The 4 Best Wall Fans of 2022

Wall Fan – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When summer arrives, the heat is present, so it is good to have a current of air at home that refreshes us and that can maintain a pleasant environment while we carry out our daily activities. In this sense, wall fans are an effective solution to achieve that air movement that we so much need on hot days. Therefore, it is important that you know its fundamental characteristics, such as consumption, power, the noise it can generate and the design. Currently, there is a wide variety of interesting models on the market, however, we will focus on the most outstanding. The first is the VOXON 601184, with three different speeds and a rotary button to choose between them, with a turning angle of 90 degrees and noise production of 20 decibels. The next model is the Orbegozo 14614, a very quiet fan that also has a multi-orientable oscillating head, so that fresh air can reach the places you want.


Buying guide – What is the best wall fan on the market?

If you want to keep the different spaces of your home or workplace ventilated, then you should buy a fan. The models are varied and so is their workforce, so you must be quite careful when making the selection. So do not forget to evaluate the technical specifications of the equipment of your interest. If you do not know much about the subject, the invitation is to read the following guide to buy the best wall fan, with which you will be able to know what are the aspects of interest to point out to make a successful purchase.


Wall fans are pieces of equipment that require prior assembly of their parts and fixing of the structure on a vertical surface, so when selecting a specific model you have to pay attention to the corresponding measurements with its height, width and depth.

The appropriate thing is that it is a compact team, which has a format no larger than 50 centimeters with a light weight of approximately eight kilograms. In this way, you will be able to manipulate it easily. In addition, you cannot fail to check the size of the blades and the length of the power supply cable, it being recommended that it be approximately 1.5 meters so that you can reach the plug without inconvenience.

crafting materials

The manufacturing raw material is one of the most analyzed attributes in any comparison of wall fans, since the durability of the equipment and the projected appearance will depend on it. Of course, the finishes are added to this, but in the same way the material is an irrefutable indicator of quality.

The most used are galvanized aluminum, rigid polymer or a combination of both in the blade, grid and in the base or control area. Whatever the case, make sure that its body is robust so that it provides greater resistance, thus avoiding worrying about the small impacts that may arise when carrying out the assembly or with the constant handling of day to day.

In addition, its touch must be soft and, in the case of selecting a design that incorporates plastic, it must be free of toxic agents that are released and threaten your health or harm the environment.


While it’s important that the wall fan you’re taking with you is good and affordable, you’ll also need to make sure it’s a safe device. First of all, you will have to check that the grille that covers the blade area has a closing mechanism that cannot be easily released, this being a preventive measure to avoid any type of unexpected incident in homes with small children.

The incorporation of a protection system against overheating is another topic that you should investigate, so the presence of a regulating thermostat would be quite flattering to prevent the deterioration of the fan motor. In the same way, verify that the type of electrical current input that it supports is compatible with the power source where you are going to plug it in, since otherwise it would lead to a short circuit.

operation method

In order for you to enjoy a good user experience with the wall fan to purchase, before making the purchase you will need to make sure that its operating method is intuitive. To do this, you must check the control panel arranged in the structure. Some models have a button with a rotating mechanism for programming and a couple of strings that you must pull to turn the device on or off. Also, other designs have been provided with a series of buttons or a touchpad to accomplish the aforementioned tasks.

On the other hand, the fans that incorporate a remote control stand out. Maybe this component can influence how much the product costs a bit, but it is definitely a much more practical proposition. In this way, you will be able to control its operation from any angle of the room, without having to get up from the chair or bed.

The 4 Best Wall Fans – Opinions 2022

1. Voxon Powerful Table/Wall Fan

Main advantage:

Due to the compact size and light weight offered by the fan, you will have no trouble handling it when mounting on the wall. Also, you will have the freedom to support it on any horizontal surface without fear of taking up a lot of space.

Main disadvantage:

There are those who comment that the cost of this fan can be a bit high compared to other models. However, its quality and efficient operation are worth it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This fan has an intuitive operation and is quick to mount on the wall, since it incorporates a small set that will make your work easier. In addition, it has a guarantee in case of breakdowns.

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Material of elaboration and format

VOXON this time presents a wall fan whose blades, casing and base have been made of black PVC polymer. This is a material that gives the design a robust and resistant body, capable of withstanding the possible impacts that may occur when handling it. In addition, it provides a high level of stability by supporting it on any surface, so you will not have to worry about unexpected tipping over due to the vibration generated by the motor.

On the other hand, we have the issue of its format. It is a compact structure, designed to be placed on a table or fixed to the wall without taking up much space. This is possible thanks to its dimensions height, length, width, corresponding to 26 x 23 x 15 centimeters.

design and accessories

The manufacturer provided for this model of fans a design with an ergonomic, light and quite versatile casing when installing it on a vertical surface or placing it horizontally. This is possible because the equipment has been provided with a practical mobile support base, which you can adjust according to your taste and/or usage needs. In addition, its aesthetic is minimalist and the manufacturing finishes are obvious, providing a touch of elegance to your spaces.

The best of all is that with the purchase of this product you will have at your disposal an installation kit made up of some plastic supports and screws. In this way, you will be able to carry out its fixing on the selected wall, at the same time that you will save money by not having to purchase these components separately.

Guarantee and security

By acquiring this model considered the best price-quality wall fan, you will be taking with you a product whose operation is supported by the manufacturer, and is also the cheapest.

That is why when you open the purchase package you will find a guarantee card, which you must register and validate on its official website. The validity is for a period corresponding to one year and six months, thus anticipating any type of breakdown that may arise. Similarly, there are certain conditions that apply, so you should read them carefully. In addition, if any questions arise, you can contact the technical service.

Emphasizing the issue of safety, it is important to mention that the protection grid has been reinforced to considerably reduce space, thus preventing the little ones in the house from inserting their hands or fingers.


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2. Orbegozo WF 0242 Wall fan

You will be able to keep your house always ventilated and fresh with this model of wall fan. With its modern design that matches any type of decoration.

This device has a motor with a power of 45W, 3 blades that measure 40 cm and 3 speeds to choose the air flow according to your needs.

Its remote control offers you maximum comfort and convenience, you do not have to get up to turn the fan on or off. Its multi-orientable oscillating head allows you to move it in different directions, so you can better receive the freshness of the air.

The Orbegozo 14614 has a timer function that makes it easy for you to program it for up to 7.5 hours of continuous ventilation. It is a silent fan, it will not be a reason to lose sleep.

It has a grid that offers you security. It is a light device, it only weighs 2.7 kilograms and measures 34 x 44 x 59 cm. It is very easy and safe to install on the wall.

Due to its properties, some buyers say that this model could be the best wall fan for 30 euros, knowing its characteristics will help you determine if it suits your needs.


Timer: It has a timer function that you can activate so that it works for a certain time, up to 7.5 hours, after the time you configure it automatically deactivates, preventing it from consuming more energy than necessary.

Design: It has three blades that measure 40 cm, a protective grid and on the back it has a carrying handle where you can hold it.

Control: It has a remote control that you can use to control its functions.

Speed: It has three speed levels between which you can vary according to the needs of the moment and, in addition to this, the manufacturer ensures that it is silent.


Power: It works at 45 W and is the least powerful device on the list, due to this it is probably not suitable for use in very large rooms.

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3. Sogo Industrial Wall Fan 150 W

This industrial fan to install on the wall is the best option to keep your home, office and business cool and ventilated. It has 3 speeds and high power, thanks to its 150W motor. Its 3 blades offer you an air flow with excellent performance.

The Sogo industrial wall fan, with its elegant and modern design, harmonizes with the decoration of any room. You can keep it fixed or also oscillating. When it rotates in oscillation, it distributes the air perfectly throughout the place. In addition, it has a tilt mechanism that allows you to move it down or up; to direct the airflow where it suits you best.

It has two practical cords to pull control: speed, oscillation, on and off. It is easy and safe to install on the wall of your choice, it takes up little space. You will always maintain the right temperature in any room. Forget the heat and enjoy the summer.

You may be wondering which is the best brand of wall fans, knowing the different properties of this Sogo model could clarify any doubts you have about it.


Speed: It has three oscillation speeds, which you can vary depending on the space where you are and the level of heat you feel.

Power: Its motor works at a power of 150 W and maintains a good performance, for this reason, it would be appropriate for large places.

Design: Elegantly styled, 45cm long, can be used fixed or swiveled and can be tilted up and down.


Control: It does not have a remote control, instead it has some cords that you must pull to control its functions.

Noise: Although the manufacturer maintains that this device is silent, some users indicate that it makes a little noise, due to the amount of air it generates.

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4. Duronic FN55 Wall Fan 5 Blades

A model promoted among the best wall fans of 2022 is this Duronic example, which has a structure with a metal mesh grille that gives it a considerable level of resistance. In addition, it is a silent team thanks to this feature, in combination with the five blades, improving air circulation at the same time.

The equipment is easy to mount on the wall and for its handling a remote control is added, avoiding having to approach the device repeatedly. In the same way, it offers a power level with a 60 W motor, configured to offer three different intensity levels, always trying to produce a lower noise range.

The size of the fan is 45 x 55 cm, which is favorable for producing an adequate amount of air and thus providing freshness to the different spaces. As for the design, this is black and manages to harmonize with different decorative styles.

Finding the best wall fan of the moment is possible, especially if you know the details of models like this one, which we will present below.


Intensity: It offers a 60 W motor that allows you to choose between three levels of intensity, depending on the level of freshness that is required.

Control: To make a better control of the device, the manufacturer incorporated a remote control that adds a lot of practicality to the use of the fan.

Assembly: The assembly process of the equipment is simple to execute, so that it is completed in a short time and in a simple way.

Resistance: The resistance offered by the fan is given by its grids made of metal.

Size: Its measurement is 45 x 55 centimeters, which is an adequate diameter to generate a favorable air current, together with its five-blade propeller.


Noise: In the opinion of some buyers, the equipment is a bit noisy, especially at the highest levels.

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How to use a wall fan

When it comes to cooling our home during the summer, the wall fan is one of the cheapest options available to us. A product with which to refresh the environment and move the air in search of a cooler environment. To ensure that the use of this product is safe for you, you can consult our advice on how to use a wall fan.

Choose the location

Since the wall fan is a product that is fixed on it, the first step in the installation process is to choose the place where we are going to place it. This space must be away from the corners, so that the air flow it generates can circulate properly.

We must also take into account the height of the installation, which should be approximately 1.8 to 2 meters. This reduces the risk of hitting us with it and also makes it easier to move the air from top to bottom, better evacuating heat. Don’t forget to find a place where you have an outlet nearby to plug in the fan.


Once the place has been chosen, it is time to mount the fan on the wall. In order for the use of the product to be safe, it is necessary to start by carrying out an adequate installation. This installation requires marking the holes for the fan support on the wall and proceeding to drill them.

Check the plugs and screws included with the fan, in case it is necessary to change them for more resistant ones, since sometimes they are not as good as they should be or our wall requires others with a higher caliber. Once the wall mounting is done, it is essential that all the screws are fully tightened to avoid vibrations when using the fan.


With the fan already installed, it is time to plug it into the power supply. To do this, generally, we will only have to plug it with the included cable to the nearest outlet.

In some models it is possible that the connection is made through splice tabs, for which you will have to have the corresponding wiring in the wall. In both cases, once plugged in, it is advisable to start the product, gradually increasing the power to verify that there are no vibrations or other unwanted movements in the fan.

product control

If everything is in order, it is time to control the operation, to adjust its performance to what you need. Among the current models, many have remote controls that make it easier to control the product without getting up from the sofa.

We also have the traditional cut models with buttons, or those that include rope pulls or similar to activate the different functions. In this case, you will only have to configure the operation of the fan as best suits you at all times.


As a last piece of advice, it is important to remove dust from the fan frequently, at least once every two weeks, to prevent embedded dust from affecting the operation of the product. At the same time, it is also necessary to check the tightness of the different parts to avoid vibrations. And it is also recommended to grease it at least once a season so that the motor has an easier time moving the blades.

The most popular brands

The increase in temperature during the summer makes us resort to electrical appliances that help cool spaces. For this reason, it is good to have a wall fan, which will generate the recommended amount of air and save space when installing it. These fans have the rotating option, which allows better distribution of air throughout the environment. If you do not know which product to choose, it is good that you know that the best wall fan brands currently, according to users, are: Orbegozo, AEG and Duronic.

It is an important Spanish manufacturer dedicated to the development and design of small household appliances in the areas of heating, ventilation, kitchen, bathroom and others. Thanks to its good performance in the market, it has positioned itself as a leader in Spain and stands out for being a manufacturer with the most competitive prices in the market.

Its extensive inventory includes cutting-edge products that simplify people’s everyday tasks. One of its most requested products is the wall fan, which offers three fan speeds. In general, his models have 40-centimeter blades that amplify the air and are available in classic colors such as white. They also include a control that allows remote configuration without the need to do it manually, and can reach up to 45 W of power.

Due to its popularity in the market, Orbegozo is gaining popularity throughout Europe, becoming an international brand. Likewise, it has good reviews from users that motivate new buyers to purchase its products, since they have a good quality/price ratio.

For 130 years, the brand has maintained its ideal of innovation and its goal of going one step further. It was founded by Emil Rathenau, a businessman closely related to the electrical industry in Europe, in 1883, under the name “Deutsche Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektricität”, in Germany.

In its beginnings, the company was dedicated to the manufacture of heaters, electric irons, water heaters, kettles and other appliances. Thanks to its long history in the European market, it is known as one of the most significant brands in the design and manufacture of all types of home appliances. Its catalog has hundreds of products divided into various categories, including home and kitchen, to offer equipment such as vacuum cleaners, items for cooking food, refrigerators, dishwashers and others.

Among them, wall fans stand out, since they have an elegant and classic design that adapts to the style of the home. They have a protective metal wire on the blades and up to three speeds to choose from. AEG works together with the Electrolux brand towards the development of low energy consumption products that do not contribute to global warming.

Making everyday tasks easier, by inventing new products that have the best technological advances, is the commitment of this family business founded in 2005, which is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Duronic is characterized by being a brand with global reach, which manufactures consumer items meeting the demands of its customers around the world.

It stands out for its group of multilingual employees, who receive customer requests in different languages ​​such as Spanish, English, French, Danish, Italian and German. Over the years, the brand has broadened its sales horizons, entering the home, kitchen, electronics, office and outdoor industries.

Among its most outstanding items are wall fans, which can be used on any surface, whether curved or flat. Duronic prides itself on being a pioneering green brand by recycling its packaging, significantly reducing toxic waste.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Where to put a wall fan?

When it comes to properly mounting a wall fan in your home, you should evaluate some options in order to be able to enjoy a cool environment, taking into account the fact that its main function is precisely to cool you down during the summer season. Thus, experts recommend installing it at a distance equal to or greater than one meter from the ground. It could be near a window or the door of your room, since in this way it would have the opportunity to suck in more air to distribute it throughout the environment where you decide to position it.

Q2: How to repair a wall fan?

To repair the wall fan that you have available at home, you must first carry out a complete review of it in order to find out the cause of the problem. Likewise, to solve it, it is recommended to have the necessary tools to carry out such an action. Generally, the problem with a wall fan can come from the motor, the plug, the cable or even the on/off switch.

Thus, as it is the cable, it will be easy and fast to find the damaged part, so repairing it will take a few seconds, having special adhesive tape on hand to repair this type of product. Now, if we talk about the plug, you could buy a new one at the hardware store and replace it to make the fan work comfortably. In the case of the switch, you would only have to uncover and check that all the elements inside are making contact.

Q3: How to put a pedestal fan on the wall?

To carry out the installation of a pedestal fan on the wall, you must first create a base with which to hold it on the wall. In this sense, you could consider some homemade ideas to achieve your goal. You just have to search the internet for the fastest, easiest, most comfortable and appropriate way to carry out this task without spending a lot of money, you could even use recyclable material for such an action.

Once you have made the base of the fan to install it on the wall, you will only have to mark the fixing points on it. Later, with the help of a drill, you will make the corresponding perforations to then fix said base with the help of some drill bits and the special screws for such action.

Q4: How to clean a wall fan?

The first thing that we could recommend when cleaning your wall fan is that you manage to carry out the task constantly, so that you can avoid excessive accumulation of dust on it. Thus, first of all you would have to unplug it and then disassemble it so that you can have better access to each of its parts. Now, place a little soapy water in a container so that you can wash the grid that you will proceed to disassemble.

Then, it will be time to remove the blade by unscrewing or unscrewing the cover located in the center of it. Next, you must separate the blade from the rear grille until you can remove it from the fan structure so that you can also wash it with soap and water. All that remains is to clean the rear grille with a tissue until all the dust is removed and your fan will be ready to continue operating. You would only have to dry each piece that you washed properly with a tissue and assemble it in the corresponding order, so that you can finally mount the fan on the wall again.

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What are the best wall fans of 2022?

This summer you don’t have to put up with the heat, or walk around with your clothes clinging to your sweat-soaked body. We think of a fan only when the temperature rises and we want to cool down. To create a pleasant environment and ventilate closed rooms, without the high cost of air conditioning, the best option is to have a fan.

Fans are nothing more than artifacts that generate movement in the air. They are a turbomachine that, by transmitting energy, generate enough pressure so that the air flow is continuous. This air flow can change intensity, depending on the blades, the motor and the speeds of the fan model.

There is a wide variety of fans on the market, which makes it difficult to choose one in particular. However, in general, we could say that fans are classified into two large groups: for home use (table, wall, ceiling and floor models) and fans for industrial use (axial, centrifugal and helical).

When looking for a fan, you should take into account some important aspects, such as energy consumption, power, the noise levels it can generate, ease of cleaning and design. The idea is that you find a fan that is of quality and does not affect your budget.

Fans can be used at home to cool, ventilate and air different rooms. The most common places where they are most useful are, first of all, the kitchen. It is in these environments where more heat accumulates; There are specific models to ventilate kitchens.

Then we have the rooms. Here it is important that the fan is as quiet as possible and at the same time generates enough air to cool. And finally, there are the rooms. Whether you are enjoying a movie or just listening to music, the fan will keep the environment cool, therefore, it must be a device that emits a minimum of noise, so that it does not interfere with our entertainment.

If you are thinking of buying a fan, look for a model that best suits your needs. In your comparison pay attention to the following models; any of them could be a good purchase option.

Sealey SWF16WR

Main advantage:

Thanks to the fact that its motor and the rotation of its blades provide silent use, it can be a model suitable for mounting in rooms, since it will not interfere with your family’s rest and can help cool the room, making it more comfortable.

Main disadvantage:

The model includes an English plug, which can be a disadvantage, but it is not an intractable problem, so it could be overlooked due to its efficiency.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It can be considered one of the best wall fans, since it includes a practical remote control and its operation is silent.


To move the air in a room, the model has a system of three wide blades, with a suitable shape so that when they rotate they manage to send a sufficient flow of air to the front to thereby improve the thermal sensation of the place where it has been been placed.

On the other hand, the diameter of the fan is approximately 40 cm, so without being too big, it can offer an appropriate flow with which you can get hot air out of the room to allow cooler air to enter. In addition, thanks to the fact that it has oscillation, you can send this wind to a specific area of ​​the essence to keep it cooler.

The device has three modes of use that adjust to your needs, among which the sleep function stands out, which can produce a comfortable breeze for this moment and help you get a better rest on hot days.


So that you don’t have to get up from your seat or bed to change the fan settings, you can use its handy remote control, which can be very convenient.

We must not forget to mention that it is considered a silent device, so during its use you will not have noise problems. This feature makes it suitable for use in bedrooms, as it will not interfere with your sleep. Or if you wish, it can also be recommended to refresh your work area if you use it in the office.

In addition, because it is mounted on the wall, it can help preserve the spaciousness of the room by not placing too many things on the floor, since these tend to reduce the area where you can walk, causing a feeling

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