings is reduced.

No mattress: It will be necessary to fit a mattress at the base of the playpen to prevent injury when they start to get up or fall lying down.

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playpen for home

All Star New Venture

To have a large space in your house where your children have fun for a good part of the day, this children’s playground for home is a good option. Its measurements of 155 x 155 x 63 cm can be adapted to the area that suits you best, giving you greater versatility.

As it has panels that are assembled together, in a moment you can place the 8 included in the package or reduce them to the amount you deem convenient. One of them is a door that works through a simple latch mechanism, access to which will be difficult for children.

A good number of users refer to this model as the best playground, since all its parts are made following good quality control, resulting in greater strength and durability. At the same time, it does not contain any type of agent that could be harmful to the health of its little users.

Searching among the best playgrounds, many users will surely recommend this model to you. For this reason, we have decided to incorporate in this summary, a list of pros and cons with which you can have a clearer idea of ​​what the product is about.


Safety: The manufacturer ensures that each of its parts has been manufactured in compliance with extensive safety standards for children’s products.

Order: As it has a large space, you can keep the baby in there with his toys, achieving greater order in the house.

Assembly: Users assure that it is quite simple, allowing it to be put on and taken off frequently without problems.

Drawings: One of the panels includes colorful stickers that will draw children’s attention such as a clock, letters, among others.


Suction cups: The panels include suction cups to help keep them from moving, but some users find that they do not hold very well.

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Outdoor playground

CGF Playpen baby paly pen

This outdoor playground gives children a nice space to have fun for hours. In addition, it is a good alternative to reduce the risk of accidents by preventing the little ones from running or crawling throughout the house.

For its construction, rigid polymer tubes that are adjustable to each other were used, while the walls are made of breathable synthetic mesh, to prevent the child from suffocating and at the same time to be able to observe their surroundings. Both materials are free of toxic agents, so you will not have to worry about the generation of allergies in the infant.

If you are wondering up to what age this playpen can be used, you should know that the product is aimed at children from six months to six years of age. In addition, it may be of interest to you to know that its structure is quick to fold, which will allow you to store it in the closet without taking up much space and you will be able to clean the playpen easily to avoid the proliferation of bacteria.

If you are looking for a safe and spacious outdoor playground, you will be interested in knowing the pros and cons of this model.


Fabric: The walls of the park incorporate synthetic mesh that favors perspiration.

Target: The product is aimed at children from six months to six years of age, which results in a wide range.

Structure: Rigid polymer tubes with a soft touch were used, which enhance correct stability.

Spacious: Its interior is spacious enough for the child to play, walk and crawl.


Assembly: The assembly could be a bit messy for one person, so you will need an extra pair of hands.

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indoor playground

Chicco Open Box

It is a closed playground for babies, playpen style, to keep them always protected from the dangers of the environment while having fun and discovering new things in a healthy way.

The four sides have a window made of mesh that makes it easy for the baby to see what is happening around him and not feel alone, while the adult in charge can also be aware that everything is going properly. And, although access is generally from the top, one of the sides can be opened with the help of a zipper, for when the little one already has the ability to get in and out on his own.

Regarding the dimensions of this indoor playground, it is a structure of one square meter, so you will not need to make important modifications to the normal organization of your home. All these elements have done a timely job to get users to consider this model as the best value for money playground.

Chicco has stood out for its extensive experience in the baby products industry, so it is not surprising that users consider it the best brand for playgrounds. Even so, it will never hurt to know the pros and cons of the models that it presents in the market.


Handles: It has 4 side handles to move the park from one place to another, as needed.

Assembly: In a few minutes, and without much effort, the entire playpen can be assembled and disassembled.

Design: It is available in two colors to choose the one of your preference: blue and green.


No wheels: The legs of the playpen do not include final wheels that can help parents move it without much force.

Floor: The rug has internal wooden planks to give better stability and firmness, but sometimes it can be very hard for babies.

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Brevi playground

Brevi Box Royal 584

This Brevi playpen is a comfortable and simple alternative, but not of lower quality. Its security system is based on 4 blocking devices that give greater stability to the entire park.

Another interesting fact is the floor. This has been made of padded material to more effectively cushion the falls that babies take when trying to get up, but it is also firm enough to ensure a good base.

On the other hand, all the edges are covered with padded fabric to protect babies from any accident, giving parents peace of mind when using it.

Likewise, it must be considered that due to its ease of folding, it is comfortable to transport abroad, even to go on a trip at times when it is necessary, for which it will be necessary to adapt a mattress that makes the floor more comfortable for rest..

The pros and cons of a product are key when establishing a comparison between various options in the same category. For this reason, they cannot be missing and we will show them to you below.


Handles: For when the baby begins to want to get up, the 4 handles are useful to help him in his attempts.

Cleaning: The padded floor covering is easily removable for washing whenever it is considered appropriate.

Age: This playground is suitable for use with babies from 0 months.


Without wheels: It does not have wheels that facilitate the mobilization towards the internal places of the house.

Design: It does not bring major additions to the design of the product, in addition to what is arranged on the ground of the park.

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Playmobil playground toy

playmobil nursery

For when the children are a little older, this Playmobil playground can provide them with a good time of distraction, increasing their levels of creativity by creating stories for each character who have fun like them in a playground.

It is a set of various figures that recreate the atmosphere of a city playground. Because the children will have to bring each of their characters to life while they walk through the play areas, it is considered an educational option, as it also helps with fine motor skills and expands the creativity of the little ones.

The manufacturing materials are based on a good resistance plastic that provides the necessary durability so that the toy can be used for a long time, even knowing that children tend to be a bit rustic in their games at times.

Below we summarize the differentiated characteristics in positive and negative aspects that we have identified of this Playmobil model.


Age: The game can be used by a wide age range from 4 to 10 years old.

Colors: All the objects are made with vivid colors that attract the attention of the little ones.

Brand: It is covered by a well-known brand of very good quality children’s toys.


Small parts: The toy includes very small parts that are essential, so if one is lost, its functionality could be affected.

No male figure: The set does not include a male figure, but can be purchased separately.

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Other products

Star Ibaby Play Twin

It is a children’s playground with eight panels made of plastic that are interconnected to give a square or octagonal design, depending on the user’s choice. However, it also allows the inclusion of different designs, such as 2 small parks made up of four panels each.

You should know that the assembly does not require the use of any type of tools, which makes it easier and increases safety levels by not having to work with small parts, such as screws. Until now, users have highlighted it as one of the best playgrounds of 2022, since it represents a zone of great fun for children, covering a wide age range, which goes from 0 to 4 years old, approximately.

It is worth mentioning that the fixing system to the ground is done through a set of suction cups that adhere firmly. Around this, the manufacturer recommends moistening them a little before to achieve greater adherence.

If you have not yet decided which playground to buy, we leave you with a series of pros and cons that can be very useful for you to make a well-founded comparison between the various models presented in this article.


Door: It works with a tilting closure that makes it easy for adults to open and close, but difficult for children to access.

Cleaning: It is easily done and, since it is plastic, you can use damp cloths to always have it impeccable.

Height: The height of the panels is adequate so that children can observe what is happening around them while standing up, but without being able to get out.


Stickers: It includes a set of colorful stickers that you have to paste one by one, so it will take some time.

Games panel: Users say that it would be a good idea to include another panel with games, since it only has one.

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How to choose the best playground?

The selection of a playground must meet certain requirements to be considered a good choice. This is due to the fact that its main users are the youngest in the house and they need to be comfortable, distracted and, above all, safe. Therefore, it is convenient to review a guide to buy the best playground, before getting carried away by the offers of the different manufacturers.

Shopping guide


Playgrounds are mostly used by babies ranging from 0 months to 2 or 3 years, approximately. For this reason, before looking at data such as how much it costs, you must do an exhaustive review of everything related to the safety of the little ones.

In this sense, it must be observed that all the panels of the structure are duly protected with padding, as this will prevent them from being knocked or accidents occurring when children are using them. However, when the material of construction is soft, this coating will not be necessary.

Another point is to consider the stability of the park. This must have good fixing supports to the ground to prevent the constant movements of the baby towards a certain area that can cause it to turn over. Today this is achieved with supports that fit the legs (when the playpen has them) to give them greater strength.

It is also good to assess the brand of the product and if it has any recognized quality seals.

park type

There are many versions of this type of product on the market, which makes comparing playgrounds much more interesting. Although models with traditional features, similar to cribs, are still being seen, there are also new ways of looking at structures and they tend to be very avant-garde.

Playpens adjustable in size are one of the most interesting, as they help the baby to go in a progressive ascent of space as his growth demands it.

There are also options that have side outlets that can be used when the baby is already crawling or starting to walk more safely, thus giving him an independence that is highly valued.

On the other hand, you can find playgrounds with barriers, whose floor is used in the house, so its function is basically to enclose a certain space where children can stay safe.

Likewise, it is possible to find models that are used for outdoors, which will give a colorful touch to the garden and allow you to enjoy contact with nature.


In terms of dimensions, playgrounds leave room for users to choose between different models depending on the space they have available at home. There are park alternatives in different shapes that can be adapted to small spaces, maintaining their function of recreation for the little ones in the house.

But there is also the possibility of finding much larger models that can be placed indoors or outdoors, depending on the availability of space in the home.

In this case, those that are barriers are very useful because they can be adapted as the baby grows, avoiding having to use the largest space from the first moment.


The idea of ​​having a playground at home is to have a safe space where babies can have fun. But the idea is also to make an investment that offers the possibility of making parents’ work in this area more comfortable.

For this reason, many brands have taken care to offer different functionalities, such as the option of being height-adjustable, which makes it easier to position the baby in the space, depending on their age at a given moment.

You can also see the fact that they can be easily folded or disassembled, so that when the playpen is not going to be used, it can be transported to a storage place without major inconveniences.

This last fact makes it easier, in some models, that the playpen can be taken with you when you go on a trip or when you go to visit your grandparents, always giving the little ones a personal space where they can have fun and develop all their creativity.


Although one might think that it is not a point of great relevance, reality requires that this aspect be treated with sufficient interest, since the design is not only about the use of the product but also the type of impact it can have on children.

As babies discover the world, they are very interested in colorful things, so a playpen that plays with this will be very visually entertaining for them.

In the same way, it must be considered that the materials with which it has been made contribute something positive to the structure. For example, crib-style playpens are often made with mesh fabric on the sides so that air can circulate freely, but parents can also watch everything their little one does.

Finally, you have to consider whether they include a padded floor or are intended for direct use on the floor of the house. This aspect is important because babies can fall from time to time and the least you want is for them to suffer bumps.


Each playground can include a series of accessories that are very useful for game time. A good part of them are arranged with rings or supports that stimulate the baby to want to stand up, which is very fun for them and begins to give them freedom of movement.

There are also versions that have a kit of balls of different colors, colorful labels for the walls, padded toys, etc.

The good thing is that it is always possible to include their favorite toys in this space so that they have a great time, while parents dedicate themselves to carrying out their daily activities knowing that their baby is in a safe place.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to fold a playpen?

Playpen-type playgrounds generally fold from each of the four corners toward the center of the playpen; then they are folded and fastened with the straps and insurance that they bring.

Now, for other types of models, it will be necessary to follow in detail the recommendations and instructions provided by the manufacturer in the instructions that must come with the purchase.

In addition, it is important to store it properly to always have it at hand when you have to leave the house with it or as a method to save space.

Q2: How to clean a playground?

The best way to clean a playground is with those elements that are less harmful to parts and components; And of course they are harmless to children.

The use of soft cloths, water and a little dishwashing liquid is highly recommended.

The correct way is to dilute the dishwashing liquid in the water and slightly moisten the cloth and gently apply the cloth to each piece.

In the case of protective mesh, it is best to use two damp cloths and rub the surface in parallel on both sides. Finally dry everything with another dry and clean cloth.

Q3: How to make a playground with recycled material?

When thinking about how to create our playground with recycled materials, the first thing to say is that care must be taken to use elements that are neither toxic nor sharp.

Empty plastic bottles, tape, cardboard boxes, cloth in good condition, paper, among other elements, are very useful.

In the case of outdoor playgrounds, used tires are widely used; which must be properly cleaned and then decorated with non-toxic paints.

Q4: How to make a playground at home?

To make a children’s playground at home you have to give free rein to your imagination; although it is also valid to use some advice.

In the first instance, it will always be useful to fill an inflatable pool with colored plastic balls. Its material is padded, so the baby will always be comfortable.

You can also use a large box that can be painted and decorated to your liking. It is evident that the strength of the construction will not be as robust, but it will still do.

Q5: What to put in a playground?

In a playground for children it is ideal to place stuffed animals, toys that emit some type of sound such as rattles, pieces to assemble, puzzles, whistles, among others.

The important thing is to remember that toys with small parts should not be included, as infants under three years of age could swallow them. Likewise, possible objects that can cause suffocation must be avoided.

Q6: Up to what age can the playpen be used?

On the one hand, it is necessary to differentiate between playgrounds for babies and those used for older children.

Those for babies are recommended from 0 months of age, and up to two or three years of age, depending on the weight and the characteristics of the park.

In the case of those playgrounds for older children, these can be used up to ten years of age.

Q7: Is a ball playground safe?

Playgrounds with balls or balls are generally safe for small users.

It is only in very particular cases where these may not be safe. That is to say, cases such as possible oversights by adults that allow sharp or very solid objects to enter the pool, with which children can injure themselves and that remain lodged under the surface of the balls.

For this reason, we can mention that playgrounds with balls are a safe way to entertain the spoiled at home, allowing their parents peace of mind.

Q8: Is the playground with fences safe?

Playgrounds with fences are generally very safe. They are only in specific cases in which errors or omissions of responsible adults can lead to a situation of risk for children.

An example of a possibility of risk with the fences would be that due to a low quality

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