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Main advantage:

The equipment incorporates a motion detection sensor, which works in conjunction with the pan and tilt mechanism of the camera head. In this way, you will get a wider range of monitoring within the monitored stay.

Main disadvantage:

Sometimes the connectivity may be a bit unstable or slow as the device works with a wireless network for which an antenna is not added. However, this will also depend on other external factors.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With this WiFi camera you will be able to know everything that happens inside the selected room, quickly and easily, just by looking at the screen of your smartphone. In addition, the image will have a good level of resolution.

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Main Features Explained

motion detection system

WiFi cameras are usually equipped with advanced technology, which allows effective surveillance of our home. Thus, thanks to this type of device we can monitor the baby’s room and our pets at all times, which in the long term could prevent a series of domestic accidents.

In the case of this device from the renowned manufacturer Apeman, you will be able to enjoy a high level of security because it provides a good visualization of the areas in real time. This is possible thanks to the motion detection system incorporated by the product’s developers that, through a sensor, automatically detects the presence of a person or animal.

This sensor has a quick and intuitive configuration, so you will only need to synchronize it with your smartphone or tablet and then proceed to select the level of sensitivity offered by the model for quickly locating the action. 

In this way, after starting the operation of the WiFi camera, you will need to wait until there is some movement detected by the sensor in the room. It is then that the mechanism of the device will be activated and will begin to record what happens in the certain area. Immediately, you will receive a message on your mobile notifying that the sensor has detected a movement in the scene to be monitored. You can corroborate this information through the recording system integrated into your device, which will show you the respective clip.

In addition, the operation of the attached sensor is supplemented with the help of the WiFi camera head, which has been provided with a convenient 355° corresponding swivel and 100° tilt mechanism. For this reason, you will get greater coverage in terms of visualization and motion detection in the room you want to keep monitored.

Connection and storage

If you plan to acquire a WiFi camera, it is important that you document a little about this type of device, since there are some aspects that you must keep in mind to avoid inconveniences when starting up its operation. And it is that the lack of knowledge about the product and even the little time dedicated to verifying the specifications of various products, could lead us to make a hasty purchase. In this sense, you can end up choosing a computer with a nice aesthetic or with a competitive price, but most likely with some deficiency regarding its method of connection and storage.

A team that, according to the opinions of the buyers, has not disappointed them, is the 1080p WiFi camera from the Apeman house, which apart from having an ergonomic and modern design, will also provide you with a fast wireless internet connection and a couple of means of communication. storage for all captured video clips.

In this way, when you connect you can enjoy a network range with a frequency of 2.4 GHz and a total of 14 overlapping channels to operate. Thus, you will get a good coverage without the furniture or other objects present between the router and the device creating interference.

Regarding the storage of audio and video files, the camera has a front slot for you to put an SD card. You can also access the well-known data storage in the cloud. It is a fairly secure method, which works like a personal file with an occasionally unlimited capacity. Thus, you will not have to worry about the volume of the audio and video clips recorded with your WiFi camera. You will only have to register with a specific username and password.

Yours Smart App

Among the particularities to be offered by a WiFi camera is the possibility of controlling it remotely from any corner of our home, as well as when we are away from it. To do this, manufacturers incorporate different technologies into their devices, which offer an intuitive method of use to optimize the daily experience with the surveillance device.

In this sense, Apeman makes available to all its followers a product that has achieved a great position in the market, being considered one of the best WiFi cameras. It is the 1080p model, which, apart from having an attractive design, also offers you the possibility of associating its operation with the Tuya Smart app. 

This application is available for smartphones with the Android or iOS operating system and its purpose is to provide you with total control of the camera from the comfort of your mobile device’s screen, through WiFi connectivity. Thus, it will be possible to adjust the angle of focus of the camera, activate the recording mode, capture images and monitor, whenever you want, the room in which the device has been installed. Furthermore, thanks to this application you will significantly improve the quality of bidirectional audio, since it works as an intercommunication channel that links your smartphone with the recording device.

On the other hand, it is interesting to know that, if you wish, you could share access with other devices so that other family members can also control and monitor the surveillance scene in real time.

Also, those who want to further improve the user experience with this free application, have the option of accessing the well-known Google assistant or Alexa. In this way, you will be able to quickly program the basic functionality of the camera by means of a voice controller.

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